The heater for drying mushrooms

More than 1,000 kilometers behind us, "flew" almost overnight. And here we are on the ground, sleeping, getting sounds and smells of the night Karelian village. As the sun rises a little more expensive, and - everything! Karelia met us with a warm, bright sun, affable whistle Ryabets, scared flock Kosachev, of course, mushrooms. The number and a variety of hit.By the dinner we found that not enough of the collected just on to marinade tomorrow's breakfast, and and fit the stove to cook. AND dry.On the next day we woke up and We understand that it Read more [...]
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Quiet hunting

What is the Fall? Gloomy skies, endless rain, slush, mud. But, sometimes, nature makes gifts, hitting its magical beauty and generosity. Photo kotafoty / dollar photo club In case such the beginning of September. Blue sky, but scorching heat anymore. Birches in unusual attire: golden strands and shines green decorated with gold leaf crown. Wonderful time! AND captivates his gifts: ripe nuts, teasing, foment appetite apple-tree forest from filling, honey-colored apples. Not hold: and be sure you pick and bite Surprise them unexpectedly pleasant, Read more [...]
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Even in the worst for conventional farming embodiment, the peasants are not going anywhere.They'll just go underground.Specifically, under the ground, you can construct a whole mushroom farm, and collect collecting all year round, even in the lean years.All the disadvantages of a basement in the context of the nutrition of fungi become pros, and the most important of them is a regular local climate, not subject to fluctuations (temperature, humidity, etc).TRAINING ROOM (BASEMENT) :1. It is ideal if the walls and ceiling of the basement will be made of concrete2. Floor, usually land, it is better Read more [...]
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Food in extreme or how to eat not travanuvshis

Food in extreme conditions is organized and implemented solution older group. It sets rates of products, the expenditure side of soldering and emergency reserve, which is usually at least one sutodachi.Food stocks need to be replenished from local resources (fishing, hunting, gathering berries, mushrooms, edible plants). This food should be regarded as supplementary and if the situation permits, to use it in the first place. Features cooking various foods: 1. Before cooking meat rabbits, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, fox it is necessary to keep in cold water for at least one to two hours. In small Read more [...]
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Amanita (as a means of topical wounds) …

Amanita in folk medicine is considered very valuable medicinal raw materials. Historic highly effective agent for the treatment of many diseases, including such as: * Cancer, leukemia (all cancers), radiation dermatitis and ulcers, diseases of the spinal cord * Epilepsy, convulsions of various origins, paralysis, multiple sclerosis * TB * Impotence * Painful menstruation, heavy cables, heavy climax * External tumors, cancer sores, running sores, tuberculosis, skin, eczema, atopic dermatitis, diathesis, muscle pain * Eye diseases, clouding of the lens and vitreous humor, dark flies in front of the Read more [...]
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Tourist note: first aid for poisoning mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms liking caused poisoning divided into three groups:1st group - fungi that cause liver languid poisoning initially and then other important fundamental bodies; these include palely grebe and its variants. This quarter cap toadstool enough for fatal poisoning, from which no escape provide skilled care is virtually impossible. Palely toadstool contains a very toxic substance - felloidlin capable to destroy and dissolve the reddish blood cells. Symptoms of poisoning appear after 7-40 hours, symptoms of poisoning: headache, dizziness, stomach pain, vomiting, cramps, cold extremities, Read more [...]
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After several years of bananas from South-East Asia will disappear

on December 16. The reporter of the American edition «New Scientist» Heather Smith is confident that the bananas in danger - the so-called bananareceipes. As reported by portal Kedem, journalist believes that within 2-3 years the bananas from South-East Asia may disappear from the face of the Earth because of the infectious disease, which is caused by a fungus Race IV fungus. Currently, he strikes banana plantations, and then for them for 30 years, it is impossible to grow the same varieties of bananas. Because transportation from Asia tolerates only the Cavendish variety, countries Read more [...]
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Extraneous On-line Archives

External cartridge, Lordly 1997By Elizabeth RoyteWhat is the largest life being?— Isabel Garcia, Monte Rio, CaliforniaLet's start with the weakest among the oft-cited claimants to the can: Australia's Enceinte Roadblock Reef. Promoters of Aussie touristry bear brazenly lobbied for the GBR for days, pointing out that it expands for 100,000 foursquare miles and supports more 16,000 species. This is all wellspring and beneficial, but it's Read more [...]
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Photos in Guatemala virus consumes coffee. Destroyed much of the crop

Guatemala on the verge of severe economic crisis due to a virus that hit most of the coffee plantations. President Otto Perez Molina has declared a state of emergency, according to The Huffington Post. The disease has become resistant species of fungus, because of which the bean plants suffer from the so-called "rust." Exports of coffee is the main source of income of a small country, so the loss of at least 70% of the infected crop threatens to become serious. "This year, we planted 667,000 acres (270,000 hectares), - the president of the National Coffee Association of Guatemala Read more [...]
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Mushrooms zombifikatory help from inflammation

Cordyceps fungi most people know in their creepy relationship with ants: fungus infects insect zombiruet him into going to a place suitable for reproduction of the fungus, and finally kills him. Meanwhile, it is Cordyceps, according to researchers from the University of Nottingham (UK), may be a source of promising anti-inflammatory drugs.ressaure.) "Height =" 364 "width =" 600 ">Ophiocordyceps corallomyces on larvae of flies. (Photo ressaure.) It should be noted, however, that the medicinal properties of mushrooms have long been used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Read more [...]
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The drought in the U.S. has led to increased contamination of maize fungal infection

