Summer heat …. rehydron.

I decided to write an article is very small, maybe someone will be useful, especially since the summer, the heat and all the sweat. Now therefore: We sweat constantly. Our body consists essentially of water 60-65%. Unfortunately, together with then it appears to us not only unnecessary products of metabolism, but also the necessary salts and minerals. If everything is normal, the body is not worried about it. But if the loss of salts and minerals is too large, disrupted water-salt balance.The loss of liquid in an amount of only 2% of body weight reduces efficiency by 20%, while 20% of the fluid Read more [...]
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If the day is short and cold …

Part 2. On clothesPhoto Anatoly Mailkova No fish are not biting takes pleasure when catching uncomfortable, cold and wet. Good clothes for fishing, especially in the cold season, no less important than the well-honed tackle. In recent years, replaced the traditional «Telogreyka». «padded jacket» and «cape» came overalls of the most modern «breathing» materials and so-called lower thermal underwear.In the Russian market under the name of conventional wisdom «thermal underwear» sell underwear for winter and summer of wool Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Last week, the weather in the capital region again differed noticeable instability: constantly varied atmospheric pressure and temperature, in some places were showers on some days the sky covered dense clouds. And the average was relatively cool, comfortable for fishing, which, like the previous week, generally wore a coastal nature, since almost all water bodies there is still an increased water level. However, this situation remains to be short-lived, because on Sunday the central region quickly seized blocking anticyclone which brought withering heat. Under these conditions, Read more [...]
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The dangers of the desert

Desert full of dangers for the traveler. In this review we will talk about the threats that are waiting for a lone traveler in the desert and how to avoid them. It often happens that during a trip to an exotic country, and is a tourist lost in the desert. The desert is one of the most disadvantaged regions to autonomous survival. Terrible heat; scorching sun; no vegetation, and therefore shade; dangerous poisonous snakes, scorpions; lack of water, and not a lot of food; Well and sandstorms as the last straw. The heat need to be protected clothing, in every possible way to close the exposed skin. Read more [...]
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Heating. The charm of Russian winter

The survival of our country and the region has special conditions. We very cold, frosty and snowy winter. When, States, cities, homes lost Central heating, there will be no electricity, no gas, nothing. Take a look at how to survive the Russian winter, on the background of a collapsed world. First, you need to determine the room that you're going to heat, since this depends directly on the choice of heat source. On base camp we have already said, so an idea you should be. Energy a post-apocalyptic future – it is primarily wood, and furniture. If the region of steppe, forest belts a little, Read more [...]
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Pretty dangerous for a person in extreme conditions is an overheating, solar or heat stroke. Along with dehydration, heat stroke – the main threat in tropical regions of our planet: the tropics and the equatorial zone. Talk, how to protect themselves from heat stroke. To be able to understand the need to protect the causes and mechanism of sunstroke. Our body, its organs and systems are adapted to function in a certain range of external and internal temperatures. Internal temperature – own body temperature and internal organs (known to be about 36.6 deg. Celsius). When the body is exposed Read more [...]
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Helly Hansen

Long-Sleeve W Tread ? ZipHelly Hansen Long-Sleeve W Gait ? Zip     Pic: Courtesy of Helly HansenHelly Hansen’s bag layers let been fantastically pop among skiers and snowboarders looking wet direction and breathability in one. The caller takes their baselayer engineering and applies it to the Long-Sleeve W Stride ½ Zip, creating a shirt that’s breathable decent for longsighted runs but too offers heat when it’s required. As one examiner put it, “It was easy for cold-blooded mornings that speedily het.” That’s thanks to meshing panels on Read more [...]
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AS Ablaze Different SPECIES of TREES.

Make out DECIDUOUS trees as firewood.* BIRCH is probably the main source of firewood in rural areas. Especially there, where there are mixed forests. It gives a lot of heat, burns long, moderately.Birch bark (bark) is a beautiful material to make fire. Feature billet birch firewood is to split the Tulku (the cut part of the trunk is approximately 80cm) logs (smaller part), in this case violated the integrity of the bark of a tree that allows the logs faster to dry.Birch bark (bark) has the property not to pass water. Specifically for this reason, cut but not sawn and not divided into parts, the Read more [...]
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Hiking, fishing, small repairs of the car on the way to nasty cold weather, when no longer listen to the frozen fingers of the hand, there appears a need in an ordinary heating pad. Naturally, a great warm up by the campfire, but not always it can be diluted, so it will demand time and daze. And if you make a little chem pad? It does not take much space and will always be at hand.For such heating pad will come in handy the most common reagents. Conduct easy experience. Take of salt, two teaspoons of salt (20 g), then slightly copper sulphate three teaspoons (40 grams). Will resotre them separately Read more [...]
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Everything is done quite rapidly and simply. On a cast iron stove put the tank lid made zinc coated sheet, only the bottom it is made of soft aluminum. Tank fill ordinary river sand, which is heated from the furnace, long holds heat and heats the room. So that heat from the heated bottom of the basin have penetrated into the sand, in the whole volume of the tank every 3-4 cm set of heat-conducting aluminum plate (if possible - copper, brass). Curved ends below they are tight (with rivets) to the bottom.In the end, a good thermal contact of the plates with the bottom of the sand in the drive heats Read more [...]
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survival basics of survival in nature winter

