Bitter truth is better than a sweet lie

We are often replaced by other so that we do not interfere Vrana ... Vladimir VysotskyPhoto by Oleg Filatcheva That's what people say when they want to eliminate the existing shortcomings, to restore justice or to achieve truth – adequate reflection in the minds of perceiving what exists objectively. There is no desire to read and moral satisfaction from issue to issue advertisements and articles concerned, praising the superiority of associations of hunters over other forms of game management. Especially since this «superiority» It is invented based on the personal Read more [...]
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Why is this happening?

Amazing country Russia! It swung to half the world. As in the song - "A lot of it forests, fields and rivers"; Add to this more than a dozen of the seas, but the two oceans, and almost the entire periodic table, we can safely say - "I have no other country I know."Photo by Ilya Antonyuk Substituting for «scope» and her government. I mean the scope of waste. We all knew that the shareholders of Yukos appealed to the Court of Arbitration in The Hague with a claim against Russia in the «incurred» losses. Our government has said that the lawsuit has no future. Read more [...]
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When the professionals at the helm

As already informed our newspaper ("ROG» № 25), at a meeting on hunting, held in Kirov on May 21 with the participation of the governor of the region NY White, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation VA Lebedev and Director of the Department of the Ministry of Environment AE profile Berseneva, last year rated the Kirov ohotupravleniya has grown considerably, and his work was assessed as positive. Today we publish a letter of employees ohotupravleniya on some results of the work.Eighteen months ago, the head of the Office of Protection and use of wildlife Read more [...]
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Debriefing by an adult

FROM REDAKTsIICkolko times have we heard complaints that POPC does not protect the interests of ordinary hunters eliminated by address or take a waiting position where you have to be principled and uncompromising! Photo by Anton Zhuravkova What we offer readers today, cuts the ground from under the feet of critics. The note prepared by the experts of the Association for the management of Ministry of Natural Resources, outlined a brief analysis of the hunting department, headed by AE Bersenyev.Help was given to the Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, SE Don Read more [...]
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Who will guard the hunting grounds?

The rate that the private owner will take care of the rented property, not justifiedPhoto: Sergey Fokin I have to say: I am opposed to private hunting leases. And it is not a big supporter of fixing of hunting grounds in general. But under the circumstances, can not be choosers.The current policy of the authorities can be expressed in two words: «to give everything». Like, all the market itself «ustakanilos»: Demand will create an offer, the competition will lower prices, private owner would take care of their property. But, in practice, nothing like this Read more [...]
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Modern hunting supervision eye specialist

December 11, 2012 in the program "Man and Law" aired a story dedicated to the cause of hunters Alexander Dovydenko which, in my opinion, quite frankly makes our reality, the imperfection of the current legislation and the complete lack of protection of people, conscientiously perform their official and civil duty to protect State property - the animal world. I want to share their thoughts and ask a few questions to those from whom depends not only on the fate of people who have embarked on the protection of natural resources, and sometimes their very lives. During its 29 years, Read more [...]
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Lookup For California Teens Enters Tertiary Day

Government from 4 unlike counties are ingress the tertiary day of their look for two California teens that went lacking in Trabuco Canon in Cleveland Home Wood. Nicholas Cendoya, 19, and Kyndall Jak, 18, had contacted regime on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. via cell to quest help, locution they were almost a mil from their car and couldn’t incur their way cover. Government plant the car but the teens were nowhere nearby, their cell barrage presumptively beat.O'er 50 lookup and delivery crews with the Orangish County Sheriff’s Section are presently hunt for the couple on substructure and via whirlybird, Read more [...]
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U.S. to Withdraw Greyness Savage Protections

The U.S. Angle and Wildlife Avail proclaimed plans this hebdomad to murder the grayish savage from the endangered species number, drafting ardour from scientists, conservationists, and a onetime conductor of the way who says that the remotion "reeks of government." The new normal would excrete federal shelter for wolves, demur for a diminished universe of roughly 75 Mexican wolves in the southwestward. Reactions to the promulgation let been interracial. O'er 70 members of the Household and Sen sign-language a missive to the USFWS prod it to delist the masher. Jamie Rappaport Clark, a Read more [...]
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Twist Farms Cleanup Eagles With Impunity

About environmentalists concur that twist ability is a beneficial affair. It’s strip, it’s a job creator, and it fights world-wide calefacient. Birds, on the former paw, power feeling otherwise.Concluded half-a-million birds are killed by the land’s flatus farms annually, according to an idea in the Wildlife Gild Bulletin. Lxxxiii m of those birds are hunters alike hawks, falcons, and eagles, and many of them are endangered. It’s a federal offence to killing these birds and powerfulness companies sustain been prosecuted for lease the animals be electrocuted on their lines. Read more [...]
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Our country wants to expand the number of military bases abroad and in talks with a number of countries, including Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Seychelles, Singapore, told journalists on Wednesday in Moscow, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu."We plan to expand the number of military bases. Besides Vietnam and Cuba, we plan to expand the number at the expense of countries such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Seychelles, Singapore and other", - said the Minister.He stressed that negotiations are underway, and Our homeland is close to signing the documents.As the Minister said, the Read more [...]
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appeared in the media that:

