Huntsman Seta

The first enclosure was unsuccessful, but the second line went on a shooting large cleaverPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev Huntsman Seta late. The sun had already risen from his first blushed metal beams on the roof of the hunter. People nervous. Igor Petrovich and then unbuttoning his jacket sleeve, looking at his «Rolex»Donated by his wife. Paramonov, who knows the hairs muttered irritably: «With negritoskoy probably having fun, fucking moron!»The meaning of the phrase uttered Paramonov know not all, but who knew smiled. Sometime during the Moscow Olympics Seta, Read more [...]
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Dressing of skin on skin and fur skins not such a difficult thing for a person caught in extreme conditions of life the knowledge of this craft may need. Now to get the manual for the manufacture of leather and fur raw materials is not a problem, but not realizing the very essence of dressing is easy to get lost in the huge number of contradicting each other councils. The tanning of leather and fur skins are the same thing, but with the skin still rounded up hair, and the hair of the fur skins already not better. All countless recipes for dressing skin and fur raw materials are different variants Read more [...]
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Burdock oil is obtained from the roots of various species of burdock plants of the first and second year of life, as they are equal. The roots are dug in autumn, when the above-ground part will dry up, or Renesmee in the spring at the time of regrowth of leaf rosette and the absence of the stem.Chemical composition:Burdock oil contains a natural polysaccharide inulin (up 45%), protein substances protein (about 12,34%), sieve-Sterol, essential oils (0.17%), fatty acids (palmitic and stearic), tannins, bitterness (about 20%), mineral salts (chromium, cobalt, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, Read more [...]
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Bump. Part Two. Ukrainian.

Why Ukrainian, because I chose it completely cool boy Igor Denishchenko. Leytenant older. What do you want and in working condition, with other unbolted, heater, FVUshku drove - all works, winch was not - set checked. Recently promised another winch - electric - back and FVUa NIS (lope vlizet) ... they fit a box of vodka to the heap. In general glad to dupy!! Chichi? Ha (also Le? Schenk) - small hunchbacked creature female in Russian folklore, live in the reeds, prefers smaller streams and ponds. It was believed that she walks naked with disheveled hair, lashes out at careless pedestrians and drags Read more [...]
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Spinning. Own experience.

Describe their own experience in manufacturing of yarn and felt the material at hand (the dog down). Take the dog (spaniel) vychesyvaem.razmer comb depends on the breed, the more the gap largest and long teeth. Next comb out down in one line feed finer comb (several times, in order that would clear the litter). Then fold in half again and scratching (for whatever hair straightened and better twist-suchilsya). At this stage of training is completed. Further material is made of felt or thread. 1 felt by taking the material uniformly take a bad turn over the fabric on a flat surface, well splashed Read more [...]
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Titanium knife from Bison

Acquired as that on the occasion of the knife. Stopped in hardware, for sawing for a jigsaw. In the window saw several knives from Bison. Was curious, read about them somewhere, not bad like skladyshi produce rank for Rushen)) picked up a pair, Lifeguard, Skiff, Ranger and Titan. Here's the latest, and I liked to lay in the hand. Laid out for him thousands of sex. In the box with him walked certificate. Steel blade 95X18 (analog steel AUS-10) Blade length 80mm, total 210. Reza out of the box very well. "The test for hair and paper" was normal. Whittling dry twig of apple, cut kalbasku, fat. Skin-cut Read more [...]
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The tar???

Someone wrote here that can be done by birch tar. HOW??? Share a secret. Or who knows unsubscribe separate article. The tar has a strong antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antiseptic action. Is used to treat skin diseases - various eczema, pyoderma, scabies and even psoriasis. Tar can cure otitis, eczema, tuberculosis, psoriasis, athlete's foot and groin, catarrhal sore throat, hair loss, seborrhea, abdominal dropsy, skin and nail fungus, trophic ulcers unhealed, bedsores, burns and wounds, pull out the splinter, get rid of greasy skin , acne cure frostbite. Using tar treated diathesis, intestinal Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Fishing for carp baits

Baits for carp size large enough, small diameter of 1 cm is They can cooperate with other types of baits. For small fish ball is very large, because it bites usually carp, although it may occasionally fall bream. In hardware applied to the hook, make better use of hair, like a fish without fear swallows the bait. Hook that is in the open form, gets behind her, and when the fish tries to spit it out, then there is a notch fish - hook pierces the lip and firmly secured. Color bait does not play a special role, majority of anglers prefer snow-white, reddish, yellowish and purple. For turbid Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Feeder with hair accessories | In the mountain rivers of the Caucasus (№ 35. July 2012)

By pond cheerfully walks Alexey Fadeev, and this means that we will talk about the feeder. Alexei already recognized in this special form of fishing. He knows all the latest trends and how to be with him always interesting talk, and at the same time by the watch as he goes fishing.With him, we met at the Lviv ponds platniki in Volokolamsk district near Moscow. Will catch carp with the introduction of hair accessories. Read more [...]
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The phenomenon of the invisible demons

In 1976, in the Chinese city of Nanjing citizens have experienced terrible panic. They believed that in their town appeared invisible demons that have cut their traditional urban pigtails. The townspeople were trying to save their hair, covering their heads with hands, but it was all in vain. Then there was panic in Shanghai and later in the rest of China, where unseen forces started killing people in their sleep. This mass hysteria lasted about three years, and during this time the mysterious creature who cut their hair, it was relentless. Meanwhile, this case can not be considered the first Read more [...]
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Woman saves on products, feeding your cat fur

