I asked the chief Belov: How’s lights on Gorbunovo?

     In August 2008, a group of residents of the street Gorbunovsky Leninsky district of Nizhny Tagil addressed to the then head of the city NN Didenko collective statement. People are asked to organize street Lighting, because over the past decade and a half Street Gorbunovsky by individual building lengthened almost doubled, and the lights on it has not increased.     After all, even in the wild nineties, it was found that street lighting reduces crime at times. And in accordance with the requirements of the well-known federal law № 131-FZ "On general Read more [...]
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Eding Dmitri

Eding Dmitri (1887, Rostov-Yaroslavl 30.12. 1946, Moscow), an archaeologist, Corr. Mosk. archaeological. of the Society. Graduated from Moscow. University (1913). He worked in the Moscow State University (1913-14), in the State Historical Museum (1918-46). From 1926 he studied ancient W. (Kirovograd, Gorbunovsky peatlands intelligence near the village. Oskina on p. Sosva and in the vicinity of Alapayevsk). Author Inst. by primitive art W. Idols Vol .: Gorbunovsky peatland // CA, 1937. № 4; New findings on the moor Gorbunovsky // MIA, 1940. № 1; Carved sculpture Urals // TGIM, 1940 issue. 10; Lit Read more [...]
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Secrets Gorbunovsky peatland

Ancient people Gorbunovsky peat is widely known not only Soviet, but also to foreign archaeologists. At present, a rationale for its inclusion zone a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the organization. The history of the study of the monuments Gorbunovsky peat associated with the names of famous archaeologists. Starting research put Ural local historian, member of the Society of Naturalists MO Claire. He had received information from an employee of the Forest department of Nizhny Tagil plant management NF Toporkova the finds of flint objects, clay pot, structures made of poles at peateries. On Read more [...]
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On Murinsky ponds

Yes, I think we were asked our competitive puzzle lovers walking in the August "Local History box '(" Taghilsky working "for 29/08/91 year). Confused even experienced experts that can sort out "a word for the sake of thousands of tons of verbal ore": where to look for information on the origin Murinsky ponds and their names? That's because some jokes presents us sometimes wayward story. Facts, events, and things countrymen from the seventeenth century, is known to many, but that sidelined just a hundred years ago, in the memory lingered. Although traces of the past still live. And it is not under Read more [...]
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Gorbunovsky peat-bog

Gorbunovsky peat-bog the ancient lake., on the coast and in torfyanikovoy h.-cerned recorded at least 20 memory. archeology, dating from the Mesolithic period (V millennium BC.) early Iron Age (IV-II centuries BC.). Sverdl. region., Suburban district, 8 km south of the city Nizhny Tagil. First findings on GT made in 1908 in the course of peat. In scientific. Turnover entered them N.F.Toporkov and archaeologist, local historian Wole M.O.Kler. On GT in different years. worked prof. D.N.Eding, Bader, AY Brusov, V.M.Raushenbah, Yu.B.Serikov, A.F.Shorin. Inst. parking GT possible to trace the DOS. stages Read more [...]
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