Sintashta cult. archaeological. complex, incl. fortified settlement., groundwater and burial mounds, a large mound -hramovo-burial structure. Chelyaba. region., Bredy district, pos. Rymniksky, p. Sintashta lion. tributary of the river. Tobol. Titles. S. (possibly Turkic river with gravestones) is given by the name of the river. Site was used at all stages of Bronze Age. Regular. settler and funerary complexes date from the second quart. II millennium BC. on the findings of discoid Psalm Mycenaean type pastovymi warty beads and copper spearheads. Inst. VF Gening and G.B.Zdanovichem. Fortified settlement. Read more [...]
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POLOMSKAYA CULTURE archaeological. Culture unites memory. the end of the V-IX in. located preim. in the upper reaches of the river. Bonnets. Titles. the burial grounds near the village. Paul (Polomskie burial) Kezsky district UDM. Rep. VF Gening highlighted. Max. Math. Varninsky (486 burials) Polomsky (173) Mydlanshay (86), Tolensky (134) burial. Mind. buried according to the rites of inhumation graves, sometimes wrapped in birch bark, dressed in the best costumes with a variety of ornaments. In the tomb down their arms, tools, household items, as well as clay or metal container, in a rum is sometimes Read more [...]
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MYDLANSHAY burial VIII-IX centuries. UDM. Rep., Glazov borough, village. Adam Ave. Bank of the river. Bonnets lion. tributary of the river. Vyatka, etc.. Tributary. Kama. Titles. with UDM. translated letters .: wrong, unusual cemetery, ie does not comply with the prevailing customs. VF Gening studied in 1957-58. On the Square. 459 m excavated 86 graves containing 88 complexes. The burial ground compactor, burial rites committed for burials in wooden coffins. Mind. stacked on the back of the head is elongated in the north, with small deviations to the east or Z. got a big collection of various Read more [...]
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DEMENKOVSKY BURIAL archaeological. memory. Perm region., Il'inskii district. DM located on the ledge of the original bank p. Obvy 0.3 km SW from the village. Demenko (Demin). Boneyard beskurganny. Opened in the late XIX century. Part of things got in the collection Teploukhova. In 1901, at the DM produced Inst. A.A.Spitsyn and excavated 47 graves. In 1953 VF Gening Inst. 153 burial. DM dates back to VII-IX centuries. Burials are located indistinct rows, elongated in the direction from west to east and north-east of in the southwest Grave pits had subrectangular shape, dimensions 240_50-60 cm and Read more [...]
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Gening Vladimir Fedorovich

Gening Vladimir Fedorovich (10.5.1924, p. Podsosnovo Altai Territory 30.10.1993, Kiev), archaeologist, Dr. ist. Sciences (1974), prof. (1985), the founder of Sverdl. School archaeologists. During the Second World War was in the labor army. He graduated from the Perm. University (1952). Worked as a teacher at the school (1952-54), Deputy. cond. Science UDM. Rep. muses. (1954), Assoc. Lv. University (1960-74), Deputy. cond. Institute of Archaeology, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1974-86), Head. Dep. theory and methods of archeology (1978-93) of the same Institute. Created by Eq. archaeological. Read more [...]
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Visherskaya Painted Stone (Visherskaya pisanitsa)

Visherskaya Painted Stone (Visherskaya pisanitsa) one of the sites with petroglyphs W., who gained fame in the dock with max 1698, which states as a border between the Russian rock. Mansiysk and fishing grounds. Located in Krasnovishersky district of Perm. region., between the villages. Akchim and writing. First Dep. Image V.P.K. plotted and published F.I.Stralenberg in the XVIII century. Max. memory is full. VF Gening studied and Bader. Their expedition made copies of images and excavated in DOS. rock. VF Gening all images are divided into 10 groups with Fig. moose, anthropomorphic creatures Read more [...]
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Azelino BURIAL

Azelino BURIAL archaeological. memory. Kirov region., Malmyzhsky borough, village. Azelino lion. bank of the river. Shoshmy Ave. Tributary. Vyatka. The burial ground compactor. Memory. examined by VF Gening. Dates from the III Ser. V cc. AD Vyatkian option pjanoborskoj community (pjanoborskoj culture). Materials repository and an equivalent of the Suvorov became DOS. to highlight in 1963 VF Gening in the area between the Volga-Vyatka Azelino archaeological. Culture III-V centuries. BC AM occupies a small area at the edge of a kind of arrows formed by radical terrace p. Shoshmy and small Logue Read more [...]
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