On burned peatlands

After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.Photo: Andrew Fedichkin At the end of the village Karbolit – the final stop of all buses. After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.We made our way, overcoming Read more [...]
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Axe was not there. Location next to a small fir is easily visible. Sandy soil with rare fern bushes. Axe's not a needle, and throw it away, I could not. But the ax was not gone. Evaporate.Photo: Mikhail Semin Axe, I wanted to kill the little chipmunk, cheerfully running around on a dry branch of fir. I noticed he often whistled. I saw him from afar and slowly crept up. Before that I went with an ax collect dry wood for kindling a large fire signal we collected near the tent in the evening. When discovered chipmunk head clear wondered – Bouillon! Broth. A little meat and bones Read more [...]
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Social portrait of a poacher

In the Nizhny Novgorod region ended the spring hunting season, and you can start hunting analyze the results of the previous autumn and winter, which is more like a criminal chronicle. Actually, the same can be said of the recent years. And the main characters, "chronicles" are not well-organized gang of poachers, for whom hunting is earnings, and entertained the nouveaux riches. Often, in the not very sober…Some time ago, “MK in the Lower” published an article “Semenov elk were shot from a helicopter”. Not far from the village of Red Usady Semenovski district by Read more [...]
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Earlier there were reports that the storm Slavyansk, which continue to detain supporters of federalization may begin on 2 may.Siren civilian defense in Slavyansk, which should alert the inhabitants of the town about the beginning of the active phase of the special operation Kyiv authorities joined in the morning on Friday, the correspondent of RIA Announcements.Earlier there were reports that the storm Slavyansk, which continue to detain supporters of federalization may begin on 2 may. "The people's mayor" Vyacheslav Ponomarev said that at the beginning of active action on the part of Read more [...]
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Chronicles of sabotage unit. Part One. School saboteurs 2

6. Vintoletny squad Day 1. We returned to the helicopter ground to our new helicopters. The model is brand new, so no one on it flew. Blade propellers they now titanium, so that we do not accidentally bent. Antenna, by the way, too. Day 2. Lieutenant came and began a mournful voice droning flight physics theory ghelikopter designs. Three hours later, Petrov (who tired of sleeping) snapped right in the middle of a long (200 words) and offers smart and hinted that we are more interested in the "for what properly handle pull," but as it flies - we really do understand, with a pint. Lieutenant Read more [...]
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Stories and police forensic Kopalhem corpse poisons

Good afternoon, dear comrades. Present to your attention in my opinion an interesting article about survival and "storage" produktov.Dannaya article is copy-paste, for which I ask again prostit.Myaso gamy eaten but is as yet in the article :))) Article taken from here lib.rus.ec/b/161608/read If not the topic or do not like because of gastronomic attachments to normal food - write, I did a lot of long udalyu.Statya bukv.Itak: There is a view of increased tolerance of poisons - the so-called acquired tolerance. Similarly, as with regular exercise can build muscle, with regular admission of small Read more [...]
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Jeeps and rivers in the desert …

How strange it would not sounded, but there are rivers in the desert, but still such that the mother did not worry. I already once wrote about mudslides in the rainy season. Again, since this year as always found its heroes tragedy. In the desert region during the next powerful storms with heavy rains hunters caught trying to move a small water stream. Let me explain who the "hunters took" people are armed with cameras filming the rapid manifestation of nature, go on a desert jeep in those areas where it is expected mudslide. But in this time, they were the victims. Attempting to cross the stream Read more [...]
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The eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano captured on video

26 materiality service Iceland has posted footage of the eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano, taken shortly before around the crater was declared ditto the no-fly zone. The operator has described the feelings he experienced when shooting. The helicopter flew to Grimsvotn about 11 am and landed 5 miles (8 kilometers) from the volcano on may 21. According to the operator's John Gustavsson, most unpleasant when the filming was piercingly cold wind blew from the glacier. \"We tried to work outside (helicopter - approx. OPINION), but we had only a couple of minutes,\" writes in the commentary posted Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: the rivers of South Yakutia. Taimen | Trout Caucasian (№ 27 November 2011)

A story about a fishing expedition in South Yakutia for taimen, the dream of many enthusiastic anglers. Its participants had a difficult path. 6 and a half hour flight from Moscow to the regional center Nerungri, then agonizing suspense flying weather at the airport, loading the helicopter Mi-8 and a long flight over the green sea taiga. And so, in the end, landing on the shores of the mysterious river lost in the hills. Sound of a helicopter uniformly faded somewhere in the distance, but the fishermen already being set up their gear in anticipation of the catch and secured an appointment with Read more [...]
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The scale of the floods in Thailand. Shooting from 25 October

on October 25. I was shooting from a helicopter Jet Ranger Thai army on 25 October 2011. The helicopter took off from Central Bangkok near the Victory monument (not flooded) and headed North over the Chao Phraya river (the main river running through Bangkok and threatening, at that time, flood the city). Next, the helicopter went from the North to Northwest over Nonthaburi, Bang Bua Thong, Pathum Thani in a remote village near Ayutthaya, where was dropped humanitarian cargo. Then the pilot made a loop to the East and headed to Bangkok. Read more [...]
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The helicopter crashed in the center of London

Of the British capital comes the first details on the crash of the Thames. The helicopter touched crane and fell on two cars at the crash site of a fire. There are reports of casualties.
Category: Factors and accident
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In central London, the helicopter crashed into the tower crane

In central London, the helicopter crashed into the tower crane, the ITAR-TASS referring to the British television channel Sky News. It happened in the area next to the River Thames, Vauxhall. The helicopter fell to the ground, with the rise of the fall smoke.

