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Russian sable

In the general system of our country's economy trapping takes quite ambiguous position. On the one hand, the entire annual sales of "wild" furs on the amount approximately equal to the value of the contents of one of the oil tankera.S other hand, the production of commercial fur employs thousands of our fellow citizens in remote areas - that is, where it is almost the only opportunity earnings.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Often it is the hunting that reason that keeps people in these places.In fact, the only commodity, certainly in demand in the fur market is sable. For comparison: Read more [...]
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Take care of furs!

The end of autumn - winter - a welcome time for the hunter-laechnikaPhoto by the authorAnd not only for him – for each hunter, thinking about the production of fur animals. But to become a beast skin soft gold, the hunter must make her head and arms. The law allows us to dispose of the hunting prey in its sole discretion. Regardless of whether you are going to fabricate extracted furs or planning to deliver its procurement organization, you need to properly peel primary process. Primary processing errors are not corrected with the dressing, but only spoil the furs. I think that the quality Read more [...]
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The problem of Russian sable

In connection with the renewed interest of the state to problems fishing fur raw materials in Russia, in particular, sable, as well as the appearance of publications on this topic in the pages of "horns", I consider it expedient to present below some facts and generalizations on the subject. Provide ten percent of the profits, and capital to agree to any use; while twenty percent of it becomes lively; at fifty percent positive is ready break one's head; at a hundred percent, he tramples on all human laws; at three hundred percent there is no crime for which he was not I would risk, at least Read more [...]
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Hello, the black market!

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 31.10.2013 № 978 "On approving the list of the most valuable wild animals and aquatic biological resources belonging to the species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and (or) protected by international treaties of the Russian Federation" (hereinafter - the List) contains 7 really rare and endangered mammals. It Altai argali (Ovis ammon ammon); Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica); Polar bear (Ursus maritimus); Leopard (Panthera pardus); The bison (Bison bonasus), the saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica) and Snow Leopard (Uncia Read more [...]
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Hunting in the feudal society. Part 2

At the end of the XV and XVI century, at the beginning of the educated Russian centralized state (final abolition of feudal fragmentation ended in XVII c.). The growth in the circulation of commodities and money economy, increase the exchange between regions, formation of the national market demand for furs increased significantly. The sharp increase in demand for fur in both domestic and overseas markets stimulated hunting. Despite the growing flow of furs on the market, the demand is not fully satisfied and prices for furs increased. With the expansion of Muscovy to the north and Read more [...]
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Hunting in the feudal society. Part 3

In the XVII century. Siberia was inhabited by numerous tribes, most of which existed tribal system, and in north-east Siberia - even primitive communal. With the arrival of Russian, who took tribute and to buy more and more fur, fur trade across Siberia increased considerably. Local hunters previously used for fishing primitive tools were limited to relatively small prey furs they needed for their own use and share with their neighbors. Gang and the team of Russian hunters arrived in Siberia with the main aim to get more valuable furs for sale in Russia, brought with it a more perfect instruments Read more [...]
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Introduction. Furs USSR

Soviet Union leads the world in the number of fur-bearing animals, the size of production and procurement of their skins and furs for export. In the Soviet Union there are more than 130 species of game animals. In the far north is produced valuable kind of white fox fur in Yakutia, in addition to other types of fur - silky dark blue proteins, taiga rivers Lena and Vitim, and trades on the Kamchatka Peninsula, along with ermine, squirrel, fox, etc. most valuable fur-Barguzin and Kamchatka sable. In the Khabarovsk and Primorye territories, except sable, fox and other fur skins, pelts harvested Read more [...]
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The practical significance of mammals. Fishing for fur animals

Fur fishing in the country - one of the most important and the most economically profitable source of foreign exchange. Most trades are furs - a valuable export commodity, mined mainly only in Kazakhstan (muskrat, squirrel-sandstone, marmots, squirrel, weasel, Light, and ermine). So, in all-Union blanks muskrat pelts our country is about 34, according to gopher-sandstone - 95, marmot - 40%, etc. In 1961, the export value of furs produced in Kazakhstan is estimated at several million gold rubles. In some years, fur harvesting in the country were given currency much more. For example, in Read more [...]
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Number and area of national parks

The most significant work on the breeding of wild animals are the following reserves: 1. Aksu Dzhabagly, founded in 1926, with an area of 73,100 hectares. The reserve is in Tyulkubas district of South Kazakhstan region, 90 km east of Shymkent, to the northern and north-western spurs Tallasskogo Tau. Reserve studies and protects the marmots, ibex, argali, and other wild animals. 2. Barguzin, founded in 1926 (although the works were carried out to prepare it before), with an area of 52,400 hectares. Located in north-eastern shore of Lake Baikal, on the western slope of the ridge in the Barguzin Read more [...]
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