Low temperatures are dangerous not only in the polar zones. Long exposure to the cold unsafe everywhere. Take precautions against the same criteria.HYPOTHERMIA is a technical word refers to a state when the body cannot produce heat faster than lose it, and its temperature falls below normal. This condition appears under the influence of wind, rain and low temperatures, also called:- The depletion.- Inadequate clothes.- Inadequate shelter.- Inadequate nutrition.- Inadequate knowledge and training.Conditions that contribute to hypothermia - hypothermia, completely consistent with the terms of the Read more [...]
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Japan finishes heat waves

July 17, 2013. Heat over the past week in Japan claimed the lives of 16 people, from the beginning of July with heat stroke were hospitalized more than 13.6 thousand people, such data are released in Japan Fire Department, in charge of the ambulance service. In just the first half of July from the heat died 19 people. According to the data released earlier in June, with heat stroke in the hospital received more than 4.2 thousand people. It is more than 2 times higher than in June last year. In June, the average temperature in the country was 30 degrees. However, the come July brought record Read more [...]
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Covet: Barrage Het Mittens

Barrage het mittens.     Exposure: HestraWhen your custody address blocks of ice due to bad circulation or bitterness insensate temps (or both), a sugariness ski day can apace sourness. But now, thanks to Hestra’s Index Hummer Mitts, you'll ne'er trouble almost frigid fingers again. Battery-powered mittens yield het custody to the succeeding stratum by providing all-day heat when your eubstance can’t sire its own. Mission 'em , and you’re make to mission. Take one of trey passion settings on the rear of your mitt by pressure arrows for heater or less strong. Read more [...]
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Refrigerator for BP Myth or Reality?

Good day Komrad! This is my first article here, so do not kick much. Climb on the site, but did not find devices in conditions allowing BP products that contain long refrigerators. So I want to open this little question. In the context of e-BP is likely to be rare and expensive resource and spend it on refrigerator (compressor), no one will, at the time, as there are great absorption refrigerators that work (cooled) not by e-wa, and not as Paradoxically, this is due to the heating! And that too is not unimportant, such units can work for 40 + years without failure (personally, I work in the country Read more [...]
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Heat decimated hundreds of people

July 18, 2013. This week on the territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to set the record hot weather. Places the thermometer rises to the level of 30 ° C. Residents of Albion, who are accustomed to the cold and rainy summer season is very hard to bear the tropical heat. Victims of weather anomaly became a few hundred people, according to BBC. «With the arrival of nine days ago to the tropical heat, only in England to seven hundred people died», — According to the London School of Hygiene. Anomalous temperature and established overseas. In New York and Washington, Read more [...]
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In Australia, the intense heat. Video

In New South Wales, the thermometer rose to the level of + 43 °. In Sydney, people are saved from the heat in the fountains and on city beaches. Many do not tolerate this kind of weather. Significantly increased number of visits to physicians And in the south of the State of raging forest fires. Already burned 200 acres. The fire crept close to the homes. Their owners watered roof water to somehow protect buildings from the flames. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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The intense heat in Brazil

32 elderly people died because of the heat in the south of Brazil, said the spokesman for the Ministry of Health of Brazil. They died the day before yesterday and yesterday in the city of Santos, near Sao Paulo, said the spokesman. She added that the city had been warned about the impending heat, particularly warned elderly people and children, to reduce the risks of accidents from the heat on the street, away from heat, which is raging over southern Brazil, where daytime temperatures exceed 40 ° Celsius for more than a week . Rio de Janeiro, which is located 350 km to the north, is also suffering Read more [...]
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Where can I get het mittens?

A:Really, thither's a somewhat beneficial, cheap resolution to your trouble. At Cabela's, that ticket purveyor of many things alfresco, you'll get what's called the Hothand Glomitt. Good $15 a duad. By themselves they're just a nice overcharge mitten. can put an air-activated passion pad within apiece paw, and get nigh a wax day's heat out of it! The heating packets are $3 for two. Casual use mightiness get expensive, but for periodic ski use, why not?Thither are battery-powered mittens and gloves, launch unremarkably at hunting-supply stores. Be is approximately $50. They workplace, Read more [...]
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Soil surface temperature

 Temperature regime Soil heavily depends on its physical and mechanical properties, humidity, as well as from its security vegetation in summer and winter, snow cover, which protects the soil against heat loss by radiation.  During the year, the heating and cooling of the soil is changed. Under the conditions of the winter frosts typical of the Khanty-on the temperature regime of the soil is very strongly influenced by the height of the snow cover. At the beginning of the cold season (October, November) goes intense heat loss and freezing of the soil. When the snow cover in December rate of heat Read more [...]
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Heat balance and temperature regimes sleeping bags

Science has long infiltrated all areas of human activity and, of course, the industry development and production of equipment for extreme conditions. In this article we will focus on such an integral and important part of the equipment such as sleeping bag: on the temperature regime for which it was designed, the applicable standards.] Heat balanceTo the man was warm, it is necessary that the following condition: the amount of heat it generates itself, must be equal to the amount lost by heat or exceed it. The process and the amount of heat generated in the human body depends primarily on Read more [...]
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