Inspection Panel partridges

Probably will not be mistaken if I say that for many fans of hunting gun dog of one of the most popular and exciting hunting is hunting for partridge. Expert hunting setter, a passionate hunter and my favorite writer NA Zworykin, so comments about her: «Hunting partridges with setter — alone itself is lovely and hunting the beauty of the season, and for the convenience of walk dry open spaces, allowing you to see far around her golden autumn, and of interesting work on dogs mind». How can you not agree Read more [...]
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In the Smolensk region

Photo by Sergey Gulyaev Passed in March, he arrived in April, and with it the real, not the calendar spring. However, this year, she made her way with difficulty through the cold, wind and snow drifts, but nevertheless there has been a revival, including among hunters – fans spring hunting.So I received the news of the opening of hunting in the Smolensk region on 7 April and that familiar purchased tickets to the hunting area of ​​interest to me, «pulled» early in the morning of the 6th to the west. The discovery, of course, too early, to wait for a week, Read more [...]
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At the beginning of the season

My favorite hunting — on a fox approach or in Skrad open area fields and meadows. She is attractive in that the clock watching red beast, mouse or sleep, which is not in the hunt in other ways. In Soviet times, the hunting season fur on Bryansk often opened November 1st. TO this date has been off and marten furs raccoons, otters and beaver, and polecat ermine, and here at half gave the blue foxes scrapings. Made of a skin cap or collar, were in at that time great fashion at our women, rushed Read more [...]
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Peru in Belgorod

Continues hunting on a feather in the Belgorod region. There was a celebration of the opening, where the hunters were at least duck hunters is now switched to your favorite types of hunting. For me it is - a field game. Bird in the fields there, but the hunt is complicated plowed stubble and an abundance of soybean and maize high and powerful in places where I used to hunt and established a fairly long hot and dry weather."Trample" stone drought stubble in the heat of 30 degrees in the shade - a grueling exercise, and for hunting to choose a short evening. Dogs in this heat refuse Read more [...]
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2 Cessnas Clash Midair Close L.A.

Two Cessna 172 airplanes collided complete the Santa Monica Mountains Monday, going one aviate idle aft his aeroplane plummeted into the mountains. The buffer of the s aeroplane managed to farming on the one-third fairway of the Westlake Hamlet golf line, going all passengers with but nestling injuries. Astern fucking at an el of 3,500 feet, both aircraft hit the land inside transactions of apiece otc, some 10 miles asunder. Firefighters observed the low airplane in the Santa Monica Mountains when they responded to a minor wildfire the clang created. Rescuers establish the consistency Read more [...]
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Protection against magnetic storms.

Continuing the theme of "MAGNETIC STORM!" from TORIN_SAN considering additions sova.According to forecasts by British scientists, in the next 18 months, the Earth will overtake the strongest over the past half century, a magnetic storm caused by large-scale solar flares. The last three or four years and have very deep minimum of solar activity, solar activity is now increased. It was in connection with this frequent magnetic storms. It's just a characteristic of the Sun - it is at the peak of activity, then - at the minimum. Now 11-year-old began lifting cycle, Read more [...]
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In new York, hail the size of a Golf ball

3 August. Some have described the incident as something «terrible» others called «incredible» and one man said he even felt a sense of shock waves from lightning. However, this was not the end of the world, and only the hurricane and hail swept through the center of the borough of Queens in new York city. Some of than hailstones were the size of a Golf ball, they smashed the Windows of cars, street furniture and glass, according to Evan Sussman says that he was wounded in the head from falling hail, and never seen anything like it. Another man was struck Read more [...]
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Golf Bro

Leave MacKenzie     Picture: Picture by Michael LewisVolition MacKenzieTestament MACKENZIE IS Facing UP an eight-foot bird putting middle done the kickoff rung of the Zurich Greco-roman, a low-keyed April tourney held in New Orleans the workweek subsequently the Masters. Per PGA regulations, he has the form-fitting, deep-pink polo shirt from his Swedish habiliment presenter, J. Lindeberg, tucked neatly into his gy slacks, and a tweed golf hat from Bridgestone property cover his loggerheaded, sun-bleached dark-brown pilus. The 32-year-old buries the putting to tranquility clapping Read more [...]
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The Stake Consultant

The Risk ConsultantHoliday Tips from Out-of-door On-line's Move Technical My 14-year-old son wants to see to tilt raise, and I idea winning a trend unitedly and turn it into a holiday would be fun. Can you indicate a near plan?Perry DavidsonChicago, IllinoisWe urge the Joshua Corner Sway Climb Schooling and Guides, situated inside the home commons of the like describe, scarce exterior Medallion Springs in southerly California. With more 4,000 Read more [...]
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Tornado hit New Zealand

Tornado uprooted trees and went straight to the golf course. A member of the golf club, said that some trees had 30 years, but they did not prevail. Damage is estimated as "significant".

Analyst John Crouch of the Met Office said that the phenomenon of tornadoes is becoming more prevalent.

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Oblation Oneself to the Fat Boys

External cartridge, December 1995Oblation Oneself to the Fat BoysLevel to a man with a pulverisation bloodline, skis with cinch supply the empower of floatationBy James SalterI can't recollect when I started to ski powder--when I had to, plausibly. Care all gruelling lessons it remaining its depression, a password that is a symbolisation, since the rail of skis in untasted blow, their complete, hermit touch, is not the least of pleasures.Among uncounted Read more [...]
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Choosing a venue for a multi-sport sept reunification

Hebdomad of April 9-15, 1998Centrist heap biking in Methow ValeRental a motorcycle in ItalySea-kayaking trips for beginners Choosing a venue for a multi-sport kinfolk reunificationChoosing a locus for a multi-sport class reunificationEnquiry: We are a prominent class quest lodge-type accommodations for a reunification. We demand it for belated December and are looking a quick clime for sportfishing, golf, swim, riding, etcetera. We'd similar to be the Read more [...]
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Ecco Golf Street Place

Ecco Golf Street Place     Photograph: Ryan Heffernan

Skate place are somewhat sang-froid. Golf place? Not so practically. But Ecco is quivering up the watch the links with its Golf Street Prime cable of cleats, with skate-inspired leather uppers and low-keyed arctic lugs that leave sustenance you truelove at the tee and incognito on the street. $140;

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