Spring in Rybinsk

Romka and Shreds with a catch Second I am working with dinner. More day I called Pasha and boasted how good his bite. He ran from work and seduced his dacha. I slept badly, tossing and turning, and all four had jumped up, began to gather. In order not to wake the family, waiting for dawn on a bench near the house. But the birds sing, and I rushed to the river. I really wanted to catch ide.The spill did not go, and immediately wrapped in bottlenecks. He collected more bait and sit down in the dark. The first promising zavodinki were empty. In the bushes climb higher. The next retreat Read more [...]
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Superstitions of hunters

What hunters and fishermen are superstitious people, it is known to all. The causes of these superstitions are rooted in failures in hunting and fishing, and just in everyday life. Crossed the black cat road – to failure, a woman with empty buckets – the same boy you meet around will be, etc.In everyday life I am an ordinary person, but it is necessary to pick up a gun or fishing rod, immediately begin to notice who he met, how he looked, how his wife conducted: if you are good – to failure, if a fight, – lucky. In God I do not believe, but also not displeased with It, although Read more [...]
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Hopes for a luxury fishing suddenly collapsed with a crash. A few hariuski the size of a little finger playfully hid from sight, barely seeing curious subject.Where cherries bowed their branches with clusters of berries on translucent anthracite bed of a sandy bottom, in his massive, half a kilometer, a valley hidden among alder bends the middle reaches Pelucha — Vilva inflows. Peluch almost indistinguishable from their counterparts — Muddy, Nick Kuhtymki and other tributaries, perhaps even fainter and inaccessible. The roads on the old logging along the river for Read more [...]
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In broad daylight

The event, which took place with me, brought me back as much as 22 years ago. If anyone is surprised by the details, it's simple. Veda hunting diary since 1986. That's what happened to me in the Ural taiga in 1991. Out of the house even in complete darkness and dawn I was already on a quarterly clearing. The first trophy of the day was the woodcock. They usually rise and hiding behind the tree, leave without firing a shot.This did bezpechno went along kvartalki was taken. The morning was wonderful, and the grouse was a decoy to excellent, in a short time I got 5 males. All that's enough, the whole Read more [...]
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It’s time to take the plunge

State hunting and game business in the country is not encouraging. I like all the hunting community is deeply concerned about this problem, and it is inspired to speak again on the topic of the day. I want to go back to the question of whether there is in Russian hunting as an industry.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova AT «National Classification of Economic Activities» (NACE) hunting as a form of industry, does not appear. And in the legislation, «Strategy» and other documents developed by the Department of hunting, it is present as «razvlekuha». If Read more [...]
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Meetings on the trail

Once in September I was in the woods with a basket full of mushroomsPhoto: Fotolia I am a hunter and a lover of wildlife. When we go in the woods, in the fields, on the pond, watching interesting episodes from the life of animals.One day in early May, I was walking with a dog in the countryside near a pond. Already blossomed leaves last year's grass turned green, sticking out of the water the new cane shoots. The dog ran along the shore and sniffing the tufts of grass, then courtines cane, got into the water. About one she got up and twisted tail. Hey, there's something there. Read more [...]
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Photo Anatoly Mailkova As a child on a fishing trip, we played a game: it was necessary to throw the gear and closing his eyes, count to thirty, then hook in. The winner is the one whose turned out larger bass. In fact, not so simple, especially when it comes to really big perch.Let's start with the fact that he polukilogrammovy already strong enough, fast, energetic and completely unpredictable. Further increasing in size, the bass starts to act like a camel hump otraschivaya itself. Does he use it in a dry summer? I do not know! I never thought to ask.  It is, of course, Read more [...]
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Go for asp!

Part 1. Habits predator and fishing on the rivers.Photo by the author Among the inhabitants of the underwater world, especially among predatory fish, there is a striking resemblance habits, characters with representatives of the animal kingdom. Thus, the largest freshwater predator – catfish, like the bear is omnivorous, and will not disdain carrion, all the warm season batten, but in the winter as in the den, falls into deep pits koryazhistye.Fanged perches like a family flocks of wolves at night, mercilessly destroy the fish trifle. Only cold lighteneth moonlight pearlescent Read more [...]
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Fertile hunting is time

The pain of the loss of his beloved dog recovers, as we know, the acquisition and as quickly as possible, a little puppy. It happened in our family. Exactly nine days later, we buried our Nora, in the famous in Russia and abroad kurtshaar kennel puppies from famous parents: German by birth Kira II and Finn with the Norwegian-Swedish roots Balder. Take a puppy from this kennel has advised me of my old friend «kurtshaarinym Affairs» a passionate hunter with cops, professional and expert Andrei nataschik Schemirov.UtahTwo months of waiting, an eight-hour trip from Moscow Read more [...]
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Year of rabbit

Photo by the author It was one of the last hunting season 2011. Even in total darkness, our brigade as part of Volodya, Jura and yours truly went to the desert, to finally get a decent trophy, namely the Siberian roe.Prior to this beast of Revelation outplayed us, breaking out of the pens or unnoticed or is a reliable shot. And sometimes they even have time to get away before the pen. However, some results have been. Our production grew a fox, and two days ago, in the evening, during one of the last paddocks, Yuri went into the thick willows, literally from under the feet of raised Read more [...]
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I come down! ..

