Strange sounds awaken residents of canadian cities

September 2, 2013. Locals say about the animal, which had settled in the nearby woods, or about the military trials. «I heard this strange sound twice this summer. First time did not have time to write, but today it popped up in the morning from the bedroom and recorded. This sound was heard, and my son - his voice is in the video. Other residents also heard it. But nobody from the authorities cannot explain what it» the author writes the video in the comments. The video was viewed over half a million people wrote thousands of comments, mostly sarcastic. «It's bulldozers breed», Read more [...]
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Does Skimming Ahead a Airstream Dull You Fine-tune?

    Picture: meunierd/ShutterstockA:At kickoff, we were leaving to answer, “Are you fo tangible?” and forget it at that. But we rundle up Ted Queen, the 30-year old American who races for the Cannondale Pro Cycling Squad, and was splendidly cut from end yr’s Le Enlistment de France astern lacking the squad metre run crosscut by vii seconds.Power is presently gear up for retaliate in 2014, but he took quartet proceedings out of a mid-ride java gaolbreak to destination your uncanny doubt. Turns out you can fault the Belgians for the misinformation.“Lots of Read more [...]
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A strange hum in Florida

Corydoradinae sounds heard by local residents News service reports: \"on Wednesday evening (09.03.2011) us (news channel WcTv.TV - notes. translator) received many calls from residents who heard a strange sound, like a freight train. Residents feared that it was a tornado. But it's not. Perhaps it was about the phenomenon called \"duct\" and in this regard, the national weather service Tallahassee (Tallahassee is the capital pc. Florida - note. translator) made an appropriate statement.\"\"Tallahassee news: \"on Wednesday evening we received a lot of calls, mostly from residents of the area Read more [...]
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The fault in Michigan

BIRCH CREEK - Once the earth was flat, it was covered with trees, peering into the sky. After 24 hours appeared to 180-meter-long crack, the depth of 1.2 m seeking through the forest - and these straight trees are now inclined at 30 degrees to the right and to the left where the earth rose up to 4.5 meters. No, it's not a disaster movie; this is what happened on Monday near the house Eileen Heider in Birch Creek. About 8:30 that morning Heider sat at home, watched TV. \"The chair trembled for a few seconds, and I thought, something in him was broken,\" said she. At the same time Heider heard Read more [...]
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A Nuge Earth Gild

The cradle with guitar and gun     Pic: Courtesy Ted NugentTed NugentThe cradle with guitar and gun Ted NugentThe new volume, usable now.In guitar god Ted Nugent's new record Ted, Flannel, and Disconsolate, an supplement to Line Trails 2 and God, Guns, and Sway & Paradiddle, "The Nuge" plays political consultant and addresses issues ranging from Lavatory Lennon's invite heartsease to "soulless, horrible, Satellite of the Apes, anti-American, brain-dead" healthcare rectify. His advice? Among former things, bearing parents of fat kids with carelessness, pass Read more [...]
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The River Why

Gold Heard     Pic: Kurt MarkusBrownish-yellow HeardYellow-brown HeardHeading: Gold HeardLensman Kurt Markus took these frank portraits of Hollywood's newest "it" missy on the set of the new fly sportfishing flick The River Why.Telecasting: Zach Gilford QuestionThe champion of Friday Nighttime Lights and The River Why negotiation astir his favourite fly, what Yellow-brown Heard is same on set, and how he balances playing with directing backcountry trips. Read more [...]
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S. Petersburg: Residents Sestroretsk, complain about the sounds of explosions

on 9 November. Echoes of strange explosions this autumn heard the inhabitants of many parts of St. Petersburg (both peripheral and from the historic centre), but in recent alarming \"summary\" come mainly from the Resort area. The responses of residents Sestroretsk, from time to time they hear an unidentified frightening sounds. \"Started in September is still pretty warm it was. Frequency varies: sometimes two weeks of silence, sometimes two days in a row rumbles, - says the resident of Sestroretsk Victoria. Mostly, it was about 17-19 hours. And yesterday (November 8) was in the afternoon at Read more [...]
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Strange noises and rumbling sounds: Canada, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, Costa Rica, Czech Republic

From 9-12 January 2012 strange noises were heard on both sides of the Atlantic. The relay began Costa Rica.   Strange noise in the sky in the middle of the night in Aalborg, Denmark. January 10, 2012The author writes the video: \"In the night of January 10, 2012 in Aalborg, Denmark I heard a very strange sound coming from outside. I went out to see what it could be. That sound seemed to go from the sky and lasted for several minutes. I recorded this sound on the camera. In fact, a strange noise was very loud, but unfortunately this is not audible on the recording as it was recorded on Read more [...]
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Strange sounds continue: Ukraine, Switzerland, USA

Strange sound in Dnepropetrovsk, January 18, 2012.Strange sound in Switzerland, 19 January 2012.Florida, United States. JanuaryUploaded on January 18. The author writes: \"Strange noises in the sky. It seemed that the sound was coming from the East and the beach. Moans came for 1-2 minutes before I managed to pick up a camera and stopped during recording. My dog was excited, and the neighborhood dogs started barking. Terrible thing! I hope that this is not a government experiment or conspiracy. Some people say that the sound could be from a cruise ship or someone who plays for fun. Read more [...]
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In Togliatti hear strange sounds

on January 31.  In Togliatti actively discussing the strange sounds that some residents have heard in recent times. To be precise, we are talking about combinations of different pitch. They seemed to be coming, according to those who heard them, as if from heaven. The flames were fanned by the fact that this phenomenon is not uncommon. They occur worldwide and are particularly frequent in recent times. Especially susceptible are already dubbed them \"sounds of the Apocalypse\". The last case occurred in Komsomolsk region. I must say, \"Komsa\" actually stands out among the other districts by Read more [...]
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The mysterious \»buzzing\» sound in Ireland

on 5 March. Desperate residents of the small town Kerry say that their life has turned into hell because of the secret buzz violating their sleep and causing chaos every day. They ask the government in the investigation of the source definition is a constant, pulsed, low-frequency noise, which cannot be traced, despite repeated efforts. The frustration of local residents in the rural part of the Beaufort hear strange noises from the beginning of last year. Resident Barry Lynch said: \"the first time we heard this sound in April 2011. We know not from whence he is, even disconnected the pumps Read more [...]
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Rumble in Tomsk: an eyewitness account

