Lack of pollock fishermen Primorye compensated herring

On November 15 fishermen Primorsky Krai produced 660 thousand. Tonnes of fish, which is 105.6% compared to the same period last year.Such data correspondent «Fisherman's newspaper» head of the department of fisheries Primorye Territory Alexei Tsymbal.«Today the performance of fishery industry of the region is not worse than in 2010, which was a record for a decade, and we were able to overcome the barrier of 700 thousand tons. On November 1 this year has been mastered 70% of the allocated quota. There is an increase on the taxes paid, salary. Important figure – more than Read more [...]
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Attention, herring!

Caspian herring, perhaps, one of the business cards of Volgograd. In the middle of the flood, it rises along the Volga to the city and starts spinning just below the dam in huge schools. That is rising. Since 2000, herring suddenly disappeared, and every year it was very small. For this reason, we stopped selling licenses for its capture.Since then, 12 years have passed. During this time, the population of Caspian herring recovered and now she comes to the second year of Saratov, and in winter for the first winter road ice fishermen see it die in the Volgograd reservoir beneath Read more [...]
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How to fool the herring?

His first herring I caught in the Black Sea, in general, by chance. In autumn early morning with old friend Vitalik «tseparili» Sudak horse mackerel at a tyrant. We fished from a boat, drifting, the old fashioned way, without sonar, focusing on depth and proven points stretching from Genoese fortress to Kapsel picturesque Crimean coast…Stavridki took not very active, sometimes clinging to tackle mnogokryuchkovuyu just one or two silver fish. There are also small lufarik-«snow crab», Sharp teeth which until then spared our thin (0.14 mm) equipment. Read more [...]
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In Irtysh released juvenile herring and Sosvinskaya schёkura

June 7, 2013 experts at the Khanty-Mansiysk hatchery for the first time released into the river Irtysh grown here fry. Total fish farmers have released 5 thousand fry of fish species herring and Sosvinskaya schёkura. In the upcoming scheduled each year for the reproduction of fish supplies in the Irtysh River to produce above fifty million fry, including the sturgeon fish. Sosvinsky herring fish Tugun Siberian salmon family. Title received from the tributary of the Ob river Sosva. Tugun caught in the Yenisei and Elena. Welterweight tugun (Sosvinskaya herring) 40 g, the largest not more than Read more [...]
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In Volgograd tons caught giant herring!

At fishers town hero-a real feast! This year to Volgograd got a huge shoals of large power hungry herring. She caught everywhere and at any depth. On Spartanovka from morning till evening, hundreds of fishermen stand shoulder to shoulder: of the bite on the Volga long gone. - Eight years the herring were not taken, \" says the fisherman with experience Dmitry Martov. - Some said that its in Kalmykia all catch networks. Others alluded to the bad environment. The second version, in my opinion, more convincing. Now many enterprises stood up, the water has been cleaned and the fish rose again to Read more [...]
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Fish Apocalypse in Iceland — died of 30,000 tons of herring

In the Icelandic sea was found dead fish, the export price of which is estimated at 20 million pounds. The cause of death of fish covered hidden, and it's already the 2nd similar case from December. Dead herring, weight of from about 25,000 to 30,000 tons was found floating in a small fjord in the North of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, West Iceland.According to the biologist Robert Stefansson, about 7 tons of dead herring lies on the banks, and on the day of the fjord lies even more.And this new mass death, as earlier, in December, when the same number of fish were found dead, as it is explained Read more [...]
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On the Lithuanian coast of the Curonian lagoon threw a ton of dead Baltic herring

On the Lithuanian coast of the Curonian spit in the area of Klaipeda, forty kilometers from the Russian border, threw tons of dead Baltic herring. As stated in the information posted on the Lithuanian portal Klaipeda, fish on a plot mile long found ichthyologists Klaipeda Maritime Museum. According to its employee Remigijus Dailide, such mass death of fish of this species has never been observed.Ichthyologists especially surprised by the fact that local residents gathered Baltic herring in boxes and took them, presumably on the market for sale. In this regard, the staff Klaipeda branch of Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Baltic herring

Herring (Baltic herring, Clupea harengus membras) - A subspecies of fish herring family. Length up to 20 cm (rarely to 37 cm - huge herring), weight up to '75 Baltic herring Atlantic herring differs from the smallest number of vertebrae (54-57). This Baltic form (subspecies) of Atlantic herring. Herring two times less than the size (length of an ordinary 20-16-cm), has the smallest number of vertebrae. Not counting the small Baltic herring in the Gulf across large, up to 40 cm in length, fish, which are called Cyclopean stremlingami. More copies of sprat was produced in the Gulf in 1959, Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Herring

