Hunting in ten minutes

Waking up on Sunday from the persistent whining Timka, I looked at my watch and gasped. The time was nearly nine - "Well, you give! Amateur sleep "- wrongly accused me of his faithful eared friend. Almost from each parallel unfortunately not the correct shuttle Timka, raised fat in my eye – kilogram quail. Photo by the author After washing, I hastily began to pull on his clothes, Timka did not let up and hurried, jabbing me with his wet nose irrepressible. He caught it with one hand on the scruff of the neck and the other throwing a collar on him, we rushed out the door.Outdoor Read more [...]
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As Lech all fed fish

Looking over pictures of the past years, with holidays and events that came across the pictures of two years ago. And as if it was yesterday, remembering the old story about fishing, and you wanted to tell you.Long ago I shill us Nikolavna legal relative to the great fishing on the Don in Voronezh region. Yet since 2009, where we visited the places it assessed the scope and fishing on the Don in central Russia. And finally, we have legal relative dozvatsya and waited. The authorities gave the green light for three days of vacation. And we're downloading the eyeballs of the iron Read more [...]
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Case of the hare hunting

On the eve of a little snow fell, so help during tracking birds. In the evening he came to see me in-law relation, and we discussed our future way out: he takes the two hounds hunters, Russian piebald Gonchakov Chaly and Bayan extends beyond Ignatichem, and together they are suitable to my house early in the morning.Photo: Victor Rudman As agreed in the eight in the morning, we walked briskly through the village, to go hunting today discussing a plan. Gonchakov Chaly and Bayan were torn off the leash, bullied paws on all the bushes and pillars that fall along the way. Country lazy Read more [...]
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Thistle without fear and reproach

Fabulous novel - one of the more sophisticated genres of children's literature. Peace, quite detailed, to immerse yourself in it for a few evenings, without risking being sucked into the bad infinity of the television series; a world in which a young reader has time to grow roots so that it is not just here velop. Such a comfortable world swings open to the reader "Cinnamon Flower Garden grandmother." Already the first phrases imply a fairy tale, "In the window Margarita beheld as plastered with snow tram took away from the last stop of passengers, more similar to the company sad snowmen." And Read more [...]
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Cultural Center Galyanki Street Brigade

Exactly a quarter-century ago, I said goodbye to all my favorite house on the street Brigade, where I spent my happy childhood. Our house stood on the shore of the pond Tagil, and windows I watched the slide on the pond sailboats, catamarans, speedboats. Wonderful view of the city and opened the Fox hill from the pier and the boat station. Spring is especially beautiful, in fact, this street is one of the greenest in the old Galyanke. These places are connected with my grandmother, Maria Ivanovna Markova, who has lived here all his life. Street changed its name, and the names of my grandmother: Read more [...]
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She smelled of milk and forbs: oregano, shamrock, wormwood bitterness. And yet - the cleanliness, as if every time going to pass without going through the court, Ira was changing in just erased. She smelled so breathtakingly vivid that, closing his eyes, I can just hear the smell, even though many years have passed. Morning and evening she wore brown, thin shiny lines jacket fastens with three buttons, and this jacket, like cover, conceal it. During the day, when cattle were driven, it was usually one of the bright calico dresses in a small flower or peas, and these dresses were extremely good Read more [...]
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Childhood without sails

"Children's story for adults" - so, if you believe the creators of the instructions led to the genre's own latest novel the young writer from Tyumen. Genre defines the material and pathos. Children - means of childhood. For adults - is to be nostalgic about the past irrevocable and / or direct or indirect exposure of the methods of education. Once there was a five-year bolshennom Russian town devchenka. Parents around for some reason was not brought up by her grandmother: fed-poila, took me for a walk, talking to her and took her toys. Not counting the grandmother and girls in the inhabited ancient Read more [...]
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Two stories

Along the way, Story Morning station square was good. Under the lime trees (which certainly would cause an experienced person hard remarkovskie Association) slept peacefully bucolic colorful drunks dawn sun shone two-story glass "Mail", blue spruce near the monument to the Heroes of the war were officers severely on the porch of the station missed round lady with white rod but through humming burgundy electric - was perfect, and even alien to the beautiful Gil said that. Kaleidoscope of the brightest spots, Impress, gamma violent artist. Gil breathed cold cheerful air, smiled and walked to the Read more [...]
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Zeitgeist (just a picture for consideration)

Good day friends. A little bit of humor to this day will not hurt. While some humor here. So it all is. Even 15 years ago, when I went to my grandmother in the glorious city of Salavat (Bashkortostan) I distinctly remember that the door to the apartment of the castle did not close (usually two entrances house). That took it and did not close. And there was no theft. And then, just a month ago I took a trip back to my grandmother and after I left, she forgot to close the door of the castle and went into a far room where and wonderfully asleep. While she was asleep (about an hour) thieves quietly Read more [...]
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Grandmother survivalist

Got involved in the discussion here will be called and got the idea so ... People invent ways to wind itself parakord. It all starts so then soWell, I just thought ... continue If someone has a bunch parakorda and grandmother, you can try to do this Super Tactical Sweater.... In general, the grandmother is the best NAE. And, at the same time, audio archive, which is comparable with the archive will survive Read more [...]
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The Ascending of the Grandma Fondo in America

The Grandmother Fondo is berating stateside.     Pic: Can TrotterI was center up Italy's Passo dello Stelvio, a 48-switchback creature in the Alps that's wide regarded as one of cycling's virtually mythological and gruelling climbs, when the alt kicked in. We were forthcoming 9,000 feet, afterward all. But instead than thrust my burgoo breakfast, I colonised into a accomplishable round as the tether aggroup of sinewy-legged climbers pedaled forth from me.Veteran bicycle racers denote to this bit as acquiring dropped. But I hadn't clipped in to win. The yearly Dreilander Giro is Read more [...]
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The pensioner told how as a child her father saw little aliens

90-year-old grandmother from Indiana (USA) told his grandchildren family secret. Her father had strictly forbidden her to tell anyone about it, but now that she was so old, she does not see the violation of this prohibition is nothing wrong. Her story is one of the grandchildren filmed on video, and many years later sent to the U.S. agency MUFON, is engaged in an investigation of UFO and aliens. According to my grandmother, it was when she was a young girl in 1890 in Logansport, Indiana. Girl every day on a cart with a horse used to take lunch in a corn field working father and grandfather. Read more [...]
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In China, the century-old grandmother alive 16 hours after the death

January 19 at the county Lianjiao Zhanjiang city, Guangdong Province 101-year-old grandmother suddenly "died." Her family did not find it any signs of life and began to prepare for the funeral. But the next day, being the 16 hours of "dead", the old woman suddenly miraculously revived, told local newspaper "Southern District". The village Shenshuytun County Lianjiao city of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province live 101-year-old woman Peng Xiuhu. She has two daughters who are married and live far away, they were 70-year-old grandmother. Peng looked after my mother for Read more [...]
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Friends throw in trouble

I do not know whether there is any analyst's desire to understand why committed suicide a "hero" of a high-profile trials of recent times, whiling away the days in the company of Colonia of a murderer and a bribe. Whether it was the result of ill insult fellow inmates: error introduced by non-Aryan appearance, one of the prisoners named Ostashvili, fighter for the Russian idea, "Jew"? Or loop - the logical end of life of chronic alcoholic ... The death written all Ostashvili Moscow newspapers. Not a lot of honor? This question arose a year ago. A few weeks the Moscow Read more [...]
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