For other rivers Luga and Gulf of Finland basin developed exposure guidelines

For their adoption will hold a public discussion. Neva-Ladoga Basin aqua management of water resources of the Federal Agency (Neva-Ladoga STB), together with the Federal cost-effective municipal institution "State Hydrological Institute" (FGBI "SHI") announce a public discussion draft standards of permissible impact on water bodies (NDV). Discuss standards for rivers and lakes in the Gulf basin (from the border with the Russian Federation, Finland, to the northern border Neva River Basin) Will be held in St. Petersburg, Vyborg and towns Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad Region. Standards for river basin Meadows Read more [...]
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The NADIS: appeal to readers

Message to readers In connection with the events in the region of the Philippines three earthquakes with M=7 and above, we are forced to make adjustments to our forecast for Greece and extend the period of expected events up to 3-4 September 2010, because the first time we are faced with a similar situation. We will continue to implement open and regular monitoring of seismic situation on the planet and especially for the region of Greece-Turkey. We remind you again that we consider the planet as a whole. However, we invite to cooperation all sensible people and are ready to provide our customers Read more [...]
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Carbon monoxide-summer-2010: what hides the smoke of the fires?

Unfortunately, all weather and climatic trends I outlined at the end of last spring-early summer, continued unfortunate for Russia August. Heat and drought, and then fires first forest, and then vynashivalsya entire villages from the center of the country to the Urals, has put many regions of the country to the brink of a state of emergency, and power — in a deadlock. This is not surprising: according to scientists, such prolonged heat and drought was not in Russia more than a thousand years, and the official statistics of the observation confirms the increase of 1.3 degrees mean annual Read more [...]
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Thailand will face the role of Atlantis

Some locations may simply go under water According to the results of the research, Professor anon Sanitwong, Director of the regional centre for South-East Asia non-governmental organizations START dealing with the problems of climate change, predicted that the average temperature in Thailand will grow by 3-4 degrees over the next 35 years. In their research START has divided Thailand for eight climate zones and built a model of climate change in each of them for the next 35-55 years. Due to the increase in temperature in General will change the climate in the country as a whole. In the rainy Read more [...]
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The oil of the Gulf of Mexico. Situation analysis

The explosion on the oil platform Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico that occurred on April 20 of this year. To stop the resulting leakage only managed to August 4, when the waters of the Gulf has already resulted 4.9 million barrels of oil. We have long ignored the events in the Gulf of Mexico and what were the reasons for the difficulty in understanding the true causes of the disaster. Was the cause of man-made or carelessness of man? Maybe under water lay a natural factor? We were not clear and we decided to wait. But events developed and pop up new interesting facts and questions. Read more [...]
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Europe promises the severe frost for 1000 years

According to the forecast of meteorological upcoming winter will be harsh for Europe — very cold for the last thousand years. Source: Lead The upcoming winter may be one of the most severe in Europe over the last Millennium, suggest the Polish meteorologists. According to them, the warm Gulf stream fades away and ceases to protect Europe from the Arctic frost for a few years, its speed decreased by half, and cooling is already evident in Scandinavia. Some observers attribute the weakening of the Gulf stream with the April accident at the oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Read more [...]
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Storm warning: \»Carl\» in the Gulf of Mexico became a hurricane

Three hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean Tropical storm «Carl» raging in the Gulf of Mexico and has already brought heavy rains on the Yucatan Peninsula on Thursday strengthened to a hurricane the first category of risk on a scale the Saffir-Simpson, said in a statement on the website of the National hurricane centre in Miami (USA). According to meteorologists, the eye of the hurricane is now about 500 kilometres South-East of Mexico city Tuspan (coastal state of Veracruz). The cyclone is moving to the West at a speed of 19 miles per hour. The force of the wind in the eye of the hurricane Read more [...]
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Black tides as the harbingers of a more gloomy future

© REUTERS/Stringer Severe natural disasters that occurred in recent months, such as unusual heat in Russia, floods in Pakistan, the melting of ice in Greenland has sparked renewed debate about the role of climate warming and that these events are only the forerunners of waiting for us dystopian future. Scientists emphasize that there are no data that prove a direct link to these natural disasters with specific changes in the Earth's climate due to human activities, but warn that the recent crises perfectly fit the predictions of the researchers predicted greater frequency and intensity of climatic Read more [...]
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If the abnormally hot summer abnormally cold winter?

What kind of weather awaits us this winter? The forecast, which recently issued Polish meteorologists, many were shocked. According to them, Europe will be frosty as ever for the last thousand years. Barely recovered from the unprecedented hot summer, it is time to prepare for an abnormally cold winter. Meteorologists already frighten 30-degree frost, who allegedly now will fall on Europe and Russia. But we still have time to prepare. To the promised forecast the winter for the last Millennium to meet fully armed, better to really stock up on warm clothes according to the weather service. Read more [...]
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In the Gulf of Mexico appeared dead zone. Video. Photos

In the Gulf of Mexico near the site of an ecological disaster found «dead zone». The huge square is only 56 miles from the drilling rig killed all marine flora and fauna, according to «Russia 24». Scientists still can't understand what extinct animals and plants. Was it a consequence of man-made disaster or «dead zone» appeared in a natural way. «I have no doubt that spilled oil, as well as the products of its decay, causing damage to numerous colonies of sea creatures», — said scientist at Louisiana state University ed Overton. Emma Read more [...]
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Meteorologists around the world discuss the record frosts, which prepares the upcoming winter

