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I usually hunt with his best mate, who once revealed to me the beauty of hunting. Photo by Ilya Lipin Take your time and walk around the surrounding fields, looking bunny Maliki. It's been quite a few, and fresh tracks is not. But, having lost all hope, come across the pond to the latest utility bills. He began to disassemble. Oh! What it was zhirovki! It is wound around the field, avoiding the pond from one side to another. And it was almost impossible to identify where the input and output. Hare fatten, left, dodged, geminate, confused, returning to a hundred meters again and Read more [...]
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Little Wolf, fresh newly-fallen snow, and Natasha Rostova

We all remember the hunt at the estate, described by Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace"Photo: Boris Emelyanov The fifth issue of the famous Russian hunting magazine dedicated to hunting and fishing, read an article by Vladimir Grishanova «Of wolf».The fascinating story rarely true ...Samuel JohnsonThe author tells how two hunters-fishers from Vologda Martynovs brothers in one day in two gonah successfully zaganivayut skiing nine wolves. Vladimir Grishanov who recorded the story with the words of Martynov's attempts to convince the reader that he is well aware of the Read more [...]
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Production of fresh water

With autonomous navigation on the high seas, acute issue of fresh drinking water. Around literally a sea of ​​water, but all of it is salty – not suitable for drinking. How to be a man caught in the ocean without water supplies? How to get fresh water into the sea? These are the questions we will answer in this article. The easiest and most effective method of desalination of sea water – distiller. It looks like this. Take another bowl or wide pot. At the bottom we put the empty mug. In a bowl, pour the salt water. Cover the bowl with polyethylene, cloth, etc. Fasten tape to the Read more [...]
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Than a snack before the fight …

The other day, on the first channel slipped recommendation that interested me. Others who are normal, this is for you! Just all teetotal'm cautiously: - or sick, or a spy! Okay, guys, no offense! Shutyu! Recipe pickled cucumber in half an hour! Fold fresh cucumbers in a plastic bag, add the chopped garlic and a sprig of fresh dill. Season with salt and shake the bag. You can gently mash hands. Half an hour later salted cucumbers are ready. Checked! Min no! A taste of ... Read more [...]
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Filter NF 10

Found on the Internet now such a thing: Manufacturer's specs: Wearable filters SF-10, SF -50 and their modifications before assigned to clean fresh water from surface water sources, wells and pollution from natural, chemical agents, radioactive B SDYAV and BS in order to obtain drinking water. Individual filter SF-10 for the sustenance of non-urban survival in extreme situations. Source water quality indicators: fresh water from surface sources Turbidity - 200 dm 3 Salinity - 2 g/dm3 Colour - 200 degrees Contents OB, PB SDYAV BS mass destruction, according to TTF 7.1.206-92.Worth such a contraption Read more [...]
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How long does it take for volcanoes «charging»?

August 2, 2013. Journal Nature recently published some interesting information about the inner life of terrestrial volcanoes. Received news about volcanoes can be divided into "good" and "bad." Let's start with the "bad". As found by researchers from Columbia University, on our planet, there are special types of volcanoes, which to charge another portion of fresh lava requires only a few days, at most, a week. Previously, it was believed that preparation for the new full eruption takes much more time. Eruptive activity of volcanoes erupting at the same time and store fresh hot magma in its bosom Read more [...]
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In a world of growing scarcity of fresh water

Rainfall on the planet is slowly but steadily increasing, however, the scarcity of fresh water in the world as a whole is growing, in Russia decreases, said the Director of the Institute of water problems /TRS/ Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Danilov-Danilyan. According to him, Russia is in a rather favorable situation in terms of when the world is growing scarcity of fresh water. Thus, according to the UN report, now 2.8 billion people or 40% of the population of the Earth/ to some extent are affected by water shortages, and more than 1.2 billion people suffer from physical scarcity Read more [...]
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D50     Picture: Cross WiensEvaluate ne'er looked so effective. The D50 puts a pro-quality digital SLR in compass of challenging amateurs who wishing to motion bey snapshots—without battery out more they nonrecreational for their outset car. With the power to barter out lenses and go manual, it allows uttermost creativeness. And with-it engineering—ilk a fresh flashgun that solves guileful ignition for you—ensures expectant pics eventide if you don't recognize a megapixel from a remembering scorecard.Nikon D50 $760 1. For rough the like Read more [...]
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The amount of fresh water in the oceans increases

Photo: Corpulenta From year to year increases the supply of fresh water in the World ocean. Employees of the University of California in Irvine (USA), who discovered this phenomenon is related to the increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes. According to American scientists, one of the reported effects of climate change is a completely different picture of rainfall. The water cycle speeds up, passes «Corpulenta». Higher temperature causes the water to evaporate faster, are formed over the heavy clouds that shed the rain, not reaching inner areas. In the arid areas become Read more [...]
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Device for production of fresh waterMet here for a fascinating development. This little gadget to collect fresh water by way of condensation. This device is referred to as C-WATER."C-WATER is a device that produces fresh water. It evaporates the salt water, and other liquid objects using heat from the sun's rays. The device has a flexible design. it has special grooves in which the condensate in the form of droplets slipping into a special drive..The device can be used as a reflector pair, with all of this takes a lot of space and comfortable transportation. "it's definitely possible Read more [...]
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Foods that will not let you freeze

