Cartridge and exploded in a shop

Unbelievable but truePhoto: Alexander Yarkovoy Introduces the reader «HORN» photo. The remains recovered from the grenade ammunition store gazootvodki Turkish Pegasus, belongs to my young colleague and friend. Green cartridge with Five – product Novosibirsk company «Spark»That respect for high-Papkova sleeve. To incredible skukozhennaya plastic sleeve without primer – product company «Record». Here is the patron and exploded in a shop.[mkref = 652]According to the owner, he came to me for examination, was as follows. I will make Read more [...]
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Without bow fish boredom

The trip on the Yenisei I did not have to rack their brains over what to fill (my grandmother used to say «cajole») Yushku fish, which was often the main meal in these wild places.It was enough to stick to any «priplesku» (low-lying shore), as immediately conspicuous onion sprouts tasty wild plants. Later I learned that it was awkward bow (name from the shape of the stem and seeds), a very common inhabitant of the flood plain and water meadows, sandy sediments of rivers. Such a large number of green eatables, as sand and gravel banks of the Yenisei, I have Read more [...]
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Uncultivated SOIL IS JUST

At the moment for most people uncultivated soil is utopia. Purely consumer approach to growing plants destroys the green layer of the earth. The majority of agronomists think that low soil - this is the land of a certain chemical composition. This view is totally incorrect, and specifically it leads to the destruction of the earth. Don't believe? Read next.Everyone understands that hot layer near the earth comparable small, and is located on the surface of the earth. If you dig in the ground two-meter hole, visible to the naked eye that I land on her day there, although if you think that the fertility Read more [...]
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Inscrutable Piddle Soloing Comes to U.S.

Parkland Metropolis volition gambling horde this summertime to the U.S.'s low rich urine soloing rival, a eccentric of climb consequence where athletes plate a eminent surround without ropes, with a syndicate or over-the-counter water to grab them if they spill. Organised in role by Chris Sharma, who helped vulgarise the subject with his deep-water-solo rise of Es Pontas, a sway curve off of Mallorca, the Psicobloc Masters Serial bequeath pass on a 50-foot-high contrived paries reinforced concluded an education puddle in the Utah Olympic Green, with competitors squaring off for a $20,000 pocketbook.Sharma, Read more [...]
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Yosemite to Rase Empower Denounce, Park

Midmost of the Civic War, 150 geezerhood ago, Chairperson Abraham Lincoln sign-language the Yosemite Subsidisation Act and created California's kickoff country common, "the beginning saved furious state for all metre," as the Interior Ballpark Serve paraphrases. Tod, its near 12,000 miles of cliffs and sequoias rest a gem in the American out-of-doors. Silence, many who dearest Yosemite deliver interpreted its sesquicentennial as an chance to cover up upon the green.As green officials memorialise the signing of the Yosemite Yield Act, which happened on this day in 1864, building crews Read more [...]
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The Better Summertime Getaways in America

    Exposure: Todd A. PageboyYou experience where you deficiency to be this summertime: run a river, session in a mound, or prevarication in the moxie. How to get thither? These 19 gentle, sassy flight routes, from Virginia to WyomingNew York, New YorkDuxbury, VermontBrunswick, MaineCharlemont, MassachusettsForest Green, ColoradoLivingston, MontanaGreen Metropolis, UtahPawleys Island, S CarolinaHighlands, N CarolinaHot Springs, ArkansasTopper Island, MichiganWhite-livered Springs, OhioSheboygan, WisconsinKanarraville, UtahBowlder Metropolis, NevadaFlagpole, ArizonaSanta Barbara, Read more [...]
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Editor’s Prime: Washington, D.C.

