And the Congress, and the guests were

65 years ago, August 3, 1937, our city hosted an important delegation of members of the XVII International Geological Congress.Geological Survey of the country is going through hard times. Effectively ceased to operate Tagilskaya geological expeditions, celebrating in 2002 the 50th anniversary since the establishment. What a lot of work behind the expedition geologists! Primarily because of their search for our Metallurgical Plant has great potential iron ore it is provided for many, many years. Especially significant were the successes of Geologists of our country in search of mineral resources, Read more [...]
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Thailand: soil Subsidence and landslide on the slopes of mount Song Phi Nong

on March 27. Ground subsidence and landslide were seen on the slopes of mount Song Phi Nong. A group of geologists went to the province of Chanthaburi (Thailand)to explore the last case of soil subsidence and landslide on the mountain Song Phi Nong. The crack has about one kilometer in length and about 2-3 meters deep. Local residents are concerned that a prolonged rains can cause debris-gathering, which will lead to the destruction of homes and plantations. Several geologists have gone in the province to examine the cleft. In addition, geologists also gave local residents pluviograph (rain Read more [...]
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A huge failure in Oklahoma

on April 20. A huge hole opened in Delhi Oklahoma (Western Oklahoma). The hole was opened immediately after the state experienced a record earthquake of 5.6 points on the Richter scale. Local geologists argue that this may be due to mines. Below this field there are no mines. Local geologists seem questionable source According to the materials: Day X Read more [...]
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Lykovs 40 years old Russian family lived, not communicating with the outside world, not knowing about the Second World War

Summer in Siberia long. Snow melts in May and the cold returns in September. He turns the frozen taiga still life, leading to thrill its cold desolation and endless miles of prickly pine and birch forests of soft where sleeping bears and wolves roam the hungry, where there are mountains with steep slopes, where the rivers of clear water streams flowing through the valleys, where hundreds thousands of frozen marshes. This forest - the last and most majestic in the wild on our planet. It extends from the extreme northern regions of the Russian Arctic south to Mongolia itself, and from the Urals Read more [...]
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Geologists have found in the Pacific Ocean pulsating underwater volcano

May 13. European and New Zealand geologists discovered near the Pacific island of Tonga underwater volcano with a very restless nature - its height varies by tens of centimeters in a few weeks, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Submarine volcanoes on Earth is much more than "land" - 32,000 against 1.5 thousand - but they have been studied much worse because of their inaccessibility.The underwater world of fire A team led by Anthony Watts (Anthony Watts) from Oxford University (UK) has found most unusual volcano in the Pacific Ocean, near the Kermadec Read more [...]
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Thailand: land subsidence and landslide on Mount Song Phi Nong

March 27. Subsidence and landslide were seen on the slopes of Mount Song Phi Nong. Group of geologists went to the province of Chanthaburi (Thailand) to examine the last case subsidence and landslide on Mount Song Phi Nong. The crack has about a kilometer in length and about 2-3 meters in depth. Local residents are concerned that the long rains cause landslide gathering, which will lead to the destruction of homes and plantations. Several geologists have already left the province to inspect the crevasse. In addition, geologists also issued to local residents pluviograph (gauges) to monitor rainfall. Read more [...]
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