List of the main occupations related to different groups of labor intensity

1 group - Workers mostly intellectuals business leaders and organizations engineers and technicians, labor which does not require significant physical activity health workers, except surgeons, nurses, aides teachers, tutors, other than sports working in science writers and printing cultural and educational workers personnel planning and accounting secretaries, clerks workers of different categories, labor which is associated with considerable nervous tension (workers control panels, controllers, etc.) II group - Workers engaged in physical labor easier engineers and technicians, labor which Read more [...]
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How to create a psychologically compatible crew

Only members of the crew in space long before the flight to know each other (sometimes within 5-10 years). A completely different situation is developing in the formation of expeditions to work in remote areas of the globe. In some cases, people are beginning to establish contacts already in the extreme conditions. In this connection, the work of VD Tkachenko, who investigated the relationship between crew members seiners fishing for fish at the South Polar Circle. It should be noted that 95% of sailors to swim did not know each other. The main feature of the study was that the sailors Read more [...]
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Conditional topographical signs

All items are shown on local maps special conventional topographical signs. Surveyors come up with these characters so that they possibly were similar to local objects themselves, and the size to fit them to scale. For example, the forest on the maps depicted in green (in fact he is actually green) houses and other structures depicted rectangles, because when viewed from the top (the plane), then they really are almost always rectangular in shape; River , streams, lakes depicted in blue as the water, reflecting the sky, too, we feel blue. But not always, of course, be just in shape, color and Read more [...]
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Children are different-3

My office is, fearfully clinging to his mother, six-year old girl. She cautiously, fearfully looks around, when spoken to with questions, lost, red, responsible quiet choked voice. At the sight of reflexological hammer, which I take in hand, to check the knee-jerk reaction, it starts back and her eyes fill with tears. According to the mother, the girl is very obedient and diligent, but it is extremely touchy, whiny, cowardly, and if the teacher in kindergarten just raise her voice, she rammed into a corner and cry for a long time. She is frightened, even if it scold or punish the other children. Read more [...]
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Hemolytic disease due to incompatibility in ab0

Hemolytic disease, due to the incompatibility of the system AB0 may arise when maternal blood group 0, and the child of A or B. The pathogenesis of this form of hemolytic disease of the mother is sensitized group antigens A or B and the formation of the fetus in the latter immune antibodies against these antigens. Hemolytic disease in AB0 usually develops already in the first pregnancy. The main symptom is jaundice, which appears on the first day of life and reaches a maximum at 4 to 5 days. Anemia is usually connected to the second week. Along with mild disease and severe symptoms occur in Read more [...]
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The organization works bivouac

A common mistake inexperienced leader is that he believes if bivouac works do not require the organization. When he came to the place of bivouac, he gives a command like: "Well, now, boys, get to work! Bring the wood, make a fire, put the tent. Let's not waste time. " After that, for a while there is a general commotion, and then young tourists covered enthusiasm run away through the woods. And it turns out ... All who had axes, went for firewood. Tents can not be placed because there is nothing to hammer pegs. Someone has already brought an armful of firewood, but can not Read more [...]
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Medical examinations

Medical examinations - a type of treatment and preventive care, which is expressed in active health screening certain populations. Distinguish physicals preliminary, periodic and targeted. Usually are several groups who are medical examination. The first group consists of industrial workers and those in contact with the occupational hazard. When you start work, they are preliminary, and further, in the process, periodic M. o. Preliminary M. o. conducted to identify diseases that in work with occupational hazards can worsen or contribute to the development of occupational diseases. No less Read more [...]
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Features tactical rescue small groups

In case of accident in the group for the fastest delivery victim to hospital and provide him timely assistance paramount rescue that it will be able to implement their own, without exacerbating the condition of the victim and the situation of the group. The tactics of the small groups should take into account such features as the absence of a doctor, the long and often limit physical activity to participants, the difficulties in the organization of insurance and transportation to the improvised means because of the small number of staff and lack of equipment. However, with proper interaction Read more [...]
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Neurosis disease century-4

The group of "A", the authors carried people are always rushing, ambitious, seeking recognition, engaged in many cases, forcing them to completion, the group "B" - people with opposite traits. The first group they called «hight-strung ambitions personality» («the person with excessive ambition"), the second - «easy going type» («good-natured and easygoing type"), in the "A" disease angina pectoris and myocardial infarction was six times higher than that in group "B". They also studied the characteristics and temperament of the psyche of persons Read more [...]
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Values and personal orientation-2

Soviet psychologists link directionality individual-specific socio-historical conditions - education, communication, employment. Directionality individual is determined, on the one hand, the fact that it is every personality can give to society, than it can enrich what socially positive contribution to make to society, and on the other hand, what society, in turn, enriches the personality, which creates the conditions for its full and harmonious development. Thus, the formation of orientation of the individual is a two way process of mutual exchange of values of the individual and society - from Read more [...]
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Test-diagnostic studies-8

Progression of disease in these groups was medium to high, and the social consequences of alcoholism match the severity of clinical manifestations. The fourth group also included Sinton person with signs of balance and stenichnosti prone to bind to somatic complaints. In this group alcoholism proceeded most favorably: the timing of its formation have been stretched, and social effects on the expression behind the severity of clinical manifestations. Most malignant alcoholism proceeded with for the fifth group, premorbid features of which were regarded as psychopathic. Social consequences of Read more [...]
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The result of learning or imitation means of maintaining adopted ritual

