Indonesia continues to pour

January 15 Indonesia has seen heavy rains that caused severe flooding. 11 people were killed and over 18,000 Indonesians had to be evacuated. Last Thursday in the city of Bandar Lampung in Sumatra due to strong winds and floods collapsed wall enclosing the site for mini-football. As a result of the death of two children, returned home after the game, says "Jakarta Post".The main transport artery of the city were paralyzed after leaving the shores of the river Wai Kuripan. Water height reached five feet. In some areas of Bandar Lampung flood level was so high that about 2700 houses Read more [...]
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Weather Service warned that the capital of the United States is approaching tornado

© RIA Novosti. Yuri AbramochkinWarning of impending on metropolitan District of Columbia tornado and flooding The National Weather Service issued a U.S..'Warning a tornado is valid from 20.00 medium (04.00 MSK Thursday) for the entire metropolitan area (including the District of Columbia bordering areas of Maryland and Virginia). Also from 16.15 medium (00.15 MSK Thursday) announced warning about possible flooding and water logging due to heavy rains, "- said in the capital of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.On the eve of the strongest storm hit the Midwest, leaving about 154 Read more [...]
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In India, the landslide killed 17 people, the fate of 10 unknown

In the north of India in the state of Uttarakhand in the landslide caused by heavy rains killed at least 17 people, the fate of 10 is unknown, reports Chinese news agency "Xinhua" referring to the Indian media.In addition, as a result of heavy rains disrupted the annual pilgrimage was as landslides damaged many highways and roads.In the state of Uttarakhand in 2009. a landslide there killed 80 schoolchildren.Source: RBC Read more [...]
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Severe flooding in Madeira, Portugal. Video

As a result of flooding and mudslides on the Portuguese island of Madeira, 25 people were killed. About 60 man injured. Thus, according to unofficial reports, the death toll could be and 31 man. Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported about 5 dead. About 60 man injured. Data on the presence of foreign tourists among the victims so far, according to the BBC on-Sea.The armed forces of Portugal brought to eliminate the consequences of the severe floods in Madeira, where accompanied by squally winds heavy rains killed dozens of people.Recall last night, heavy rains and wind, speed reaches Read more [...]
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Heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected in most parts of Spain

The State Agency of Meteorology of Spain (Aemet) predicts heavy rains on Friday and thunderstorms across much of the country, reports on Friday the Spanish news agency EFE.Many provinces declared "orange" alert - the second level of threat on the scale of warnings. According to forecasts, in provinces such as Jaen, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga, Seville, Toledo, Cuenca, Zaragoza, Huesca, Segovia could fall per hour up to 30 liters of water per square meter.After the unusual summer heat in early September on Thursday in virtually all of Spain significantly colder and the rains came. Read more [...]
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Meteonovosti: Portugal pour rain, Spain next in line

In contrast, strong anticyclone, it took more than half of Europe, was formed over the central Atlantic, a huge cyclone. Its edges are regularly tested for strength anticyclone, but can they "pinch" steady vortex only along the western and southern suburbs. But quite considerably. In Portugal, due to the extreme activity of these fronts declared orange severity by heavy rains.In Lisbon, for the past day has dropped about 16 mm of rain. On the same front, just to the west, in the Azores, has received more than 25 mm of heavenly moisture. And the rain continues on the archipelago. Read more [...]
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In Venice, due to heavy rains started flooding. Video

In Venice, now is the top seller - rubber boots. In town after several days of heavy rains started flooding.In some areas, the water level rose higher than a meter, and increasing. Element occurs so rapidly that caught many by surprise.However, the bad weather did not affect the plans of thousands of tourists. They are ready to enjoy the city, even knee-deep in water.Source: Channel One News Read more [...]
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Heavy rains have paralyzed traffic in Japan

Heavy rains, accompanied by strong winds hit on Friday the central part of Japan, including the Tokyo. One person was killed: a victim of the elements was an elderly resident of the Japanese capital. In Tokyo's Haneda Airport over 100 flights were delayed due to bad weather.Livni also led to numerous delays in the movement of railway transport, including the overexpression of "Shinkansen". Because of the temporary stop of the busiest branches in the way of high-speed trains were delayed more than 7,000 Japanese.At the moment the area of low atmospheric pressure shifting to the north Read more [...]
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Heavy rains in Thailand have led to flooding. Video

Heavy rains have caused flooding in the south of Thailand, said "Russia 24".Flooded were dozens of major cities, the traffic on the streets paralyzed. Water is coming. The authorities have evacuated residents of the affected regions and mountainous areas, where, after long showers can come off landslides.Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Belgian Flanders declared emergency mode due to heavy rains. Video. Photo

Belgium. Flood due to heavy rainsThe flood in Belgium killed 2 peopleBelgium to hit strong flood. All because of the heavy rains that come not stop for days. Among the victims of disaster - two people.The body of a 72-year resident of Solr Saint Zheri was found in her car - the woman could not get out of the car. Another resident found the stream on the way home. Man's body is looking for.Country literally goes under the water. Police officers block off traffic in hazardous areas, firefighters are trying to pump out the water. In the province of East Flanders declared emergency mode.But Read more [...]
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Flooding in Haiti