The DECREE of the PRESIDENT of UKRAINE No. 90/2014 from 27 February 2014(Translated from Ukrainian)22-23 February in Ukraine there was a military coup, in which a group of armed militants with Nazi tendencies in political and military support of foreign powers invaded the bodies of Central state authorities in the capital town of Kiev, and a number of regional administrations in the Western part of the country.Part of the political forces of Ukraine acted as traitors and collaborators, working with municipal authorities seized the capital of fashistkimi units, to form a puppet government is completely Read more [...]
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«Today Ukraine, tomorrow Russia». Mongolian separatists and Islamists call for Russian Euromilano»

Unfortunately, despite sounding loudly decisions about strengthening measures in the fight against extremists, separatists and terrorists, Mongolian separatists and Islamists feel in the Russian Federation completely at ease and continue their dirty work. Seemingly marginal looked their group, the danger should not be underestimated. As is clear, passive most part, not adjusted for the destruction of the surrounding space (statehood), always plays an active minority that busy "rocking the boat". Later people will be surprised how a small group of internal opponents were able to corrupt Read more [...]
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Flooding in northern Albania

Albanian army units last night and during the day today evacuated more than 3,700 people from the district of Shkodra, where heavy rains caused flooding and severe flooding. The government is going to declare these areas in the north of the country, adjacent to Lake Skadar, a disaster area. According to the Interior Ministry, the water had gone more than 10 thousand hectares of agricultural land were flooded more than 2 million homes and buildings. Many villages were left without electricity and drinking water, there are problems with food supply. The authorities in Tirana believe that assistance Read more [...]
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Pages Ural history

     By the time of the 1861 reform reptile Urals, according to VI Lenin was "the main center of the mining industry" Russia, but by the mid 1390's, he has lost its former importance, remained a secondary area until the 1917 revolution. The book YA Buranova * covers the period 1861-1917 years in capitalist industrialization Urals in the form of joint-stock process. The basic stages of its composition and the movement of the share capital, History The emergence and development of all joint stock companies.     The paper uses new archival materials, in Read more [...]
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SAKMAR with., p-tion n. Orenbah. region. Located on r.Sakmara, 35 km north-east of from Orenbah. Regular. in the 20s of the XVIII century. cursory cross., Old Believers, Yaik Cossacks. October 2. 1773 us. Sakmarskogo Cossack town, part of Yaitsky Cossack troops, voluntarily gone over to the rebel E.I.Pugacheva and replenished neg. On the night of 1 to 2 April. 1774 under Sakmarskiy town neg. Pugachev were defeated by government forces and retreated to Gornozavodsk districts of South. Y. years. CET. war in these places on April 26. In 1919 there was a famous Salmyshsky fight in a rum supporters Read more [...]
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Governorship an administrative-ter. unit of the Russian Empire in 1775-97. The reform of local government was conducted by Catherine II unbundling lips. In the interests of the centralization of power 2-3 lips. united in N. They were headed by governors appointed from among the highest dignitaries, endowed with extraordinary powers: general supervision over all branches of government, the command of the troops on the ter., personal responsibility to the Empress. Executive Body vicegeral board of advisors 2-3. On ter. D were formed Vyatskoe (09/11/1780); Perm. Perm. and ECAT. region. (27/01/1781); Read more [...]
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In Iran, because of the heat closed government offices and schools

Today, July 10, in Iran because of the heat closed government offices.

The air temperature in the Iranian capital Tehran reaches 48 degrees Celsius.

In most provinces, a few days also closed schools and higher education institutions.

Source: Komersant

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The drought has turned the fields of the Volgograd region in scorched postinumero

A state of emergency due to drought declared in 31 of the 33 districts of the Volgograd region. In Pallasovsky district were killed 100 percent spring . On average, the sun had destroyed half of the crops, the situation continues to deteriorate. According to weather forecasts, in the last decade of July pass without rain, and the temperature reaches forty-degree mark. The poor harvest of grain will cause problems in livestock. «We have nothing to feed the animals, pastures no, we drink water for stock, but its not enough», — told RIA Novosti shepherd Andrew Soltow from Read more [...]
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Photos: worst drought in Namibia for 30 years

The worst situation is in the North-West of the country, in the Kunene region, where for the second year it did not rain. In the region there is almost no pasture, which is a huge problem for the local himba tribe, engaged mainly in cattle. UNICEF estimates, for assistance to victims of drought in Kunene need 22 million dollars.  The President of Namibia, Hifikepunye Pohamba in may declared a state of emergency. The government created a special Committee, which distributes food and water, but critics argue that the government could do more. The government rejects criticism.  «Roads Read more [...]
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The flood will leave the country without bread

August 20, 2013. Farmers begin to count the losses caused by the flood in the far East. Figures, of course, while approximate, but inspire economic pessimism. The acreage of various crops, killed in the disaster exceeded 627 thousand hectares, the preliminary damage is estimated at more than 8.5 billion rubles. On the General background of relatively well looks Yakutia — here the flooding has only been natural grazing lands. These are the official data of the Ministry of agriculture.But to many fields it is impossible to even approach, so that the amount of loss can grow many times. Read more [...]
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