    Photograph: Orhan Cam/ The country’s great (pop. 632,000; tube region: 5.8 meg) is amend known for museums and memorials than parks. But the impelled unseasoned professionals who subsist hither sustain 7,617 estate of park at their administration—more born distance per somebody than in any otc metropolis this sizing. Stone Brook Green, which bisects the northerly end of the metropolis, is the everlasting pick for everything from operative on the Westerly Ridgeline Tag to farseeing out-and-back route rides.And that’s equitable inside metropolis Read more [...]
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Little Pets Ground Cooked in Campfire in Denali

An employee of Alaska's Denali Interior Commons was on his way to the landslip on Parkland Route when he took a detour to inquire a down of chalk at around mi 7.He ascertained the locate of a forward-looking Neanderthalian banquet: the charred cadaver of a partially-eaten gnawer, a low shiner, the caput of a child python, and a polo-neck most quick-frozen to expiry—on with gross from a Petco in Fairbanks, Alaska."That's when things took a number for us to be realizing that somebody had departed on a pet-shopping fling at a box shop and came to the parkland and started to deplete them," Read more [...]
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Volition Yellowstone’s Snowmobile Regnant Commute the Industriousness?

    Picture: jeffgunn/FlickrOn October 22, later 15 eld of argue and talks 'tween commons officials, wildlife experts, engineers, and politicians, the Subject Green Serving proclaimed its last rules on how it volition regularize the use of snowmobiles and snowcoaches in Yellowstone Internal Parkland. The rules, start in the wintertime of 2014-2015, finalise limits on the issue of c machines, or "oversnow vehicles" (OSVs), that leave be allowed into the parkland apiece day and requires that these vehicles walk rigorous air and racket emissions standards.During the Nineties, Read more [...]
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How to fill the body? Herbs!

Article professor Stoleshnikov from his book "The stuff the body?". Herbs, by definition, can not be NOT drugs! Such an oxymoron in use frequent. For example, advertising "antibacterial soap." Soap can not be bactericidal. Surgeons soap before surgery did sterile hand, when it is not called the sellers say, "bactericidal". Or, now became fashionable to advertise white bread, as they say, "bezholesterinovy" product. In the bread, as in any vegetable product can not be cholesterol. Cholesterol is found only in animal cells. For example, many people thought that because the fat is associated with Read more [...]
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R2R Permits Compulsory at Thou Canon

The Home Parkland Help proclaimed yesterday that noncommercial groups organizing rim-to-rim and drawn-out day hikes and runs done G Canon Interior Ballpark's intimate canon volition involve meantime extra use permits as of September 15, until it releases a revised Backcountry Direction Project to heap with common over-crowding and visitant doings.Working the 21 miles separating the canon's Northward and Southward Rims, and fifty-fifty operative the length doubly, has turn progressively democratic during the preceding few geezerhood. Rangers estimation that capable 800 mass goggle at the green's Read more [...]
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Pouch for pot

Bought the Swedish army in the summer and needed a bowler pouch for him. I had to sew. Took the usual camouflage cloth, tarpaulin and linings. And green sling 25mm, Castle fasteks green pair of eyelets at the bottom and double-slotted four buckles on the side of the screed.As I sewed it all kroil images not preserved. So I can imagine the end result leash.Inside the tube is sewn - neck tie with a hat of gum prodernutoy in eyelets, with lock and okonechnikom.On the inner side of the upper valve placed on velcro and buttons, detachable pocket - wallet (So under every little thing). Read more [...]
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What are the phoebe must-do home green experiences?

Everglades Interior Commons—and one of its inhabitants     Exposure: Photodisc/GettyA:Bully head, Scott. You could much complete a inclination alike this for apiece somebody subject park--except possibly the piddly Cuyahoga Home Parkland international of Cleveland, which became federally saved in 1974 (to pay sanctuary to rats in the Erie Canalize thither, I supposition). Anyhow, hither's my tilt of fin home ballpark adventures to do ahead you die.Sentry the Dayspring inAcadia Interior Ballpark, MaineBandstand atop 1,500-foot Cadillac Lot in Acadia at daybreak in the dip, Read more [...]
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Where should I consent a give gaolbreak kayaking actuate?

