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Drought in Russia

July 11, 2013. As the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Fyodorov, according to preliminary estimates by the drought in Russia, killing nearly 2% of the total sown area of ​​crops - 1.45 million hectares. Due to the abnormally high temperature, which was held in Central Russia in June and early July, several regions of the country were subjected to drought. We are talking about Lipetsk, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Orenburg, Samara, Kurgan regions and Bashkiria, a number of districts of the Chelyabinsk, Rostov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, Kalmykia Read more [...]
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In the southern Urals drought and locusts destroyed 362,000 hectares of crops

July 16, 2013. In the southern Urals drought and locusts have caused damage to agriculture by 1.4 billion rubles. According to "New Region", the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region in the southern Urals due to lack of rain in June, as well as the invasion of locusts killed 362 thousand hectares of crops. The total area of ​​affected crops totaled 767 thousand hectares. Damage is estimated at 1.4 billion rubles. Under these circumstances, the affected farms have accelerated the pace of hay and silage, harvested as fodder for the winter may not be enough. Read more [...]
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Of virgin

Of virgin land covered with natural vegetation, to-rye not used plow agriculture. By decision of Feb-March and June (1954) Plenum of the CPSU embarked on a rapid increase in the mfr. grain due to the development of virgin and fallow lands eastern. and the south-east. districts of the country. The massive development of Ts in the Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Siberia, W., Volga and others. Districts) was conducted in 1954-56. In subsequent years. the pace of work has significantly decreased. If for 1954-56 W. mastered 2555 thousand. Hectares Ts (ie 852 thousand. Hectares Wed in), then in 1957, 231 Read more [...]
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Prospects for the development of natural parks

At the current time in the Chelyabinsk region is the design and creation at various stages of the subsequent national parks: Nature Park "Turgoyak" - Area 23.7 thousand. Hectares. - Includes monuments of nature - oz. Turgoyak and river Kushtumga. - 516 species of vascular plants. - Neolithic site on Lake Kysykul. - Peninsula of Faith - a place of pilgrimage of the Old Believers. Nature Park "Zigalga" - Area 84 thousand. Hectares. - The core of the park - mountain ridge Zigalga with well-preserved areas of mountain tundra. - Well presented glacial landforms Read more [...]
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In southern Russia locust invasion

Locust attacks crops crops in southern Russia, including in the Rostov region and the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, which threatens the loss of the crop. In the Krasnodar region against locusts, as in 2009, will be processed 20 thousand. Hectares of fields. The first field will be processed corn, sunflower, sugar beet and perennial grasses, said Acting Head of FSI «Rosselhoztsentr» Regional Lyudmila Shulyakovskaya «Interfax-Yug». According to her, according to the monitoring, the maximum number of Italian locust — a particularly dangerous type of locust Read more [...]
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In the Chelyabinsk region a regime of emergency because of drought

"Due to soil drought in Chelyabinsk region in four south-western districts - Bredy, Kizilskoe, Agapovka and Verhneuralskiy - introduced state of emergency", - said the representative office. By order of the Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Governor Mikhail Yurevich established regional headquarters to combat the effects of drought. It includes the heads of the Ministry of Agriculture and regional areas, where we have introduced an emergency. Staff was headed by the Minister of Agriculture Ivan Feklin area. "Among the objectives of the regional headquarters - evaluation of material damage Read more [...]
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The prolonged drought has a negative impact on agriculture in South China

August 7, 2013. Since the middle of this year in most of the southern regions of China reigns prolonged heat, resulting in a number of provinces came drought, which began to have a serious negative impact on agriculture and home lives of local residents. According to the State headquarters of flood control and drought, as of August 5, in the country from drought affected arable land with a total area of ​​3 million 998 thousand hectares, 4.5 million people and nearly 1.8 million head of cattle lack of drinking water.The most severe drought occurred in Hunan Province / China Central / where Read more [...]
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Drought in the Ulyanovsk region

In all parts of the Ulyanovsk region introduced a state of emergency due to drought: moisture reserves in the plow layer low in some areas fixed crack depth of up to 35 centimeters. — Most of the region affected crops. According to recent data, predicted the death of summer 81 thousand hectares (total plantings of these crops suffered in an area of ​​517 000 hectares). Difficult situation and with winter. Because of the extremely low temperatures in December last year and the deficit of the autumn soil moisture affected crops in the area of ​​126 thousand hectares (one-third of Read more [...]
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Because of locusts South Russia is preparing for «plagues»

Winged "cannibals" Awe before the hordes of ravenous grasshoppers humanity is experiencing since biblical times. Locust plague among the ten plagues that God brought down on the land of Pharaoh to convince him to let Moses and his people to the Promised Land. In the Middle East and Mesopotamia has always been considered a delicacy locusts and did not cause the people of the hostility which it Europeans. Everything is good in moderation. In the biblical book of Exodus describes how vile insects eaten in Egypt, all that did not beat the previous fiery hail, and at the end of the day covered Read more [...]
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In Tajikistan, fighting locust

In Tajikistan count nashestiviya damage from locusts that have ruined crops on hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland. Winged invasion of Tajikistan suffers every year. For months, the noise of locusts is haunted by the residents of many villages. Basically locusts comes from Afghanistan. Previously set up special teams to destroy the pest on the border with that country. After the system agrochemical disbanded, the area covered by green pest control, began to increase. "If earlier the locusts were distributed in 12 districts, it has now been captured about 33 districts. Distribution Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in 26 regions of Russia imposed a state of emergency

