Wonderful are thy works, O Lord!

B XIX and early XX century were remarkable gunsmiths and oruzhievedy that could work not only a gun and bench tools, but also perfectly possessed pen. List all the great journalists of hunting and hunting weapons is impossible, but Griner, Zhurke, Fedorov and Buturlin knew all the weapons and hunting world ... A Greener illustrations from his book "Shotgun" is still reprinted in all the current publications and rifle passports. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The books Fedorov and Buturlin described everything now invented like new. But almost the entire XX century came the war, both in Read more [...]
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Night Events

I clearly remember in the largest room of our house (we called her room) at the round table is the calendar - 1968.When I came to his senses, the sun on the horizon, and dark winter is very harsh.Photo: Sergey Sorokin In those snowy, Burano and winters are often canceled classes in schools. Houses burying in snow on the roof. In my village, the doors always open inwards - it is clear why.***We are a family sculpt dumplings. Dad, as the strongest kneads the dough, the older brother with my mother over the meat wisely. And, I «run errands» - «Bring, bring». Read more [...]
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Slip — who is to blame?

Came the cold, the snow drifts covered the ground, it was time to first driven hunt on ungulates, the first trophies and early failures - who is to blame or what the cause of failure.Photo: Mikhail Semin Even now, when the acquisition of rifle simplify somewhat, most hunters continue to use zverovyh hunts familiar and proven shotguns. Shot by a bullet from a gun 12-caliber up to 50 meters in place to stop a large moose and mother boar.Stun heavy lead bullet is well known. In central Russia, where hunting pens are usually in the forest and the possibility of long-range shot is rare, Read more [...]
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On the choice of a gun

Dear Editors! I read with great interest all the articles about guns and hunting, that you publish. After a few weeks I will be 18 years, and I can apply for permission to purchase weapons. Perhaps you will prompt what gun you choose? Or ask someone, we all have different opinions, but when I visited the exhibition in Moscow in the arcade, all confused. And further. I shoot from the left shoulder.Vladimir, Kursk region Dear Vladimir! The decision of what to buy you a gun,  You only have to take. What matters is that this decision was not hasty. Giving advice in absentia is fundamentally wrong, Read more [...]
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Weapons Champions

The dream of a 16-year old boy Daniel Perazza, was to become a gunsmith. But there it did not take a job. Finally he managed to get one storekeeper armory company. Photos from the archives of Alexei Alipova At night he collected his gun. The first came out unsuccessful, but the second was highly appreciated, and young professionals hired company «Franks». In 20 years, he patented the design of their own guns, and sell the patent, opened his own studio. Finest hour has struck, when he was approached by an Italian athlete Ennio Mattarello. Daniele tried to invest in the Read more [...]
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Selecting a rifle: Hunter tips

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The first thing a novice hunter faces after receiving the ticket and a license for the purchase of shotguns, — is the question: how to buy a gun. The first gun, of course, is not acquired for all the hunting life. But I would like to make the right choices, which make real the right hunters, and not just the arrows to for years to come by the way «first» It added the word «his».Buying your first gun is usually remembered for a lifetime. In the past, the novice hunter took the usual way: single-barreled gun (mostly IL-17) Read more [...]
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When the gun ceases to be a gun …

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The motivation for writing this article is a relative short period of time to communicate with the Internet.  The computer seems to me, the thing is equally potent and dangerous. At least in the subject line of the secondary market turnover of weapons under a barrage of rave reviews that the owners of some models of guns, whether trigger TOZ BM, Sauer, and so on. N, the farther the more you feel the need to acquire such a rarity.There are signs of zombies. And sometimes a frank rubbish, called in the past Sauer to be a buyer, for a price many times Read more [...]
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New bullet for guns

Bullet "Nikko" refers to the hunting ammunition, namely bullets for smoothbore shotguns for shooting big and strong on the wound of the beast. Bullet Lead, Co-molded, has a spherical head part with compression rings and stabilizers on the skirt, hollow inside. The essence of the technical solution lies in the fact that the bullet having great weight head and good formability, in contact, it has a high destructive power at a distance of up to 120 meters (more not shoot.)Compression ring at the bottom of the hemisphere, to prevent breakthrough of powder gases, increasing the compression Read more [...]
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Psychology hunting

For the past ten years, in October, at the height of the season, I was tormented by bad hunting mood. Why? Misses! And this is after brilliant shots at the beginning of the hunt. This is a favorite kurkovkoy, which fit to pray. All hunting ended in January was a tragedy - stole kurkovku.I sit on the balcony for a long time, coffee, cigarettes – much thought and I think the roar of something disgruntled lion. A hundred meters from my house – zoo. What is he, a lion, screaming? A lion, then perhaps I would not have gone. He simplified the quite on their rabbits. Well, okay, not everyone Read more [...]
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Reflections lover of hunting weapons

Weapons I have always loved and wanted to have it, but to come close to the implementation of his desire I could not so long ago, but for a short period of my serious study of hunting weapons, ownership and repair some of its accumulated experience and reflection that solicit on paper.Shotgun Matzke. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Not to say that in buying my first shotgun I came totally unprepared, so to speak, on the same enthusiasm. I read a few books on hunting weapons, and with all sorts of mechanisms I «you» childhood, a good engineer and a mechanic. Creatively comprehended Read more [...]
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New to spring hunting

