Stavropol pours water

At that time, as the entire central Russia faint from the heat on the Stavropol collapsed real flood. At the edge of the area Blagodarnenskogo already declared a state of emergency. The day here fell two and a half monthly precipitation. Downpour lasted for several hours. During this time, the flow of water flooded homes, washed away roads and disrupted transport. Element led to the death of the crop. In the area of ​​disaster turned out to be more than half of the total arable land. And weather forecasts were not encouraging: Showers and thunderstorms will continue, and the wind increased Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin declared a state of emergency due to heavy rains

On the South of the island due to heavy rains declared a state of emergency. Rains in the region did not stop for three days. Only for the last day fell more than half of the monthly precipitation.Sakhalin rains wash away the roads and fill the housecholodny front brought torrential rains to the island. Only for the last day there fell more than half of the monthly precipitation. The water in the rivers in the South island rose on the meter. According to forecasts, another day the rain just will not stop. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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)) Slightly WEAPONS — ARMY SLANG :

"Nails", "Boletus", "Patrick", "Pencils" - ammo;"Bachelor", "Bachelors" - a blank cartridge, the cartridges;"Pug", "Mosja", "Masinka" - the Mosin;"The three", "The rifle" Russian three-line rifle;"Karabakh", "Caramelito", "Caramelita" - carabiner;"Dad" - submachine gun Shpagina;"Light" - rifle SVT;"Tar" - light machine gun Degtyarev;"Gingerbread" - disk store."Horn" - - end store;"Shoes" - shells Read more [...]
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England was struck by unexpected floods

on August 19. In Bournemouth, in Dorset, were unprecedented rains. For half an hour houses, shops and streets were flooded two-week rainfall. The flood was so strong that along the roads formed a deep cracks, which is now gushing streams of water. Powerful rain had picked up the stones, breaking Windows. Because of the rains increased shoreline beaches. Were flooded all the gardens.Tens of thousands of people arrived in Bournemouth at the annual air festival, fled in search of shelter. Those who could not immediately escape, was in the dirt bog. About a hundred firefighters took to the Read more [...]
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Over Moscow will stand the bloody Moon

on 10 December. Tonight the Moon is fully seated in the earth's shadow will last in this year's lunar Eclipse. It will be able to see the inhabitants of the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and Russia, including Moscow, if not fail the December weather. What happens, also called \"superbatteries\" - because the Moon is hanging low on the horizon and seem very large, says RIA Novosti. According to NASA, the Eclipse will begin at 15:33 Moscow time, all the Moon will sink into the earth's shadow at 18:06, this phase will last for 51 minutes. At 21:30 the earth the satellite will come out Read more [...]
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The first half of winter in Moscow

on January 16. In the first half of winter in Moscow fell 126 mm - 94% of seasonal rainfall. The temperature of the first half of winter 6.5° higher than the average of many years. The second half of winter is traditionally colder first. To correct the accumulated anomaly easy Asian anticyclone. If it comes out on the EPR, it will be dry and frosty weather. Enough for two to three weeks to stand for 20 degrees of frost, as everything will return to normal. Meteorologists do not exclude the development of events in this scenario.  Source: News Gismeteo Read more [...]
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In Spain January 2012 was the sixth driest January for half a century

on February 22. On prevailing Spain January 2012 was a very dry month. According to AEMet, the average rainfall was only 21 mm, which is 30% of normal (1971—2000). This is the sixth driest January in the last 50 years, someone from within the National meteorological service of Spain. Only in Cantabria, the Basque Country, Murcia, Valencia and Aragon monthly precipitation exceeded the normal values. In Catalonia and the Western half of the country monthly precipitation is not even 25% from the average value. In the Balearic Islands January was quite wet, while in the Canary Islands - dry Read more [...]
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Beef stew in Swiss

Author: Andrew Kozlowski aka Teke Created: October 2010  Ingredients Beef meat without bones (for 5-6 persons about 1.5 kg)Roots - parsley, celery, carrots (1-2 medium)Onions (1-2 pcs.), Dried herbs (which is - marjoram, savory, etc.)100 grams of flourSalt and ground black pepperVegetable oil With the meat cut away all the fat and film. On a cutting board sypem flour, add salt to it (1 tbsp. Spoon from top), who is much like pepper, dried herbsAll mix, and rub the meat falls off.Heavy ax blade (here is well suited heavy German chef) trying to drive the flour into the meat, turning occasionally Read more [...]
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Author: Andrew Kozlowski aka Teke Created: October 2010  Ingredients for 4-5 quart saucepan  Meat - up to 1 kg or a bit more beef (best brisket, shoulder), you can add a bit of lean porkRoots: 2-3 small onions, 2-3 carrots, 1 medium beetroot, parsley 1-2 spine, a piece of celery (celery and parsley, if not, do not worry - you can do without them)Cabbage - just a quarter or half of the average of head    5-6 kartoshinuSalt, pepper, bay leaf, tomato paste (or whole tomatoes -2-3 pieces) In a saucepan put the meat part of the roots - the onion, parsley root one, a piece of celery, fill Read more [...]
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KITCHEN KNIFE. Technicians with a knife. Shinkuem diced onions. Part one.

