something gives me the hint that these analyses — not that other, as the blood DNA standards for lists of hosts guns or something in this spirit.. and maybe already and nano — chipping some.. on the sly..

Gun 20 Oct 2012 13:43Driving licence and permit the instrument will issue in exchange for analyses The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun suggests neuklonnym the tests and talk with a psychiatrist to identify alcoholics and drug addicts in the midst of the drivers and owners of gunsSlaughter pharmacy warehouse "Rigla" and the series resonant accidents committed by intoxicated drivers, forced the Ministry of health to establish measures to identify drug addicts and alcoholics in the midst of people who want to get a driving license and permit gun. As said "news" Read more [...]
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The interior Ministry has added ban on gun new Fri

New details have become known proposals of the Ministry of interior to strengthen the law "On weapons", directed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. According to "Izvestia", the Department proposes to further expand the capacity of the police to seize guns and cancellation of permits, prohibit personal guards to use personal weapon, also sell citizens integral part of the barrels and ammunition without a special license.As previously reported by Izvestia, on Wednesday, November 7, managing the licensing service of the Ministry of internal Affairs Leonid Vedenov sent to the Read more [...]
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Military Science

Is idle. Without the timer. This exercise was created for testing the transition from the ordinary hours in low. Exercise is more suitable for novice shooters. Before shot at a distance of 15 m is set to the target ITUC.The starting positionThe shooter stands in ordinary rack face to the target. Discharged the gun in the holster. Procedure executionArrows randomly pulls out a gun and simulates a shot at the target. Keeping the gun aimed at the target, the shooter makes a half-step to the right and takes a low stance. Simulates a shot at the target and hold the gun on target perceives ordinary rack, Read more [...]
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Gladkostvol everything!

Hello. Appeared at me a great desire to acquire arms with smooth. But the question is what? In today's market there are a huge number of guns.I want to buy both for protection and for hunting. But there is one but I like all the guns and I as I can not choose what is best to take. Choice of course must be reasonable: 1. Reliability (spare parts for maximum availability) 2. Chill at shooting 3. Firepower 4. Weight 5. Price Asked hunters, everyone praises his weapon, so the desired result is not received, need objective opinion. Help with the choice! Read more [...]
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SONS (small hunting tool of survival)

Abbreviation SONS stands for Rifle Gun Carry an Emergency Supply.Main features Weight butt (machete), kg 2,4..................... Weight without the butt, 1,5 kg.................................... Length from butt, mm 655............................... Length without the butt, mm..............................360 Block length shafts, mm 300............................ The cross-section dispersion when firing from a rifled barrel at a distance of 100 m, cm ...........................................................................5 The kinetic energy of the bullet at a distance 200 meters when fired Read more [...]
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Survive in American Part I

Dear comrades broke down and created a publication about survival on the American way, is basically a summary of one of the series of BP.Meet this Davis, he is preparing for electromagnetic pulse from space and so every day looking on the internet summary of solar flares.Check out his physical training? And what would you need to do to keep fit food reserves, mostly beans and corn, canned in 200 liter barrels.And he is ready to defend their holdings of hungry people who rush out of the cities and fighting dogs will help him in this. I advise you to take a closer look at how the big dogs Read more [...]
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Selecting a self-defense weapon

It is well known that no guarantee complete security can not give. Whatever good we had no police, we can not say for sure that in case of an attack on us aggressive people have someone to protect. There are times when you can rely only on themselves. Not an easy task, since there are several attackers, but still in arms. At such moments can serve as a private rescue agility, savvy and ... tools to help you with this. The main task is to as quickly as possible to get out of this situation, and not to teach hitters. Therefore need a means of self-defense that can lead to a time of balance forwards Read more [...]
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Everything you wanted to know about the bloody weapon lobbying, but were afraid to ask.

- In Russia, three times more kills than in the U.S. because Americans do not pay enough attention to the fight with guns.- We must get rid of guns because a deranged lunatic may go on killing spree at any time and wish to have the opportunity to defend against such a lunatic - paranoid.- Outlaw can fill gas zatsarapat keys to death. But if you want to shoot him with a pistol - get angry and kill you.- Woman raped and strangled is morally superior to a woman with a smoking gun and a dead rapist at her feet. Although in reality ... - When faced with violence - do not resist, give criminals Read more [...]
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Burnishing his hands.

Tools and materials: - Pan - BBQ - Firewood - A package of ammonium nitrate (sold in any store fertilizer) -1 kg - Means for cleaning blockages "Mole." There are 2 kinds of this release funds - liquid and dry. Need to take dry - with liquid will not get anything. I, in order to understand this, spent a Saturday. Sale "Mole" in bags of 90 gr. I took a 16 packets. - Water. Desirable boiled. Take a pan, sleeps in her nitrate and "Mole". Mix dry. Adding water (approximately 1 cm above mixture). Mix (here very carefully - ammonia gas is emitted. Gust I not so weak ... napahnulo burned slightly nasal Read more [...]
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Vitaly Kryuchin PRACTICAL SHOOTING — BRACE, clutching a gun.

