Hemisphere AscendenceBreville is chinchy, but workings comfortably in many scenarios.     Exposure: Courtesy of BrevillePauperism a liquidiser, not a cereal pulverisation? Breville’s 750-watt Hemisphere Restraint lacks the ability to boil done cabbage gelt, but it promptly, softly, and equally whipped up everything from hommos to milkshakes. The cone-shaped stand of the 48-ounce container ensures an eve flux.Sword: Breville$200 Read more [...]
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Abnormal weather on the planet

In many regions of the Northern Hemisphere was established unusually cold weather. Severe frost meteorologists say last night on a giant space from Japan and China in the East to Western Europe and in the northern regions of the United States in the west. Heavy snowfall took place in South Korea, China and the United States. Record low temperatures for early January, recorded more than a dozen European countries, including France, Italy and Poland. Due to the heavy snowfall in the UK today closed the international airport in Manchester. In Scotland there was a threat of food shortages in the Read more [...]
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What encamp should I buy for wintertime traveling in N America?

A:You programme to trek in the Joined States and Canada during December, January, and February? What, are you freaking batty?? A admonisher: That may be summertime in the Southerly Hemisphere, but it's emphatically overwinter in the northerly one. You can anticipate the chase: sub-freezing temperatures, periodic blizzards, torrential rains, cats and dogs, hailstones the sizing of bowling balls, horizontally short-winded hoodwink, solar storms, and the odd avalanche.So, hither's what I'd do. Offset, blast your travelling broker. S, restrain your stop to Cabo San Lucas and purlieu. Thirdly, if selection Read more [...]
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Started 13 000 years ago, the cold did not affect the southern hemisphere

Extinction of some species of large mammals OK. 12 900 years ago An international team of geoscientists has presented convincing evidence that the younger Dryas, a period of cooling in the Northern hemisphere, consistent with warming in the South. Younger Dryas began about 12.9 thousand years ago and lasted approximately 1.3 thousand years. The main reason for the cooling is called getting into the Atlantic ocean large amounts of cold water from thawing glaciers. This disrupted the Gulf stream, and the Northern part of the globe for some time, returned to the ice age for example, in Greenland Read more [...]
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Training the brain to work at BP

1st question: What is food for the brain? Food?Food for the brain comes in the form dissolved in the blood nutrients, but they do not play the first role in a reliable brain activity. The key to a healthy brain is the oxygen dissolved in the blood. That's why people lose consciousness from blood loss in the course of half an hour, even if the blood is stopped or high in the mountains. Before a person will lose consciousness from hunger will be held the week.In extreme criteria, when the body is hungry, the brain seizes the overwhelming share of nutrients. When the body weight loss by 50 percent, Read more [...]
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For tourist: Expedition tent

Expedition tents - For "Himalayan" style of climbing, when placed along the climbing base camp. Expedition tent is designed to be so long to stand in one place, because it should be windproof, its design - pretty tough to withstand the pressure of the wind and snow. Tents for midlands connect inside the property and assault expedition tents, comfortable and because they are heavier assault, but easier expedition.Tents are divided into:Wireframe - Tilt stronger wood, iron or plastic frame (framed tent):arc - In turn ½ rolls or in the form of a hemisphere;frameless - Without Read more [...]
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The emission of plasma in the Sun can cause on Thursday magnetic storm

© Photo: NASA / SOHO MOSCOW, 21 Jun — RIA Novosti. Coronal mass ejection on the Sun, which occurred on Tuesday morning, the day of summer solstice, may cause on the Earth magnetic storm on Thursday, when the ejection reaches earth, according to the website The ejection of plasma occurred at about 04.00 GMT (08.00 GMT) in the area of the solar spot number 1236, located just North of the equator. The release was accompanied by x-ray flare class C7.7. It is a relatively weak event: flash depending on the power of x-ray radiation are divided into five classes: A, B, Read more [...]
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The Furious Register

    Picture: Instance by Jason HolleyQ) I noticed a mocker and a redbreast pairing approach my menage. What was that all almost? Julie Herndon, Yorktown, Virginia A) Interspecific SHAGGING, more unremarkably known as cross, is pretty far-flung in the avian mankind—but it happens well-nigh only 'tween birds of the like phyletic genus, such as golden-winged warblers and blue-winged warblers. It's fairly obvious why: For sparks to fly betwixt shuttle species, they mustiness be interchangeable in sizing and familiar in apiece former's pairing calls and rituals. In the pillowcase Read more [...]
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The Northern hemisphere faces the \»great salinity anomaly\»

5 January. Moscow meteorologists in these days record the anomaly, which, it would seem, clearly confirms the theory about global warming. But there is another view: a group of scientists from the Oceanographic Institute and the Institute of numerical mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences predicts the imminent cold weather across the Northern hemisphere. According to their calculations, the coming of the \"great salinity anomaly\", which will lower the average temperature and will bring in the coming years the winter. The theory studied NTV correspondent Sergey Malozemov. Oceanographic Read more [...]
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The core of our planet is changing its shape!

