Why should we climb into the forest?

In late April, he called Grandfather. He said that three of the "new Russian" asking them to bring their hunt for bears in the upper Kii. He himself, for whatever reasons, to go home could not have asked them to go with their mate Gospromkhoz Gennady. Gene strong stocky middle-aged man was a professional hunter and such a request they performed more than once. Grandpa offered me to keep them company, and Gennady be easier. Customers on a bear hunt previously did not have, and we have already had with Gena and the combined experience of bear hunting. These «New Russian» Read more [...]
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Proteins The owner of a small manufacturing Nicholas was going to spend Sunday with his family, but the bell rang and sleepy businessman said he had come, or commission, or delegation, tf at City Hall gazuyut enhanced engine, and it is necessary to meet the guests. Nicholas phoned the shop superintendent, pulled his pants and obediently left, leaving his wife Tanya in annoyance and dissatisfaction. Their village house on the outskirts of the town was transformed into a house, but the neighbors zahazhivali simple. Tanya began absently clean rooms, there was a great-aunt Vera, who adored hang out Read more [...]
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Sugars Konstantin V.

Sugars Konstantin V. (1881?), In Russian. military leader, General al-Lieutenant (1919). Of the officer's family. He graduated from the Acad. General Staff (1908). Outcast. first world. War regiment., participation. Kornilov revolt in August. After October 1917. roar. arrested. In Sept. 1918 passed the line Eastern. fr., arrived in Ufa, and from there went to Omsk. Was at the headquarters of the gene la A.Noksa, then went to Vladivostok hands. training. Since Apr. 1919-L gene for orders under Kolchak, gene-l-Major. Since May, the beginning. Staff from June com. Zap. (3rd) arm. Gene-l-Lieutenant. Read more [...]
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Teens wartime

The main credit for the victory over the Nazi invaders, undoubtedly belongs to an adult to our grandfathers, fathers, mothers. But in those terrible, difficult years, when in the rear did not have enough manpower in the fields, factories and plants came reinforcements teenagers Urals. I then lived with her parents in the village SUMZ (Sredneural'sky copper smelter) near Revda. Seventh-grader caught me by the war, and my brothers went to the sixth and fifth grades. Was hungry and tugovato duds, but if we, the students were asked to immediately remove from the fields of potatoes and vegetables, Read more [...]
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LUPUL Sergey Nikolaevich

LUPUL Sergey Nikolaevich (07.10.1870, Kazan lips. not earlier than March 1945), gene L. major. Graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod cadet corps, Mikhailovskaya artillery Uch-school. In Oct. 1896 enrolled in Acad. Of the General staff. Participants. eng.-Japanese and first world. wars. With APR. 1915 gene L. major. During CIV. war, he commanded a military connections on U. Kama the Nar group. AWP. Kamuca (July 1918), 8th Kama divas., 2-m Ufa housing (up to 5 Jan. 1919). One of the few gene-fishing old arm., supported Avellana. However, soon began to seek the reason for his departure from AWP. With Read more [...]
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Black Diamond

Gene     Exposure: Shana NovakFull for Big MountIf we had a Geartrain of the Yr prize for boots, the Gene would win it. Constructed with an alpine-like overlap-shell conception and imperfect forwards deform, the Constituent was well this twelvemonth's near prosperous and best-performing downward-sloping kick. Testers particularly liked the lining's Boa block arrangement—wires that ratchet tightly and play friction-free skinning or tramp. The Gene comes with a measure alpine-boot-like DIN lone; more hiking-friendly AT only blocks (with Dynafit-compatible tec fittings) are Read more [...]
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Extinction — the Chronicles of genetic modification (2011)

Tom Keller manages to survive after the beginning of a virus outbreak that turns the infected into a ruthless madmen. Relatively harmless he finds shelter in an abandoned military base, where unsuccessful attempts to make radio contact with the outside world. Two weeks later, during a night sortie in the city, Tom stumbles upon a group of other survivors, one of which later opens his eyes on the background of the disaster. Immediately it turns out that the virus rapidly mutates, and the enemy is becoming more and more unsafe.Extinction - the Chronicles of genetic modification / Extinction - The Read more [...]
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Influenza is particularly dangerous for the Chinese

According to scientists, the seemingly small variation in the gene 6-fold increased risk of death from influenza and the Chinese may have a number of other infections. Almost a quarter of the ethnic Chinese have a special gene that makes the flu deadly.The discovery was made in a joint British-Chinese project on the H1N1 influenza epidemic in 2009-2010. This subtype of influenza A is the most common and is particularly extensive epidemic, but its mortality rate is low. However, as it turned out, not all: some Chinese with a slight change in a key gene immune system flu will most likely can cause Read more [...]
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In GMO products discovered the secret of virus gene

Another disturbing reason appeared to abandon destructive health of genetically modified organisms, writes naturalsociety. We know that due to the use of GMOs many serious diseases, but we were not convinced of this, as now, when they learned about the recent discovery of the gene "hidden viruses" deep inside of genetically modified crops.Over the years, GM knowingly and unknowingly consumed worldwide. Monsanto and the Government of the United States argue that modified crops are safe, despite the very limited (or virtually absent in some cases) initial testing, the researchers also Read more [...]
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Russian scientists have turned vicious in tolerant rats

Scientists at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Siberian Branch (SB RAS) attended the world's dramatically increasing anti-social and criminal behavior and decided to look at what processes at the gene level for this phenomenon. Experiments with rats with increased aggressiveness showed exactly what the DNA causes aggression and what to do to stop it, according to - We have discovered and measured the molecular relationship between the work of serotonin receptor 5-HT1a (which among other things regulates aggression and depression) with silencers Freud-1, which is at the gene level Read more [...]
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Thick and thin: to whom life is better?