Spring is coming, open hunting, and anyone who is seriously preparing to devote himself to the awakened passions, will try to fill this gap of knowledge and lack of skills, before heading into farmland.photo: Michael Semin WOODCOCK – TROPHY No. 1The first hunt for most beginners will be thrust woodcock. How not to describe the flight and song of the woodcock, but while your eyes will not see, as from the forest on the logging pulls-billed, reddish plumage in the light of a dying sunset woodcock, you won't understand and won't like this excellent in all respects hunting.Rarely Read more [...]
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Shotgun in Russia

In this article I would like to consider how the shotgun is necessary to Russian conditions and the place can take the weapon in the arsenal of Russian hunter.Pump systems reload weapon shop has long been known. Homeland pump action gun shops is North America. It is in the United States and Canada, such a system reload has been widely used, including hunting.Just need to say that the era of pump action in Russia was over pretty quickly. Russian hunters and conditions of our hunts to some extent different from the US. Our hunters in a relatively short period of time and crossed the pump-action, Read more [...]
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Shotgun with character

MC 21-12 ... I should elaborate on this gun on this type of hunting weapons. I know him thoroughly, using three decades. Few people in Moldova still has the experience. It's not bragging. This application for the accuracy of this article. Other hunters, of course, also was not kept on the stove, but I was still conscious, and to experiment with him, wanting to know it thoroughly. And all I could, but it's a lot, read about it, analyzed.Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina Shotgun worthy. But ... This is «but» Article will be. The gun was created in the 60s. Designer Nikolaev. Read more [...]
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Snipe — my choice

He writes you a permanent your reader Paul cannabis. Hunter and taiga men I have experienced in hunting weapons understand well. I love a good domestic gun: IL-57 (produced in a limited series in the late 1950s - approx. Ed.), IL-26, TOZ-25, IL-12. My favorite IL-54 serves me faithfully for many years. Tells about all the virtues of this gun will not - it's all written before me. One thing I know for sure: Izhevsk legend IL-54 — Russian is the best shotgun serial production.The last few years I spend a vacation on the hunt in the Arkhangelsk region. The main object of hunting - the moose. Read more [...]
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Firing a bullet from a gun bench MP

Athletes stendoviki who have completed active performance in professional sport, and just fans of workout on the bench with a familiar and adjust the MC, will give a head start with the shooting game is not only hunters with mnogozaryadkami Italian and Belgian production, but will take to compete with the owners of rifles at firing a bullet in the small and medium-sized (up to 100 m) distance, and a rather high stopping power of bullets 12 caliber is no need to talk.Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina When driven hunt for elk, wild boar, passing, usually in the woods, shot almost eliminated, Read more [...]
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Fit the box on the arrow

Successful shooting fast-moving targets can only be sufficiently comfortable bed, the size and shape of which correspond to the physical data of the arrow and shoot style. With this box when the gun vskidku immediately falls on the target. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Simultaneously tselyaschiysya eye hand without any effort on his part is on the line of sight. If after vskidku there is a need to send the gun to some other point, for example, changed the direction of flight of a bird, then the comfortable bed this can be done, guided only by muscular sensations. Finally, in a comfortable Read more [...]
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Tula chokes

The origin of the so-called "Tula choke" - not a secret. His appearance was caused by the development in our country shotgun. As you know, sports shooting from shotguns, especially shooting at a round booth has its own specifics. This is due primarily to the nature of the purposes for which the shooting athletes. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Targets appear for a short time at a constant distance, and the task before the shooter shot talus cover them. Therefore, in contrast to the fairly universal guns for hunting, specialized guns for round stand designers strive to optimize the ballistics Read more [...]
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«Snipe-car» on the hunt

Ohotoy fond of more than 25 years, have two rifle TOZ 34 and IL 12, but have always wanted to buy a semi-automatic. And in 2004, I decided to make a gift. But what gun to buy? Now, however, the choice is there, but the cheapest imported semiautomatic costs about 40 thousand rubles., And for me it is a little expensive, so we had to choose from a domestic. Photo: Yuri Maximov Then it sold MC 21-12, TOZ 87, MR 153, «Snipe-Auto». MC 21-12 and TOZ 87 I dropped at once, because I wanted to buy a rifle with a venting mechanism, and TOZ 87 does not hold the quality of workmanship, Read more [...]
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Fight on goose hunting rifles

Read article A.Boychevskogo "How to equip bullets." I read with interest - well, sensible advice. I want to share with the readers of their own thoughts about the reasons that many hunters can not get goose. What is the main reason? In cartridges, guns, or something else?I hunt fourth decade, and most importantly, very fond of hunting weapons and engaged in a lot of his sighting. Every gun that fell into my hands, carefully targets. And I have visited over the years something like 20 guns of different countries and companies. There have been times since when to acquire guns only needed a hunting Read more [...]
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Ammunition for semi-automatic

I was approached by Podoroga Vyacheslav Graivoron from the city of Belgorod region with the question of self-gear cartridges for rifles MP-153.Dear Vyacheslav, semi-automatic MP-153 for a long time and successfully operated by Russian hunters. Any high-brow cartridges for reliable automation it requires.You said that the stores Belgorod mainly sold gunpowder such as «Falcon» and «Sunar Magnum». And that's good, because these are the gunpowder, which ensure reliable operation of any domestic gas operated semi-automatic.By the nature of questions asked, we assume that your Read more [...]
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