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Every hunter has a favorite type of hunting: hoofed, meadow or upland bird on bunny, duck, foot, with a husky, spaniel, gundog, hound. Hunting oblique winter on the trail without a dog is good for the hunter who enjoys of tracking, unraveling and unraveling discounts sdvoyki and loop leading out to the maturation and getting from this never-ending fun and positive energy. There zaychatniki experiencing the thrill and the excitement of «songs» hare during the rut. This hunting is impossible without faithful assistant, devoted family member Russian Gonchakov. Thirteen Read more [...]
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Fishing in the heat

Photo by Aleksey Dektyareva During the hot summer months, the results of our fishings often modest, even zero. We fishermen, from small to large, know the explanation for this phenomenon.First, to put you in a pot of boiling soup and ask: «One hundred grams pour? ..» That's right! Secondly, local fish acutely perceives in «boiling soup» future life-giving rain – not biting two weeks before the rain that poured on the bodies of water tochnehonko twice a month.Written originally also used to go to the beaten path predecessors speculation and self-justification. Read more [...]
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Radiance Rabbits Natural in Bomb

We already had glow dogs, pigs, mice, and cats. Now, gene-splicing's up-to-the-minute takeover is a bedding of glow bunnies.The rabbits, which were natural in Bomb done a collaborationism 'tween researchers from the University of Hawaii, the University of Istanbul, and Mamara University, gleaming in the front of ultraviolet due to a man-of-war factor inserted into their DNA when they were embryos."These rabbits are wish a lightbulb radiance, alike an LED lighter terminated their personify," aforementioned investigator Dr. Stefan Moisyadi. "And on top of it, their fur is root to produce Read more [...]
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For tourist: Maintain fire

Campfire can be considered consummated, obtained when a small pile of hot embers. Until such time as the fire is not formed in the coals, he can go out is not difficult. On the contrary - when there is a fire coals, so it just goes out. He goes out slowly, often erupting flames over the coals, and only they are uniformly less and less often and punched all less often. Pretty stoked - and the fire flares up again. Accepted Share bonfires on smoke, flame and fire. Flue fires used for signaling and for repelling mosquitoes, horseflies, midges; Zharov - For the manufacture of food, dry things Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Glowing Fishing Lures

Glowing fishing lures - old anglers dream.  Be particularly useful for night fishing for bait fish bait - these days are done through the use of artificial luminous materials. Work done for the development of artificial light compositions in fisheries gave many fascinating. USEFUL INFORMATION About that. NIGHT MODE light that attracts animals have long understood. Anyone, for example, knows how the black summer night on the garish light bulb raid butterflies, flies and other insects. Many may have to create, in the mist of shine blue light-rotten trees, watch the glow of living organisms Read more [...]
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Flash by earthquakes

\"The lights of earthquakes\" \"Lights earthquakes\" - this is an unusual luminous atmospheric phenomenon, which, as noted, appears in the sky near or in a zone of tectonic stress, seismic activity or volcanic eruptions. The fact was disputed until you have taken photos during the earthquake in the city of Matsushiro, Nagano, Japan from 1965 to 1967 Only seismologists acknowledged the existence of this phenomenon. The phenomenon Flash of light is celebrated during earthquakes, although sometimes received messages glows prior to earthquakes, as during an earthquake in Kalapana in 1975. As reported, Read more [...]
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The UK watched the fall of a meteor

4 March. British police reported that during the Saturday night she received many calls from people who reported an unusual glow in the night sky. It is assumed that residents witnessed the fall of a meteor. Messages about «bright light» in the sky and «orange glow» began to come to police stations in the North of England and Scotland around 21:40 GMT. Some local residents feared that their eyes had been a plane crash. However, they soon calmed British meteorologists. «Hello everyone. Those who saw something strange in the night sky, I can report that, in our Read more [...]
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The glow of the graves will be studying

The American Association for the study of anomalous phenomena established a fund, which will be an investigation of the phenomenon of luminescence of the graves. Recently, similar effects are observed with increasing frequency, and in different parts of the globe. Until recently, they tried to be explained by natural causes, but the experiments have not confirmed ... For centuries strange light phenomenon associated with ghosts. Thus, a mysterious phenomenon for the past years there has been near the town of Asheville (South Carolina). It was called "the Brown Mountain Lights." Mysterious Read more [...]
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Wildfires rage in Australia

Pictures of the night in Australia from space made satellite "Suomi En-pee" in the NASA "Black Marble" show that in the western parts of the continent of the lighted area visible in the middle of the vast desert areas. What caused this glow? Most of the light spots are located at a significant distance from the urban and industrial facilities are due to natural wildfires.Note that the pictures were "Suomi En-pee" for several passes over Australia in April and October 2012. At the final photographs reflected on fires recorded companion for the entire period of observation, Read more [...]
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Genetics will create a Christmas tree that glows in the dark

19/12/2012 British geneticist at the University of Hertfordshire figured out how to use genetic engineering to make Christmas tree needles emit their own light. To do this, they're going to transplant ate two genes taken from jellyfish and fireflies. One of them is responsible for the production of green fluorescent protein, and the second produces an enzyme luciferase. Young shoots will infect a harmless bacterium that is necessary genes and incorporates them into the DNA of the tree. Then with the help of a chemical lyutseferina included in the fertilizer will be activated enzyme, which, Read more [...]
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Halo of a saint – not fiction