Lyricist - Andrew Gvozdyov Created: April 2010 The first partAs stated by the late William V. Pohlebkin - without onion impossible to cook any meals (almost). Even if there is no onion in the recipe, it should be added. Controversial, but such culinary genius writer thought - "Is it a luxury."Be that as it may, the onions have to be cut more often.Therefore, let us consider briefly what techniques invented people chopping onions.It is clear that we will talk only in the context of His Majesty's knife. We do not need to cut the onions, and enjoy the simple things of the sort Read more [...]
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Eastern Siberia: in the Northern half of the anomalous heat

on June 14. The hot air that flows to the North of Eastern Siberia, led to here of abnormally hot weather, average daily air temperature exceeds the climatic norm for 8-10 degrees. And in a number of settlements were made changes in meteorological records, and most of them had on Taimyr. In the West of the Peninsula, in the port of Dudinka, June 13, the thermometer stood at +25.7,-ve Dixon +9.9, Cape Chelyuskin (North of Taimyr) +6.5. These values of temperature and become new absolute highs for the day. The leaders went out and Turukhansk, where on June 13, the air is heated to +30.3, higher Read more [...]
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Scientists believe that half of the food in the world is wasted

Experts of the British Society of Mechanical Engineers found that 30 to 50 percent of the products grown and produced food in the world no one eats. In the U.S. and Europe, half of the food thrown away after purchase. According to a report made no sense excess food produced from a combination of factors: a strict control over the sale of expired products, poor harvesting and wasteful consumers. The authors call such a tragic situation and say that a planet with a population at the end of the century is projected to grow by three billion worth thinking about strategy a reasonable diet.Category: Read more [...]
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About half a million people in southern China suffered from the Typhoon Vincent

on July 24. About half a million people in South China's Guangdong province has been affected by the Typhoon Vincent, struck on Tuesday night at the South of the country, reported Xinhua citing the Ministry of civil Affairs of China. According to the Agency, in the city of Taishan three people died and six were missing. As of 17:00 (13:00 GMT) Tuesday from Typhoon affected about half a million people in nine coastal cities in Guangdong, 95 thousand people were evacuated. The wind gusts were destroyed 500 homes, damaged crops in the area of 13.6 thousand hectares. Economic damage is estimated at Read more [...]
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In the United States are waiting for the eruption of a super-volcano

on August 11. In anticipation of the eruption. Yellowstone national Park — one of the most mysterious «hot» points of America, able to absorb half of its territory. As the researchers note — the geysers and the so-called Yellowstone super-volcano may be activated. When the eruption will be available to the human eye? Report by our own correspondent in the United States — Maxim Grabka.These landscapes — not chronicle another planet. In Yellowstone thermal sources more than anywhere else in the world. The earth literally boils under your Read more [...]
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The Englishman has bitten his dog after the animal died

Mark Els, 23, a resident of the town of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, lost his temper when he was bitten in his sleep Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Ellie. Once the dog still shits on the carpet, in a fit of anger, Mark grabbed him by the neck and thrown out of the house. Then he moved away somewhat and decided to atone Ellie. But while swimming again so furious on some occasion, that the dog actually bit off half of his left ear. Els sat terrified and bleeding to death in a cage Ellie. The next morning, the dog died.An autopsy showed the obvious reason for the attack bull terrier - chronic Read more [...]
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Above the epicenter

Directly to the testing of nuclear weapons in our squadron flew, not all but only two of the crew. Our flew four times. The procedure was as follows: first raised plane-carrier. Piloted his crew, which usually flew in Olenegorsk from Crimea. The bombs they were loading at our airport. The bomber took off, and after him - the plane-laboratory. We took off after about half an hour after they came to the place and also half an hour to photograph the area of relief, rather, the consequences of the explosion we were flying at 11 thousand feet when photographing decreased to 9000, on the way there Read more [...]
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Lužnice water

Small annual plant height of 5-15 cm, with thin creeping rooting stems. Leaves linear-oblong or linear-spatulate, fleshy, entire, with long petioles, are located in the basal rosette and at the ends of the shoots. Flowers solitary, located in the axils of the leaves on long stalks. Calyx campanulate, nearly twice as long as corolla, half cut into five ovate-triangular sharp recurved lobes. Corolla 2-3.5 mm long, rotate-campanulate, white or pink with a greenish short tube and five-blade open almost right limb lobes limb oblong-ovate, obtuse, almost half the length of the tube. Tychinok4, at Read more [...]
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The strongest downpour flooded half of the buildings in the Turkish city of Edremit

March 11, 2013. More than half of the buildings in the town of Edremit in the North-West of Turkey were flooded by heavy rain, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the acting mayor of Fatih they noted (Fatih Caglar). «This shower we didn't have the last 20 years. Flooded more than half of all houses in the city... the water Level in the river rose almost a meter. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the material damage is huge. The amount to call is not yet taken, but the count is already underway», \"he said. According to they noted the elimination of the consequences which began on Read more [...]
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The volcano was banished from the island of Antigua tourists and half the population

March 26, 2013. The inhabitants of the island of Antigua, located in the Eastern Caribbean, suffer from volcanic gases, vomit volcano Montserrat Soufriere hill. The case would have been mediocre, if not for one feature. The soufrière volcano, Montserrat hill is located on the island of Montserrat, remote from Atigua 70 kilometres to the North-East. The islanders have never encountered such a thing. The volcano did not differ elevated emissions, and the wind carried them in another direction. Now the situation is not in favor of Antigua. The volcano became active and began daily to emit 368 tons Read more [...]
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Henorinum small

Annual plant height 8-25 cm, densely covered entirely with short glandular hairs. Stems branched from the base, erect or ascending. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, entire, usually blunt, with short petioles, the lower opposite, upper leaves. Flowers are small, located in the axils of the leaves one on pedicels up to 1 cm bracts half as long peduncles. Calyx length of 3-5 (6) mm and 1 mm wide, deep quinquepartite, thrive at the fruit, with linear blunt lobes of unequal size. Corolla light purple, with a yellow spot in the throat, 6 mm long, two-lipped, with a long tube from the front with a spur Read more [...]
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