Bleeding in patients with primary neuroendocrine form of the hypothalamic syndrome-3

In determining the content of gonadotropins revealed no significant differences between groups I and II. Patients in both groups between three types of secretion: high, low and normal. As a decrease in FSH, and its increase was noted with similar frequency in the study and control groups - every third patient. Level LH was increased in every second of the 3 patients. Evidence of a more pronounced increase in the level of LH is also the increase in the index of LH / FSH (average 2,07 ± 0,24 in group I and 1.6 to 0.27 II). These data suggests that one of the pathogenetic mechanisms underlying Read more [...]
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Bleeding in patients with primary neuroendocrine form of the hypothalamic syndrome-1

Depending on the characteristics of the disease, all patients divided into three groups: group I (main) included 98 patients who were in menopause, suffering from child-bearing age DMK; II (group comparison) included 30 women with MQM only appeared in menopause, in III (control) group included 108 women in menopause who have never been MQM. Thus, II and III groups were controls. In a comparative study of medical history of patients with the three selected groups found that in group I in all patients poor premorbid background was before the advent of uterine bleeding. This group is awarded the Read more [...]
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Wrocław Voivodeship

Wrocław Voivodeship, as well as Krakow, very rich climatic stations and curative waters, based on which resorts are enjoying a long time well-deserved reputation. Among them are the first to be mentioned a large group of Silesian resorts located in the south of the province, near the Czechoslovakian border, in the foothills of the Sudetes.
This group includes such Republican resorts as Londek, Bukovel, Kudowa, Szczawno, Cieplice, Świeradów etc.

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Disability - Persistent, long-term or permanent, impaired ability to work due to long term illness or medical condition (congenital defects of the cardiovascular system, bone and articular apparatus, hearing, sight, and the central nervous system of the blood, etc.). The term "disability" includes both legal and social concepts. For the determination of disability should stop working or changes in working conditions and the appointment of various state social security (pension, employment, prof. Learning, prosthetics, etc.), which is guaranteed by Soviet law. Examination of long-term Read more [...]
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Movement: forest trails

Deep powder snow - the main obstacle when driving in the forest.In heavy snowfall during the thaw with a depth of 15 cm motion Trail is difficult, even if successful, well-chosen ski waxes, avoid podlipa.   After a warm snow in the cold snow gets frozen, it becomes hard and tough, but falls under the skis, since cold loose weight lightly clasped his large flakes. This snow is unpleasant for the skier, but can be successfully used method tropleniya "pereshagivaniem." It lies in the fact that the unloaded ski extends as far forward on the snow surface, and only after Read more [...]
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Methods of teaching students the basics of tourism

Teaching children the basics of tourism skills desirable to begin with an introductory talk about tourism as a form of recreation, sport and knowledge of their country. During this conversation, we have to show how attractive sides of the campaign - the main form of tourism, and all the difficulties, dangers, which he carries in himself. For this we need to have a few photos, slides, videos that can be corroborated by what was said. Good effect the story of tourism activities high school students who already have some experience. Keep in mind that the ratio of children to the words of the teacher Read more [...]
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The third stage of clinical examination

The third stage of clinical examination - Formation of a physician in accordance with the findings of research and examination of the child at the time of reorganization of groups of children for medical check-up at the school. First group - Healthy (I, II and III of Health) and apparently healthy children with intact teeth healthy periodontium, the correct location of the teeth and jaw relationships (some deviations can be taken as a variant of the norm). These children have the right flow function nibbles chewing and swallowing food, breathing, speaking, the function of closing of the lips, Read more [...]
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Reserves memory

Everyone, especially the elderly man, I want to be strong, "fresh" memory. Memory - the participant of all the processes of mental activity. Without memory impossible imagination, memories, even simple logical proposition. It is necessary for people to select, keep forever, or at least for a long time, the most important, significant of read and learn. Our memory - it is ourselves, our relationship to the world, to others. All, absolutely all areas of the cerebral cortex, as Pavlov said, can "store"Stimuli coming from the outside. No special memory centers do not exist. Read more [...]
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The first stage of clinical examination

In the first stage clinical examination for each child site map start of follow-up (form number 30), which is marked in terms of the overall status: in the younger group of children's preschool institutions in the first phase of the plant cards to children born to mothers who suffered during pregnancy extragenital diseases ( rheumatism, kidney disease, hypertension, tuberculosis, diabetes, etc.), born prematurely, suffered during the neonatal hemolytic disease, purulent-septic diseases treated with antibiotics for children breastfed in life, often bolevshih acute respiratory infections, diarrheal Read more [...]
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Initial data plan-2

For the implementation of clinical examination of children in the area to the dentist during the year to develop a 192 working days. This demonstrates that the physician has a reserve of time for prevention of dental diseases and health education. These days, the dentist must divide into 8 periods, as in fact he dispensary five groups - three groups at school and two groups in preschool. Number of inspections that must be done, eight. The first year of the planning sequence involves clinical examination on the number of days spent, respectively, in the first group of students - 43 working days, Read more [...]
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Initial planning data

