Stone Rhubarb

Stone RhubarbDistance from Stone Dog Rib (Kourovskaya hostel)According to the measurements of the Soviet Union time to route number 58 According to modern measurements, according to the map-sailing Chusovaia River (UCC 2010)28 km 26 kmStone Rhubarb small and unobtrusive, located slightly to the side of the river. That the author of these lines slipped past this very real stone ghost, and not noticing. Marked on the map, but not visible in reality it can introduce some confusion here floating water tourists. Stone is located on the left bank Chusovoi 26 kilometers from the village Read more [...]
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Inlet: An Herbal Enchiridion for the Grooming Postpone

Remote mag, July 1995Inlet: An Herbal Enchiridion for the Preparation DeferBy Sara CorbettFor those who disregard herbal supplements as the binge of Mia Pig's disappearance acts in Alice, thither's a modest personify of late enquiry display that the acrobatic benefits of herbs similar gingko and Gotu kola are just nonsensicality. The studies shew that sealed herbs can reparation discredited brawniness weave, purgation exercise-induced toxins, growth o consumption,and Read more [...]
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The most familiar to all of the family Polygonaceae - knotweed or bird grechishka (Polygonum aviculare), or grass-muravka. You may not know what it's called, but you know it "in person" is mandatory. Even in the center of the city a no-no, but will make its way among asflta thin stalk with small ovate leaves and tiny white or pink flowers. It is an annual plant, vzobnovlyaemoe overwintered in the ground seeds of last year. Knotweed appears later, in June, only rises, but it fully lives up to its name - it is growing very rapidly and within a month of its bushes completely cover Read more [...]
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Yellow scabious

Perennial herb 25-90 cm tall, with a spindle-shaped root. Stem erect, simple or dichotomously branched in the middle, at the bottom and a capitate inflorescences with curly white hairs. Leaves in a basal rosette, and 2-4 (5) pairs on the stem, covered with short hairs. Lower leaves are lyre-shaped, medium - once or three times pinnately or ne-ristorassechennye. Flowers pale yellow, clustered in dense apical inflorescence-head diameter of 2-3 cm Wrap-lanceolate or narrow linear green pointed leaves, usually densely pubescent, especially beneath. Bracts scarious, pale, linear-lanceolate, with Read more [...]
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Common names: liquor, honey cake. Zmeegolovnik Ruysha. Perennial herb up to 50 cm Leaves linear-lanceolate, sessile. Flowers in whorls, purple and azure. Blooms in June and July (cover photo). Grows in the Perm region in the dry meadows, forest edges, clearings, on limestone outcrops occasionally in the 2, 3, 5, Part 4 phytogeographical areas. Honey plant. In folk medicine herb collected during the flowering season. It contains the essential oil. The infusion is used for headaches, sore throat, stomach and intestinal diseases. Zmeegolovnik drooping. Fragrant perennial herb Read more [...]
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Butterbur hybrid

Perennial herb 30-70 cm tall with long, thick rhizomes, tuberous thickened at the top. Stems are thick, with a diameter of 2 cm, cobwebby beloopushennye. The basal leaves are usually very large, 20-70 cm in length and width (width of equal length), rounded-cordate, lower gray-haired, by krayudvoyakozubchatye with long petioles. Baskets are generally dense racemose-paniculate inflorescence. The flowers are reddish, with a purple tinge, sometimes pale yellow, with the smell. Pistils of bisexual flowers on the top of globular thick, with short triangular lobes. Fruit - achene with pappus. Blooms Read more [...]
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Common names! creeping thyme, Bogorodskaya grass Chebrikov. Description. Half-shrub with a strong pleasant odor. Forms tufts height 8-10 cm leaves him hard, elliptic, 5-10 mm long, dotted with glands. Inflorescence compact, capitate. The flowers are pink and purple, two-lipped corolla. Blooms in June and July. Fruit - chetyrehoreshek. Meets thyme on hillsides, sandy soils, rock outcrops. Rarely in 5 - 6 phytogeographical areas. Thyme - good honey plant. In medicine uses herbs thyme, collected during flowering. Grass Thyme contains an essential oil, tannins, bitterness, gum, Read more [...]
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Pioneering Caver Herb Conn Dies

Herb Conn, the pioneering crampon and caver scoop known for exploring and map Bejewel Undermine Home Memorial, died of cancer on Wednesday at the age of 91. On with his wife Jan, Conn made the low ascents of more 200 routes in the Needles of S Dakota, including classics wish Eastward Sick. In 1959, the Conns switched their stress to caving subsequently visiting Gem Spelunk Interior Repository in the Inkiness Hills. At the sentence, lone two miles of the spelunk had been explored. Concluded the adjacent 20 age, the Conns would research more 50 extra miles of the arrangement. For that accomplishment, Read more [...]
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