Experts say the increase in the number of bears rods in the forests of Primorye

The staff reserves the Primorye recorded in Lazovsky district abnormal number of bears that do not lay in hibernation and can become a threat to humans in the spring due to increased aggressiveness, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the Director of the national Park \"the Call of the tiger\" Yuri Bersenev. \"From the beginning of December in our Park is a record of all animals tracks in the snow. In the course of our staff found fresh tracks of several bears, who have not gone into winter hibernation. It is very rare. Remains of this animal have been found in the nearby nature reserves. In the past Read more [...]
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The sun is going to sleep

Three groups of American scientists claim that soon the Sun should come unusually long period «hibernation» when his activity will fall sharply. Such conclusion scientists have made, observing sunspots. They are the indicator of the intensity of the light. It appeared that the Sun had completed its 24th cycle (every solar cycle lasts about 11 years), and the number of spots on it rapidly decreases. According to the Director of the National solar Observatory, USA Frank hill, «the current cycle of solar activity may be the last maximum before the Sun „sleep“ for several Read more [...]
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Yellow ground squirrel or gopher-sandstone — citellus fulvus lichtenstein. Reproduction and growth of young

Yellow gophers different subspecies differ in terms of puberty. As we pointed out (1955), in South Kazakhstan and Chu valley squirrels participate in reproduction after the first winter hibernation at the age of 11-12 months, and in the northern parts of the range - after the second hibernation. Smaller subspecies are more hasty than larger ones. It should, however, be noted that the number of participants in the semi-mature females breeding ground squirrels from the south-eastern part of the area does not exceed 9.5% (Kydyrbaev, 1959). In males, puberty occurs later, so they are involved in Read more [...]
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Description. Marmots, including marmot, are among the largest representatives of the squirrel family. Their body fat, clumsy, resting on short, strong legs. The head is large, flat, with a few notable auricles, short neck. From other marmot marmot is easy to distinguish the short-tail, low and very dense fur, as well as uniform sandy-yellow color. The admixture of black hair back is covered brownish or blackish smooth ripples, the gathering at the neck and at the top of the head. Cheeks and sides of the neck svetloryzhevatye. The lower body and legs ocher-yellow color. End of the tail dark Read more [...]
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Periodic seasonal sleeping animals

Periodic seasonal sleep, or "hibernation" is a kind of animal dermis adapt to adverse environmental conditions. Study of the phenomenon of seasonal hibernation occupied many scientists in different countries. In the Soviet Union conducted research NI Kalabukhov colleagues, AM Nikolsky, SY Arbuzov, AD Slonim and others. The result was obtained with respect to a lot of interesting changes in the body for a long time sleeping animals. Seasonal hibernation of animals is characterized primarily by the numbness, the disappearance of activity. In countries with cold and temperate climates, Read more [...]
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Marmot marmot — marmota menzbieri kaschkarov. Sleep

Data on hibernating marmots marmot is very small (Yanushko, 1951, Petrov, 1960, 1961; Kapitonov and Lobachevsky, 1964) and have not dug any holes with the sleeping animal. Preparing for hibernation begins essentially with the accumulation of fat, referred to above, and the workpiece nest lining. Harvesting period occurs from mid - late July and continues until hibernation, but there is a very non-intensive. Killing the hole one tuft of grass, animal never went for the second, and went to feed or rest. Only after a long time (hours or more) along the way he seems to be attributed a second Read more [...]
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The Asian long-tailed ground squirrel — citellus undulatus pallas. Sleep

Terms of bedding and wake squirrels depend on a variety of reasons - geographical, climatic and landscape (topography, slope exposure in the mountains, etc.). Sleep long-tailed ground squirrel in the Altai starts in September - October. Sometimes squirrels occur much earlier because of the burning of vegetation on the slopes of the southern exposure. So, in 1948, most of the adult squirrels did not appear on the surface, starting from the second half of August. From hibernation in that area squirrels wake up in late March - mid April. Consequently, the duration of hibernation of ground Read more [...]
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