Experience of inter-district children's clinic № 26 in Moscow suggests that the good organization of work on average per year for illness, maternity leave, child care, work on influenza, leave without pay, downtime for various reasons, the loss of working days is 13, 3%, or 38.5 of the day. The above averages each chief physician receives a district or city department of health statistics. The rest of the data needed to draw up the schedule of the district dentist for the objectivity of the results we report on the basis of many years of work on the principle of collective inter-district Read more [...]
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Clinical examination of the military

Clinical examination military - medical examinations officers and sverhsrochnosluzhaschih to eliminate harmful external factors and timely implementation of therapeutic interventions. Medical examinations are thorough and controls. In-depth surveys conducted annually involving physicians, surgeons and dental doctor, if necessary, provide advice neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, etc. Carry out anthropometric measurements, X-rays of the chest, blood test, urinalysis, electrocardiography. All data is recorded in the medical record. Assessment of the health status allows military doctor Read more [...]
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Social and hygienic parameters of age-3 performance

In considering all the parameters studied, depending on the position situation is as follows. Engineers and senior engineers in all these traits have the lowest rating. Slight increase observed estimates to 50-54 years, then they are greatly reduced. The increase in production and some of the psychological and performance indicators found to 60-64 years, apparently due to the partial transition at this age some heads and senior specialists in the group of senior engineers. The leaders of groups of 30-39 years for all three kinds of signs there is a slight increase in ratings. With age estimates Read more [...]
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Social and hygienic parameters of age-1 performance

To clarify the indicator on the quality of work in the map provided by the survey was two questions: the frequency of errors in the work (calculations, drawings, etc.) and the ability to identify errors in scanned papers. A smaller number of errors rated higher score. At the age of 20-29 and 30-39 years reported symptoms were most highly represented in the team leaders and senior specialists. In later ages evaluation decreased, slightly increased in the oldest group. The qualitative aspect of the Chiefs ranked high points only over the age of 40 years. In the following age groups evaluation Read more [...]
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Marital longevity-1

Found that marital longevity highest - III stage (both parents are older than 90-100 years, the presence of several relatives of the same age), rare (10-15% of cases) - usually a long-lived and mainly on the territory of Abkhazia. Conversely, the lowest - I stage marital longevity (age one of the parents or other relatives, 80-89 years) was observed in Kyiv and Poltava region. Intermediate position occupied by individuals with many years of family members of all ages (II stage). Individuals without perennial relatives (0 degree) dominated among younger patients (aged 80-89 years), which more Read more [...]
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Relationship of actual nutrition and health of elderly and old age-6

Material analysis shows that in all groups there was a statistically significant relationship between the total amount of fat in the diet and in essential lipids in the blood serum. Between the total amount of fat and the level of hypercholesterolemia and letsitinemii were correlated, respectively, r = 0.82 and -0.74. This dependence is most clearly manifested in the value of the coefficient of lecithin / cholesterol: it was the most favorable at low levels of fat in the diet (1,04 ± 0,009) and least favorable - at high (0,97 ± 0,01). Note the presence of such a link, depending on the content Read more [...]
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Relationship of actual nutrition and health of elderly and old age-5

Analyzing the figures coagulation, you can come to a conclusion about the value of their ambiguous in those groups I and II. So, recalcification time in group I was shorter with a 17.6 compared to Group II. Of the 36 patients in group I in 13 this index characterized by a low value (less than 60). Similar changes were found with respect to tolerance to heparin plasma was significantly increased (by 17.5%) due to the decrease characterizes its time I have studied the group. Both considered indicators show higher thrombogenic potential of blood in patients in group I. In describing the first Read more [...]
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The role of physical activity in maintaining health of older working-age

The development of science and technology every year and often reduces the physical human locomotor activity at work and at home. As a result, the total human muscle activity is reduced. Meanwhile, the musculoskeletal system, internal organs and the nervous control of physical and mental activity can fully develop only if sufficient muscle activity. Muscle activity also increases the body's resistance to adverse factors. This increases the immunobiological properties, resistance to infection, resulting in reduced morbidity. Constant activity Skeletal muscle is a stimulus for job opportunities. The Read more [...]
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Psychophysiological aspects of health-5

The speed of information processing in the visual-motor channel (SPIZM) in all age groups (50 to 75 years) as a result of training as increased research, individual variation is obtained by computing the coefficient of variation, repeated studies are usually reduced . With age SPIam decreased, especially in the group of pensioners. Marked misfit of the group of people to the experimental conditions. On the first day of the study, they had lower rates SPIZM. Apparently, this can be explained by two factors-1) retirement and in connection with this change of habitual, long-term, with a fixed stereotype Read more [...]
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Indicators of professional age groups 1

Pages: 1 2 3 April 5 A comparison of the age boundaries of professional performance in the subgroup 1.3 shows their expansion for most occupations over the study period. However, there are exceptions in the form of stabilization age structure (for example, managers of shops, stations, crossings, workshops and offices, engineers, drafters trains, etc.) and even a noticeable rejuvenation (eg roofers). Thus, professional group Women Engineers has changed a little, they X2 remains at 50 years, despite the relatively group increased 30-39-year olds (Moss is 33.7 against 29.8 years in 1959). Povzrosleniya Read more [...]
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