Briefly about restoration

Restoration is a firearm stands somewhat apart from other types of restoration work. Man taking for such work must hold a minimum of a dozen specialties. Example repair of a broken neck in the butt. In weapons restorer no right to error. Each operation is simply obliged to be made solid professional hand.Conventionally, the restoration or recovery of firearms can be divided into three types: «museum»Functional and commercial. The first two are directly related to principle «DO NO HARM!». Third, the most common type, — Read more [...]
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Prudence will not hurt

Photo: Anton Zhuravko I read an article about Sergei Bogdanov «factory Samokrutov» and «custom assembly».I do not presume to question rezulty firing such ammunition. But there are some concerns. This 1.8 g «Falcon» in 20 gauge cartridges. There is a book AP Ivashentsova «Combat shotgun and Service». Title of the book consists of two parts: «The battle» and «Service». I would like to listen to, check out the authors, long-standing practice charges 1.8 g «Falcon» 20 th caliber. That's a long time. Read more [...]
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My English guns

Periodic publication "HORN" about "the lost" hunting weapons, usually affect the times when there was a shortage of any, not only good-quality guns. Today, the category of almost ranked as classics: IL-54, IL-26, IL-58, IL-12, TOZ-25, TOZ-BM, etc., guns largely mediocre, and only because of the the ratio of money and the difficulty of acquisition, won in the pre-reform era relative popularity. Not wanting to not only offend, but also somehow infringe upon owners of domestic rifles, immediately I recognize that the Soviet, and now Russian, weapons peculiar to a sharp fight, relative Read more [...]
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Taming gun

I leaned back against the birch and outweighed "Iz" on the other shoulder. Twenty-five kilometer raid and shoulders, is already beginning to go numb for a little backpack, it is a palpable sense of the belt "the twenty-seventh." Oh, an easy odnostovolochku to stop now ... but why not try? In the ninth year of the safe is one miracle Yudo, though not elegant "eighteen", but 2.7 kg in any less than 3.5! The mid-nineties, and we with the executive director of legal agency, where I work, go to buy cheap gladkostvol. Our work, although not associated with banditry, but far from the Read more [...]
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“Boxed” shotgun

In one of the first to read my magazines read that preferred rifles with twin barrels vertical. They and the wider field of view, and overturning moment of return less, and best of all our IL-27. Nothing about guns, it was decided to take it and said this to my father, who went shopping. I was not yet 18 years old, and designed it to him myself. Imagine my surprise when opening the box, I saw a gun that did not vertikalka and gorizontalki.Photo: Vladimir Motkova – A IL-27 was not? – I asked drooping voice– it «single-piece» IL-43 rifle, and is cheaper.The Read more [...]
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Universal gun

Several years ago, in the pages of "horn" has published a series of interesting articles. In them it was a shotgun touristAUTHOR a curious calculations AND CONSIDERATIONS WHICH MUST BE GUN tourists WENT detailed analysis of models of weapons sold in those years.But time passes, appears in the Sale New model, old REMOVABLE With the production and the consumer is once again faced with the question, WHAT GUN BUY.Preferences have not changed with time: the gun must be reliable, not demanding operating conditions, double-barreled, possibly with two triggers, and preferably with a short barrel (as permitted Read more [...]
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Bokflinty Izhevsk and Tula gunsmiths

Photo by Mikhail Semin With what gun to go hunting? The Russian hunter does not arise such a question ...Of course, with those with whom he goes to all hunting. This is the gun used to say about the unforgettable Ostap Cherries: «The best gun — yours. All other logs». In this article we will focus on modern rifles Izhevsk and Tula gunsmiths with trunks connected to the vertical plane. On the so-called bokflintah.Guns Izhevsk Mechanical Plant Modernization of the well-known hunters of the older generation IZH-12 led to the birth of the IZH-27. Since the Read more [...]
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Next Kuhenroytera

Among the Russian hunters many connoisseurs of tradition and history of hunting. Many of them are with a great love even to the process of hunting and its attributes - hunting dogs, equipment, weapons. For me, hunting is primarily associated with a hunting weapon.Mark on history.Mention of weapons marked in Kuchenreuter art and historical literature are fairly common.Giacomo Casanova used a gun in Kuhenroytera fight with Polish Count Branitsky because Italian actress. Casanova Branitsky seriously wounded, and at the same time he was wounded in the left hand.In Read more [...]
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Semiautomatic “Benelli”

Today, in our homeland growing number of hunters prefer to hunt with self-loading rifles, automatic running on the recoil energy or energy of the discharged powder gases.All photos of the manufacturer As is clear from the title, in This article focuses on the guns companies «Benelli Armi»Which is one of the first applied inertial mechanism and reloading firmly gained a leading position in arms production.Guns companies «Benelli» characterized by low weight, simplicity of design, robustness and originality of automation. These guns Read more [...]
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Old “Zimson”

In Kazbich it had two treasures: rare beauty and strength of a horse and a sword Karagöz Gourde. Many cherished the vain hope to get at least one of its treasures by offering him a lot of moneyPhoto avtoraStary "Zimson" with prey (partridges) Having sold any of them, he could provide himself all my life, but Kazbich went to rags, often hungry, but leave no with one of its treasures did not I dreamed.MY Lermontov «Hero of our time» That gun has got me quite by accident. One day, while it was the the early 1990s, an acquaintance Read more [...]
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Home Smithy