In connection with the anomalous heat in 26 the subjects of the Russian Federation and 558 areas introduced a state of emergency. As the press service of EMERCOM of Russia, last week the modes of emergency was introduced in ten subjects and 152 municipal districts. The most difficult situation is in the territory of the Central Federal district. \"Currently, the control of the EMERCOM of Russia is furnished in natural fires on the territory of the CFO and the environment associated with the threat of destruction of agricultural crops caused by drought in southern, Volga, Urals, Siberian and Central Read more [...]
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A huge fire in the Nizhny Novgorod region: eyewitness VIDEO

In an average strip of Russia fires covered thousands of hectares of forest. The most difficult situation — in the Nizhny Novgorod region. There already were affected by fires around 50 thousands of hectares of forest. As reported by channel «Russia 24» with fire fighting in five districts. All the elements had already covered an area of over 18 thousands of hectares. Fire destroys not only the forest and home. Video huge fire in the city of the middle school Nizhny Novgorod region sent in the category «Mobile reporter». Eyewitnesses PE compare the fire element Read more [...]
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Powerful fires broke out in Canada due to lightning strikes

For the last two days 64 new forest fire broke out in the canadian province of British Columbia. According to the forest Service, 10 of them are caused by careless handling tourists with fire, others the result of lightning strikes. The largest fire in the lake Pelican lake is spread on the area of 2.5 thousand hectares; 30 km from lake William lake was burned 1.8 thousand hectares of forests; in mountain Caribou in the area jade fire destroyed 1.2 thousand hectares. Since the beginning of the fire season, according to the forest Service, the province recorded 1 16 thousand fires, forest destroyed Read more [...]
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Perm region has suffered huge losses in the harvest

17 thousand hectares of crops have been harvested in the Perm region. According to the chief engineer of LLC \"Radkowski\" Chernushinsky district Paul Alikina, Kama bear huge losses. \"The farm is already compressed 6 thousand hectares of rye and the yield was not more than 15 quintals of grain per lap. Although in the past hectares of crops were given up to 40 quintals. The situation is the same with potatoes. The most optimistic forecast is 100 quintals per hectare, whereas in 2009, the yield reached 300\" - quoted Alikina \"New companion\". Most of postradali crops located on the South Read more [...]
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Drought and flood ruined the fifth part of the South Ural crops

August 21, 2013. The harvest destroyed at 411 thousand hectares. The July drought in the Chelyabinsk region transferred to the state of emergency in 10 municipalities. There was burnt 327 thousand hectares — this is 16% of the total sown area in the region. The damage amounted to 1.6 billion rubles. It should be noted that the 144 thousand hectares affected fields were insured. Replaced heat rains flooded 926 thousand hectares of crops in 7 districts, 84 thousands died. Rotted 13 thousand tons of harvested forages.«For elimination of consequences of natural disasters in areas Read more [...]
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Bread will be twice less

The intense heat made the South Ural peasants to begin threshing wheat early. In Chebarkul district cleaning began almost a month ahead of schedule. Prolonged heat \"helped\" the wheat to ripen prematurely. All works have to simultaneously harvesting haylage, silage, hay and threshing grain. This is a huge burden on mechanics and technique. On the harvest thrown all the human and technical resources. The heat deformed the wheat stalks was born undersized (mostly 20 centimeters in height instead of the reference 50-70, making it difficult threshing), rare, with a small spike. Loading also Read more [...]
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In the suburbs the drought has killed 7 thousand hectares of potatoes

As reported by the Ministry of press and information of the Moscow region was estimated that farmers suburbs because of the poor harvest of potatoes lost more than a billion rubles. From 17,2 thousands of hectares of drought killed seven thousand. And where planting survived, the yield was from a quarter to half of the possible. To help farmers, the regional government has allocated financial assistance, and the district heads and mayors of cities in the Moscow obliged to provide the population with potatoes, giving priority to children's, educational and other social institutions. Source: Read more [...]
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200 thousand hectares of South-Ural forests infected Gypsy moth

Photo: www.ikari.co The problem of the pest control trees were discussed by the representatives of the forest Management area, the state releasedate\" and 13 forest areas of the southern Urals. Foci of activity of the insect has spread to vast areas throughout the Central and southern parts of the Chelyabinsk region. As the press service of forest Management requires urgent measures to combat Gypsy moth on an area of about 200 thousand hectares of forest. This requires not less than 180 million rubles. The application for funding was sent to Moscow. Source: Media Factory Read more [...]
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Element made dead 54 villages in Moldova

From squally wind, accompanied by heavy rain, in the night of Wednesday in Moldova without electricity remained 54 of the village, told RIA Novosti press-service of civil protection and emergency situations of the Ministry of internal Affairs. Strong wind gusts in four districts of Moldavia were torn wires and transmission lines, a hailstorm destroyed 65 hectares of crops of sunflower and maize, 24 acres of gardens and 28,8 hectares of vineyards. Repair services started to liquidate the consequences of natural disasters. When the works are completed, the announcement did not say. Source: Read more [...]
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The Orenburg region this year because of the drought will namalata three times less grain

Orenburg region has almost finished the harvest in the region produced about 650 thousand tons of grain — three times less than in the previous year, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of agriculture, food and processing industry of the region. Last summer on the territory of the Orenburg region operated emergency situation due to abnormal weather conditions — winds and extreme drought. «According to 16 September in the Orenburg region beveled almost 1.04 million hectares of grain and threshed 1,035 million hectares — this Read more [...]
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