1st period-organized anti-government revolt ends after the defeat of the large joints of the rebels. Not able to resist the "right to arms" and in order to survive, the rebels are divided into comparable small groups of 100-150 people.Such groups are very maneuverable, and in number they are quite strong to cause significant harm. These mobile units are very hard to see from the air and "hold" great long ground forces.These units are based in the main nearby towns Fri, any previously lived militants and live in any of their relatives. Relatives anyhow always have members of antigovernment groups Read more [...]
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Guerrilla movements (WHITE)

Guerrilla movements (WHITE) armed struggle against the Bolsheviks in the spring and summer of 1918 was preim. rebel guerrilla. White finished the regular army was not. Illegal military groups during the fighting unfolded in neg. In DOS. they occurred in a setting of natural recovery. cross., office., etc.. groups of us., opposed the dominance of owls. authorities of the indemnities, prodotr., repression, etc. Ch guerrilla forces White W. broke the rear battle order red neg. with V., from Siberia and Trans. One of the major foci belopovstancheskogo movement began in Zlatoust. Ufa Province. Anti-Bolshevik Read more [...]
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Kadomtsev Erasmus Samuilovich (desks. Aliases Paul, Peter, Vladimir)

Kadomtsev Erasmus Samuilovich (desks. Aliases Paul, Peter, Vladimir) (1881, Birsk Ufa Province. 1965), a prominent part. and military leader, a nobleman, the son of an official. Graduated Orenbah. Cadet Corps and Pavlovsk Military uch-School. Roar. activity early. in 1896, pers. RSDLP since 1901 participation. the Russo-Japanese War. Since 1905, in an irregular situation. In 1906 he started reor--tion teams South. and Aver. W., was chief of staff (instructor) org-tions cum. weapons. Trained militants conducting guerrilla activities, organized transportation from abroad and possession of weapons. Read more [...]
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Askino s. p-tion n. Resp. Bash. Regular. in 1650 by settlers from Perm. lips. Prior to roar. A. was a major merchant with. with great mezhvolostnoy fair. After 1917 it became a purely / x c. In 1918-19 with. and its district were lengthy and ozhestochnnyh battles between white and red partisans, and then the regular troops. Here was formed 30th Askinsky Regiment, which was part of Division 8 of the Kama them. Admiral Kolchak, particularly distinguished himself in battle. Part of the Red Partisans entered Birsko Red Brigade and Ur. Blvukher guerrilla army. A. near the first meeting blyuherovtsev Read more [...]
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In 1965, 25th infantry division Q41A was located near the village of Cu Chi under Saigon. There were the main focus of the partisan resistance in South Vietnam, the main base of the Communist North. The U.S. had planned to quickly suppress the resistance, the gain ultimate control over the southern part of Vietnam and showthe Communists "Kuzkin mom". But almost immediately in the South American camp started to happen strange, magical things. Despite strong perimeter security, night in the tents heard the shots, and in the morning they were found dead officers. In the bushes right in the Read more [...]
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Headquarters or headquarters guerrilla guerrilla forces?

From the first days of the war situation at the front was so disastrous for the Red Army, and the promotion of the enemy troops into the country so fast that the country's leadership immediately appealed to partisanskomu movement. In the experience of the Civil War, it considered it an important condition for the mobilization of the people to resist the enemy. But in order to make this movement consciousness, organization, centralization and get a noticeable effect on the front, it took 2 years. In Soviet historical literature beginning guerrilla usually directly linked to the three documents:Read more [...]
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Problems of the organization of guerrilla warfare

The experience of past wars, and the Great Patriotic War in particular, showed that guerrilla warfare does not occur overnight. She needs to start organizing and time for aging. Even with intensive preparatory work hard to speed up the process. The content of it - in the active involvement of the people to engage in guerrilla warfare. The focus should be on the preliminary preparation of the population for guerrilla activities, followed by his involvement in guerrilla warfare at a high professional level. Historical experience provides examples of effective use of groups created on the Read more [...]
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Features of the guerrilla war

Guerrilla warfare - one of the legitimate forms of struggle of the masses against the aggressor. Guerrilla forces are fighting in territory controlled by the enemy, alone or in conjunction with the regular army fighting on its behalf. Guerrilla movement in general and the guerrilla forces, using specific, inherent forms and methods of action in protracted large-scale or local war can inflict significant damage to the enemy, disrupt its political, economic, military, moral and psychological potential, have a significant influence on the course of the armed struggle to persuade the outcome in Read more [...]
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Guerrilla war in the future

Today, many experts point out the state political and military leaders of the executive and legislative structures, the need for concepts such as guerrilla and counterinsurgency, and on this basis, the regulatory framework, the need to finance this type of activity, etc. Special attention is paid to the historical and national experience. On several occasions referred to the U.S. experience, where the first forms and methods of counterinsurgency were formalized instruction in the Army in 1911, It regulated conduct "military operations against irregular forces in the course of secondary operations". Read more [...]
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With saboteurs can only fight saboteurs