January 24, 2013. Many States in the United States reported an increase in pollution level of fungal infection of the corn crop in 2012, compared to what it was in 2011. So, in Missouri, more than 50% of the corn harvested in October, was contaminated with fungus Aspergillus flavus (in 2011, this figure was 8%). Drought conditions may not be the cause of the rapid development of fungal infection, but they promote it. «This is another urgent issue of climate change, cites the words of Barbati Stinson, founder and chief partner public organization Institute of Meridian portal — Read more [...]
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Edible mushrooms

So, with a little understood poisonous mushrooms. Perhaps in the future, I will cover this topic in more detail, talk about toxic substances in mushrooms and the symptoms they cause, perhaps it will be interesting to someone. Of course, there is no universal prescription where to go, and where to gather up a lot of mushrooms. However, taking advantage of my advice, you're all the time in the spring and the autumn will be with mushrooms. Which, in turn, will help you to survive in difficult conditions. As I said, the mushrooms grow almost anywhere. The timing collecting mushrooms can be Read more [...]
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Amanita pogankovidny

Grows in the coniferous and deciduous forests from July to October. Has a hat that between 5-8 cm, lemon yellow, pale yellow-green, smooth, almost always covered with the remains. The plates are white, adnate. The foot is white, with the same color smooth ring in tuberiform under-inflated. Vagina tightly glued to swell legs as narrow hems, slightly lagging behind the top of the legs. The fungus has the smell of raw, spent a long time in the cellar of potatoes. Particularly strong smell old or some time after lying torn mushrooms. The fungus did not eat because of the unpleasant taste. This Read more [...]
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Poisonous Mushrooms

Higher fungi are divided into edible, conditionally edible, relatively toxic and poisonous (including deadly poisonous). It must be emphasized that the fruiting bodies of virtually all edible mushrooms are usually poorly absorbed because of their content of mitsetina - indigestible protein substance. During certain periods, the growth of fungi fruiting bodies can concentrate a metabolic products, which increases the toxicity of the fungus is damaged by insects, fungi, bacteria (especially in the dry hot weather.) Mushroom growing near industrial plants and roads, can accumulate toxic heavy metals, Read more [...]
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Gall fungus

Growing together with white and other noble mushrooms in dry pine and spruce forests. The most characteristic vegetation - at the very roots of the tree, like some svinushki. In a favorable season may bear fruit very abundant, though lokalno.Shlyapka diameter of 12 cm, at first hemispherical, then cushion-shaped, brownish or brown, with gray or yellow tinge. Tubular layer with small pores, pale or dirty - pink. Leg length of 10 cm, and 4 cm thick, tuberous, with the growth of cylindrical, with a hat of the same color, but a little lighter, with a net dark pattern. Flesh is firm, white, bitter. Read more [...]
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Chromomycosis - this is a deep mycosis. Pathogen - fungus Hormodendrum pedrosoi - The plant grows on plants. The site of entry of fungus in the damaged skin (usually of the lower limbs) appear reddish nodules, after infiltration, within which there may be ulceration, congestion-cortical flakes, warty growths papillomatoznye-dirty-gray color. Distribution - lymphatic rarely hematogenous. Diagnostic value of a discovery dispute to the scales and tissue sections. Treatment - the introduction of amphotericin B in the vein and in the pockets chromomycosis, inside - potassium iodide, vitamin D (by Read more [...]
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Pnevmomikozy - lung disease caused by various types of fungi (Actinomyces, Candida, Blastomyces, Aspergillus, etc.). Pnevmomikozov names come from the names of the pathogen causing the disease (eg, Candida - candidiasis, Actinomyces - actinomycosis, etc.). Pnevmomikozy divided into exogenous, arising from the introduction of a organism human fungi from the environment, and endogenous, caused by fungi, saprophytes, which live in the body, and under certain conditions, become pathogenic. Pnevmomikozy, developed in a healthy person before this is called primary. Secondary pnevmomikozy occur in Read more [...]
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Meningitis with candidiasis

The causative agent is a yeast fungus Candida albicans. At generalization candidiasis with CNS involvement in the process may develop meningitis, complicating abscess or diffuse damage to the nervous system. Purulent meningitis has, is very rare, and the isolated meningitis occurs particularly often. The disease develops acute or subacute and chronic proceeds further, for many months. Meningeal symptoms may precede the headache and fall view. Observed stagnant nipples optic nerves, the defeat of the eye and other cranial nerves, because of the productive nature of the process and its basal Read more [...]
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Meningitis caused by coccidia

The disease is caused by Gram-positive pathogenic fungus (Coccidioides immitis). Hematogenous spread of the fungus in the body causes disseminated process with lesions of various organs (lungs, bones, etc.). After contact with the fungus develops in the subarachnoid space of nerve damage, the most common form is meningitis. Inflammation in the meninges with M. caused by coccidia, is very similar to M. tuberculosis thickened walls, more on the basis of the brain, there are multiple small granulomas consisting of lymphocytes, plasma cells, macrophages and giant cells. Pathogenic fungi are located Read more [...]
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The use of antibiotics in the economy-2

In veterinary medicine, as well as in medical practice, antibiotics opened a new era in the fight against infectious diseases. Antibiotics are successfully used for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves, gastrointestinal disease of pigs, swine erysipelas, myte horses, calves lung disease, endometritis in cows, sheep foot rot, nekrobatsilleznyh affected limb farm animals, mastitis cows. Penicillin is used in erysipelas of pigs, horses myte, pulmonary diseases and necrobacillosis farm animals, sheep foot rot, septicemia, anthrax, malignant edema, plague dogs, mastitis in cows, Read more [...]
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