Predator of the sparrow unit

This bird is in many respects unusual. Forty-LIKE, BUT NOT Forty RODNYA.PO behavior and many external sign - typically small predators, but is to further kinship with waxwings and thrushes. APPLY TO songbirds, but the songs do not POET.NAVERNOE, it's time to call it: gray shrike.The name of the shrike was because of the appearance - it's really far away can be confused with a magpie, which (in miniature), he is a bit like its appearance and color: gray with a touch of black and white, with a long tail step. A bit like a magpie shrike and pozyvka - sharp "check-check-check." The Latin name of this Read more [...]
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Grey Heron

On shallow eyes caught on a snag unusual shape. Hunched leggy figure remained motionless until the smoke is not dissipated by issuing silhouette of the birdIn the middle zone it could only be a gray heron. At high, slightly bent legs, a little stooped, and with a massive long beak, this rather big bird lives near large bodies of water in floodplains.The morning began with a heavy fog. The sun's rays could not pierce the thick slurry, consisting of tiny "dairy" drops. An hour later, after the sky cleared, the sun was finally melt the fog. Its rays warmed "layer cake" fumes. Finally, the fog gave Read more [...]
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Black Mallard and Gadwall

The appearance of black ducks is similar to the ordinary. The main difference - in the mating season, males do not have such a luxurious plumage as mallard drakes. Harrison Gray utkaFoto The top of the head in a dark black ducks, on the sides are the two broad light stripes, furthermore, over their eyes bridle. Beak black duck with a yellow and black claws. Legs red, sometimes with a yellow tinge. This is purely a Siberian species of dabbling ducks. In our country they nest on the lake to Sakhalin. Outside the Russian Black Mallard common in Japan, Korea, China, and India. In the Read more [...]
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In the realm of gray heron

I can not forget my first meeting with these elegant and extraordinarily beautiful birds. That early September morning I met on the remote peat lakes, which are a magnet for not only the weight of all kinds of birds trivia, ducks different breeds and grebes, but also the most majestic wading inhabitants.Dawn. On the vast surface of the water or vetrinki. Brownish-gray stripe, as if mirrored flooded dead bush with lonely dry tree Punches places of green foliage. Behind them is a wide strip of wetland alder forest. The emerging sunrise sky pink and encrusted blue-gray clouds. Read more [...]
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Gray Flycatcher

     Gray Flycatcher can hardly be considered a bird having any outstanding characteristics. Externally, the male and female is very difficult to discern. The epithet "gray" is the best suited to the nondescript plumage both of the couple flycatchers.     Crude aspen began right at the entrance to the forest. He crossed the small forest stream, which took the start of overgrown lakes. Spring Lake overflowed and the stream came alive. Business-like murmuring and skirting its riverbed forest hills, he raced through the aspen skipping to the river, filling it with his muddy yellow water. Thick Read more [...]
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Wolves in Kazakhstan

It's been more than a month, as the hunting season ended in 2013. He was extremely successful. Returning from a vacation, an effort of will held the week at home, but when the weather forecast showed a sunny clearance, after five days of snowfall decided to go, come what may. The truth at the last moment, drew trip to the capital, but managed to turn around for the day. Night flight, a couple of hours to pack and leave at four in the morning in the direction of hunting Dardamty, in the company of hunters and Zheka. The first one hundred and fifty kilometers of roads clean glass for Kokpek better. Read more [...]
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Cast Away

Our small, so to speak, a team of wolf several times in the new year attempted to adjust the number of gray predator. Unfortunately without success. But wolves in their criminal acts very successful - the number of animals in the area of ​​their efforts was a sharp decline.Local Kazakh hunters - activists asked by rangers to collect as many hunters to organize pens, promising at the same time to organize at least fifteen beaters. We relied on the weather forecast that promised every night from Friday to Tuesday snowfall.The first day has been planned in the area Ketmen corral, where a few days Read more [...]
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Grey Goose

And the hunt for himHow often on the front pages of our game titles "advanced" hunters "flaunt" gray geese - "spring hunting trophies." In this regard, I appeal to all the editors of game titles with the request not to publish the photos, where the spring hunting trophies presented gray geese. Photo The problem of preservation of gray goose population, which is a national treasure of Russia today is very acute. In almost all regions of Central Russia gray goose is included in the regional Red Data Book.The most better position today is West Siberian population of Read more [...]
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Classic goose hunting

The hunt for gray goose begins with the moment when the young birds will stand firmly on the wing and will make regular flights to the places day and night relaxing on the utility bills. Usually this September for the southern regions of the European part of Russia and in Western Siberia. Classical hunting of gray goose today preserved in the Caspian smoothly and in Baraba and Kulunda steppe. Grey Goose today — one of the most prestigious trophies for hunters Peru. Photo: Alex Stefanovic There exists three classic ways of hunting Geese: hunting flights, hunting approaching place Read more [...]
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End elusive five

Sinantro? Pnye authorities? Zmy, sinantro? NN (from the ancient Greek. ??? - Together ???????? - people) - the animals (not domesticated), way of life and the number of which is associated with the person and its housing. Gray wolf - is a wild animal, which flourished for the last hundred years, due to the rapid agricultural human activities. That's when there was a "new" food base, in a herd of fat cattle, sheep and horses in the number of wolves has grown tenfold.As a result, people have once again introduced an imbalance in the delicate balance of wildlife. In the spring summer hordes of hungry Read more [...]
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Hunting wolves summer in Kazakhstan

