Hunting «trifles»

When it comes to safety handling of weapons, there is no detail. It is clear that the value of the sleeve shall not exceed the length of the chamber, swivel and rifle shoulder straps must be properly and reliably good, if the fuse closes not only the slopes, but also whispering, and certainly must be careful handling the gun to hunt or on the bench, if there is cartridges in the barrels or gun is unloaded ...But we should not forget that the successful shooting, and not only sports, made up of seemingly insignificant details, which most hunters often simply do not pay attention.About fitting gun Read more [...]
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Reflections on hunting clothes

In the past, a man, going on a hunt, put on that simpler and postaree. Photo by Andrey Fedichkin Now, hunters are invited camouflage clothing and various colors for different seasons. However, for some reason, the fashion for the so-called hunting camouflage preserved only in the CIS countries. The culture of hunting in Europe is different. Maybe that's why the European hunter and suit, which pleasure to watch, very different from the garments of our hunters. Following the tradition that came from the ancient hunter in North America, for example, would have a view of safety vest Read more [...]
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1956. I, a boy, a native of hungry post-war childhood, without the permission of their parents are increasingly leaving the station, standing apart from the bustle of the station and all the look-look at the passing train. On our highway Turksib from Siberia are difficult compositions with wood, coal and grain, and from the south, from the fraternal republics, mostly rumble on rail joints empty.From the windows of passenger trains, passengers waving to me, I waving them response, and some unknown force keeps me on This station, which is not so little people and dashing landside Read more [...]
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Novice hunters

What's the most important thing in the hunting craft? Good gun? Branded cartridges? ATVs, equipment? Maybe the ability to shoot straight? It's not that ... The main thing is to love with all my heart, the rest will follow.During his more than thirty-five years of practice gun hunter «writers»I shoveled a lot of specific literature and advice is experienced hunters, and serious research. I want to save time and novice hunters to give a kind of quintessence of all that has been read and applied at different times, and the main thing that has been achieved in practice.So start with the Read more [...]
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Half the village for a gun

Arriving at the end of August, once purchased under Torzhok, inexpensive, and on occasion, almost nothing, the house has become a tradition. Mushrooms and berries, fishing and of course hunting. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The no loan, and all the fun. Almost extinct village twenty kilometers from the district capital of the Tver region with the only local resident surnamed Vyacheslav «Yadrёnet».Beretta recently donated by his wife gave me an indescribable udovol Business Plan. And this turned out to be a gift to any kind of celebration, but just to lighten the mood. Read more [...]
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Memorable hunting

The impetus to take up the pen to me can serve not just another fresh issue of "horn" or a magazine, or a phrase, expressed by one of the authors of two or even three years ago, but also a chance meeting with an old friend of the hunter, one hundred twenty times viewed "Dialogues about fishing "or simply glance at the underlying (alas!) on the couch, which has become unclaimed before mid-April Kurzhaar hunting. Photo: Vladimir Motkova These events for about fifty years. Much, of course, it erased from memory, but something I remember as clearly as if it happened yesterday. Hunting Read more [...]
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The very first

Hunting for ducks ... It seems that I am not a novice in zagashnichke there are wild boar and geese and grouse, and hares in sufficient quantities. But no, I never can say that hunting ducks to me childish and fun, I can not ever abandon it. Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina Duck hunting for me, though available and seemingly simple and easy, does not lose its meaning, and never get bored. Is there something special, something familiar and elusive, due to my birth as a hunter. And always on the eve of the holiday in my memory that gets my first duck hunting.I was about fourteen. I looked Read more [...]
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August dawns

August - the last month of summer, the long-awaited start of the hunting season for waterfowl. Whatever may be said about the beauty of the work on the red setter game, about experiences during the summer hunting oats, for the majority of hunters hunt begins with duck Dawn of August.Unfortunately, returning from the hunt, many are frustrated. Someone passing by outside shot ducks or their lack, but most of the annoying blunders, it would seem, in the true situations.Of course, if the game a little, but that is rarely the case at the opening, you can only hope for luck. But luck is usually knowledgeable Read more [...]
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old friend

Among my friends, there is one hunter desperate debater. His name is Sergei. Every time, when we were going to hunt, he eagerly proves to me that the success of the hunter determined solely as a weapon, which he owns. Guns had really good. Why are MC - 108 and semi-automatic Beretta with a complete set of interchangeable chokes. I, in turn, defended a different view, arguing that the success of the hunt depends primarily on the ability of the hunter to take a game and the weapon itself is not critical. Of course, the gun should be clearly «curves»Although I know of cases where a frank Read more [...]
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How to Shoot

I thought to write - do not write this article. But he decided - not. Charts, tables, the values ​​of pre-emption according to the speed of the projectile, and the object is in every directory of the hunter. However, I do not think of them have practical benefits. I can not imagine shooting a hare flashing of graphs and tables - the high theory of it all. Photo: Mikhail Semin We must start with the weapons — What you have: single-barreled gun, shotgun (gorizontalki, vertikalka), semi-automatic. Technique of shooting from a particular type of weapon — different. Read more [...]
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Shooting in flight