Russian Biophysics confirm that there is an aura. The human body is really capable of emitting rays in the visible range. MYSTERIOUS CIYANIETo me, science correspondent of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", have always thought that the so-called aura - Lights, supposedly around the body of each person - have come up with mysticism and charlatans. And in fact, nothing like this. But the other day we received a letter to the editor from a serious scholar, who argued that people and really shine.- We are dealing with an unusual physical phenomenon - explained to me, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Read more [...]
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Kamchatka volcanoes vibrate, glow, emit ash and steam

Volcano on Kamchatka Kizimen threw a column of ash to a height of 4.5 km above sea level. Fixed on the giant volcanic tremor. It vibrates with an amplitude of 0.22 micrometers per second. The crater in the dark glow observed molten lava. Periodically break away from the slopes of the avalanche. Activity remains as "awakened" November 27, Flat Tolbachik volcano, releasing steam to a height of 4 kilometers. In the north-western part of the Tolbachik Dola at the foot of the volcano recorded glow of the lava flow. Giant "tremble" with amplitudes up to 6.11 micrometers per Read more [...]
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Volcano on Kamchatka Kizimen throws gas with ash to a height of 4 km

Volcano Kizimen erupting in Kamchatka, made two gas release from the ashes, the largest of which was 3.9 km above sea level."From the slopes giant avalanches. At night there is the glow of the lava flow and glow above the crater," - said the agency "Interfax - The Far East" on Friday, a representative of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS.He noted that the registered Kizimene powerful steam and gas activities on the trail which stretches to the east of the volcano. In its crater there is considerable thermal anomaly."The difference in temperature in the Read more [...]
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Invisible northern lights

Some species of the northern (polar) lights can be fixed only with the camera. They are called conditionally visible - they are so weak that they see with the naked eye is impossible. This photo provided by NASA-owned site "astronomical image of the day", made in autumn 2012 near Anchorage (Alaska, USA). At the time of the shooting green glow can be easily discerned in the sky without any hardware, but the red glow was observed only with the camera to20-second exposure. The reason for this is that the human eye is able to accumulate the light only for a period equal fraction of a second, Read more [...]
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Rushing skies – Northern Lights is beautiful but not safe

Decorating the sky over the Arctic and Antarctic, generated by solar activity - the most spectacular aspect of magnetic storms, not the harmless natural phenomenon Northern lights should be called polar because they are observed in both the Earth's magnetic poles - North and South. This phenomenon occurs when solar flares, when the star ejects into space a large number of protons and electrons. After 30-50 hours in the vicinity of the earth appears a cloud of charged particles. Planet's magnetic field causes them to turn away from the straight path and move along the field lines. This Read more [...]
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On Earth, auroras erupted rare red

The last wave of solar magnetic storm said average intensity (Kp = 6) and colorful auroras. Ionospheric bright glow observed along the Arctic Circle, from Russia to the United States, and even in the mid-latitudes. As a rule, the aurora is green or violet, but sometimes the sky flashes shades of red. Magnetic storm on November 14 as a time to celebrate the rare event. The last wave of solar activity (November 13-14) said the average intensity of a magnetic storm (Kp = 6) and colorful auroras. Ionospheric bright glow observed along the Arctic Circle, from Russia to the United States, and Read more [...]
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Sometimes the snow is pink

Winter brings many interesting optical phenomena. This is the professional language called purple glow. It has been well studied and fairly widespread, although rarely intense.Once saturated pink sunset alarmed Moscow in January 2010. Then meteorologists calmed to the capital's residents, explaining that this is certainly not due to toxic industrial emissions, but is only a game of sunlight scattered by the atmosphere and the multiple reflections in the snow crystals. Purple sunrise - it's more rare. It occurs when the sun is still below the horizon below 4 degrees, the air at the frosty, Read more [...]
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Electric people

For the first time the phenomenon of "electric people" was investigated in 1846 godu.15 January this year a French girl named Angelica koten, who recently turned 14 years old, had to go through a strange state, lasting no more than quire minutes. As she approached an object, they immediately bounced away. Even very heavy furniture from a light touch of her hands and started jumping around the room spinning. The French Academy of Sciences formed a special study group to study the case, and in the February issue of "Journal de Debat" report was published in this group. According Read more [...]
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Red Aurora over Australia

on 1 February. Why is the sky red? Yes this is a polar lights. Solar storms last week and caused 1402 spots on the Sun — showered the Earth with a stream of particles and excited oxygen atoms high in the atmosphere of the planet. In the picture the red glow is visible just above the horizon that occurred last week near Flinders , Victoria, Australia . The sky that night, but also covered more familiar and remote object, namely the Central disk of our milky Way Galaxy to the left and near the Large and Small Magellanic clouds on the right. Bewitching landscape. Why the sky is not Read more [...]
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What is still to believe?

During earthquakes often report strange glow, like a flash of bright, then the pillars of light, and sometimes flashes or glowing balls, soft lighting and even the weak red glow on the clouds and the ground. Arguably, the glow can see in the daytime time. But this is not so surprising, a similar pattern is observed in normal flash of lightning. Sometimes earthquake accompanied by electromagnetic storms, but the glow was also observed when the storms were not. Especially there was much talk of the radiation of the earthquake in New Madrid. Some locals even considered if they are witnesses of Read more [...]
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