Japan earthquake shifted the gravitational orbit satellites

The GRACE satellites (NASA image) on 8 December. The Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, changed the gravitational field of the Earth so that affected the orbits of satellites. This suggests that the earthquake was stronger and deeper than showed earthly instruments. We are talking about space-twins GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, \"an Experiment to study the climate and gravitational perturbations\"), which fly at 220 km apart in a polar orbit 500 miles above the Earth. The mission is to map the gravitational field of the planet. The satellites carry it, controlling Read more [...]
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NASA intends to split probes GRAIL on the moon

12/12/2012 NASA is planning a spectacular end to GRAIL mission to study the gravitational field of the moon - two twin probe, carrying out of fuel, will be broken down on the lunar surface. Press conference dedicated to this event, NASA will hold on December 13 and the probe itself will fall on December 17 in 17.28 Eastern Time U.S. (02.28 MSK 18 December). During the fall of devices, scientists will be able to repeat the experiment carried out with the apparatus LCROSS and the upper stage "Centaur", which purposely "dropped" on the surface of the moon's south pole. In Read more [...]
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Discovery of gravitational waves, perhaps significantly closer

A team of U.S. researchers believe that collisions between supermassive black holes, as well as merging galaxies are at least ten times more common than believed. Follow from this interesting consequences.Sean McWilliams (Sean McWilliams) and his colleagues at Princeton University (USA) believe that astrophysicists drastically underestimated the frequency of the main events on the scale, causes the formation of gravitational waves. Recall: the clash between the supermassive black holes are considered to be the leading candidate to the generators of these waves, but previously thought that such Read more [...]
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Gravity. The unification of interactions

One of the problems of physics is to establish connections between disparate phenomena in the union of the various forces of nature, the search for a single cause to explain the physical phenomena of a different nature. Currently, we know four types of fundamental interactions: gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong, which determine the existence of our universe. Combining the laws of physics is to bring unique equations describing all types of interactions. This task involves three main elements: a description of the combined interactions with one or more of the constants included Read more [...]
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Gravity waves over the Pacific Ocean

Dense clouds covered almost the entire area, except for the Galapagos Islands, which are seen in the north-eastern corner of the image. In the center of the photo stands out unusual "ripple" in the form of alternating parallel cloud lines and the open sky. So in the cloud cover show themselves gravitational waves. Outwardly, it looks almost like a fingerprint. Under the influence of gravitational waves air moves up and down, forming ridges and troughs. At the top of the ridge form clouds, and in the valley, they are washed away. Satellite "Terra" watched the landscape Read more [...]
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The general theory of the world

The most important for the self-determination of humanity in the universe and the most fun for a scientist problem of theoretical physics - the creation of a general theory of the world. Direction of the last century most of finding a solution to this problem was defined traditional conception of the universe, according to which the world is a hierarchical pyramid laws and structures of the sequence is generated by a pervoosnovaniya. In this perspective, the purpose of the general theory of the world - to explain the observed withdraw all its diversity from the smallest possible number of reasons, Read more [...]
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Alexander Hovalkin about the causes of climate change on Earth

Every year millions of tons of gravitational mass of hydrocarbons are removed from the interior field, forcibly moved in pipelines, rail and sea to the west. March 27. The real causes of climate change on Earth simple and understandable to the reader. The global movement of gravitational mass of human economic activity on the continent and between continents, causing global climate change on the planet. Carbon dioxide affects the health of people, but not the cause of climate change on Earth. On Earth, there is no global climate change, there is a man-made artificial gravity anomalies that Read more [...]
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