Wolf hunting is the most difficult and, therefore, exciting, especially in the mountains and chernotropu. Therefore, any departure - this is the experience of a coin in a piggy bank of knowledge about this gentle and cunning predator.Full-hunting season for gray predator was extremely successful, even to get to a predator vabu (decoy) and not once, but then, the wolf often leaves us with the nose and learn more of how th.Last week, returning from a raid of the young game manager Hunting Dardamty told his bosses the good news that he was able to locate a gamekeeper Wolf's Lair. Pretty soon gathered Read more [...]
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BOBYLEK, GROTTO archaeological. memory. Sverdl. region., Krasnoufimskiy district, 15 km to the north-west from the village. HKSAR, at the confluence of the streams Bobylka and Nameless. Mainsail with two entrances designed in limestone perm. age; Regular. Entrance, sizes 10&# 215, 4 m addressed to V. Multi-temporal cult. the remains found in a cave in 1989 N.G.Smirnovym, V.N.Shirokovym and A.E.Nekrasovym.S 1989-91 excavations in the cave were conducted under the arms. N.R.Tihonovoy. Holocene deposits are opened on the Square. 97 sq.m. Found the ash of animal bones, fragments of pottery vessels, Read more [...]
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In Chukotka die rare gray whales

November 6, 2013. On the coast of Chukotka found the carcass of a rare gray whales taken by the storm. This time they are five, and just this fall, killed 16 individuals. Says Andrei Boltunov, Deputy Chairman of the Council for marine mammals (SMM), these whales belong to the Chukchi-California population, which is listed in the Red book of Russia. He stresses the importance to monitor such cases and to investigate their causes. Among other things, the remains of whales attract bears. So, last week near the village of Billings, to the East of which was discovered one of the carcasses, saw about Read more [...]
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Grey anomaly Omsk buried mysterious powder

Hideous powder dark gray sleep a district area of Omsk. The origin of an unknown substance understands Rosprirodnadzor. In Omsk again precipitation of unknown origin. Strange powder dark gray covered the Volga district and the ring road of the city on an area of about 12 hectares. Seeing gray drifts frightened townspeople reported it to the local RPN. Experts immediately went to investigate the cause of the anomaly. Preliminary analysis of the substance showed that it could be ash or soot. First on the list of suspects in the release - CHP-5 and the Omsk branch of "Omsktekhuglerod." Read more [...]
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Urozhainy 'year

On tests normal procedure has been. First we "give the weather," that is reported to the heads of test meteorological data Mityushiha Bay area. Moreover, it was considered important to the wind direction, it was necessary that he was from the mainland. After waiting for an environment and report back, we went up to 30 miles from here Mityushihi anchor or lay hove played alarm. On it and was given an introduction, "explosion atomic bomb "since such direction. After the explosion, the destroyer was back in Mityushihu, getting to the pier, and the scientists left board. On Read more [...]
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The hunt for partridges

Hunting the gray partridge is permitted usually from mid-September to mid-October. By this time the young are all grown up and stepped on the wing. Broods of partridges kept in the bushes and gullies near the fields on which they feed in the morning and in the evening, picking fallen grain. In the daytime the partridge often resting on potato fields or in small bushes near the fields. The gray partridge hunt with hound dog for the day. Partridge good harbors and run fast. Commonly found dog litter he sought to get away from her, and then takes off all at once, making a lot of noise. After Read more [...]
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Volovik drug

A perennial herb with faceted stem height of 20-100 cm, covered with stiff hairs erect, usually branched at the top. The leaves are lanceolate, 5-12 cm long and 1 cm wide, fairly gentle, soft, shaggy bristles erect, sitting on a small white bumps on the edge wavy, angular-toothed. Basal leaves up to 18 cm, narrowed into petiole dry up after flowering, stem - up gradually decreasing, upper - sessile, slightly amplexicaul. Flowers with soft bracts ovate-lanceolate, almost sessile, in dense capitate, later rectified loose curls up to 10 cm long calyx bristly, almost half cut into five lanceolate Read more [...]
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Unrestricted distribution of self-replicating nano-robots

The possibility of this risk first indicated Drexler, and investigated in R. Freitas "gray goo problem» [Freitas 2000]. For nanorobots, as well as artificial intelligence, it is difficult to estimate the probability of their occurrence and distribution, because they have not yet. However, the establishment of nanorobots has precedent in the field of biology, namely: being a living cell is a kind of nano-robots. Proteins are self-assembled universal mechanism of DNA - the host computer. In this sense, artificial intelligence has precedent in the form of the human mind and the world of Read more [...]
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Dandelion later

Perennial herb 5-30 cm high, with thick, often many-headed tap root, root neck covered with numerous remnants of leaves, in the axils of which produce abundant brownish voylochek. The leaves are 5-20 cm long and 1.5-6 cm broad, oblong, from an almost solid with teeth along the edges to runcinate-pinnately, almost leathery, prostrate on the ground, gray, with both sides of the rough-haired, gray on the main vein- tomentose. Flower arrows with loose pautinistym voylochkom. Involucre 10-18 mm long, the outer leaves lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, usually a few hiccups on the internal, numerous, Read more [...]
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Nanovoyna and gray goo

Nanotechnology may lead to global catastrophe in several ways. The first of these is associated with the intensive use of nanotech weapons, and one that can attack people. If the entire surface of the earth is covered with microscopic robots, aimed at detecting human penetration into the skin, the reproduction of it and attack it, the chances of survival of people will fall significantly. Without such weapons can be used even during the war, but as a separate sabotage by persons with access to programming nanobots. With the spread nanorobots In the industrial production of such individuals Read more [...]
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