10 Climbers Killed in Pakistan

An onslaught by the Pakistani Taliban has claimed the lives of club tourists and one Pakistani on a mountaineering excursion in Northerly Pakistan on Sunday. The foreigners were parting of an despatch slated to rise Nanga Parbat, the man's 9th highest flock and Pakistan's irregular highest crown. Wearying patrol uniforms, the attackers fastened up the Pakistani guides earlier shot the climbers as they slept in tents. The onrush occurred approximately 1 a.m. as the climbers were camped solitary 4,000 feet supra sea storey. Dissimilar many early regions of Pakistan, the expanse encompassing Read more [...]
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Dry Ridge Mountains (Dry Mountains)

Map of Dry Ridge Mountains:View Dry Ridge Mountains. in a larger map Dry Ridge Mountains (Chelyabinsk region). Stretches from SW to NE, is a watershed pp Lemeza (lion. Tributary. Shem) and Neil (lion. Tributary. CATA) in NW. The SE almost papallelno Ridge Dry Ridge Mountains lies bunks. Coupled with the southern spurs and are associated with dry mountain ridges Bairamgul and Small Kareda length of the ridge is about 45 km. The large width of the ridge 10 km. The central ridge is a plateau, wooded height of 1000 m., With small tops, meadows and stone placers. The highest points from north to south: Read more [...]
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Highest mountain

Highest mountainDistance from Stone Dog Rib (Kourovskaya hostel)According to the measurements of the Soviet Union time to route number 58 According to modern measurements, according to the map-sailing Chusovaia River (UCC 2010)86 km 89 kmHighest mountain is 89 kilometers from the village of Sloboda. She stretched about one kilometer along the left bank of the river Chusovoi. Places are located small rocky outcrops.In a couple of places from the coast exposed limestone folds resembling artificial masonry piers. However, this work of nature.Immediately behind the mountain High Read more [...]
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Severe Typhoon Usagi hit the Philippines, China declared the highest level of risk

on September 21, 2013. The most powerful this year Typhoon «Usage» (national classification — «Dressed») reached the Northern parts of the Philippines. The speed of the wind reaches 260 km/H. evacuated for the safety of electricity in the Northern provinces of the main Philippine island of Luzon.As \"Interfax\" with reference to the AR, the disaster has caused several landslides and caused blackouts in some localities, including in the province of Batanes. According to online news portal GMA News, Typhoon broke mobile connectivity in some of the Northern Read more [...]
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For tourist: Tourism Utensils

Plastic utensils is lightweight, deformability, bad thermal conductivity and low price. Of the minuses - it just burn. Elasticity in the cold plastic changes: that bowl that summer perceived any form in the knapsack, may crack when pressing in the tiniest ski trip. With all this winter comfortable using a plastic spoon, which does not freeze to the lips and more enjoyable for the cold fingers. Severe drawback of plastic cookware is that it can not boil water, for this reason it is not popular in the midst of tourist-athletes.Wood tableware has many options of plastic, but does not deform. Read more [...]
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2013 may adopt the status of the hottest years in history

November 14, 2013. According to the International meteorological organization, climate this year can be called the hottest in the history of conducting meteorological observations. In addition to the highest average temperatures in 2013 planet has experienced and other extreme events that made the year a true record of climate anomalies. 2013 different parts of the world have experienced the most intensive melting of Arctic ice, the most abundant precipitation (e.g., Typhoon Haiyang), the most rapid and extensive formation of ice in Antarctica, the highest accumulation of carbon dioxide and that Read more [...]
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Rob Report

Rob Chronicle     Rob LevelRob LevelTelluride-based External newspaperman Rob Storey is the writer of International Stake Traveling: Batch Biking. When he isn't looking new singletrack or striking the mountain-Story averages 50 years on the slopes per winter-he's authorship for magazines. An editor-at-large at Motorcycle, Report has too scripted for Pulverize and Skiing. He standard the 2003-2004 Lowell Thomas Honor for mark journalism. Mounting Every Jetty Mound The highest points in heartland states similar Kansas and Iowa aren't often to view, but when you neutralize septet of Read more [...]
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You Got the Meter?

International clip, May 1996You Got the Metre?"I got my outset heart-rate supervise finish twelvemonth," Kelly McCown says. "It was subverter." She may get seed recent to the company, but the reasonableness ostensibly every elect jock is bleating astir victimisation a admonisher is that it's the lonesome documentary way you birth to step sweat. Course, it doesn't service if you don't cognize your uttermost pulse.The nearly usual way Read more [...]
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New Footage from Red Crap Stratos Alternate

In October 2012, Felix Baumgartner jumped from a particular inflate guile suspended 128,000 feet up in the stratosphere. He plummeted toward world, experiencing more foursome transactions of freefall, and skint deuce-ace humans records in the outgrowth. Now, about a yr and a one-half ulterior, Red Horseshit and GoPro let released new HD footage captured from heptad dissimilar cameras during the jumping.You merely cannot return your eyes off this eight-minute-plus tv of Baumgartner break the velocity of strait in his nosedive toward the satellite. In accession to beingness the low man to breakout Read more [...]
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Solar corona photographed at the highest resolution

