In the course of the great river

Part 1. Terms and fishing equipment In winter fisherman is constantly in different fishing conditions, to succeed where he has to solve a lot of tactical and technical tasks, both in terms of site selection and construction of the optimal gear. In this sense, it seems, ice fishing on a strong vortex flow, so even at great depths — One of the most troublesome winter recreational fishing.This is due to the fact that large fast flowing rivers of ice after the establishment of a reliable fish quickly leaves the shallow coastal waters, and focuses on the fairway areas, gathering Read more [...]
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Results Nut-Zuevskaya dog show of hunting breeds of 8 September 2012.

Results of Orekhovo-Zuyevo hunting breed dog show8 SEPTEMBER 2012Gl.ekspert exhibition - Rodionov EZ (Read about the exhibition itself, you can click the link) Canes, expert Vladimir SmirnovRussian HoundVyzhletsyThe youngest age groupBudilo ow. A. Firsov – «very good»The middle groupRises, ow. Tswane B. – «excellent», II plem.klass, BSMSenior groupCrybaby, ow. Izmalkin A. – «excellent», I plem.klass, MZMVyzhlovkiYounger groupBudishka ow. A. Firsov – «very good»The middle groupMoaning, ow. Yuri Komarov – «excellent»Alpha Read more [...]
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Came May — clearing covers!

I also think that someone who really, and Russian - a great lover of the outdoors for a walkJames Jacques Joseph Tissot. Day off. Picnic. 1876 The ringing of the Easter bells come to us at last the long-awaited spring warmth. And along with it, and a burning desire to leave the dusty town, forget for a moment the case and the concerns and – on nature!In the forest, garden, golf, hunting, fishing, garden ... No matter where – most importantly, to have time to enjoy the elusive moment of awakening life. Aroma steam April land. May flowering gardens. And the field (villa-garden), Read more [...]
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Sharp poklёvka

I had heard that eels live in the lakes of the North-West, including the Chud, Pskov, and enter riversPhoto: Alexey Goryainov If you do not have to go fishing on the river. Great near the village. Quiet, a few kilometers west of the Island, it is recommended. There can be good obrybitsya. And if you're very lucky, you can expect to encounter a rare species of fish, even for the local ponds. I remembered this place special.Several years ago I was going to go fishing on the river. Great for Tishinskaya villas. It was the second half of the warm spring. Nature was full of unique colors. Read more [...]
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Photo Anatoly Mailkova The first hunt for pike, my wife began after the lifting of the ban. For several years, the predator can be caught only from 15 May.The results were modest: one leaving – a pickerel. After the May holidays, however, we were lucky. On Kozlovsky dam bait pike grabbed nearly two pounds, and she lost her twin on the shore, I barely had time to throw it out of the water.My fishing victory after the incident ended. Fatally unlucky! I tossed all the years of experience verified sites, but returned without a catch. But the spouse «detached» to the Read more [...]
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In Ryazan stud

My dog ​​drathaar Donna eighth year. This summer, it worked well in the field, only received four diplomas with a reception, three of them in the competition. Last diploma obtained in Beloomut interbreed team competition on July 15 when the heat of about 30 degrees. And then was the discovery of hunting, where she showed true skill. Within two weeks of hunting we had produced twenty-two corncrake, nine snipe, snipe, and three more than three dozen quail. And this despite the fact that my car was laid up, and health is poor. Well, there are friends, and managed to get in the Read more [...]
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Cold etiquette

Royal Hunt in the era of the Russian Empire was a bright and large-scale event. And the event of national importance. Many participants, attendants, colorful costumes, the sound of music - all mixed up in this holiday hunting life.ILLUSTRATION OF THE LIBRARY Pavel Gusev Imperial hunting absorbed a European tradition, but while retaining the unique Russian flavor. AND Today the preserved remnants of its former splendor and brightness of the brightest events in memoirs of participants, photographs, paintings and… at hunting weapons. In my Read more [...]
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Psychology of Survival

Somehow, a great samurai said: «I do not know how to win others. I know how to win yourself». The victory is the basis of any self-conquest. These theses fully fit the psychology of survival. If a person is discouraged, discouraged, lose faith in what saved the situation, seeming desperate and hopeless – then he will not survive. And whoever does not matter what fights to the last – It has a chance. And even if it dies, the hero in the struggle, and not as a weak-willed beast. Actually, Psychology in an extreme situation at times more important than knowledge, and physical Read more [...]
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Stately WAR (documentary) [1]

Any series of cycle knows about one of the more important steps Stately Rossiiskii war, beginning with the invasion of the German troops in the area of the USSR and to the Victory Day on 9 may 1945 and the war with Japan. In the movie used a three-dimensional computer graphics, staged scenes documentary footage. The shooting took place largely in the Crimea, Kiev and Volgograd. 1. Barbarossa2. Kiev 19413. Defense Of Sevastopol4. Battle for Moscow 5. The Siege Of Leningrad 6. Rzhev7. Stalingrad 8. The battle for the Caucasus9. KurskStately War. 1 Series. "Barbarossa". 48:54Stately Read more [...]
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is: bunker bunker bunker bunker bunker bunker

16 Feb 2014 14:36|I like161123 42 commentMaxim Ushakov said the Stately Pantelemon Pantelemon, take out the keys for the chain seems will be quicker. and train this movement in a daily setting. But you need to probyvat as you prefer.16 Feb at 15:47|Pantelemon Stately replied Maxim Ushakov Maxim, it is naturally easier , not Nada hands in the pocket to shove . but the whole trick is that the carbine weighs more ligaments (I),respectively blow more weighty and in the case of Cho does not break into a bunch of individual items . because you have to sacrifice Read more [...]
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Different SPECIES of Wood AND THEIR Characteristics