During the war, subversive activities behind enemy lines are one of the most important activities to enable hamper enemy activity in certain areas, to demoralize its personnel, and at sufficient scale - to divert some of the forces and means to protect their communications and logistical facilities for punitive actions. With the beginning of World War II with the task could handle special reconnaissance and sabotage formation, but those at the time the Red Army had very little. Involve intelligence and other units of combined arms units and for sabotage was not possible because they barely Read more [...]
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Using the experience of the Wehrmacht after World War II

After World War II there was an increased foreign interest in the partisan movement. Book markets have been inundated with entries historians, politicians, military lawyers. A number of papers devoted entirely to Soviet partisan movement. In addition, the actions of the Soviet partisan covered in special articles, the individual sections of books on the subject. To some extent they are covered in the memoirs and other writings. This interest in guerrilla warfare at the time was due, above all, political factors. In the West, the Soviet experience was studied in order to develop the most Read more [...]
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The reasons of Vietnam syndrome

Military operations in local wars that took place after 1945, differed from the battlefields of World War II, not only quantitative but also qualitative characteristics. Was completely disproved the notion that a properly organized, trained, secured by all conceivable standards army can withstand poorly armed, in military not trained and not organized irregular formations established civilian population. This idea is confirmed by the numerous examples of the armed struggle of regular troops in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the statistics which show that 58% of the armed conflict period 1945 - Read more [...]
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Lessons guerrilla

Guerrilla warfare during World War II made an extensive scope, had a great influence on the general course of the armed struggle against the Nazi invaders and its final outcome. The most significant results of the impact partisan were: a) to front the troops, and b) the supply of the enemy's front, c) the management of the occupied territories.Guerrillas destroy enemy personnel and equipment the enemy, the Red Army was extracted valuable intelligence about the enemy, seized and held until the arrival of advancing Soviet troops crossed and a bridgehead on the water obstacles, stations, Read more [...]
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Guerrilla zone and the edge

Depending on the scope of the guerrilla struggle occupying power in the occupied territory of the USSR spread unevenly. Thus, the experience of World War II showed that partisan units were based on territory fully liberated from the enemy, in an area controlled by them, in which no control neither they, nor the enemy troops (so-called "neutral zone") in the territory, controlled by the enemy. Territories liberated guerrillas, called "partisan ends" ("District"), and controlled by the guerrillas - "guerrilla zones". By the end of 1942, the Soviet partisans Read more [...]
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Methods of psychological warfare

Analysis of archival materials and documents, research and memoir literature suggests that an important role in mobilizing partisan, fighters operational teams of the state security, internal affairs, intelligence agencies and personnel of army units that operated behind enemy lines, the population of the occupied territory of the USSR against Nazi invaders played its political, moral and psychological support, called at that time political work. Bear in mind that in the occupied territory by the Nazis before the war home to 88 million people, a powerful propaganda processing population carried Read more [...]
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Important strategic tool

The experience of the Great Patriotic War, the most effective use of guerrilla forces in the interests of regular troops is possible only with centralized management and planning of guerrilla warfare. In the first 2 years of war, guerrilla forces control system is almost absent. Was not reliable due to the majority of partisan units, which excluded the possibility of the placement of combat missions in the interest of the operations carried out by troops. The situation has improved somewhat with the creation TSSHPD and frontline staff, the conversion of the latter in 1943, national and regional, Read more [...]
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Important place in the tactics of guerrilla forces occupied the raids. They were a form of armed guerrilla action. Raids represented by a set of battles, sabotage and intelligence and mass political work carried out during the journey, when partisan units left for a long time from the areas of their bases or abandoned them altogether. Obvious examples are the outputs of raids behind enemy lines 101st Border Regiment, which has already been mentioned. Here, for example, wrote on the impact of raids in the book "Death to all luck," Hero of the Soviet Union "P.E.Brayko. For 3 Read more [...]
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The main way of solving combat tasks in which the guerrillas did not engage in armed clashes with the enemy, were diversions. Their purpose was disorganized enemy's rear, causing damage to the Nazis in manpower and equipment. This method of control, as compared with others, had a number of advantages. First, let partisans sabotage small forces and almost without losses cause very effective attacks against the enemy. Second, systematic and numerous diversions partisan sprayed attention and forces the opponent to protect communications and other logistical facilities. As a result, dramatically Read more [...]
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The tactics of guerrilla warfare

In winter 1942/43 the preparation of commanders of guerrilla groups and experts have already reached 2 - 3 months. Especially to improve the training of personnel after a guerrilla headquarters of the partisan movement. Only from 15 July 1942 to 15 February 1944 in schools BBA was prepared 218 commanders-organizers of the partisan movement, 4368 instructors mine blasting case, a radio operator in 2154, 1644 and 12016 scout bombers. And just in the Soviet rear has generated about 60,000 guerrilla commanders and experts, and not less than 30 000 professionals trained in guerrilla "forest Read more [...]
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Ammunition and weapons are not enough

Underestimation of the material support of guerrilla forces, as noted, began with the Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) "On the organization of the struggle of the German troops in the rear." It is not a word about the organization due to partisanSkim groups and providing them the necessary means, and without an effective guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines could not be. In the first year of the war in an underground school in Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation under the guidance of experts was made more than 12 thousand different mines and more than 20,000 Read more [...]
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