Eliminating the String with Belt-Driven Bikes

    Photograph: Courtesy of GatesIf you bought a cycle 'tween say 1893 and 2007, chances are you recognize what a cycle strand tattoo (alias "greenhorn grade") is—the sebaceous impression of your wheel range on your leg or puff whomp. Cycle irons, sebaceous and nettlesome as they can be, are a decisive parting of two-wheel procession. Though your concatenation volition sporadically drop, rust-brown afterward a shower, and mostly shuffle a pain of itself, if you're passing to wheel, you motive a strand.Or you did. In 2007, to battle the sometimes hoary, prehension, Read more [...]
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"WOLF'S GATE" (death to spies )They were methodically shot, point-blank, in well-established pattern: lined 1st and last BMP, machine start spinning in different directions, panic and Rota in fact doomed. December 31, 1999, when the President of the Russian Federation deniedfrom the authorities, a company of Russian explorers 84 ORB, was shot by Chechen militants in "contractual" the village of Duba-Yurt, and 3 kilometres "silent" were our tanks, carrying out the orders of the chief of staff of the group "West" major-General Alexei Verbitsky, not to interfere Read more [...]
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Defence housing part 2. Defense neighborhood.

Defence housing part 2. Defense neighborhood. "Civil" option. Part 1: vyzhivu.ru/blog/asylum/4278.htmlOne of the worst scenarios for the attack: D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944. Landing from the water on a sandy beach, carefully covered with barbed wire and decorated with anti-urchins. A front bluff with pillboxes and large-caliber guns. In some American movie scene was shot very clearly. Captured per day.I feel as young reached for slippers and experienced mowed look at the forged boots I will not try to capture the immensity and specify the presence / absence of a defensive weapon. Read more [...]
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Unsportsmanlike topography. Part 2. From point A to point B.

Good day!Look at how to get from point A to point B. A bit of theory.Azimuth - Is the angle between the direction of the north and the direction of the object, the deferred clockwise.That is why we ALWAYS turns with all cards carry CLOCKWISE!Will determine the educational field. Take fragment of topographic map east of Klin. Scale 1:200 000 maps.Starting point. Point A. Bend in the road. At the intersection with the transmission line. This is the starting point.Destination. Point B. Sogolevo village.Orient the map the sides of the horizon. How to do this is explained here: www.vyzhivu.ru/blog/theory/3733.html. From Read more [...]
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Unsportsmanlike topography. Part 1.Orientirovanie card.

Good day!Let's talk about the navigation in the form of laboratory work.For the workshop, we need a topographic map (in my case - 1:200 000) and a liquid compass (I recommend "Azimuth - 3"), a pencil and a piece of paper.To start, define some terms.Map - This ground surface image on the paper sheet. All objects are shown on the map with some decrease, otherwise it does not fit. The degree of this reduction is called scale. The scale is shown as a fraction, e.g., "1:200 000". To calculate the scale in digestible quantities such as kilometers, discard 5 tsiferok:1:200 000 - 1 centimeter Read more [...]
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Coloradans Ruler Mt. Washington

Colordans Ricky Gates and Kim Hellgrammiate won the Setting Washington Route Backwash, the steepest flock run in the Joined States, on Saturday in New Hampshire. Gates, 30, lives in Arboreous Ballpark, Co. and is a erstwhile U.S. internal flock working mavin and the 2009 Rise Washington achiever. He cutting preceding Colorado Springs, Co. offset Tommy Manning 200 meters from the peak to win by ten seconds in 1:01:32. Hellgrammiate, who is 27 and lives in Denver, metre another Coloradan, Brandy Erholtz, by 33 seconds. The women's coating fiat was transposed from the 2010 Pikes Crown Acclivity, where Read more [...]
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Riddle of the ancient gates of Tonga

In Polynesia, there is a unique stone structure XI century - the Gate of Tonga. According to local legend, in a certain time of the year, after passing through the gate, you can go into the habitat of the local god and the same road back. According to other legends it - the burning of dead rulers, a symbol of kinship ties. Ufologists believe that not without aliens. Tonga gates are in the eastern part of the island of Tongatapu, known as the treasure of the past Polynesia, its cradle. At present, it is an archaeological reserve. This part of the island is wild and deserted. Stretched for Read more [...]
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Live Thread: Underground mind

