Woke up … — plaster

Good day!The title - part of the famous phrase of k / f "Diamond Hand": "Slipped, fell, lost consciousness, woke up - gypsum" © Each can happen. And the young, and the elderly. Someone might say, well, you should be able to fall, so not to break anything. Correctly, you should be able to fall. But injuries can not only be from the fall. But this is not about how personal injury as a month to live with her, and even more until plaster not withdraw, and whether such a situation to prepare in advance.If the leg is broken, then no matter what, right or left - have to walk on crutches anyway. Read more [...]
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Fragrant CHICKEN GRILL outdoors

From time to time hunt to experience something extraordinary, how to achieve this with the minimum of resources at hand to hand?It's painfully simple, you need only to show resourcefulness, as did some fans suburban recreation, as well as lovers relish to eat. Honestly, I never would before that were not smart enough, well done guys. Take their method of construction adopted, suddenly need to#vizianagaramNikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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For tourist: Can I catch pike hands

This question is quite complicated, and answer it in the affirmative outright impossible. I myself asked it to yourself several times since then, I learned how to fish rather masterful hands. Sample solved even catch pike when beheld her in small rivers. I liked to follow the pike and build its undisguised curiosity towards themselves.Pike behaves very cautiously. Her huge, expressive eyes, her gaze can be compared with the feline, cool and close. Whichever side of the pike are, still created a memory, as if she was looking right at you with their unblinking eyes. If you watch the pike Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: catching crayfish Strategy

Tactics catching crayfish is a constant search for cancers in water. In most cases, they can be found in caves in the cliffs, from stones, piled on, the roots of trees. In search of cancers, it is necessary to walk on water along the steep bank and hands carefully inspect all holes and recesses. Feel as cancer, then immediately grab his hand. Almost vovseh cases of cancer begins to defend pinching claws. This is palpably painful and not everyone can withstand sudden strong bite. Triggered a defensive reaction and rakolov pulls his hands. At this moment, and then cancer has a chance to Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: fly fishing for trout rivers

In our country, there are not very many people who have to fly fishing in general is not kept in the hands of any other gear. Most of the fishermen came to fly fishing spinning through passion. As recognized by many experienced nahlystoviki, former spinningists taking in hand this magical gear they got a one way ticket and say vorachivayutsya to spinning units. Those who are truly interested in fly fishing soon become typical ichthyologists practitioners. These people shtudiruet tons of literature about the different fish, their structure and habits. Apart from that they are studying a variety Read more [...]
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On the Northern part of Germany collapsed storm

4 January. In Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, the wind speed reached 100 miles per hour. Based upon the pictures posted on the website of the German newspaper «Bild» in places you can only move hand in hand - lonely passers-by immediately knocks down. There were no casualties, but the local weather forecast, the wind will gain greater strength and along with the snow will hit the South of the country. In the UK, where the same storm raged yesterday, two people were killed. This is a minibus driver (his car was crushed fallen centuries-old oak ) and one member of the Read more [...]
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Temperance from Spayderko. Impressions

Author: Mak Date: 16/01/06 Review posted with permission of the author  Say at once - an article in "The slot" and a review of Vadim Denisov not read it, though, and would really like to, but may, and then write the review found no reason to be. length overall l9 5/8 "(244 mm)blade length 4 7/16 "(113 mm)cutting edge 4 1/8 "(105 mm)blade thickness 5/32 "(5/32")blade steel VG-10weight 5.38 oz (152 g)handle material FRN However, such a case was presented - obzorchik write, for Spayderko Temperance was exactly on December 30 last year. However, no pictures. Read more [...]
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Spyderco ENDURA Clipit. Model C10PSBK

Author: Nicholas (Nick on knife.ru >>> <<< Bright nickname) Created: June 20, 2005  Specifications: (manufacturer's data)total length of 224 mm blade length 100 mm Steel VG-10 closed length 125 mm cutting edge length 87 mm weight 86 g hole diameter 12 mm opening the maximum thickness of the blade 3 mm handle material FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon)  After three years of using this knife, I would say that the bulk of its defining characteristic - reliability. There are a lot of good knives, but of the ones that I came across, only about Enduro I could highlight Read more [...]
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Weaving leashes

Author: AlexScar Date: January 20, 2006Since ancient times people were weaving, knitting, wound knots on their knives and bladed weapons. Sometimes it had a practical sense, sometimes purely decorative, sometimes just a passing fad.Appointment depends on the Lanyard. Sometimes the sword knot forms a loop that you can throw on hand to reduce the risk of losing the knife in an emergency. On a small knife or a knife fight with a short stick, thick woven lanyard can fill the void in the palm of your hand, increasing the length of the handle.Also it can be used for easy and fast retrieval of Read more [...]
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Microtech Socom Elite

Author:Fet Created: 18 July 2007  Bought me, comrades, currently mikrotekovsky Juice. I must say, I would Mikrotyk long and well, but something did not add up - that there is no money, then I'm sober, and money on more useful things go. But voluntary wanting indecent delayed, and was strongly decided - with the last zryaplaty kuplyat Microtec. Actually, I always wanted an automatic frontalku - Makor there, or what Scarab-nito. But these models in the basic version somehow did not cause burning desire to buy, and limit orders on options zryaplaty clearly not enough. Because I have set Read more [...]
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SOG S65 Power Plier

