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Australian Melbourne flooded. Photo

In Australia, as a result of torrential rains which began partially flooded the city of Melbourne, according to Sky News. Weather Service warned people in advance of a strong cyclone, but for the majority of the elements played out was unexpected. According to the channel, in the first 18 minutes fell to about 19 mm of rain. Showers accompanied by strong winds and hail. In many homes, hail shattered windows. In one part of the city a gust of wind blew off the roof of the railway station. The region declared a storm warning. Source: BBC, SkyNews Read more [...]
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Strongest hail storm in Australia. Video

Flew to Australia storm. Most went to the seaside town of Perth. The roads are turned into a river. The houses - water. And in addition, all covered with hail. Ice balls the size of an egg povybivali glass in cars, beat the roof. But the Australians did not panic - giant hailstones hide in refrigerators - in memory of the storm. The truth at several tens of thousands of residents of Perth - refrigerators do not work because of bad weather, the people were left without power. At the local airport - collapsed roof. Authorities considered the vagaries of weather, they cost the country $ 100 million.Source: Read more [...]
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Rain, hail

  In danger of atmospheric phenomenon, during which an electric discharge between clouds or between clouds and the ground. Rain is often accompanied by squally winds, heavy rains, hail.   On KMAO number days with thunderstorms varies from 12.4 to 26.5 in Saranpaul in Leush, ie decreases in the latitudinal direction from north to south.   The main factors of the formation of thunderstorms is convection, strong updrafts in the atmosphere, as well as the passage of fronts. Vnutrimassovye thunderstorms are less likely than the front. In the southern area of ​​the district is due to a large Read more [...]
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Heavy rain and hail in the northern region of Azerbaijan

Serious damage to agriculture Balakan, Zagatala and Gakh regions Heavy rains and hail have created serious problems in the north-western regions of the country. According to the local bureau reports, from a night on April 2 in the north-western region of the country observed the unstable weather conditions. Running from last night torrential rains and hail lasted until 03:00 last night.Heavy rains and hail have created a number of problems in Balakan, Zagatala and Gakh regions. Told APA Balakan region executive, hail and torrential rains fell more in the village Sheriff region. Thus, in the Read more [...]
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Giant hailstones the size of a tennis ball hit Germany

July 28, 2013. «Heavy artillery» — large hail caused extensive damage to the inhabitants of a German village Wassel Sehnte Saturday night. Eyewitnesses describe the size of the hail, argue that it was the size of tennis balls. The video depicted the damaged roofs, broken windows, broken furniture and garden dotted with vehicles. Source: Hronika.info Read more [...]
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Storm, hail and rain in the Chinese city of Chongqing

Economic damage from the hurricane, which brought the city of Chongqing in China hail and torrential rain, was 420 million yuan (61.7 million dollars), according to a Friday news portal Sina. Strong wind, accompanied by hail and rain, hit the 12 districts in the suburbs of Chongqing in southwest China on Thursday night. According to recent reports, a hurricane destroyed in the region of more than 6 thousand. Homes, damage received another 51 thousand. Buildings. In total, the result of natural disaster killed 29 people, injured more than 180 people. In varying degrees, the storm affected the Read more [...]
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Hail the size of baseballs. Photo

Not far from the Ust-Kamenogorsk has dropped incredible size hail! On a typical day, when there was not even a sign of rain suddenly out of nowhere appeared a cloud out of the gorge. Within 15 minutes the whole village was hit by a firing squad. School, a couple of streets, houses and cars were punched through the hail reaches the size of a baseball. Also hit the trees and gardens of residents. No injuries have been reported yet information.       Source: lifun Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Omsk region

In the Omsk region at the weekend strong wind tore the roof, and hail the size of a hen's egg beat in the homes of the glass. As the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Omsk region, on the night of 19 to 20 June at the Omsk region blew heavy wind, the speed of which reached 17 meters per second. Moreover, in some areas went hail the size of a hen's egg. In four villages in the district Tyukalinsky — Bekisheva, Gurovka, Obroskino and Tokarevo — were broken windows of private houses and slate roofs. Source: SAN Omsk Read more [...]
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Georgia hit rain and hail. Video

Tbilisi collapsed rain and hail. The city flooded basements and first floors of buildings. Cars struggling to cope with waves that suddenly swept the roadway. For a few hours had to close one of the subway stations, because it literally went under the water. Not less trouble brought hail. Icicles in diameter up to several centimeters. Broke trees, roofs, windows and cars. Affected and other regions of Georgia. Especially dangerous situation in the west and north of the country. Here, after the rains descend sat down. Flows destroyed about 30 pedestrian and road bridges. Road washed out, to Read more [...]
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Powerful hail damaged the Agstafa

Agstafa, Azerbaijan, there was a heavy hail, who inflicted serious damage to homes and agriculture in the area stopped the supply of electricity. According to 1news.az, began on June 22 from 22:00 in the western region of strong winds and heavy rains have created a number of problems. In Agstafa region rain accompanied by hail. Castle led unusable crop land and orchards in several villages of the district. The roofs of many houses were damaged. Strong winds knocked down many trees. Natural disaster has caused problems in the supply of electricity in the area. According to information Read more [...]
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More than a thousand hectares of winter damage due to hail in the Kuban