At least 11 man died as a result of floods and mudflows caused by prolonged heavy rains in northwestern Haiti."The situation is sad ... whole areas completely flooded. People are forced to climb on rooftops to escape, "- said in an interview with a representative of the local authorities.According to him, the five man Gels were killed in the north-west Haiti, the foundering of the car in which they were, three people were killed in the neighboring village of Thorbecke gels, and three other people in the region are also victims of the disaster.Due to heavy rains the water level in the Read more [...]
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Deadly flooding in Tennessee

Frame CNN from the sceneAs a result of floods in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, caused by heavy rains that continued throughout the weekend, died, according to the latest data, at least 15 man. This May 2 reported by Associated Press.Previously reported five dead in the flood. Now states that only in Tennessee, the worst affected by the disaster, killing 12 man. Two others are reported missing.Search and rescue operations are complicated by severe weather conditions and inaccessibility of the affected areas because of degraded roads. From flooded areas evacuated thousands man, Residents Read more [...]
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The floods in India killed 60 people

In India, the floods due to heavy rains killed about 60 people, more than half a million homeless, "Interfax-Kazakhstan" with reference to the Interior Ministry.The most difficult situation is in the south, in the states of Assam and Kerala. Over the banks of lakes and rivers flooded many villages in the lowlands. According to the Prime Minister of Assam Tarun Gegoya "help people and rescue operations are underway in full swing." For Search and Rescue joined forces. Deployed about 700 temporary camps where evacuated peasants.Recall that in the result of heavy rains in the Read more [...]
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China has intensified heavy rains caused flooding

In China, forecasters predict a strengthening of heavy rains have caused the flood in the south. According to the latest data, killed or reported missing more than a thousand 100 man.It is reported that in the south-western province of Sichuan were evacuated from the area of the flood more than one hundred thousand man. Flood the country has caused huge economic losses, somehow were affected 120 million Chinese.Residents fear a repetition of the tragedy of 1998. Then the Yangtze River overflowed its banks as a result of prolonged heavy rains killed more than 4 thousand man.Source: Radio Free Read more [...]
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Ten people died in floods in Indonesia

Photo: EPAFlooding caused by heavy rains on the Indonesian island of Borneo, killed ten man, 14 missing, said on Sunday by the Associated Press, citing local media.During bad weather on Saturday morning the river Kinarum (Kinarum) burst its banks in the area of the island, which is popular with tourists. The victims included many children swimming in the river at time celebrating the end of Ramadan - the Muslim holy month.Rescuers pulled ten bodies of water, search and rescue work continues, local television reported.Every year on the tropical archipelago Indonesia killed hundreds of people in Read more [...]
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Floods in Asia: nearly 150 dead and tens of thousands homeless. Photo

Flood in Vetname © AFPFloods in Asia, caused by heavy rains have killed nearly 150 people, tens of thousands were left homeless. This was on October 7 the Associated Press.According to Agence France-Presse, only in Vietnam floods have killed 49 people, another 23 people unaccounted lead. In addition, as a result of heavy rains destroyed thousands of homes.Another 97 people died in Indonesia, where heavy rains in West Papua province triggered landslides. 150 people were hospitalized with injuries, fractures and other injuries. Disappeared without lead including about 100 man, Local authorities Read more [...]
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Flooding in Indonesia. Photo

Floods triggered by torrential rains in Indonesia's West Papua province on Monday led to the death of at least 13 residents Teluk Vondama, dozens missing, according to the website of the newspaper Jakarta Globe."Lost a lot of children," - said the official representative of the district Titi Ningsih Vintser (Titi Ningsih Winzer).Started day before heavy rains overflowed lake located above the town Vasior. It came out of the banks, and streams of water fell on this town, uprooting old trees and demolishing homes, reports online news portal Now rescuers have great difficulty Read more [...]
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Floods in South Korea for more than 11,000 people homeless

SEOUL, Sept. 22. On the South Korean hit heavy rain, the correspondent of "Rosbalt".On the eve of a three-day celebration of the Mid-Autumn streets of Seoul, subway and buildings flooded by heavy rains. According to the local administration for disaster management, the floods are considered two fishermen missing and 11,800 people were left homeless.At the same time, in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong received more than 548.5 mm of rainfall, resulting in a typhoon "Fanapi" and heavy rains have killed more than 20 people, and about 34-are considered lost. The economic Read more [...]
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In the Philippines due to flooding killed nine people

Floods in north-eastern part of the Philippines have killed nine people. Another four are missing. Three days of heavy rains and mudslides forced thousands of people in these regions from their homes. The victims had taken refuge in government evacuation centers.According to the press-secretary of the National Police Agrimero Cruz, about 40,000 people have fled their homes in the north-east of the island of Luzon. State Meteorological Service sees the cause of the region as heavy rains in the offensive cold front. Recall, as previously reported InterRight, in addition to the Philippines from Read more [...]
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Heavy rains and thunderstorms hit in France

Heavy rains and thunderstorms hit today in the Middle Atlantic to the part of France. Were temporarily flooded the streets of many cities, including Paris. Binge disaster resulted in the death of one person in the department of Côte d'Or - it fell tree.In the departments of the north and west of France, as reported by emergency services, "affected a large number of citizens." In the department of Ardennes, three women were injured by a falling tree in their tent. The condition of one of them - hard.In the same department of the wind speed reached 110 km / h. This has resulted Read more [...]
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