The museum collections in Moscow and St. Petersburg are many hunting rifles 1740-1750-ies300 years Tula Arms Plant allows the Russian Army. Word «Tula» responds to the heart of the Russian people and cozy heat — intricate and honey cakes breathing steam Graystripe samovar, ready to warm bad weather strong tea. Behind these peaceful manner should not be forgotten the main purpose of the Tula land — be domestic forge weapons.[mkref = 2360]AT distant sixteenth century at the mouth of rivers Tulitsa like mushrooms in Russian Read more [...]
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Gunsmiths capital city

Part 1It so happened that on the Moscow gunsmith eighteenth century. almost no historical data. The names of these gunsmiths long gone. Now it is known to only a few of them.The major museum collections — Historical Museum, the Armory in Moscow in Petersburg Hermitage lie closed cabinets evidence of skill and Russian design ingenuity — guns and Guns gunsmiths work in Moscow.AT XVI —XVII c. Moscow gathered under his wing with the best gunsmiths all parts of the state. We invite foreigners, but they quickly assimilated, Read more [...]
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Porting Lancaster

The only Russian weapons factory that produce hunting rifles with porting of Lancaster, with only 20 caliber is IMZ. Constructors «Izhmeha» We set a goal – Russian hunters to provide weapons for hunting big game, providing reliable engagement at ranges up to 150 meters. This weapon is available for most hunters, because does not require the purchase of five-time possession of shotguns (which is necessary when buying a rifle.Porting Lancaster – This oval-spiral Barrel channel smooth barrel, but in spite of the rifling in the barrel, the gun legally considered smoothbore. Read more [...]
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Three Frankotta

Brand «Auguste Francotte» is well known to many lovers of hunting weapons. The company has more than two hundred years. During this time she had ups and downs. But at any point in its history, one thing remained unchanged - the excellent quality of manufacture of hunting rifles.Photo by Alexander Anikin «Frankotty» used in pre-revolutionary Russia a special love. They hunted thousands of Russian hunters, and the older generation of fans skeet in high esteem were big box-gun from this company.In pre-revolutionary Russian directories gun shops, from the company Read more [...]
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Three in one

For someone from the hunters trusty shotgun, someone prefers fitting, the third uses a simple universal shotgun ...Photos from the archives of Vladimir Tikhomirov Tee or trehstvolka, it replaces and hunting shotgun and rifle (carbine) ... With a good hunter tee truly become the master of all living ... After the two-guns wander quite uncomfortable, and only in rare cases (for example, driving boat in places abundant with game) is a dual weapons to use and does not interfere with that, and another gun.SA ButurlinAccording to the stories of friends who served in Germany, most of Read more [...]
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Self-charging with a hundred years of history

Until now Komissionka on straw hut reminded fans of hunting and fishing as a kind of social club, which gathers not only the days on Saturday, but in the everyday life of dozens of people keen hunting, fishing lures, cold and hunting weapons. I remained in the memory of this store shelves (the only weapon the commission of those years), he was placed on a Marxist, in those days, a quiet, narrow street. Rows of Browning, most of the 16-caliber, with an English lodge, on the beauty spot «podstavochki», Fuse in front of the trigger guard, the famous «dimes» Read more [...]
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Drilling – triple-gun

In the Middle Ages the city of Suhl gained fame as the city of gunsmiths. From hand guns out of his masters, highly decorated and excellent quality. The first triple-gun (Drilling) was patented in 1878 by Peter Oberhammer.Photos from the archives of the editorial board He was in love with his creation, and other guns on the hunt did not recognize. In Europe, there were other firms producing trehstvolki. They tried to produce them in the US, but it did not stick a gun there. A different mentality among American hunters.Brothers Merkel in 1898 founded the firm Merkel. They were able Read more [...]
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About self-loading rifles domestic

The last days of winter. In hunting stores more and more hunters. In anticipation of the spring hunting rifles suitable ones are looked after, others occupied cartridges. When selecting a gun, most prefer self-loading rifles. To be frank, the selection of hunters is low. This is mainly imported shotguns.Only here and there, and there are domestic. In this article you will learn about the most «running» self-loading rifles of domestic production. Tula Arms Plant MC 21-12 — first domestic semi-automatic gun, automatic which is powered by a rollback of the barrel under Read more [...]
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There was a time when the Russian hunting for at least half has been "odnostvolochnoy" rather monovalent. The basis of the singly charged were already turning a gun systems. Though oddly enough, today is sometimes possible to read the myth about the Berdan rifle.In the past, mass production of rifles was predetermined metal recycling need to satisfy consumers at least some weapons and some party leaders have seen an additional advantage in the so-called «militarization» population, because rework the classic elements of the future soldier prepared to get acquainted with the rifle Mosin.Many Read more [...]
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Oh, these tips!

Familiar Hunter decided to buy a semi-automatic MP-153 and asked me literature about this weapon. photo: press materials on Beretta I myself do not believe in cheap semi-automatic, and even less - in choke tubes on them. Therefore, my first emotional outburst were the words: "Buy a normal gun". Although then I remembered that on the MR-153 was written as a reliable unit omnivorous, but with a large mass and balance disgusting, but Sergei is not a problem - he has enough strength. Given its low cost and high reliability, I came to the conclusion that it might have the Read more [...]
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