Kopipast Pictures on the original 27.02.2006Today we publish a section on proper weapons retention and front hand.A large number of errors arise from improper firing gun retention, and incorrect hand position rack. Over the past ten years in practical shooting formed the most convenient and "fast" front rack with double grip, allows precise aimed shots in a static position and, at the same time, it is easy to hit the target in motion. Before you start exploring hold gun, let's agree that the right hand at the "right-handed" will be called "strong", Read more [...]
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Survival Rifle AR-7

Semiautomatic rifle AR-7, which is engaged in the production company Henry Repeating Arms, and participated in the construction of one of the founders of all the well-known M-16 Eugene Stoner, - a great tool for survival in extreme conditions. .22 Caliber of the weapon One of the main distinguishing features of AR-7 - the ability to disassemble and lay down their arms in the butt, so full rifle easily fit even in a small backpack. The weight of the weapon is 1.13 kg, and the length when folded - only 419 mm. Yes and 5.6 mm cartridges will not occupy much space. As a material for weapons were used Read more [...]
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ARMOR: Legend And Reality.

With the outbreak of the First world war appears enthusiasm for personal armor and there 1st helmets, and in the process Stately Rossiiskii war begin to apply remedies to the body. This was associated with the analysis of the statistics of injuries that period. It was found that in 58% of cases dominated by shrapnel, while in most cases the soldiers were killed as a result of wounds in the chest and stomach (50%). Because have been developed and used assault detachments Reddish Army iron bibs (SN-38, SN-42), which resembled a cuirass and protect the front surface of the body of 9-mm bullets fired Read more [...]
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Part 2. PNEUMATIC GUN FOR UNDERWATER HUNTING.Part 3. HOW TO CHOOSE .Sign spearfishing is the most intriguing piece of gear hunter - gun. In order to effectively hunt, you must have not bad that is appropriate for a certain criterion gun.Underwater gun is a weapon designed to defeat underwater targets (fish) in their natural habitat with a boom - harpoon.What underwater gun elect - this question is asked by beginners underwater the first part , we saw Crossbows , Sling and spring guns for underwater huntinghttp://?w=wall-30159529_60763)But sometimes just a pain to hunt for something more Read more [...]
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For tourist: Gunshot

Going to the taiga region, some travelers take with them shotguns. Imprudent appeal to them, ignoring safety rules on hunting could threaten languid injuries - injuries and burns.Preventing injuries from firearms. Before the release of the route to be taken as a rule that only touches the gun to its owner; traveling unacceptable games with a gun, pointing it at people trunks; unacceptable introduction of guns are not in the destination, for example, or as a support arm; Fri shotgun in human need keep discharged and shrouded; cocked his gun (remove plug with fuse) only before the shot, you can Read more [...]
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ADVICE from Experienced VETERANS.

• The instrument will NEVER be sent on its own. Even in the "joke", even put on the fuse, even with amsterodam shop. For such focus you will be punished".• AK translator (fuse) has three positions. Actually, locking, automatic fire and single. If you are in a panic will sharply removed from the fuse, it probably will lower it until it stops and put there the most, in a single fire. It made that would obossavshiesya from the nightmare fighter, not threw away the store in second and was left without ammunition. Keep this in mind.• The fuse on the AK is pretty disgusting clanks. If you need Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Loading the gun

Warning!During loading the gun barrel should be focused on yourself. Strictly forbidden to pull the spear of a charged gun. Discharging a gun without a harpoon can lead to breakage. Never load, or unload your gun and shoot out of it, while not in the water. You should know the distance that your harpoon can proparhat underwater. Never shoot a gun with a very bad visibility or in the direction of other people or stationary objects. When hunting from a boat gun charge, only if you are far away from all the divers and boats. Violation of these warnings may be a prerequisite for your injured Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Prepare to fire guns Taymen

The factory gun for previously pumped to 20 - 25 kg/cm2 depending on the length and thickness of the harpoon. When normal conditions and normal use of the gun will remain absolutely uploaded, regardless of the number of shots fired. For self-injection of air into the receiver need to loosen the screw (1.), Pull the plug (2.), Connect the pump (3). Using threads and produce about 100 strokes. After downloading make naming operations in working order.Design features allow guns, not making a huge effort when loading (70 strokes of the pump), to achieve the greatest results hunting. If your Read more [...]
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The store expanded capacity for the Makarov pistol.

In General, the Makarov pistol is a tool for constant wear, and is more suited for defense than for offense. Hence a small magazine capacity and low sight line, which is a consequence of the small size, and the cartridge is insufficient capacity in order to take the flak jackets. It is not the shortcomings of the gun is its features, and it needs to be realized.[puc.1-2]So 1st question... what to do for pistol constant wear store on 80+ rounds? Well, firstly, PM even currently used in the assault, and it is not only because of the lack of worthy candidates, and because we love him very many servants. Read more [...]
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