• PINE is one of the more versprochenen and available in the Russian Federation types of tree species. More versprochenen breed is the pine normal. The pine tree has a straight trunk and therefore is a comfortable material for construction. Pine, which grows in the North woods, is more straightness of the trunk. To use pine in construction also has the highest causticity. In the midst of other parameters can be noted dense and strong wood species, very impregnated with resin core, which is why wood pine not much prone to rotting. Tree species pine light, which, coupled with the strength is very Read more [...]
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Shivera Saryshta

Title your  shiverapoluchila  based on the eponymous river Saryshta that will fall from the Great Inzer left. The area along the Great Inzer is a certain enthusiasm dlyatoponimistov.  Since nowhere else naYuzhnom Urals no such names hydronyms-ending or suffix  "Shta" Saryshta, Remashta, Lapyshta, Manyshta etal. Once Saryshta threshold was, but it blew up in order to make it easier to Molev timber rafting. At the current time Saryshtanikakoy special difficulty in passing a huge water has not. Include eeobychno to 2nd grade of difficulty. Shiver length of 2.5 kilometers. Read more [...]
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The River Is Small Katav

Small Katav flows from Masaka to the West , in the plain between Masaka and ridge Bunks. Small Katav here from the source of the river Great Inzer separates the lower watershed. At intermountain plain flows North-East. Merged with the river Great Katav referred to as Dainichi, in other words, the merging of the 2 rivers. This is a beautiful glade, located between the ridges of Masak, Bunks and Sigala. It reveals excellent views of mount Great Solomon (1427). In Dvojnikah once was a village of the same name coal burning and station Beloretskiy narrow-gauge steel road. The river was not fused. Runs Read more [...]
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Big River Eek

Holidays on the River Great Eek. PArk Muradymovskoe Gorge is a favorite vacation spot of the inhabitants of adjacent villages Fri, Bashkortostan and adjacent southern Orenburg region. In this connection, in the gorge rapidly developing infrastructure turizma.Stoit see that according to the monitoring, Big River Eek, together with the lake Kandrykul been recognized as the most untainted bodies of water in Bashkiria that about something says. Although some may be dirty. if on the banks of the river is almost no human Fri? Fishing on the Big Ick. Since the river Big Eek unblemished and has in its Read more [...]
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Threshold Motais Chests)

Threshold Motais (Chests) two-step. Stage 1 threshold has a length of about three meters. This jumble of drums and shafts in the center of the stream. Second stage begins after 50 meters and consists of 3 successive rolls, drums. In addition, when the alloy is more enthusiasm Shiver located below the threshold. During the period of low water Large Inzer on this site is a large creek. Threshold Motais (Chests) is available for the alloy in a huge water and is, like most of the South Ural thresholds estimated third category of difficulty. Usually the threshold Motais (Chests) since his own remoteness Read more [...]
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Saute Paul Kuzmich

Saute Paul Kuzmich (09 (22) .03.1913, p. Kupyansk sandy district of Kharkiv province. 14.06.1988), an innovator of Manuf., Hero of Socialist Labour. Labour (1948), Dep. Armed Forces of the USSR, Honorary miner USSR (1948). Rod. family cross. Professional career early. in 1923 a shepherd, from 1930 worked at the mine LisichanskUgol. In 1942 sent to the mine number 2 Capital Kizelovskij coal bass. Perm. region. For 1942-1945 P. performed 12 annual rates, extracted 14 thousand. Tons of coal. In 1944 set a record seizure hardwood steep seams of coal (at a rate of 1.1 linear meters of developed 16.5). Read more [...]
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State Choreographic College

State Choreographic College created on the ba. Leningrad. Acad. Choreography uch-conductive im.A.Ya.Vaganovoy in 1945 first feature film. hands. EN Gendenreyh. The School prepares art. ballet classical dance. In 1992, a contingent of pupils of was 290 people, incl. Representat. United States, Japan, Mongolia, 48 teachers, among them 4 Honored. school teachers of the Russian Federation, 2 Nar. Art. Russia, Honored 1. Worker. claim-in. For years. existence prepared 900 Art. Ballet. In the formation and development of UCH-conductive great contribution Nar. Art. USSR Sakharova LP, Nar. Art. RF S.I.Sidorova Read more [...]
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He was born eight years before the beginning of the past century

And in Nizhny Tagil appeared in 1922 with a degree in Medical University of Kazan. Slim, beautiful brunette in fashionable coat and hat, sitting on it with elegant negligence, caused the first caution in the team. What can we expect from this dandy, smacks of the fashionable rake?     However, the young specialist found such vast knowledge in medicine, especially in surgery, that of a hat and bright tie immediately forgotten. Within a few years Sergey A. Botashev became widely known in medical circles and enjoyed a great reputation. In those days was considered a very complex operation Read more [...]
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Lake Shuvakish. Park ASTM

Lake Shuvakish, giving birth to the Pyshma river, is located between the village of Uralmashzavod, Sorting and station Shuvakish. Its dimensions-H kilometers. It was an attractive pond, rich in fish. After a sharp decline in the water level (this happened 40-45 years ago, after start-up Uralmashzavod) lake decreased several times in size and quickly began to zabrakovatsya. Now here is a great quaking swamp, overgrown with reeds, especially in the Northern part, where the shore is gradually closed, leaving only individual "window" pure water. On the lake there are therapeutic sapropelic Read more [...]
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About me she did not think

    Work on the creation of the museum central city hospital №2 continue. Material all comes and comes. Now begin to execute the next exposure dedicated to the organization in psychiatric services. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).