In the Krasnodar region, where in June dropped heavy rainfall, hail damaged about 1.2 thousand. Hectares of winter crops, the head of the regional department of agriculture Sergey Garkusha. «Vyselkovsky area affected, the Leningrad region and others. Well, now that the farms are already aware that it is necessary to insure the culture, and many crop insured», — S.Garkusha said at a press conference on Monday. He noted that this year hail fell not only in those areas where it traditionally falls, but where it is not expected — North zone of the region. Source: Read more [...]
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In the Zaporozhye region crop hail smote

On Wednesday, June 30, in Melitopol was a heavy downpour and thunderstorm (particularly dangerous phenomenon). This was reported by the head of the meteorological station «Melitopol» Tamara Merhaleva. Its epicenter hit just the city, where nearly one hour dropped 68 millimeters of rain, that over the past 60 years in June was the first time. Places in town hail, and visibility due to rain does not exceed 800 meters. Flooded many yards, and some high-rise apartments have suffered because of a leaking roof. Due to severe thunderstorms without electricity and telephone was Read more [...]
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France — Castle in Germany — a storm in Russia — floods

August 7, 2013. Heavy rain and hail covered several villages in the French department of the Loire to the east of the country. Particularly serious damage is done Shampde city. Here, hail the size of a hen's egg. Element lasted only a few minutes, but it was enough to have been damaged dozens of homes, broken windows in cars and shop windows. "This cataclysm began suddenly, lasted only a couple of minutes, but in that time managed to destroy a lot of things around," - says a local resident.Heavy rains and storms hit the southern and north-western part of France. Particularly affected roads Read more [...]
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In Hungary was hail, damaging five domov.Video

This bombardment of hail the size of a walnut undergone several settlements in the north-eastern Hungary. In the 20 minutes that was icy rain, damage received nearly five hundred houses. They practically do not have a single whole glass, and the roof turned into a sieve. Now residents of restoring order and try to assess the damage. Bad weather came in Romania — southern regions were dominated by the strongest storm. Rivers overflowed, water gushed into the streets. Do not help even a dam of sandbags, which hastily constructing rescuers and volunteers. Flooded hundreds of homes Read more [...]
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Large hail fell in the center of France

Climatic anomalies are becoming more frequent in France. Last night in the town of Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) in the heart of the country hail. Cover height reached 8 inches. In the nearby town of Monistrol-sur-Loire lightning flashed and burned down a house, the owners of which went to the eve of the holiday. Rescuers have had to go on calls. According to today's reports of rescue services, suffered serious material damage suffered particularly located in the area of ​​local airlines airport. Runway and parking had to clear the tractors as during heavy winter snowfalls. In mid-June rains Read more [...]
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Heavy rain flooded the Zaporozhye

In Zaporozhye hurricane storm of hail, which was held today, July 5, after five o'clock in the evening, flooded city streets. Sudden gust wind with rain, hail, thunderstorms and lightning again turned streets into rivers of Zaporozhye, smashed trees and paralyzed traffic on some streets. Clogged livnevki do not miss the water as fast as we would like the citizens, especially motorists, writes reporter Zaporozhye. Cars are buried in the little street rivers, some of them for a long time. Electric movement difficult. In particular, the tram drivers during electrical storms and lightning take Read more [...]
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Tornado in Altai

Tornado. Photo: portal.etherway.ru. Last weekend, more than twenty people Novokuznetsk went to rest in the Altai Mountains, in the region of Ust-Sema. When the tourists arrived, chose the scenic area and the night began to settle down from the sky rained hail the size of a little less than a hen's egg. On the part of the Katun became hang giant crater. Tornado threw dozens of mighty firs. Told portal «News of the Altai Mountains» From powerful people hailstones fell on the ground, under cover of «celestial bombardment». Funnel tornado passed arrived on holiday. But the Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic heavy rains stopped trains

Heavy rains, accompanied by a Gale-force wind gusts, have become a cause of partial stop train service between Prague and one of the largest cities of West Bohemia — Shackles. The railway track on one of the sections of the track was damaged broken by the wind venerable tree. The driver of one of the trains travelling on this route, time did not notice the obstacle, dramatically inhibiting composition crashed into him. «Nobody has suffered, arose only material damage, the amount of which now calculate the experts», — informed correspondent of ITAR-TASS in the Read more [...]
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Giant hail riddled Prykarpattya. Photo

On Coolmine Ivano-Frankivsk region has a strong hurricane with hail. Local residents told Gazeta.ua that hurricane damaged homes, damaged cars, felled trees, cut power lines. \"The hurricane began somewhere in 17 hours. There was a strong wind, hail fell like chicken eggs, - said the resident of district Koseva Oksana Kostyuk. - I have a private house. On the roof struck 12 holes, plastic visor entire pounded. The neighbor in the car cracked the windshield. My parents are from Verbose called and said that the roof like a sieve, poprobyval, the spotlight fell. In Roznov no hail, but there was Read more [...]
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Kostroma and districts of the region recover after the hurricane hit

Broken cars, broken harvest, dangling power lines. The long-awaited after the sweltering heat of the storm the night before was accompanied by wind, rain and hail. The locations of the disaster drove our crew. Hailstones the size of walnuts. In the photo , you can see how powerful was the impact of the disaster. In Kostroma the larger icicles fell by Davydov and Volga districts. And in Chernorechye hailstone gathered in the whole snowdrifts. But, as eyewitnesses say, this is not the limit. In the village of Karimova near Kostroma hail struck the roof, destroyed the greenhouses. This pumpkin Read more [...]
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