If someone decides to make a list of the most bizarre eating habits, 43-year-old Lisa from Detroit, Michigan, be sure it gets. It has long been addicted to cat hair, about 15 years ago. Lisa eats every day for at least three clumps of cat hair. Total woman ate more than 3200 balls of wool. "I'm addicted to eating cat hair" - recognized the woman in the new season show "My strange addiction". This video was one of many strange new subjects presented in the four season of the popular show, which will premiere on February 13. Lisa prepares her favorite snack, picking Read more [...]
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Albino boy in Tanzania cut off his hand for use in spellcasting ritual

7-year-old albino boy was walking with friends on the way home, when suddenly he was attacked by several men, and cut off his hand. As it turned out, it was necessary for them to witchcraft ritual. Increasingly, albinos in Tanzania become the objects of this hunt: they are attacked in order to kill and get their organs, limbs and even hair that are used in voodoo rituals to make the elixir of wealth and success in business. According to local residents, witch doctors use albino organs and bones in the broth in which, supposedly, you can find diamonds in the ground, and fishermen on Lake Victoria Read more [...]
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Scientists will be able to restore the face of a man in his DNA

No two people are alike, say thanks for this genetic diversity. Although the color of the skin, hair, or the proportion of the bodies of two people can be exactly the same, you can be sure that their faces will be unique - even identical twins, if you look closely enough. While lifestyle, weight, diet, accidents, and other factors affect the shape and general features, such classical elements as skin color, facial hair, the distance between the eye sockets, symmetry, cheekbones, and so on - completely determined genetically. With this in mind, having an accurate map of the genome, scientists Read more [...]
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Early graying men – a sign of good health

It sounds paradoxical, but the early gray hair in men is far from signs of premature aging, and the index of good health men. Results of studies have shown a link between hair color and general condition of the body. This conclusion is predictable, since all the organs and systems of the human body works as a whole system, being connected with each other. Between synthesis pheomelanin which makes hair red and brown shades and eumelanin, which gives brown and black hair, and the rate of destruction of the cells, that is, the aging process, there is a direct relationship. Pheomelanin synthesis Read more [...]
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Snowman – a hybrid of earthling and space aliens.

There are results of an extensive research and years of DNA "snowmen", - the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Igor Burtsev, Ph.D., director of the International Center hominology.   According to Igor Dmitrievich accessing the sensational reports, analyzes were conducted in the U.S. under the direction of Dr. Melba Ketch - Chapter DNA diagnostics laboratory in Texas (Dr. Melba Ketchum the head of DNA Diagnostics, Nacogdoches, TX, USA). For five years, experts have studied the 109 biological samples collected in North America - the United States and Canada. Among them - the traces Read more [...]
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Treatment of electrical returns

Once doctors becomes enraged if someone claimed that electricity can rejuvenate the person. Today on this is not laughing.The middle of the "Roaring Twenties". Throughout the hot newborn jazz. A new generation of party people shocked middle class, shuttling between cocktail parties and cabarets. There are so many new and clever things! How to keep up with the times? How to keep up with the young? Try "rejuvenator" Otto Overbeck! Connect to its wires, insert the battery and enjoy the buzz of the electric current, which gradually fills you with youthful enthusiasm! Pain Read more [...]
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Kuzbass yeti was strange mutant

British researchers conducted a test of the Kuzbass Bigfoot hair and found that this mutant genes having a bear, a horse, and a raccoon.One of the samples' fur yeti "owns rare species of black bear, the growth of which can be up to two meters. And two of the sample - is a raccoon coat and the horse. However, scientists still can not explain where in Siberia took the bear, which is not found outside of the United States. Participating in the study, Professor Bryan Sykes suggested that the animal escaped from a circus, a zoo or private nursery, recognizing, however, that this explanation Read more [...]
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Law bald / hairy cracked?

Under Brezhnev in the USSR appeared popular political joke about the "law of bald / hairy." Later fiction Vladimir Savchenko developed this idea in his book "Istoriomatika." It turned out that the 13 rulers of Russia and the USSR in XX century support pattern: after the "bald" ruler is "hairy", then again, "bald", etc. According to the theory of probability, chance a sequence can not be. "For thirteen times fell alternately heads and tails, the probability 1/4000" - says Savchenko. Next, the writer observes: "History shows that Read more [...]
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What do hominoids?

For many decades, this is one of the most popular mysteries of nature. Different people call it their own way - Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Captari, Gul biyavan, alamas, snowmen ... Many names, and convincing evidence is still not enough. So this fall, appeared disappointing reports in the media: a study of the next portion of the hair, allegedly belonging to one of living in Russia yeti, found that in reality they have an animal origin.For new material evidence in the case of snowman correspondent "MK" has addressed to the head of the Russian International Center hominology Igor Read more [...]
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Gazodymozaschitny set GDZK (GDZK-U)

Gazodymozaschitny set GDZK (GDZK-U) Appointment: Gazodymozaschitny kit is designed to protect the respiratory system, eyes and head man of smoke and toxic gases, including carbon dioxide from produced in fires. Description: GD3K consists of a hood with transparent viewing film. At the bottom is an elastic cuff. Inside the hood is a rubber half-mask, which provides for filtering and sorbent cartridge with valve inhalation. GD3K - protection disposable, is used for evacuation during a fire in hotels, high-rise office buildings, hospitals and other similar sites, and is intended for adults and Read more [...]
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