In August 1871, Charleston (USA) gathered the Supreme peace Council, which consists of eleven main Freemasons (the Supreme Pontiff and 10 elders) is the greatest lighting of the world (as they called themselves), body and soul devoted to the most important lamp — Lucifer (Satan). At this meeting of masons Satanists was adopted program organization 3 global wars, developed (should be considered,not without the help of curator) of the Supreme Patriarch global Freemasonry (i.e. the Chairman of the Supreme Council), albert Pike.

"For the complete triumph of Freemasonry will be useful for three world wars; in the third of them will be destroyed Muslim world, then we they provoke cyclopean social upheaval, fears which will show all the perils of disbelief. Revolutionary minority will be destroyed, and disappointed in Christianity the most part... will receive from us the true light of the teachings of Lucifer." Albert pike, 1871 Questions that await us there? Link ru.wikipedia.orgPike, Albert - WikipediaRead more [...]
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In 2008, the Svalbard in Norway under the auspices of the United Nations was created a global seed Bank main agricultural crops from around the world. Has half a million samples. Surprisingly, the first here for some reason did specifically Russian seeds. It can store 4.5 million samples. The vault carved into the hill, 130 meters above sea level, in the endless Arctic permafrost, which made all of the conditions preventing the aging of the seeds. The duration of storage of the samples for 10 thousand years. The Bank guard as a military unit, it is equipped with explosive doors and sluice chambers. Read more [...]
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From Darfur to Yamal. Photo

7 December UN starts climate change conference in Copenhagen. Say, as always, will be about saving the planet from global warming. Nine photographers agency NOOR produced an impressive report - that the planet is not so, and whose life after the conference could change Honestly say, global warming - it is primarily a policy and then science. When in 2007? M climatologists have officially recognized that greenhouse gas emissions are to blame first and foremost people with their industry, the political campaign was already in full swing. The Kyoto Protocol signed by the time a hundred-plus countries Read more [...]
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Sea-level rise is inevitable

According to the latest report of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), as a result of global climate change, which will lead to the melting of ice in the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland, and as a result - an increase in global sea level, the water will be large areas of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives will be submerged and the archipelago of Tuvalu. Homeless can stay 100 million Asians, 14 million Europeans, 8 million people in Africa and South America. Stefan Rahmstorf German scientist, whose research is based on the forecast of sea-level rise of 1.4 meters, said that rising Read more [...]
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Choi is charged at half the city lights turned off ….

Good all the time of day, Komrad! Today is Thursday, and we have in the village "Gadyukino" Friday! But why? Tomorrow provide power throughout the right bank of the village (well not turn language called city village with directions instead of roads and light-music-like five randomly blinking traffic lights) BP training. Namely - the global outage hours 8 ... 12! Voooot. Therefore, authorities decided to let her work two shifts in a row!, So and we do not mind - the banner evening affair polyubasu Chiefs dumb and then transferred on Friday evening Thursday evening with the "official" otmazy from Read more [...]
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Global warming is caused by thermal cycling of the oceans

National Center for data collection on the state of the snow and ice cover the United States made an unexpected (compared to last year's climate hype) a statement that global warming, is, was caused only "natural temperature cycles of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans." This winter in the UK - the coldest in the last thirty years - only the first step of a new cycle. For Europe, for example, the most important factor is the temperature at the center of the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. This view is expressed by reputable climatologists, is never in the camp convinced opponents of the hypothesis Read more [...]
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World Water Day

Now, 22 March - International day of water In Russia and other countries of the world Global day of water resources is celebrated for 20 years. The idea of ​​the meeting for the first time voiced at international United Nations Conference on the Protection of Environment and Development (UNCED) held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. In 1993, the UN General Assembly declared March 22 Global days of aqua resources. This day is intended to draw attention  the general public on the problem of protection of water resources, protection from pollution and preserve drinking water supplies. Water - one of Read more [...]
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Found evidence of past geological and climatic changes

An international team of scientists from several universities in Europe, Japan and the United States completed the data collection and analysis of cores from the glaciers of Greenland. According to the research experts reported on two very significant temperature jumps that have occurred during the last Ice Age. Experts say that these races have had a significant impact on the circulation of atmospheric tides on the planet.Ice samples showed that in the northern hemisphere of the planet were two significant warming period - the first took place 14,700 years ago, when just 50 years of global Read more [...]
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Climatologists predict a sharp deterioration criterion of life on Earth in naiblezhayshie decades.

In naiblezhayshie decades will occur severe global climate configuration, the result of which will worsen the living conditions on Earth. This is stated in kathgodam report of the intergovernmental group of experts on climate change /IPCC/, which should be posted in spring 2014.South American journalists were able to access the draft document. About it in Monday evening informed the local media. "In the 21st century bad configuration in climate associated with global warming, will be a prerequisite lowering economic growth and reduce the number of the poorest people, " says the document. In some Read more [...]
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The Wall Street Journal: What will happen after the «global warming»?