Good day to all Komrad! I want to touch on the "warm" food, yet in my opinion very relevant in the vast territory of our country, because frost and cold still pretty harsh "bulling" our Mother ... And so I bring to your attention a small list of delicious and warm dishes are very easy to prepare and will not give you warm in the cold Bon appetit! Hopefully someone will find something useful.What is in a strong frost to keep warm?List of drinks that will warm in the cold, familiar to all. On the warming power of some products and know a few dishes, except universal broth. For all those who Read more [...]
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water production

1 Survival: Water ExtractionIt is known that under certain circumstances, without water people can live only a limited amount of time, and the worse the conditions of the external environment, the shorter becomes this life span. Therefore, a crucial element in the condition of autonomous survival in the wild is the ability to not only find and get water, but its clean and disinfect, to maintain their health, and in this situation it means - to save lives.2 CleaningWater from stagnant ponds or oblong form before use purified from impurities, disinfected and 30-45 minutes advocated. Eliminate Read more [...]
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Stalking the wild boar. Not only.

Big game hunters are looking forward to snow. Snow - white book hunter and tracker. How then heard that near a kilometer from my house in the Khimki forest, ran svinyukov family, without hesitation grabbed pestle two cameras (digital and SLR bar of soap), a faithful Sancho Panza-Kuntuldy(Name of a Turkmen) pochapal the forest.Zhuchka did not take because of the total absence of that part of the brain that is responsible for the hunt. Well it is a fool. Large durynda.Boar hunting down the white trail (in the snow), the hunter must first be able to determine when they have been persecuted Read more [...]
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Flooding in Australia threatens coral reefs

Floods in Australia not only brought huge damage and human casualties, they changed the landscape on the continent and even beyond. Under threat now Great barrier reef.This is one of the wonders of wildlife, one of the most picturesque places on Earth, separating the continent from the Pacific Ocean. Stretching two and a half thousand kilometers along the North-Eastern coast of Australia, the Great barrier reef are faced with mortal danger to its inhabitants. Scientists noticed that salt water is gone from the lagoons, replaced by fresh, which is not very suitable for the local biosphere. Read more [...]
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The Scariest Conjuration at the Sochi Olympics

David Impudent competing at the Euro X Games.     Picture: David Fresh/FacebookFor the 30 men competing in the first-ever Olympic halfpipe skiing case on February 13, at Russia’s Rosa Khutor Hangout, taking a gilded medallion testament nigh sure need landing a legerdemain called the affected reduplicate bob 1260. What’s mired: two off-axis flips with ternary and a one-half rotations in the skier’s abnormal spinning focussing."From a difficultness viewpoint, the abnormal dub 12 is rightfulness at the top," says Jolly Loubek, drumhead jurist of the Olympic Read more [...]
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In Tuvalu declared emergencies due to lack of fresh water

The Atoll Funafuti on 3 October. Power small Pacific States said that the situation with the availability of drinking water in the country is critical. On Monday, on the tiny island of Tuvalu has declared a state of emergency due to lack of fresh water in the country. Minister of foreign Affairs of neighbouring New Zealand Murray McCully's going to help bedstviyami the state. Lack of water is observed in the capital of Tuvalu - Funafuti and some surrounding areas. We will send a few spitzbart humanitarian aid in Tuvalu, \" said Murray. Islands Tuvalu is located in the Pacific ocean. The total Read more [...]
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In the Arctic found a huge pool of fresh water

on January 24. British Geophysics talked about a huge pool of fresh water, which they found in the Western Arctic ocean. If over time, the current will bring the entire volume into the North Atlantic, Europe is waiting for a major climate change, writes BBC. The growing accumulation atypical for ocean fresh water has already reached a volume of about 8 thousand cubic kilometers. Fueled by the Beaufort gyre, it is only since 2002 has risen above sea level by 15 centimeters.Researchers from University College London (University College London) believe that a strong wind twirl clockwise current, Read more [...]
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Paper novel

The company posted a full version of the Disney animated short "The Paper Affair" (the original title - «Paperman») Cartoon, duration of which is about six minutes, was shown in theaters before feature films "Ralph» («Wreck-It Ralph»), which was published in the fall of 2013 rolled. "Paper novel" was created using a new technology that allows to combine hand-drawn 2D-elements with three-dimensional computer graphics. Now "The Paper Affair" is a contender for "Oscar" in the category "Best animated short film." Its competitors are Read more [...]
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The increase of inflow of water into the Atlantic may exacerbate the greenhouse effect

on 12 October. Melting ice in Greenland may violate the scheme of currents in the North Atlantic and reduce the ability of the ocean to mitigate the greenhouse effect by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, says the study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. Scientists from Bristol University (UK) and the Institute of Oceanography Woodshop (USA) created a mathematical model that showed what volumes of fresh water coming from the glaciers of Greenland in the Arctic ocean from 1958 to 2010. It was found that since the early 1990s, the flow increased. This is most evident Read more [...]
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