We received a letter from an eyewitness hum/noise from the detailed description which he had heard in Tomsk. Author's vocabulary and spelling retained. \"Hello. I am very glad that on the subject of drones in the sky began finally to the discussion. It happened 19.10.2011 between 20.00-21.00 hours local time, Tomsk — Russia. The weather outside was calm, despite the very low clouds and drizzling first small wet snow. In the evening, as usual, I sat at the computer and worked in headphones (when I'm in the headphones I can't hear what is happening around them). Suddenly, there was Read more [...]
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Sound poltergeist — a miracle or scientific phenomenon?

Sounds, hand out of nowhere, voices and footsteps invisible people - these events always cause a person to an irrational fear ... Yet researchers do not give up hope of a rational way to explain them.Talking SpiritsSimilar cases have occurred in all times and ages. For example, in 1135 in a house in the village headman Nicolas Le Mans (France), heard a strange noise, knocking, breaking down the walls, moving from place to place objects ...After the house was dedicated, two nights in a row it was heard a girl's voice. Invisible girl calling herself Granier. She said that no one hurt, but Read more [...]
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Mysterious Raudive voices

In 1969 he published a book in Germany Latvian émigré psychologist Konstantin Raudive "Making inaudible signal to audible." It outlines the public learned his method of communication with the other world with electronic devices.In his work of K. Raudive citing numerous facts mysterious radio messages and justify the theory that, as a means of radio receive messages "from the world", though before it worked only mediums. However, the Latvian psychologist was not the first to discover the phenomenon of mysterious radio signals. In the decade prior to the publication of the Read more [...]
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Good evil

Many people believe that ghosts cause only harm us: provoke bad things and bring down the right path. But is it really?In 2002, the family Adams began a new period. They moved to a large house, and their youngest son, Robert, who grew introverted and reclusive, has finally found a friend. Robert made friends with a boy named Sean, which is often played in the street. From communicating with one another, Robert was ecstatic. When parents offered her son Sean to invite a visit, he refused, saying that Sean is not quite an ordinary boy, and is unlikely to agree to come. Later it turned out that Read more [...]
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History of a Yr Foretold

Extraneous clip, January 1996History of a Yr ForetoldBy Larry BurkeAfterwards you've uncorked the Dom Perignon and yowled a few obligatory bars of "Auld Lang Syne," probe this month's covering history for a telling and emphatically sparkly sneaker trailer of the twelvemonth onward. For our s one-year "Exterior Predictor," we asked a whirl squad of our near prescientcorrespondents to payoff a version of the modish trends in sports, locomotion, Read more [...]
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Unusual sound shock and severe tremors throughout West Michigan

on may 29. People are wondering what could cause loud sounds and heavy impacts on the evening of 27 of may and the morning of 28 may 2012 throughout West Michigan. Messages come people in Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties. People say that they felt and heard: for example, John Nieuwenhuis, who lives in Oshtemo, said that he felt and heard the explosion, which shook the whole house. Nieuwenhuyse called fire, but they could not find the source of the explosion. The explosion damaged the trees near the house of John Nieuwenhuis, but how remains a mystery... see also: Fault in Michigan NewsChannel Read more [...]
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Strange sounds around the world. Continued

Continue the theme. Decided to search a little scoring on Youtube in the search «Strange sound» and putting the filter «for the last month».Moscow 06.06.12France 28.05.2012. The fake Sound overlaid with 7 this, personally I was more than just interisano as such I personally have not heard in any movie. 21.05.2012 recorded in Dallas, Oregon. The author writes «this is the worst thing that I heard. What do you think?»Italy 15.05.2012. At the very end (the sound is quiet but you can hear). The fake sound from the movie \"War of the Read more [...]
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Poland was hit by tornado

On Sunday, July 15, in Northern Poland were several powerful tornadoes. The wind speed reached 200 kilometers per hour, TV channel «Russia 24». One person was killed and another ten injured. Several homes were completely destroyed, some tore the roof. The roads are fallen trees, broken power lines. The disaster in the clock mode, eliminate thousands of rescuers.«We were in the heart of the tornado. We first heard the noise. Then came the storm, the wind grew stronger. Then all was quiet. I decided that it was all over, but after some time we saw the approaching whirlwind»- Read more [...]
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Belarus: the Explosion of a meteorite in the Glubokoe district

on July 17. Dozens of residents of Vitebsk oblast tell about an unusual phenomenon, which was observed on the night of 16 July: the sky flying fireball and exploded with a tremendous roar. Apparently, it was a meteorite, he was seen in Glubokoe and Minsk regions. — According to eyewitnesses of the villages of the Glubokoe district, it happened in the first hour of the night. Fireball with orange-yellow halo and bright tail was flying across the sky a few seconds, then he saw a flash and the light was gone, and after a couple of minutes there was such a roar that shook not only the Windows, Read more [...]
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