According to some reports, the crane fell onto parked cars below. Of deaths or injured as a result of emergency has not been reported.

Category: Factors and accident
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In Peru, in a helicopter crash killed 7 people

In the jungles of Peru in a helicopter crash killed seven people. According to the Government of the country, the helicopter crashed while flying over a tropical forest. None of those on board survived. The helicopter was manufactured by the American company Columbia Helicopters, specializing in the production of high-lift helicopter used in the oil industry. The representative office in Peru declined to comment. According to the Government of Peru, at the time of the crash on board the helicopter were two U.S. citizens. Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Rio: The helicopter crashed into the sea near the beach

Helicopter rescue team crashed into the sea near the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro Copacabana. The helicopter flew to the aid of a drowning man. Video shot on camera Brazilian tourist who was one of hundreds of witnesses dramatic incident. No one was hurt as a result of the helicopter crash. According to BBC, the aircraft owned by the rescuers flew to the aid of a drowning man. However, to help rescuers soon had himself: helicopter banked sharply forward and crashed into the water. Rescuers managed to get out, stay on the water and not to drown a man for whom they were flying start. Read more [...]
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UN helicopter was shot down by the Russians in South Sudan

"The helicopter, in all probability, was shot down on takeoff. Four Russians, were part of the crew died in the crash," - the embassy said.According to the embassy, a helicopter with a Russian crew was probably shot down during takeoff from the village Pibor, Jonglei State, located in east of the capital Juba. According to preliminary data, the downed Mi-8 belongs to "Nizhnevartovskavia." "The helicopter, in all probability, was shot down on takeoff. Four Russians, were part of the crew died in the crash," - the embassy said. Interviewee of the agency said that the Read more [...]
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Mi-8 extra sat at a rural school in the Komi

In the Republic of Qom Mi-8 helicopter crash-landed near the village school. As specified in the Main Department of the regional Emergencies Ministry, the incident occurred in the village of Ust-Habariha Tsilem district today in the 09:30 am Moscow time. According to ITAR-TASS, the aircraft are routed "Ust-Tsilma - Medvezhka - Nový Bor - Ermitsy - Habariha - Ust-Tsilma." Head of the settlement Habariha Elena Pozdeeva, commenting on the situation, make it clear that the reason for the refusal of an emergency landing of a helicopter sensors. Finding a breakdown, rotorcraft crew decided Read more [...]
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Governor killed in a helicopter crash in Nigeria

Six people, among whom was the governor of Nigeria's Kaduna State, Patrick Ibrahim Jacob, died in a helicopter crash. On board the helicopter navy were several senior officials in Nigeria. At the scene rescuers are still working. According to President Goodluck Jonathan, he was shocked by the news. In Nigeria, because of the low level of aviation security quite a number of such incidents. In July, a passenger plane crashed in Lagos, in a plane crash killed 150 people. Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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U.S. military helicopter made a hard landing in Thailand

Helicopter U.S. Marine Corps made an emergency landing on Wednesday in northern Thailand. As the representative of the U.S. Embassy in Thailand Walter Braunohler, quoted by online media, injured three people, two of them needed urgent medical care. The helicopter was carrying U.S. troops in military exercises "Cobra Gold". Maneuvers "Cobra Gold" held annually in the Asia-Pacific region. They are attended by thousands of U.S. Army soldiers, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Medical Service helicopter crashed in the U.S., killing three people

Medical Service helicopter crashed in northern U.S. state of Illinois, killing three people, said on Tuesday the Associated Press referring to the Federal Aviation Administration United States. A helicopter belonging to the hospital Rockford Memorial Hospital, fell on agricultural field near the border with the State of Wisconsin. On board the helicopter, which took off on Tuesday night from the city of Rockford, was a pilot and two nurses. They died on the spot. The causes of the helicopter crash have not been established. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident. Read more [...]
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Russian helicopter made a hard landing in Abkhazia

Russian Mi-8 helicopter made a hard landing Monday in Abkhazia, according to preliminary data, injured four people, told RIA Novosti by telephone source in the power structures of the country.

According to him, the incident occurred in the area of an alpine lake "Ritz".

"Other details are specified," – said the source.

Category: Factors and accident
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