Geophysicists have made a sensational statement. They believe that the core of the earth changes its form. According to them, in the Eastern Hemisphere, the Earth's core is gradually melting, and the Western Hemisphere, it hardens. Previously, scientists followed the theory that the earth's core is stable and has a crystalline structure, but this myth dispelled French geophysicists, they argue that the processes in the core of the earth continues, and it has not septenary form. Data on seismic activity going over thirty years, and they have evidence that during this period there were Read more [...]
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December 21 begins the darkest week of the year

December 21 The sun will reach the southernmost point of the celestial ecliptic, the length of daylight in the northern hemisphere will be reduced to a minimum.The sun is approaching the far point of its winter travel and therefore is slow on the ecliptic. Reduction of daylight in the northern hemisphere continues, but not as fast as it was two weeks ago, about a few seconds a day. On the day of the winter solstice (December 21) the duration of the day at the latitude of Moscow reaches an annual minimum - 6 hours and 59 minutes.Category: Science Read more [...]
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Solar system comet visited poisonous Lemmon

Comet Lemmon (C/2012 F6), shining brighter than expected, silently glides through the sky in the southern hemisphere at a distance of about 92 million km (0.99 a. AU) from the Earth. Amateur astronomer Rolf Olsen Wyle took this picture in Auckland, New Zealand."I watched the comet Lemmon January 28 - says Olsen. - It was quite bright, and gained a big beautiful tail. "The comet, discovered March 23, 2012 on Mount Lemmon, Arizona, USA (for which he received the name), is on an elliptical orbit with a period of about 11,000 years. This is her first visit to the solar system Read more [...]
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Climate warming causes more snow in Siberia

"There is a paradox - a warming, which is characteristic of the world becomes more snow. This is in large areas of Siberia, where the snow more than it was one or two decades ago," - said the director of the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Kotlyakov.Global climate change leads to the growth of the snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere and in Siberia, said on Thursday the director of the Institute of Geography RAS Vladimir Kotlyakov, speaking at the World Forum of snow."There is a paradox - a warming, which is characteristic of the world becomes more snow. Read more [...]
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In the Indian ocean formed a rare cyclone

on October 17. Tropical cyclone anais with a maximum wind speed of 184 km/h, which is equivalent to the Atlantic hurricane of the 3rd category of danger, appeared in the South-Western Indian ocean. In early spring, and this season is now the southern hemisphere, tropical cyclones occur rarely, which makes the occurrence of Anaisa abnormal phenomenon. This can be compared with the sudden appearance of a powerful hurricane in April somewhere near the Caribbean Islands. But unlike hurricanes in the Northern hemisphere, anaïs rotates clockwise.As a rule, in the southern part of the Indian ocean Read more [...]
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Snow cover on the planet has reached its minimum

5 December. As the analysis of satellite data, in Eurasia, since 2008, in June, the permanent reduction of the snow cover. Three of the last five years the same condition in the snow masses in North America. Readings satellites in 2012 was the lowest for all 45 years of observation. The rate of disappearance of snow even more than the rate of melting of the Arctic ice in the summer. Now snow in the Northern hemisphere begins to melt much earlier in the spring than before, especially at high latitudes.In the period from 1979 to 2000 snow cover in June decreased by 17.6%, while the September Read more [...]
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Global warming leads to an increase in the amount of snow in Siberia

January 17, 2013. Global climate change leads to growth of the snow cover in the Northern hemisphere and in Siberia, said on Thursday the Director of the Institute of geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Kotlyakov, speaking at the global forum of snow. «There is a paradox with warming, which is now characteristic becomes on Earth more snow. This is in large expanses of Siberia, where snow is more than one or two decades ago» said the honorary President of the Russian geographical society Kotlyakov.According to geographer, trend expansion area of snow in the Northern Read more [...]
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December froze all the Northern hemisphere

Anomalies of the average temperature of December 2012 © NCDC | NOAA January 23, 2013. According to monitoring data of the American meteorological services, the joint global average surface temperature in December was +12,61 °C, which is 0,41 °C above average for the twentieth century. With this index December 2012 is only 18th place in climate history. Separately for sushi in average global temperature of 0.21 °C exceeded the average for the twentieth century and was almost in the middle of the ranked list, taking only 49th place in history.An interesting feature was the large temperature Read more [...]
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Unusual weather on the planet

In many regions of the Northern Hemisphere established unusually cold weather. Meteorologists say severe frosts in the last day on the giant space from Japan and China in the East to West Europe and in the northern regions of the USA to the west.Heavy snowfall took place in South Korea, China and the U.S.. Record low temperatures for early January, recorded more than a dozen countries Europe, including France, Italy and Poland.Due to heavy snowfall in the UK today closed Manchester International Airport. In Scotland, there was a threat of food shortages in the shops because of the inability Read more [...]
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General information on tropical cyclones. Basic understanding of the general circulation of the atmosphere

System of air currents of large, global scale is called the general circulation of the atmosphere. Pervonachalynoy cause of atmospheric motions is the flow of heat from the sun and its uneven distribution on different parts of the earth's surface. Uneven heating of the earth's surface, and thus the atmosphere leads to a horizontal contrasts in the temperature and air pressure. The difference in pressure points located on the same level, and is the direct cause of the air currents. If on air currents acted only the pressure gradient force, the air movement was done in a direction away Read more [...]
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Inhale. Expire. (Effective. You Upright Started.)

Flowing FACTS Xxiii: pct of yoga participants who are men. This includes Oakland A's twirler Barry Zito, Tennessee Titans track rear Eddie George, and Minnesota Timberwolves advancing Kevin Garnett.Fortuitously, thither's already a earth of destinations in position to helper you study how to suit a Unhurt Jock. We're talk almost spas. Whether you birdsong them health spas or hazard retreats, thither's no improve spot to refocus your attack to wellness and seaworthiness in round. Not lonesome women but men—who earlier may get shown up in the diagnose of kinship concordance—are Read more [...]
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