In Poland, 20 people have died due to flu

According to the National Institute of Public Health of Poland, from 8 to 15 January 2013 in the country in total there were 214,000 cases of influenza, 20 of them were fatal. During the last week of daily flu infect an average of 70-100 thousand. To prevent further spread of the disease experts have called for Polish citizens not to visit crowded places.According to a Polish news sites, in a hospital in Warsaw found 3 cases of infection with H1N1.Since the beginning of 2013 in parts of the country were reported multiple cases of infection with H1N1.Category: Epidemics Read more [...]
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A deadly threat: from China to Russia is swine flu

In Primorye, on the border with China, introduced enhanced control measures. Sanitary doctors measure temperature tourists and conduct initial inspection. The fact is that in the neighboring country registered mass outbreak of a dangerous virus H1N1. From the so-called "swine flu" has killed two people.On the border with China tour measure temperature. At checkpoints in Primorye health officers were watching the terrible virus H1N1, which registered an outbreak in neighboring China. According to official information, in four provinces of China recorded a sharp increase in infections, Read more [...]
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Swine Flu (H1N1)

Swine Flu (H1N1)- A special form of the virus, which through long mutations took forms that can infect humans. The disease has claimed many lives throughout the world, because at the time of its occurrence and distribution it has not been studied. Until the first human cases of swine flu in Mexico, swine flu is not dangerous for humans and therefore not investigated in detail.Constant mutation of swine flu do not allow scientists and doctors to even predict the time and location of the next epidemic. Throughout the world, not so long ago adopted strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, Read more [...]
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Scientists warn of a new wave of swine flu

Director of the Research Institute of Influenza, Oleg Kiselyov said that early to talk about the end of an influenza pandemic. According to him, can not exclude a new wave of disease."Pandemic is developing its own laws and is 2-3 waves. Now we are seeing a second wave of the virus of swine influenza H1N1. It is not changed. The virus is resistant pandemic nature. In the Americas, another virus - H3N2. Unlike in 2009, the disease spread among children, "- he said.O.Kiselev urged to take precautions and not to contact with sick people.Meanwhile, according to the main infectious Read more [...]
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Beat Rat     Exposure: Charles Haynes/FlickrEndurance Myth Appraise Says: Vaccines control a serious chemic.Skill Says: The meaning dubitable, squalene, is an oil produced by the bod that can actuate disorders such as Lou Gherig's disease. But squalene isn't victimised in any U.S. vaccines, and studies in Europe, where the meaning is engaged, appearance no untoward effects. Get your shots.The Auspicate: Not since 1918, when the Spanish flu killed betwixt 50 zillion and 100 zillion masses universal, has an airborne or striking terror efficaciously culled the humankind. But in the Read more [...]
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