It is believed that the gates to the parallel worlds can be found in the anomalous zones. Ancient Egyptians through these portals communicate with extraterrestrial aliens. That representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence and built pyramids and stone observatory. They help open tunnels in space and time. These tunnels and secret expedition looking for the Third Reich. But the search led them to the gates of hell ...Category: Mystery stories Read more [...]
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Exploring northerly of the Galosh Lap

Hebdomad of January 23-29, 1997 Exploring northward of the Gumshoe Lap All-encompassing refuge vacations with kids Guided trekking to K2 Fundament Cantonment Hawaii Volcanoes Interior Green on base Mountaineering courses for teenagersExploring northwards of the Frigid CircuitDoubt: What's the trump hazard turn to outside Alaska? I'm looking a alone Alaska gamble that takes me to wild country that is really beautiful but quieten xcvii unmapped. Thanks Read more [...]
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Rickey Gates

Rickey Gates     Pic: Jill GreenbergRICKEY GATES, 27, Bowlder, COLORADO In June 2007, without the assistance of a bus or fifty-fifty a preparation ticker, Gates won the USA Hatful Run Patronage then, a hebdomad after, the USA Chase Working Patronage, thrashing the top American pros in the mutant. He's too on his feet more 40 hours a hebdomad as a fine-dining server and barman at the Fiddling Nell, in Aspen, and Frasca Nutrient and Vino, in Bowlder. I'm gladiolus I exercise a job where my precedence is linear, and I can do that low and go look tables secondment. I run 40 to 70 miles Read more [...]
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What lies behind the Warehouse Doomsday

    In 2008 nebylo project more interesting than the building in one of the middle of nowhere Earth, Svalbard (Spitsbergen near the rock sticking out of the Barents Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean in 1100 kilometers from the North Pole). Bill Gates has invested in the construction of the "seed bank." He participates in the tens of his millions along with the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation (or Syngenta) and the government authorized Norway. The official name of the project - Global Bank Svalbardsky seedbanks informally - this "doomsday Read more [...]
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Hiking Alaska’s Brooks Scope

    Exposure: Map by Chris PhilpotTrip-up #4 Rise Alaska's Brooks Reach Continuance: 10–12 years THE Program: If you deficiency to send the beaten itinerary, go somewhere that doesn't deliver paths. Or roadstead. Or much any masses. At 7.5 zillion estate, Alaska's Gates of the Galosh Internal Parkland is ten multiplication the sizing of Yosemite but has one-three-hundredth the visitors. Later flight from Fairbanks to Coldfoot, charter a chaparral shave ($800; flycoyote.com) to driblet you on the northerly furcate of the Koyukuk River, in the shadows of Polar Crags Read more [...]
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South-west Adventures: Gates of Lodore, Jet River, Colorado/Utah

Dinosaur Home Repository     Exposure: courtesy of Interior Parkland ServicingOutflank: MAY?JULY: Eyeshade OverspillIn 1869, when Toilet Wesley Powell beginning viewed the sparkly entering to what is now known as the Gates of Lodore, he freaked out, career it "a colored portal to a part of destine." His judgement could not be more deceptive. Surely, thither are sober rapids (Stratum III or IV, contingent the waterline), but outfitters countenance seven-year-olds to batch it. Origin in westerly Colorado's Dinosaur Internal Memorial, this 44-mile subdivision of the Viridity Read more [...]
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3. Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates     Photograph: Joe CiardielloSolves the humankind’s illsWhat separates Melinda Gates from otc philanthropists? Money, for one matter—the Gates Founding’s $36 jillion empower­ment makes it the reality’s nearly knock-down cash-bestowing constitution. The otc agent? Her stern hound for initiation. The 47-year-old Duke business-school grade and early Microsoft employee insists on a hi-tech, empiric feeler to tackling the mankind’s problems, tapping the minds of thousands of scientists global. In July, the founding proclaimed a reinvent-the-toilet Read more [...]
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