Superchron kill all living things

Dinosaurs killed not a meteorite, and the magnetic field of the Earth. This opinion was expressed at the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS Vladimir Pavlov, investigating the behavior of the Earth's field. "In the course of our investigations it was found that the largest mass extinctions followed by 20-30 million years after it was completed superchron" - said Pavlov. Superchron called time interval, when the orientation of the geomagnetic field of the planet is not changed - there is no inversion, that is changing the Earth's poles. Such superchrons in the history of the planet yet found Read more [...]
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The powerful magnetic storm covered the Earth

According to the Center forecasts IZMIRAN geophysical conditions, the next day the storm will continue gradually weakening. April 7 geomagnetic situation should be normalized. As a result of interplanetary disturbances, threatened the work of electronic equipment, transport and communications. Magnetic storm can affect the health of weather-sensitive people. However, scientists believe small magnetic storms have a greater negative impact on the human body than the strong. You can prevent sickness, giving more time to rest and sleep. Land covered most powerful in the three years the magnetic Read more [...]
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Strong geomagnetic storm on May 2-3

Since the second half of the day began on 2 May strong magnetic storm. It ended by mid-day on May 3. The interesting thing is that solar flares were observed. More interesting is the fact that the Institute of Astronomy of Kharkiv National University put up this storm much higher level. Rigid geomagnetic storm, just short of extreme. And yes, SOHO earned cheers. Read more [...]
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The sun is showing \”slight nervousness\”

Photo: On the solar disk are three groups of spots. The group in South-Western quadrant continues to decrease in size and to become simpler. The other two groups are very small and simple. Over the past day they brought eight flashes per-class x-ray range. With the onset of the current day, the situation is somewhat more complicated: on the background of regular outbreaks In-class at 09:00 UTC recorded outbreak With-class. The geomagnetic field remained calm. In the next 24 hours the Institute of applied Geophysics name Fedorov predicts flash With- class geomagnetic field - from Read more [...]
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Magnetic storm will last until August 6

Photo: TESIS Started yesterday magnetic storm will last at least until August 6.About this informed the head of the Central predictions of geophysical situation Sergei Gaydash. According to him, at the end of the previous day began small magnetic storm, which will continue in the coming 24 hours. On Thursday geomagnetic conditions will remain perturbed, possible periods of magnetic storms. To 6 August the situation should normalize, but on Sunday, 8 August, scientists are again expecting the increase of geomagnetic activity. Recall that a magnetic storm caused the ejection of plasma, which occurred Read more [...]
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Flash M-class has lit up the surrounding area of the galaxy

Photo: On the Sun there are four groups of spots. Flare activity is classified as moderate. 7 August 21:55 MSK active area 1093 issued a flash class M (the second intensity of the three possible), which lasted 52 minutes. According to the Institute of applied Geophysics name Fedorova, within 7-8 August geomagnetic field was quiet. However, in the night 9 August index of geomagnetic activity started to grow and at 6:00 MSK reached CR=4 (excited atmosphere). During the current and following day geophysicists predict unstable geomagnetic environment. Source: Gismeteo Read more [...]
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Geomagnetic disturbances large force on the Sun. Magnetic storm!

Continuing the theme of solar flares. We have enough serious geomagnetic disturbances: Magnetometer data: All this gives rise to the sum very likely a strong magnetic storm. In conjunction with the heightened fire situation (as in the capital in general "nuclear winter 2033"), All this can be very detrimental to the health of the citizens of both our country and the health of all people in the world. Be careful! Read more [...]
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Geomagnetic disturbance 29.05.2010. Be attentive and careful.

Recorded geomagnetic disturbance. Power - higher than normal. Continue and further very carefully observe the behavior of the light and the geomagnetic activity. I recall that meteosensitive people can already feel the morning sickness, headache, weakness in the body, vasospasm. But the peak of the impact of geomagnetic activity may be noticeable after 2-3 days. Ie please be careful from now until May 31 - June 1. Read more [...]
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Academician Dudyshev about the future

Russian scientist V.D. Dudyshev a long time studying the natural phenomena of the planet and created a Unified theory the theory of natural phenomena. A special case of this theory is the latest theory of the Apocalypse, which is inevitable, as the inversion of the geomagnetic field of the Earth. The growing number of powerful earthquakes (Haiti, Japan) with increasing inversion (coup) of the geomagnetic field of the Earth and global climate change, flora and fauna of the planet over the last few years are consistent with the findings of a Unified theory of natural phenomena. One of the main Read more [...]
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One day in the Sun has been five storms

on February 28. Our Sun does not cease to amaze. Last week our nearest star in just two days has made five emissions coronary mass, thereby causing a surprising colorful Northern lights. Solar storms broke out between February 23 and 24, and escaped from almost all fields of stars, including top, bottom, left and right sides of the solar disk, as reported by the space Observatory. Actually, these four outbreaks occurred within a single 24-hour period. One of the eruptions caused an impressive magnetic flash in the night of February 24. This caused the first of two coronal mass ejections Read more [...]
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On Earth, a strong geomagnetic storm rages

January 25th in the world to develop a strong geomagnetic storm, which reached its peak on January 26 and continues today – January 27, 2013.