Oka in the Ryazan region – Fish is very river, people always come here with the expectation of meeting with the big fish. This time I got a big group of friends and relatives of fishermen on a prime location, our camp was on the beach, on a steep bend of the river, in front of a deep pit and flowing stream. From the beach you can throw the Donkey to the edge, Oka in this place is very narrow. Due to the sharp bend on the opposite bank was very steep cliff and at the confluence of the creek – namytye Spit. Place for classic asp. And asp hit there permanently. It was good that on the Read more [...]
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Game and hay is time

FROM REDAKTsIIMy become discouraged when we see the abandoned, overgrown weeds and forest fields and meadows. But the other extreme - intensive farming, stubbing bushes, plowing grassland, fertilization. All this is detrimental to the birds and animals, the inhabitants of open landscapes. Now, in many regions embarked on intensive agriculture. Early mowing large areas during nesting birds - a real scourge for hunting. In such places, once again, as in the 70s, began to disappear corncrake, quail and partridges. Readers are invited to a professional opinion on this issue - the ornithologist, Read more [...]
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Saiga belongs to the family of bovids, although the horns had not hollow. Inside is a rod of porous bones, and outside, as it were planted Case of the cornea. They say that by heating the cover can be removed, even though the stocking. Females do not have horns.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Saiga not call handsome, but rather the opposite. But appearance is often deceptive. It is unpretentious with animal mind has an amazing ability — a real sprinter speed of his run up to 80 kilometers hour. When in clouds of dust racing on herd in steppe several Read more [...]
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Forest hummingbirds

Mitya all fall lain in the hospital. Well, I lain - it's easy to say. Stroke. And - this is no joke. "We had to go to the doctor sooner. And so started ... "- he said. Winter hunting also missed. And now - in the spring. So as not to break out to the sacred places?And those places, where it is known. Yes, God knows where ...Everyone said: «Go're not far away. Near the village there tochOk. And it's not bad. You take my cock and calm down».But no. Hunting soul pulls back ... there. Away from people, to pristine tokovischu.And walked away!I went sweating. Stopping every 100 meters. And Read more [...]
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Electric bike as transportation to the case of BP. Survival

Hello! I intuziast electric vehicles also have PD, NC, fitted base in case bps. I've decided to write an article about survival and electric bike. Publish it here. Can help bring it to mind intelligent commentaries? Thanks in advance!Thus, the electric bike can travel at speeds of 50-80kmch, he is silent, weighs about 40kg, has a power reserve of 30-90km, making it ideal for Single transport jump in case BP.He can go 50kmch cross country, Fording easily move through the woods.However, he is silent. Why in the Russian army, he had not yet adopted for? We must necessarily at loggerheads Read more [...]
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Studding velopokryshki

So, in this equated to the North area, the thermometer finally rose above-20C, and I decided to try their "shipovku." I did it for a long time (in December), but to write an article without testing something not very good. The process itself I do not filmed (too carried away). In general, one tire took 132 screw (13 mm), the old camera and sex tube of glue.Process itself: -first turned the tire inside out -made a hole drill --boiled screws -then cut along the old camera and pasted it on top of the screws (so they do not have pierced the camera. -Insert the camera, drugged and left to Read more [...]
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Back and forth …

I have long wanted to go to their historic homeland. And do not just go and drive through the memorable places of combat youth ATV. And one wish has come true: the fall in most mushroom time I got the day off and decided to take off in his native village. Loaded into the car, ATV, plunged himself and went. So I'm on the spot. Everything remains as it was many years ago. The same clean air, the same absence of cars, the same ruins of the manor near the village. Unloaded, drove through the village, went to the river, on the key ... Until darkness was still about an hour and without thinking twice, Read more [...]
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Do NOT TEASE the Animal

In nature animals usually avoid humans if they are not being followed. But if they are provoked, to stand up for themselves they may even show anger.One day in the autumn of my friend the Forester Petro was on the track. When he reached the area of thick trees, he suddenly heard a noise in the bushes, and here on clearing jumped healthy boar and rushed into the Forester. He was without a gun and, not long thinking, rapidly climbed the tree. Walking some time around the oak, wild boar, gutturally Rocha, went back into the bushes. It is not clear why the boar without preconditions attacked person: Read more [...]
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Realized for three.

Realized for three. On Monday (07 03 11) has been implemented, pre-planned, "Field Exit". Venue - Park "Losinoostrovsky" composition - three people total duration - 5 hours. (Originally planned - 3 :-) Purpose of meeting: 1. Negotiate on a given topic. 2. Perform a partial test snaryagi.Gathering all the participants on the machine, we were taken to the starting point: the edge of the park from the pl. Northerner.Moving away from civilization for 15 minutes, we got to a point equipped local recreation. Seats and fireplace attended.They say there really is mooseWhy do not we cut Read more [...]
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The flooding. What to do?

Your actions: 1. If you have time before you leave the house, turn off gas and electricity, to collect the necessary documents, necessities and a small supply of food (day two three), medicines, dressing materials. 2. If the flood caught you at a public place or in the forest, try to reach higher ground, climb a tree or try to cling to those subjects, which can hold a person back on the water. 3. If on your way up the river in flood, exercise extreme caution when crossing it. 4. First of all, look for a smaller place to cross. 5. Priedite higher your bag or backpack so as not to soak them at the Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).