Is the Earth habitable?

Long been considered: our planet is so close to the sun, even to a 10% greater - and the end of life. A new estimate makes the prospect of even more joyful: the earthly life of sunsets over the horizon in the next few hundred million years.Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) expressed the need for revision of the habitable zone as a concept and offered his own version, based on more precise, in their opinion, taking into account the influence of greenhouse gases on the planetary temperature.Scientists have relied on models and Evan James Casting Pu. But the results were the Read more [...]
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In space, discovered a potentially habitable planet

In recent years, due to global warming, which could lead to flooding in many regions of the earth, the inhabitants of the planet are increasingly asking about the colonization of other celestial bodies. Perhaps Professor Hugh Jones of the University of Hertfordshire, and his colleagues have found a potentially habitable planet near Earth closest to the single sun-like star Tau Ceti. Star surrounded by five planets, one of which might be inhabited, since it may be in the water, according to "Bi-BBC News."The mass of these planets in the two to six times the mass of Earth. The time Read more [...]
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Discovered seven potentially habitable exoplanet

A year ago, the project was created Habitable Exoplanets Catalog - catalog of potentially habitable exoplanet, which was added at the beginning of the two worlds. According to Abel Mendez, of the University of Puerto Rico, in the year to the directory must be on only one or two of the planet, but after the first year of it was seven planets. Creation of such a directory, according to Mendes, is significant not so much for the scientists, but for the public as well as appearing regularly news of another planet in the habitable zone, but for each of the world would like to have a complete set Read more [...]
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Red dwarfs are closer the search for extraterrestrial life

According to a leading astronomer at Harvard University Courtney Dressing, scientists do not have to look for habitable planets far away - perhaps they are very close. Dressing according to the calculations, habitable planet rotates in orbit dwarf at a distance of 13 light years from Earth. When flying at the speed of light in half to fly to a planet and back can be "only" 50 years, that is, within a human lifetime."We thought that to detect a habitable planet, we need to look for worlds at a great distance - said Courtney Dressing. - But now we understand that, most likely, Read more [...]
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A binary star system may be suitable for habitable planets is no worse than single stars

The planets orbiting binary stars, are influenced by not one, but two full radiation sources. But a new study shows that a close pair of stars can be as good as a single star, when it comes to the hospitality extended to potentially habitable planets. A binary star system consisting of small masses of the stars are best suited for this role, as the combined emission of two stars significantly expands the habitable zone of their total, compared to the habitable zone of a single star.After modeling a large variety of binary systems, two astronomers: John Clark of the University of New Mexico, and Read more [...]
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