After a record hot summer experts on climate change predict a record cold winter. Whether it's a one-time anomaly or we are present when a sudden change in climate on the planet?European cities under a thick layer of ice, snow houses and cars, frozen rivers and seas. Not far off — a new ice age, some scholars believe. And advise the Europeans for shopping at the salvation — buy warm clothes. «Europe will get the most severe winter for 1000 years», «Scientists warn that the coming cold winter», «Come — the most severe winter», — Read more [...]
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In the West the Gulf of Aden have been more than a dozen earthquakes

Earthquakes for the period November 12-14. EMSC In the West the Gulf of Aden today for four hours was more than a dozen earthquakes. The strongest of them, according to the Geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a magnitude 5,4. The first underground hit was registered in 06:29 time GMT /09:29 GMT/. Then several of earthquakes off the coast of Yemen to Somalia. Closest to the epicenter is located in the city of Djibouti, Aden, Berbera /Somalia/, Asab /Eritrea/. Tectonic cataclysms occurred at a depth of 10 km under the seabed of the Gulf of Aden, the magnitude of all shocks exceed Read more [...]
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Even old people sometimes have to survive

I want to express my appreciation to all of you and thanks. Eighteen months ago, I asked my friend about the first time I heard the fire type "taiga" - he sent me to the Encyclopedia of survival - "survive", explaining that "survive" is the same thing as Wikipedia, but only on the subject of survival. Since then I have completely lost interest in television - a favorite pastime was to read your publication and the most interesting were not even so much the article as you discuss them. Familiarity with certain materials prompted me to put in a backpack, which I go to the country, piece of plastic, Read more [...]
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Like thunder from heaven — snow instead of Indian summer, the island after the earthquake, showers instead of sandstorms

on September 29, 2013. Storm haze — a week in the capital region has almost ten times the rate of rainfall, and the weather forecasters were able to upset half the country — instead of the promised Indian summer came the females winter. Mexico attacked simultaneously by two hurricane: from the Atlantic and the Pacific, in Asia from the sky raining so hard that even for the rainy season rate is exceeded tenfold. It seems that abyss of heaven were opened. And this is not the end — Europe has already promised the coldest winter for a hundred years and America — Read more [...]
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The Gulf stream has stopped. Experts do frightening predictions!

News Canada. Gianluigi Zangari was right. Further investigation stunned - the Gulf stream has changed the trajectory of their own flow! Power and speed is increased. Now winter in Canada in mid-February has turned into spring, with a temperature of +10, but still warm rain! Recently, a theoretical physicist Gianluigi Zangari, who works at the Italian Institute, reported that the Gulf stream will stop its course. The Parliament of Canada was seriously scared of this forecast, and created a special Commission to find out what is actually happening over. This brought together specialists from Read more [...]
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Ice trap of the Gulf of Finland

on March 25, 2011, 05:01 .under Petersburg, in the Gulf of Finland, has lined up many kilometers tube of stuck in the ice ships. And it grows with each passing hour. Now in the queue to pass through the channel has accumulated nearly a hundred tankers, cargo ships and trawlers. Baltic ice sailors called Heather, it is very sticky, and moreover is constantly moving because of the wind. George Miller, Deputy Director for fleet North-West branch of Rosmorport\": \"Ships shards of ice are mixed, then again clorazepate, winds with each other face get thick morosi, which sometimes reach five to six Read more [...]
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The slowing of the Gulf stream affect the climate of Europe

Read more [...]
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U.S. agriculture has increased the \»dead zone\» of the Gulf of Mexico

18/06/2011 U.S. Agriculture caused the expansion of the \"dead zone\" in  The Mexicanom Bay. Because of the flood of the Mississippi river, which washed away everything in its path, the state of the Gulf of Mexico has deteriorated significantly. To the formation of \"dead zones\" lead the toxins that get into the water of the Bay and prevent oxygen getting into the water, which negatively affects the flora and fauna of the underwater world. Due to spill the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico got a huge number of toxins of agricultural origin. Toxins — this agricultural chemicals, Read more [...]
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Alexander Belyaev: Weather anomaly has become the norm

on July 20. On the anniversary of the heat wave in Moscow (remember last nightmare July?) arrows thermometers again at the highest elevations. Some predict recurrence baked, others claim that so long the heat lasts. But about the next \"exceeding normal\" they all said. And whether it is necessary to look back to this norm, when instead it is already one big anomaly?- From the concept of norms can not refuse, otherwise nothing will compare. But it is now necessary to approach more flexible, - said the Deputy Director of the Institute of geography Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Belyaev. Read more [...]
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In the next two days on the Gulf of Mexico may collapse hurricane Lee

2 September. A tropical depression formed in the Central Gulf of Mexico, moving slowly to the North-East and in the next 48 hours could turn into a hurricane, according to the national center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami (Florida). According to meteorologists, the probability that atmospheric phenomenon will reach hurricane force, is 70%. According to the established order, if it happens, it will be assigned the name «Whether». «The hurricane, which will be named „Whether“ may cause torrential tropical rains and floods on the coast of Florida and Texas», — Read more [...]
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