Herring (Clupea) - Kind of fish from the herring family. Body laterally compressed, with serrated edge of the belly. Scales moderate or large, sometimes small. The upper jaw is not issued by the bottom. Mouth moderate. Teeth, if present, rudimentary and falling. Communicating fin of moderate length and has a least 80 rays. The dorsal fin on the ventral. Caudal fin forked. To this genus includes more than 60 species, distributed in temperate seas and hot, and partly cool belt.Some kinds of pure sea and never come in fresh water, others belong to migratory fish spawning and are included Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Sardine

Sardine (Sardina) - General (commercial) the title of the three genera of fish herring family - pilcharda sardine (Sardina), sardinops (Sardinops) and Sardinella (Sardinella). Is of fundamental economic importance. Sardine (Latin Clupea pilchardus, Val.) - Small marine fish (mediocre 15-20 cm, rarely up to 25 cm in length) from the seeds. herrings (Clupeidae) suborder physostomous (Physostomi) bony detachment (Teleostei). Herring sardine slightly thicker. Her back bluish-green, sides and belly silvery white. Operculum with golden shimmer and striated dark stripes, like rays radiating from Read more [...]
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On the beach Norway nailed 20 tons of herring… and all gone

4 January. January 2, tens of thousands of dead herring covered the beach near the town Queness in Northern Norway. According to scientists, thrown on shore herring made a flock of predatory fish or a powerful storm, but from a more specific versions of the experts refuse. Research fellow of the Norwegian Institute of marine research Jens Holst stated that nothing of the sort seen during the whole period of observations of marine fauna. In his opinion, this is a very strange behavior of herring, which is quite unusual for this type of fish.Meanwhile, the latest studies show that the approximation Read more [...]
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Apocalypse fish in Iceland — 30,000 tons of dead herring

Blanket of dead herring spread over the whole area, accessible to the human eye. It is not yet known what causes mass death of fish in Iceland, but today's grim discovery was the second time in two months. Dead herring, weighing about 25,000 to 30,000 tons and cost £ 18.9 mill., Was found floating in a small fjord in the north of the peninsula Sn? Fellsnes, in the west of Iceland, reports Morgunbladid. Biologist Robert Arnar Stefansson said that 7,000 tonnes of herring is on the beach, and a lot more is on the bottom of the fjord. And this new mass death as the previous one, in December, Read more [...]
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And You’ll Do What for a Herring?

Dispatches, Venerable 1998SkillAnd You'll Do What for a Herring?Biologists reveal a opprobrious sex swap on the well-nigh improbable of continentsBy Rob Nixon "If they're loss to sustain a quicky with another guy, they sustain to eff furtively," observes Lloyd Spencer Davis, an ornithologist from the University of Otago in New Zealand, who with confrere Fiona Huntsman latterly titillatedthe humans of skill with a quite scandalous uncovering: Read more [...]
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Hundreds of tons of dead fish in Iceland

on 18 December. The shore of the fjord in the West of Iceland was covered with hundreds of tons of dead herring. Fish remains at the bottom of the ocean Bay. The causes of the phenomenon, scientists set yet.One of the first versions of the herring was struck by the parasite. However, samples taken this assumption is refuted. The cause of the mass death of fish could become extremely low temperature water - fish just froze. But this version is not yet confirmed.According to the materials: Source: The Time Factor, northsubzero,, Read more [...]
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Fish Apocalypse in Iceland — died 30 000 tonnes of herring

According to the materials: Daily Mail Source: News plus commentary   The largest Zamora herring in Iceland February 9, 2013. In Iceland fishermen and local residents are sounding the alarm on the coast of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula sea water made a huge number of dead herring. A small fjord, Congregational was completely filled with dead fish, and it is on the coast of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, mainly in its Northern part. Scientists have about the results of their research are not officially declare. Working version of mass Zamora fish is the assumption that large shoal of Read more [...]
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In Volgograd, tons of herring caught a giant!

Fishermen have the hero-city real holiday! This year, to Volgograd got huge shoals of herring large voracious. She caught anywhere and at any depth.Spartanovka on from morning to night hundreds of fishermen standing shoulder to shoulder such a bite on the Volga long gone.- Eight years herring do not take it, - says Dmitry experienced angler Martov. - Some said that it all caught in Kalmykia networks. Others referred to the bad environment. The second version, in my opinion, is more convincing. Now, many companies rose, purified water, and the fish rose again to spawn.This year, the herring Read more [...]
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Washed up on the beach of Norway 20 tons of herring … and all gone

January 4. January 2, tens of thousands of dead herring covered beach near the town Kveness in northern Norway. According to scientists, strand herring led a flock of predatory fish or a powerful storm, but the more specific versions of the experts refuse. Research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, Jens Holst said that nothing like that seen on record for the marine fauna. In his view, this is very strange behavior of herring, which quite unusual for this type of fish.Meanwhile, recent studies show that the approach to the shores of herring, which is entirely dependent Read more [...]
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