Do not believe it, but it happens

End of October in the forest - not the best time for the soul, not the hunter here and did not even drive a stake. But our brother goes to this paradise at any time of year, because it is beautifully said Valerian Pravdukhin, we cheer this sweet incurable disease called hunting.I do not know whether ill Vaska Sorokin as well as we do, but in the woods  I go very often. He worked as a watchman on the master site, then a forest grows right outside. And during the day and guard nothing – circle of people. So what kind of work he was obliged to wander through the forest. And try to sit in Read more [...]
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Necessarily set for my daughter Christmas tree

    Letters Gennady pitirimova got to the editor thanks to several people: this valuable service they passed each other on the chain. And to ask the journalist was one: "Maybe it will interest you..,".     Read letters without stopping. As you read the book, released frustratingly small circulation and unexpectedly on the day only! caught your domain. 60 years there is nothing on earth that person. But living his thoughts, not let him rest in battles and between fights. It is unlikely he could assume that his letter of war will ever hear the echo and connecting Read more [...]
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MOSIN Gennady Sydorovych

MOSIN Gennady Sydorovych (26/01/1930, s.Kamenoozerskoe Sverdl. Region. 20.12.1982, Sverdlov.), Painter. Hon. thin. RSFSR (1981). Graduated Sverd. Art School (1951), Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad Repin (studio V.M.Oreshnikova, 1957). Author of pictures: The funeral of the victims of the Revolution (1959), 1918, nd (1964), co-author. with M.Sh.Brusilovskim, Political (1964), The Tale of the Urals (1967), Red commanders times Civil War the Urals (1969) in the co. with M.Sh. Brusilovsky, Pushkin (1980) and others .; portraits: participation. Italian resistance A.Kubyshkina Read more [...]
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KRASILNIKOV Gennady Dmitrievich

KRASILNIKOV Gennady Dmitrievich (07.07.1928, p. Alnashi, UDM. 11.04.1975, Izhevsk), UDM. writer. Rod. to cross. family. He graduated from the Lit. Inst. Maxim Gorky (1957). Worked before. Writers' Union of UDM. Publ. Sb. Ordinary Day (1953), Short Stories (1955), Good Name (1961), the beginning of the year (1967), Leaving let out (1971) et al. Pov.Stary house (1956), Netherbloom (1962), I remain with you ( 1960), a novel-dtlogiyu Oleksan Kabyshev (1964), a novel beginning of the year (1965). Regular. theme of creativity, morally problematic, becoming a person. Laureate of the State. etc.. UDM. Read more [...]
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Stone artist

    In Nizhny Tagil lives and works artist, who first invented writing of minerals not still lifes, and composition. In his paintings can be studied mineral wealth Sverdlovsk region. Read more [...]
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Both paintings are needed ordinances

     Today, the anniversary of Gennady Gorelova – Master decorative mineralogical landscapes and still lifes, poetically praising surprisingly generous world subsoil Ural land.Gennady Gorelov     A native of Kopeysk Chelyabinsk region, 30–years of age he moved to Tagil, enrolling in the Ural College of Applied Arts, which became a teacher years later. Here, the first solo exhibitions, but here it was formed creative language.     "I have always been attracted to the unique world of the mineral kingdom meeting with this crystal Read more [...]
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Bokaro Gennady Kuzmich

Bokaro Gennady Kuzmich (09/12/1934, Sverdlov.), Writer, playwright and screenwriter. Pers. Cinematographers' Union and the Union of Russian Writers. Hon. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1984). Rod. family servi. Graduated Sverdl. radiotehnikum (1955), scenario Faculty of VGIK tonnes (1977). Since 1958, after his military service, he first worked on the visa (travilschikom), then UZTM (laboratory technician, engineer). 1968-74 Ch. Ed. thin. broadcasting Sverdl. TV; 1974-80 Ch. Ed. scenario-ed. Sverdl college. studio. From 1985 to the present. Bp. thin. hands. creative association thin. Sverdl movies. Read more [...]
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April night Tiligul

SeeingA crowd of people outside the squat, unprepossessing clubhouse. Years and years keeps her memory, as in the photo album. But the cover for the eyes and listen to the silence and the crowd comes to life with a loud female cry, whisper quiet. June forty-one. Tagil escorts soldiers. The first in the family of the former chairman of the Business Council of platinum mines, Hero of Labor Nikolai Klimov left eldest son - two decades of Dmitri. Received from him a short news at the beginning of the fighting, and then the soldiers' triangle of the city of Cherkasy and silence. Long, tedious, Read more [...]
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Ukrainian crops destroys new pest — Alenka hairy

20 mabeste for Ukrainian gardeners. Beetle with an unusual name — Alenka shaggy, or chafer eats flowers of fruit trees and bushes. Experts are not fully studied the behavior of these pests. They appear at the beginning of March: first destroy the flowers of trees, and then they go on the cereal. Saw Alenka and Gennady Istanbul. There she is, Alenka shaggy. In the garden of Ivan Petrovich settled last year. Voracious — ate a pear, Apple, daffodils, eat strawberries. Only the gooseberry is intact. Gardener already poisoned chafer, and manually collected — useless. Gennady Read more [...]
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Why in Ufa \»dance\» house

on 20 June. According to scientists, blame karst voids and active construction. — I sprang from the bed, feeling a weird vibe, look, and the floor shake goes! — told \"Komsomolskaya Pravda\" residents of a house on Revolutionary, 58 Vladimir Rabinovich. — It lasted for half an hour at night and in the morning began again — cracked ceiling! This is such a restless night turned out to be last year, the residents of one of the houses in the center of Ufa. They felt like heroes Hollywood blockbuster about the end of the world. The earth is literally beginning Read more [...]
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Onishchenko not wait to Russia unknown viruses

Top of the influenza epidemic in Russia is probably the end of January, unknown viruses will not be dangerous, "Interfax" on Wednesday, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. "The students returned to the desk, there is an active proepidemichivanie. Incidence will rise at the end of January," - said Gennady Onishchenko. "The peak incidence in Russia will be in different regions in different ways. We have regions which are now almost summer, and the other bitter winter temperatures as exorbitant as in Yakutia", - the head of Rospotrebnadzor. Read more [...]
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ISS solar panel meteorite struck

One of the solar panels of the International Space Station (ISS) is damaged micrometeorites. This was announced on Sunday, general director Gennady Raikunov Engineering Research Institute. "Most likely, one of the cooling pipe was broken solar cells. And what is - no one saw. Because the particles are obviously quite small. Now this whole situation is investigated. A complex of measures to address the problem, "- quote Raykunova online media. According to him, the specialists of the Russian-American Commission is currently studying the state of the ISS. Add Read more [...]
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