7. The result of learning or imitation, a means of maintaining the received ritual. In this case, the main factor contributing to the formation of alcohol craving, may be the systematic use of alcohol in the traditions and alcohol companies. Psychological basis of this type of motivation is personal orientation externalities, the dominance in the motivational sphere conformal motivation. Social reinforcement in the form of binge drinking rituals for these patients play a much greater role in the formation of alcohol dependence than the direct effect at the time of intoxication. This is observed Read more [...]
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The main direction and the main purpose of psychotherapy of alcoholics meet the general problem of alcoholism treatment and formulated as reaching patients abstinence from alcohol. Its implementation depends on many factors and mainly on the effective reconstruction of the system of relations of patients, which, in our opinion, is due to the formulation and implementation in the psychotherapeutic work a number of specific tasks, among which we have identified six major groups. The first group includes tasks that are not specific to the sick alcoholic and implemented in most versions of personality-oriented Read more [...]
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Psychological help for alcoholism can take several forms. First of all - psychotherapy, psychological adjustment, and psychological counseling. Psychotherapy - is a comprehensive medical impact using psychological means to the patient's psyche, and through it the entire body in order to eliminate the painful symptoms and changes in attitudes towards themselves, their illness and the environment, is the application of psychological knowledge to the treatment of various diseases, disorders of the purposeful arrangement of the body and mind by psychological means ( VN Myasishchev, P. Janet, Read more [...]
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TB drugs

This group of drugs are isoniazid, rifampicin, streptomycin sulfate, kanamycin, pyrazinamide, ethionamide, ethambutol, cycloserine, florimitsin, Pasco, thioacetazone, etc. Most of them have on the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteriostatic action. Issues related to the effects on the embryo and fetus streptomycin and kanamycin were considered in detail in the section on antibiotics. As for isoniazid, this preparation passes through the placenta, and its concentration in fetal blood and amniotic fluid is 60% of the maximum concentration in the blood of the mother [Jentgens R., 1973]. DI Scheinhorn, Read more [...]
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Preparing for the trip, travel. Summing-up

Preparation and conduct of tourist trips are made in strict accordance with the "Regulations on the organization and conduct of tourist trips, expeditions and excursions (travel) with students, alumni and students of the Russian Federation" (approved by the Order of Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation of July 13, 1992 № 293 - Appendix 1 ). This manual clearly defines the rights and responsibilities of conducting the campaign, leaders, and members of the group, the order of training, registration and conduct of the campaign. Manual provides a comprehensive view of the Read more [...]
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Anticancer drugs of plant origin

Among this group of drugs most extensively studied teratogenic properties kolhamin, vincristine and podophyllin (Table 19). The antitumor effect of these alkaloids is mainly expressed in antimitotic activity.
As shown in Table. 19 embrioletalnye and teratogenic properties of anticancer drugs of plant origin have been set under the action of different types of experimental animals. Data on the teratogenicity of these drugs on the human fetus is limited. Despite this, the use of drugs of this group in the I trimester of pregnancy is contraindicated.

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Nitrofuran derivatives and naphthyridine

This group of antimicrobials are furatsilin, furazolidone, furazolin, furadonin, nalidixic acid (nevigramon, blacks). Nitrofurans not penetrate the placenta and accumulate in the amniotic fluid in a limited number [Walter AM, Heilmeyer L., 1969]. Neither the man nor the animals were found teratogenic effects of these drugs when taken in time pregnancy. At the same time P. Grandi. N. A. Hirsch (1974) point to the possibility of the fetotoxic nitrofurans, which manifests itself in the fetus due to lack of hemolysis, blood enzymes such as glucose-6-dehydrogenase and glutathione reductase. In Read more [...]
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Preparations of female sex hormones and their synthetic analogues-2

Progestins, like estrogen, have approximately the same chemical structure (21C-steroids). In a woman's body formed three gestagen progesterone, 20 -? - And 20 -?-Hydroxyprogesterone. Outside of pregnancy progesterone is synthesized by cells of the corpus luteum and in very small numbers in the adrenal glands. In Pregnancy initially carried out the synthesis of progesterone in the corpus luteum (in the first 3 months of pregnancy), and then in the placenta. In the body of the fetus Progesterone placenta formed metabolites Progesterone, which are biologically inactive. In the placenta, Read more [...]
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Organization of insurance and self-insurance (a safety stand)

Dress code - storm suit, gloves, safety helmet, high boots, a hat. Personal equipment - ASC repshnur (5 m), lanyard loop, universal harness loop, backpack, gazebo, 3-5 carbines. Equipment group - rope core (1 x 40 m), the rope supporting (1 x 40 m), 6 - 10 rock hooks, 6 and 10 rifles, three hammer, a set of pitches to work with the chock, chock 80 kg. While chanting receptions organization of the safety chain to create the conditions for development of the reception detention falling weight, fastening a safety rope and separate action spotter to assist the victim. Later repeat complex Read more [...]
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