Author: Fet Created review December 16, 2006 Review posted with permission of the author  Recently, there was a strange, but the expected event - I bought a multitool. I must say, I periodically have found such a desire, I began to read reviews, twirl Tula in stores, study Tula acquaintances, asking what they where and how. But could not choose. It is clear that this was from a very banal reason - I just could not clearly articulate demands for itself the tool. Or, in other words - did not see him for the job, and had it to nafig not needed. Well, actually, I'm nuts by occupation rare Read more [...]
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Author: Alexei Created: 6.02.2008In December last year, got a few NG devices. A huge THANK YOU to human-knife to the founding fathers of the club orders!  I would like to share personal experiences about the knife SOG Trident Folder Tanto.  On NG: http://www.newgraham.com/detail.aspx?ID=6126 In the native Sogovskom site: http://sogknives.com/store/TF-7.htmlSOG Trident Tanto (Black TiNi)Blade Length: 3.75 "(95mm) Overall Length: 8.5 "(216mm) Weight: 3.6 oz. (127g) Blade Material: AUS 8 Handle Material: Zytel w / Groove Coating Blade: Hardcased Black TiNiIn some detail the Read more [...]
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Boker Magnum Generator

sec: Vit_213 Created review December 20, 2006 Review posted with permission of the author  TTX from the manufacturer: The total length of 19.8 cm blade 8.2 cm Weight: 150 gr. Steel 440CMeasured:Folded length 117 mm, thickness 12 mm, without clips. Immediately foresee disgruntled shouts of "Phew, magnum, cheap, China, etc., etc.Know. And he bought me "in the appendage" to two more "serious" Boker. About one of which I spoke herehttp://www.knife.ru/Forum/read.php?f=1&i=151527&t=151527. Bought solely for looks in the picture, just liked.And when I Read more [...]
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Gerber — Gator 6064

Author: Filip Vracovsky Translation: Rumoko  Date - September 2005Manufacturer: GerberName: Gator 6064 Type: FoldingBlade Material: ATS-34Handle Material: Zytel / KratonOverall length (mm) 220Blade length (mm) 95Length (closed) (mm) 124 Overall viewGator on the face of a large and strong. Immediately feel that really keep VAW. To open it has no holes, pegs or recesses for the nail, but a fairly wide blade offers space for easy opening, even with gloves. Open the knife with one hand is hard enough, but after a little practice, you can open the knife and light wave of the hand (Sorry joke Read more [...]
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Cold Steel Spike

Author: Kakty $ $ Created review - December 8, 2008 Reprinted with permission of the author  So, knife Cold Steel Spike was acquired me for no particular purpose, but due to the very low price and attractive design. What am I going to do with it - I was not at all represented.  In Russia knives in this series are certified - butcher knife, skinning. The plate of expertise, which I managed to dig up on the Hanse, and then to a regular Spike, indicated that the knife does not stop subdigital for stabbing and subdigital notch it does not exceed 4 mm, so it belongs to the category of skinning Read more [...]
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Coldsteel Nightforce vs Coldsteel Recon 1

Coldsteel Nightforce vs Coldsteel Recon 1 Author - Winy Created Review - August 2005 Posted with permission.We can say that folding knives Nightforce and Recon 1 positioned on the site of the manufacturer - the American company Coldsteel - as tactical.This, in turn, allows the show to these knives increased requirements in terms of survivability, cutting capacity and ease of use.I offer you a comparative review of their. As you can see from the photos, the knives are very similar, although they have a serious design differences. Albeit different, but all are brothers.I'll start with Read more [...]
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Leatherman Surge

This device will extend the series multitool from Leatherman, who visited my guest.At this time in my hands Surge, which translated to English means "Waves." We make a first assessment and has 49 points out of 70 possible. Leatherman Surge, decided in 6th place in the ranking of 16 while multitool. We proceed to a more detailed study of this device.Specifications Leatherman Surge: (in parentheses electronic caliper measurement)Weight: 355 gOverall length: 175 mm (192.2)Blade length: 77 mm (77,85)Arm length: 115 mm (114.35)Blade thickness: 2.4 mm (2.38)Steel: 420HCCase: Stainless SteelPouch: Read more [...]
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Leatherman MUT ®, Molle Brown LT850012

Specifications: Weight: 317.5 g  Overall length: 192 mm  Blade length: 7.62 mm  Arm length: 125 mm   Steel: 420HC Case: Cordura WithCountry of Origin: United States      I wanted to compare with the novelty of its Chardjev Leatherman MUT. But getting it by holding in his hand, immediately realized that my Chardjev nearer and dearer to me.        The main criteria of seven, they will explain why below: 1. Convenience - the knife should be easy to use, if it is not a work of art. 2. Practical - The thing has no practical application we do not need. 3. Sharpening - The Read more [...]
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Leatherman Charge TTi

Author: Hamitic Artem Created: 03.11.2007  "... Everything happens for the first time ever ... the monk said Tuck ... climbing on a virgin"  Here I am old enough to buy an expensive, high-quality multitool. And before writing the review, the description. My choice fell on «Leatherman Charge TTi». Why is this tool? First, «Leatherman». The first and the foremost producer of this kind of tool. It all started with an idea by Tim Lezermana of full-pliers include a pocket knife. 1980 Tim patented his invention - Mr. Crunch. 1983 Tim and his college friend Steve Berliner base Leatherman Read more [...]
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Author: Dmitry Kolotov Created review: January 2010 Review posted with the permission of the author. In short, the blade of steel ... 4034. Aluminum handle with Kraton inserts. I disclosed Length 20 cm 12 cm length of the closed in the open state II 17 cm, 10 cm in a closed Well, if for more detail, the Speed Lock by Boker - it's one hundred percent automatic. You press the button, the blade jumps out and fixed the lock. Button is good because it is made flush with the handle. How to wear a pants pocket / pants, as worn in the bag, the knife never spontaneously never opened. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).