With the help of High Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C), scientists have coronal images with the highest resolution to date, according to the website NASA. Resolution made in extreme ultraviolet image was 5 times better resolution images obtained previously by other devices. Images of the solar corona (of 165 images) were made Hi-C on July 11 last year for 620 seconds. The telescope is focused on a large active region on the sun, allowing the details to consider the ever-changing structure of the solar atmosphere. The unit Hi-C 1.8 m and a mass of 210 kg is able to photograph the sun at 150 Read more [...]
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Apotheosis of the guard: we are held hostage to a senseless occupation

They are everywhere. In doorways and gates, in schools and kindergartens, on construction sites and in parking lots. They have a simple Russian faces, they merge with the landscape, people in dark shirt and tie, or a season, in jackets padding polyester, written with ligature some ancient word "Hero", "Castle", "Mail", " Russia ". They nibble sunflower seeds or smoke at the entrance, a joker with drivers and couriers, or sitting at a desk on the watch, carefully re-write your passport data in greasy ledgers. There is another type, living in the office Read more [...]
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Living on the upswing in Quito

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean RiskBiography on the upswing in QuitoOctober 29, 1996Quito, EcuadorSpanish classes are sledding enceinte and I can now commence to see the ravingly DJs on the radiocommunication. We volition credibly ending out the hebdomad hither then payoff a hebdomad or two to locomote some Ecuador earlier aim fine-tune to Tierra del Fuego. We quieten seaport't distinct Read more [...]
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Climb toward the sun

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean ChanceMounting toward the sunNovember 25, 1996Chimborazo, the detail on world nighest tothe sunEvening though it doesn't arrogate the highest peaks in the reality, Ecuador is stillness a commonwealth of hatful superlatives. Inside Ecuador you sustain Cayambe, at 19,000 the highest period on the equator; so thither's Cotopaxi, at 19,400 the highest alive Read more [...]
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Facts astir the humans’s highest peaks

Workweek of November 13-19, 1997Fastpacking can write clock and weightingElephantback touring done Nepal Facts around the man's highest peaksHoneymooning in exciting Rib RicaKayaking a Washington watercourse leadFacts approximately the humanity's highest peaksInquiry: I latterly climbed Wax Kilimanjaro and would dearest to meliorate my cocktail-party conversations by well-read how many mountains are higher than Kili. Is thither a comp leaning of all the Read more [...]
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Hike to Canada’s highest falls

Workweek of April 2-8, 1998Choosing an adventuresome holidayRiver-rafting trips in October Hike to Canada's highest fallsBivouacking out latest at YellowstoneHike to Canada's highest fallsDoubt: My Solitary Satellite templet, which tells me more most my own land than anything I lettered in civilize, says that the highest falls in Northwards America is Strathcona Peasant Green on Vancouver Island, and that you can rise thereto. Can you incur any more details Read more [...]
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The Trip-Finder

Gamble Plant, January 1998The Trip-FinderThe quandary: 50 memorable destinations and lonesome one liveliness. Improve go.  AFRICABotswana: Exploring the Okavango Delta on elephantbackFor six years, visit at Abu's Pack, an undivided tented campaign foundation. From thither you'll brand everyday game-viewing forays via pes, canoe, Nation Scouter, and pachyderms Abu, Benzedrine, Kathy, Bibi, Nyaka Nyaka, and Mthondo Mbomvo.Cameroon: Mountain-biking Read more [...]
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China declared the highest level of risk due to snow storms

In northeast China's Liaoning province declared the highest, «red» the level of risk due to snow storms. In the administrative center of the province Shenyang authorities ordered the closure of the international airport. Also blocked the highway of the city and more than 20 major roads throughout the province. Snow storm did not affect the performance of high-speed railway Harbin — Dalian. The storm will be a test for this track, which is the world's first high-speed line capable of operating at extremely low temperatures — to -40°C. Source: Вести.Ru, ECOPortal.su Read more [...]
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gorovoskhozhdenie, climbing to the mountain top with the sport., scientific. or other purposes. B. evaluate routes 6 categories of problems (Each one of which is further divided into polukategorii A and B), depending on the abs. highest mountain above sea level, the difference in height of the peaks and the base, the total length of the route, tech. the complexity and length of the most difficult areas, climatic. features District. The approach to the summit and descend to the classification route palates are not counted.                   The easiest category 1A. B. There Read more [...]
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Florimitsin - antibiotic, which is a product of life radiant fungus Streptomyces puniceus etc. In clinical practice using florimitsina sulfate (Florimycinum sulfuricum, Florimycini sulfas; synonym: Viomycin sulfate, viomitsin, list B). Preparation prescribed for various forms of tuberculosis, mainly in patients who develop resistance to other tuberculostatic drugs. Injected intramuscularly with 500 000 units, 2 times a day in a cycle of six days (7-day - break). The duration of treatment 2-4 months. Florimitsina sulfate solutions are ex tempore, and use within a day. The highest single dose Read more [...]
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Bowlder Graded Thinnest U.S. Metropolis

One of the fittest states in the area is besides plate to deuce-ace of the thinnest cities.Bowlder, Colorado, has the last corpulency value in the Joined States, at 12.4 pct, according to new information from Gallup. Denver and Fortify Collins besides graded in the top 10 thinnest cities. Huntington, Westward Virginia—where nigh two in fivesome multitude are badly heavy—had the highest corpulency grade at 39.5 pct. It’s been one of the almost corpulent communities on the name for the retiring cinque age.In 2010, the U.S. Section of Wellness and Thrum Services' Sizeable Mass Read more [...]
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