Scientists claim that overweight is not a reason for suffering. In total, it appears, have the advantage over skinny.WHO HAPPINESS and who DEPRESSION Knowingly born proverb "A good man should be a lot." Observant people have long noticed that fat people tend soul of the company. Funny, cheerful, kind. Now these character traits and genetic tests confirmed. - Fat men less likely than thin persons, longing and melancholy, - says study leader Professor David Mair from McMaster University (Canada). He and his colleagues analyzed 17,200 DNA samples taken from study participants from Read more [...]
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Colonize Asia helped people sweating

Scientists continue to search for the genes that make people able to colonize the land. One of the mutations associated with more effective regulators in warm and humid climate, and with a beautiful female breast.How does one become the premier on the planet? Identify the genetic changes that have made this possible - one of the most serious problems in evolutionary biology.And developed a method that allows to reconstruct the genetic history of our species in detail, step by step, in a few tens of thousands of years.Asian Impressions.) "Height =" 450 "width =" 600 ">Perhaps Read more [...]
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Scientists have bred fish feet

Spanish researchers have shown how the fish turned into land animals. The researchers conducted an experiment in which only one altered gene into the DNA of zebrafish, zebrafish.Hoxd13a gene responsible for the transformation of fins in the limb buds. The activation of this gene by introducing extra copies led to that in place of fins begin to form limb buds. They grew chondroid tissue, from which subsequently develop bone. Embryos with activated gene hoxd13a continued to live for a few days, but then died, news agency "Planet." Hox-family genes control the development of Read more [...]
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Discovered gene switch immunity

16/12/2012 It turns out that if you disable only one gene called Bcl11a adaptive immune system cells cease to grow and fight bacteria and other pathogens.The adaptive immune system is very important because it protects a person from a recurrence of various infectious diseases. It is thanks to this system, all vaccines are effective and conquered many diseases, such as, for example, polio. In addition, the immune system recognizes it similar strains, such as influenza, a new strain of the disease milder. The discovery of a gene that can turn on and off the adaptive immune system, can be as Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a gene that could guarantee immortality

Scientists have not abandoned hope that they can give to mankind immortality, experts from the Zoological Institute at Kiel University have discovered a gene FoxO, which may not guarantee immortality.FoxO gene found in the freshwater polyp Hydra, which is immortal because of the regeneration of reproduction: the hydra dies if predators eat her or she gets sick deadly disease.   The scientists decided to study the genetic make-hydra that, if they do not make a man immortal, or at least support the immune system in old age.   The researchers looked at several versions with different levels Read more [...]
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Scientists have found a gene in each individual 400 mutations

Every person carries a 400 genetic mutations. At least two of them are directly related to the symptoms.Scientists have studied the genetic code of 179 healthy people and compared it to the directory of all versions released by mutations that cause the disease, writes Suddeutsche Zeitung."We now know that healthy people have a lot of damaged or completely deactivated protein chains, but it has no significant impact on their health," - says one of the study's authors, David Cooper of Cardiff University.The publication points out that most of the genetic abnormalities do not cause Read more [...]
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Birth of a homunculus: to decipher the human genome, scientists will be able to cure all diseases

Synthetic biology regenerates the body, completely synthesizing the genome. In fact, the scientists were able to do something that could not be of medieval alchemists. Ten years ago, the scientific community was excited - the scientists began decoding the human genome. From this discovery, many were expecting more practical results, but the path was tortuous. And today geneticists are still more questions than answers. One of the leading Russian scientists, Professor Lev Patrushev in an interview to "Profile" told that we can not only heal, but also to predict the disease, why you Read more [...]
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Scientists have identified a gene unusual dual

Researchers from several U.S. universities have come to the conclusion that one of the genes contributing to the emergence of cancer, at the same time involved in the prevention of atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries.This gene called Akt1. In recent years, it was shown that the enzyme of the same name, the synthesis of which he starts, protects cells with structural abnormalities of genetically programmed cell death - apoptosis. As a result, they continue to multiply, and in the end often undergo malignant transformation. Animal studies have shown that increased activity of the gene Read more [...]
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Scientists have uncovered one of the secrets of death from age 13-year-olds

Doctors have found evidence that a rare disease - progeria, premature aging, due in some cases, not so much by mutations in the DNA as the inclusion of the wrong genes are needed. Children Progeria, she Hutchinson-Gilford, very rare, doctors know less than one hundred cases of the disease. But it is quite well known among both scientists and the general public - because it is a premature aging. By the age of two to three years, the child begins to age, and life expectancy with progeria is only 13 years old. Atherosclerosis, changes in the joints, liver spots on the skin thinning, increased Read more [...]
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Gene Generation / The Gene Generation (2007)

Year: 2007 Country: Ascension Pictures, USA Genre: fantasy Directed by: Pearri Reginald Teo Cast: Ling Bai, Alec Newman, Parry Shen, Faye Dunaway, Ethan Cohn, Robert David Hall, Michael Shamus Wiles, Daniel Zatsapa, Erin Lane, Jeff Imada Description: The film will examine the dark decadent world of the future in which humanity was on the verge of extinction, and the remaining people live in Olympia last city on Earth, which is built around a high protective wall. The government is conducting experiments with human DNA and genomes, and for selection of the strongest and healthy citizens who will Read more [...]
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