Hunting rifles, ammunition, shooting in flight - the age-old discussion topics hunters. But no matter with what gun you went hunting and what ammunition in the trunk, each hunter-shooter must clearly understand what to do when a game. Many are skeptical smile, of course, shoot, and by and large they will be right, except that the result is not all be positive. Shooting in flight do not need to present as too complex, but also to simplify it to a simple press of the trigger can not be.Actions arrow divided into the following elements: grip (holding rifle), position of the legs, the position of the Read more [...]
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Cleft fate

Recently, fingering his hunting photo archive (it started, my father is still in the thirties of the last century), I came across a photograph of a group of hunters 240 collective Military Hunting Society. It was hunting the hare near Rostov-on-Don in 1958. Immediately reminded of this interesting story, and other events that took place on a hunt with me and my friends.We left the bus near the village of Generals hare drive to approach without dogs. The company has fifteen people, all seasoned and experienced hunters, people in years, military retirees. From young father invited only me.Circuit Read more [...]
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With gladkostvolkoy ungulates

In November, basically run out hunting "in the oats." Collective farm fields have been removed, and the plots planted with rangers, by this time almost completely "knocked out" animal. There comes a time driven hunt, the most abundant and widespread in the last month of autumn and the first month of winter.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Even today, some simplification of the acquisition rifled barrel is not always necessary to change the usual 12-gauge shotgun in the rarely used or shotgun choke. In the forest, shot virtually eliminated, especially wild boar pens, and holders of long-range Read more [...]
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In Crimea, opened the hunting season

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Kerch, bring to the attention of citizens, in accordance with the Decree of the Head of the Republic of Crimea on 24.07.2015 №192-V "On determining the types of permitted hunting in the hunting grounds of the Republic of Crimea, with the exception of specially protected territories of federal significance" from August 15, opens hunting season.According to the document, hunting:- waterfowl, marsh-meadows, upland, steppe and field game (except for the gray partridge and pheasant) begin on the third Saturday of August and will last until 31 December.- Read more [...]
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The first time the ducks

I began to hunt quite late, and, unfortunately, turned out as something usual, but had plenty of experience. But my father was all a bit different. Where he lived, hunting was something special, so every kid looked forward when he, like his father, would be a real hunter.The first steps of their hunting I started doing already for fourteen years. His gun I had, and visiting hunting with adults, I often found himself on the «sidelines». Prepare firewood for the night, make a fire, boil the tea and perform a number of other minor works on arrangement was not a burden to me, but the lack Read more [...]
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The gun does not forgive mistakes

I read an article by Anatoly Azarov, "his gun", where he writes: "During the hunts since 1954, I had 33 (!) Unexpected shot." Mommy! And I thought that I alone a stray! You Anatoly, my doctor. Your unexpected, compared to my enormous: my 3, your 33. But still, we are lucky. Another destiny gives only a single. Well, if the gun had a soul, and therefore need to write to the soul.Ten years after the war, and driven trains and taken to the flame of the blast furnace, weapons, weapons ...— Guys! Remember at the bunker in the creek snaryadik? That would drag!— What are you, Kolka! Before Read more [...]
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Discussion about elk or moose where you are?

Soul sick of elk;When the moose cow to give birth;When forest is quiet,And I admire you mooseIt has long been the soul hurts me and the topic is eating what the press moose experiencing now! In forests where previously it was entirely possible to see traces of themselves and often graceful animals, there is now a day obedesh than a dozen kilometers away, if you're lucky, you can see traces of animals.From the sixties to the mid eighties of the last century, the place was a lot of moose, and they caused some damage to forestry. In those years the Elks are not subjected to such persecution with the Read more [...]
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Safety in the hunt

Anyone, even the most hapless hunter knows perfectly well that firearms requires careful and respectful treatment. With the rules of safety in the operation and storage of such weapons should be familiar to any of its owner. However, accidents in the home and on the hunt, are not uncommon.Photo: Mikhail Semin Over the long-standing practice of dialogue as a weapon, and his ne'er-do-holders, I have developed a steadfast rule: if my partner makes a weapon improperly, then I will refrain from joint campaigns with them on the hunt. It is enough that I have broken kartechinoy left Read more [...]
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In the Perm region of the hunter shot the dog with a gun

Witnesses claim that during a hunting dog stepped on the trigger gun lying on the ground. At this time the barrel has been directed to one of the men.In the Perm region shot from a gun dog his master hunter. This version of the murder sounded from the testimony of eyewitnesses state of emergency, he told Tass on Friday, an investigator for particularly important cases of the investigation department of the city of Berezniki SU IC in the Perm region, Dmitry Valdaytsev.Dead leaves behind a wife and little daughter. According to local media, the grief-stricken woman, knowing what had happened on the Read more [...]
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Pick forest

In the age-old pine trees, standing on the edge of the overgrown trivia Sich and assume every time throughout the life of the first onslaught of the elements, from the storms and misery broke-broke in the forest loam at this very morning, the main root of the rod (Fang-root), but man, nochuyuschy on its perpetual Ohnište beside her, did not know about it and therefore was doomed. No external signs of mortal illness was not seen, and indeed the pine, for all his desire to save the acquaintance, to tell, to forestall a disaster befell her could not. Tree with sight was normal, as thousands of pine Read more [...]
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