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The first geomagnetic storms in 2013

The first recorded geomagnetic storm on 16 January and continued on January 17. Unstable geomagnetic field was observed on January 18. Scientists predict geomagnetic disturbances continue on 19 and 20 January.

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Russians in 2013, expect 5 to 10 strong magnetic storms

Russian Emergencies Ministry expects that in 2013 the world can happen from five to ten strong and very strong magnetic storms, despite the fact that last year there were six such events. Magnetic storms on Earth begin when the magnetosphere of the planet "hit" the Sun ejected plasmoids. Charged particles cause geomagnetic disturbances. If they reach a great power, it can lead to failures in electronic equipment, disruption to radio and electrical networks. "In 2013, the projected 30-40 geomagnetic storms, of which 5.10 is large and very large," - said in a forecast of the Read more [...]
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On the ground geomagnetic storm rages

As the Murmansk Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring – on Earth today and yesterday were significant geomagnetic disturbances caused by recent solar flares.

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Geomagnetic situation

Flux of solar radio emission at a wavelength of 10.7 cm = 140 expected. Geomagnetic field at high latitudes – disturbed in the middle latitudes – unstable. Velocity of the solar wind – 425 km / s

November 20 Norway

November 20 Finland

November 20 Alaska

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NASA’s giant outburst in the Sun reach Earth tonight. May have a serious impact on the infrastructure of the Earth

NASA reports that the explosion was truly a giant in the sun yesterday, November 16, 2012. Release was so big that it could fit in the frame of the picture Observatory (SDO). Scientists say that the strength of this release is comparable to the 2010 outbreak which turned the idea of the science of solar activity. A huge number of solar material is moving at great speed towards the Earth. C1 outbreak lasted about 3 hours and 40 minutes and was followed by a break and double fiber solar coronal mass ejection. Outbreak in 2010 The great mass of highly-charged particles emitted huge eruption Read more [...]
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Seven magnetic storms await us in January

In January, the activity of the geomagnetic field is high enough. This can be a cause of frequent headaches, migraines, and general weakness. As meteorologists predict from NASA, a total of seven in January expect magnetic storms. The first wave is to begin on January 3, the second - January 8, after geomagnetic disturbances expected 13, 19, 23, 25 and 28 January.It has long been observed that during magnetic storms rapidly deteriorating state of health in 50-70% of people who are particularly sensitive to changes of the geomagnetic field. Particular care must be taken to those who suffer hypertension Read more [...]
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Flash in the Sun can cause on Saturday in a strong magnetic storm

on July 13. Powerful ejection of plasma on the Sun that occurred on Thursday, may cause a surge of geomagnetic disturbances on the Earth on Saturday, July 14, warn specialists of the laboratory of space weather prediction NASA (Space Weather Lab). The outbreak in Thursday on the visible side of the Sun, applies power to the maximum category of x-ray radiation — class X. Such outbreaks result from «short circuits» — reconnection of the lines of force of the solar magnetic field. In the released huge amounts of energy and there is an x-ray flash, which is often Read more [...]
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Camera to measure the velocity of the plasma on the surface of the Sun

Perm State University scientists have made from the camera device that can measure the speed of the plasma on the sun's surface. This will help in forecasting geomagnetic Earth. Research team of the Department of Computer Systems and Telecommunications PGNIU developing new methods to identify the physical phenomena based on the use of computer vision, which, unlike a human, allows a detailed analysis of fast processes. In many ways, it helps to use high-speed camera, capable of producing 100 000 frames per second. Acquired for one million rubles, scientists have turned to the camera meter, Read more [...]
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Scientists warn of a strong magnetic storm

on 4 September. The effects of the powerful storms on the sun today can affect the inhabitants of the Earth. This writes the world media. A few days ago was shining once again flew into a rage and threw a huge flare - length fiery whip, according to experts at NASA reached 800 thousand kilometers. Scientists were able to capture this process. According to the calculations of astrophysicists, today, the flow of the stellar radiation reaches our planet and can cause a geomagnetic storm. However, overcoming tremendous distance (150 million km), the beam will be scattered and strong will not cause Read more [...]
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