So, global warming is "blown away" last nail in the coffin of his drove a devastating expose, desertion and re-evaluation at the same time. This means that soon we will need yet another apocalypse. Most recently, in October, Guardian reported that scientists from Cambridge "came to the conclusion that" the Arctic ice cap is currently fraught with such speed that will melt completely in the next 10 years. " This process is allegedly motivated global warming. All succumbed to the usual concern for their grandchildren.However, in March there was another article in the Guardian, this time it Read more [...]
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Annual rings pointed to the important role of climate in solar activity

The results of wavelet analysis indicate that compliance with temperature fluctuations 11-and 22-year cycles (a thick line) is almost complete. It is unlikely that the concentration of carbon dioxide could be the determining factor of temperature fluctuations with such recurring intervals. (Here and below illustration Y. Muraki et al.)  July 23, 2013. For many years scientists, heated debate, discuss the question of the connection of the solar cycle and global climate. This is understandable: the modern climate policy requires resources, and if solar activity is actually important for the climate Read more [...]
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2010 will be the year of disasters

New data from the world's leading climate scientists, depressing. In all likelihood, 2010 will be the hottest in the history of mankind. In addition, it will bring a lot of destruction. According to scientists from the American National Data Center of snow and ice, the level of Arctic sea ice fell to a record low for this time of year. Every day disappears about 40 thousand. Sq km of ice. The last time almost as intense it melted in 2007. Meanwhile, researchers at the Polar Science Center at the University of Washington say that the volume of sea ice in March 2010 was 38% less than in 1979, when Read more [...]
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Earth goes to heat record

In 2010, the global temperature has reached its maximum on the basis of the 12-month rolling average, according to James Hansen, chief climatologist at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The average temperature of the planet's surface from April to April was about 0.65 degrees Celsius higher than in 1951-1980, respectively. Previous (not so great), the peak was registered in 2005. An absolute figures the researchers did not report. "It is likely that the figures for the end of calendar year 2010 will also be a record" - written by Mr. Hansen and his colleagues.These Read more [...]
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Sun’s magnetic field will turn soon, according to NASA

August 6, 2013. These solar observatories by NASA show that the sun was close to the point where its magnetic field «turn over»That is, change the polarity of the opposite - it happens every time, when the light is at the peak of the 11-year activity cycle, said the American space agency. «It seems to us there are not more than three or four months to complete inversion of the field. This change will cause a ripple effect throughout the solar system»- Says an expert in solar physics Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University.Solar activity is subject to the 11-year cycle, Read more [...]
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Ukraine «was moved to 300 km» south

Archives Observatory recorded that in Ukraine there are changes in the climate. Over the past 120 years, the average annual temperature has increased by about half a degree, and in January and February - even two. This writes the chief ecologist of Kiev Alexander Prognimak, according to the League. According to him, to a certain extent, this increase in temperature can be seen as moving the country in the 200-300 km to the south. Consequently, in the current climate in Kiev is even warmer than at the start of observations, he was in Uman, which is located in 210 km south of Kiev. Recent warming Read more [...]
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Planet overheated

Global warming marches on planet Earth. Temperature has all new records. As said Thursday experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States (NOAA), such a hot June in the current season, it was not in the history of meteorological observations, which are held in 1880. According to the scientists' observations, combined land and ocean temperature was in June +16,2 ° C, that 0.68 degrees above normal for the month norm. Very much the planet warmed, according to NOAA, in Peru, in the central and eastern United States, Eastern and Western Asia. Was higher Read more [...]
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The rise in global sea level

Scientists warn that rising sea level will soon become a serious problem. However, some regions will suffer earlier and more than the other. In particular, problems threaten those countries, where the rainy season promises more abundant rainfall than usual. First of all climatologists worry Bangladesh and India, especially since the Indian ocean seats began to fill the land. In the Equatorial regions, in contrast, are expected severe drought. The cause of the increase in global ocean, the melting of polar ice, however, scientists believe that the reason is not only harmful emissions Read more [...]
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Let's try to understand NATO and American definitions and classifications databases. In 2003, the United States was the reform of the global network of military bases, under the motto: "the Capacity and efficiency, not size" . According to the latest systematization of military facilities military facilities) of the U.S. armed forces, only 2 of 12 you can confidently called bases: the main operating base (Main Operating Base, MOB) and advanced operational base deployment (Forward Operating Base, FOB). Read more [...]
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About 90% of the corals off the coast of Malaysia is dead

About 90% corals off the coast of Malaysia have already been killed by global warming, and reefs may never recover from its effects, said in published on Thursday, the Malaysian Star newspaper interview with marine biologist, University Professor of natural Sciences Malaysia Zulfugar Yasin (Zulfigar Yassin). A week ago the Department of marine reserves Malaysia announced a temporary closure to the public, including snorkeling and scuba diving, not less than 15 districts in the waters of this country. It happened once held in the period from June 4 to July 19, studies have shown that Read more [...]
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In a world of growing scarcity of fresh water

Rainfall on the planet is slowly but steadily increasing, however, the scarcity of fresh water in the world as a whole is growing, in Russia decreases, said the Director of the Institute of water problems /TRS/ Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Danilov-Danilyan. According to him, Russia is in a rather favorable situation in terms of when the world is growing scarcity of fresh water. Thus, according to the UN report, now 2.8 billion people or 40% of the population of the Earth/ to some extent are affected by water shortages, and more than 1.2 billion people suffer from physical scarcity Read more [...]
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