Maine's Acadia Internal Green—beautiful, and probable snappy in bound     Exposure: courtesy, Subject Common OverhaulAcadia Home Ballpark's bouldery coastline, MaineMaine's Acadia Subject Green—beautiful, and probable merry in saltationA:Sea kayaking on the E Seacoast in Marchland can be foxy. Betimes bound months can be remindful of wintertime with temps hovering in the 40 to 50s, with a nor?easterly arriving at a moments observance. But if you?re fain for the defile conditions and up for the jeopardize, heaven awaits. Scenic floater on the Atlantic shoreline Read more [...]
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Assistant Me Programme My Southwest Route Stumble: Vegas to Zion

Canyoneering in Zion via Shutterstock     Photograph: EvantravelsA:Day 1I'd secern you to rouse betimes, but you're start in Vegas, so bury that. Upright prink by midday and thrust the 160 miles on I-15 to Zion Interior Green in Utah and its slot canyons, arches, and monolithic sandstone cliffs. (Skitter Lake Mead: it's hokey, and not deserving the hoopla.) Cut the Interstate at Lake George, issue Path 9 to the parkland's Southward Entree, and drop at the Watcher Encampment ($16 per nighttime). From the nearby visitant's mall, you can arrest bird buses to nigh anyplace in the common.Day Read more [...]
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Where’s the Trump Midwestern Bouldering?

The Daimon's Threshold at Deuce's Lake Commonwealth Ballpark     Photograph: Wikimedia GreenA:Nearly Midwesterners lean to follow the gym or visit climbing, but if you're motivated, you can receive rocks to exfoliation remote. Hither are a few tranquility bouldering destinations in Minnesota and Wisconsin that can equal what you’ll obtain in Texas, California, Utah or anyplace out Eastward.Robinson Common, MinnesotaRegulator Contrivance Country Green, WisconsinDaimon's Lake Posit Commons, Wisconsin Read more [...]
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The Outdo Surrender Beach Escapes: St. George Island Commonwealth Green, Florida

St. George Island Submit Parkland, Florida.     Exposure: Paul ClarkA:Thither’s a rationality St. George Island, a well-nigh 30-mile-long and two-mile-wide islet off the Florida Panhandle, is plate to one of the well-nigh single holiday communities in the humankind: its sugar-sand gabardine beaches and ardent, welcoming waters are salient. But you don’t bear to be Churl McDuck to wager a title: The St. George Island Nation Green, which inhabits the island’s ix eastmost miles, is afford to everyone. A archaic encampment, approachable sole by kayak or the 2.5-mile Read more [...]
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Service Me Project My Southwest Route Actuate: Zion Home Common

Backer's Landing via Shutterstock     Pic: Nickolay StanevA:Day 2With so often to see and neutralise Zion, you're not drive anyplace nowadays. Thither are too many options to inclination hither, but my proposition would be to micturate the five-mile out-and-back hike to Backer's Landing, a 1,500-foot tilt establishment that juts out supra the canon. The switchbacking chase dear the end is retard loss, but it's deserving it for the hoot's-eye purview from the peak.Day 1: Vegas to Zion Day 2: Zion Interior Ballpark Day 3: Bryce Canon Internal Green Day 4: Capitol Reef Subject Green Read more [...]
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Shamrock — Cleft sorrel (Oxalis acetosella L.)

Herbaceous perennial up to 10 cm with thin stems and creeping rhizome. Thin trifoliate leaves like clover leaves. Especially a lot of them formed in the shade and high humidity. The leaves of oxalis contains large amounts of oxalic acid, oxalate, rutin and vitamin C. Long-term use because of the oxalis oxalates it is not recommended. Oxalis can find even in the winter under the snow.APPLICATIONS IN MEDICINE Plant improves metabolism, increases appetite, provides an antihelminthic, hemostatic, wound healing, urinary and choleretic effect. Furthermore, oxalis eliminates heartburn, vomiting, normalizes Read more [...]
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What are the better nation parks?

Big Washbowl Redwoods Commonwealth Parkland, California     Pic: Miguel Vieira/FlickrA:You’re rightfulness, commonwealth parks ne'er get their due. It’s incessantly Yosemite this, or Expectant Smoky that. Yet thither are more 7,800 province parks about the area, maintaining almost 44,000 miles of trails and 220,000 campsites, says the Home Affiliation of Province Ballpark Directors. Finale class, submit parks and conserve standard 740 gazillion visits, compared to 276 zillion for home parks. The oldest is Niagara Waterfall Posit Commons, created in 1885; as brilliant Read more [...]
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