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Vaccination is required!

Preventative yearly vaccination of dogs are now vital to the preservation of health and your pet, and your entire family. Modern, unfavorable epidemiological situation in the country forced to take appropriate measures to prevent certain diseases.In large cities have become infrequent zooantropoznye such diseases as rabies, stafilokokkoz, leptospirosis, ringworm and other developing among stray dogs and cats, flooded urban environment. Unfortunately, the immune system and human and domestic animals greatly weakened, and therefore contagious infectious diseases can be brought into the apartment Read more [...]
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Stray they?

Today, as never before, it has become an urgent problem of stray and ownerless dogs. It was noted that in countries where a tax on domestic animals through the streets of their cities, much less run. Photo: Mikhail Semin Today, as never before, it has become an urgent problem of stray and ownerless dogs. First place in Europe (excluding the CIS countries) in the number of stray dogs takes Portugal at a density of one dog for eight residents in the country is on the streets every year more than 500,000 animals.In France, which occupies first place in the European Community on the Read more [...]
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In cold water for roach

Late fall. Persistent rains. On the streets of mud and slush. Sitting to the house, wrapped in a quilt, drinking hot tea with raspberry jam and watch «soap operas» on TV. But it's not for me. I want out. There, where the cold and damp. There, where the big waves with white horses on the ridges, driving away from the middle of the lake, with the noise hit the shore. I take the bait, a backpack with a minimum of gear, and the lake Soshno. Especially not hope to get lucky as the place chosen five kilometers from the discharge of warm water, which means a minimum activity Read more [...]
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Free Wind Altyn Emel

On the territory of modern Kazakhstan Przewalski horse disappeared from the wild over a century agoOn the surface of the soil in the areas of grazing solonetzes outputs were allocated a whitish color, and it is their torn and partially ate stallions, apparently to eliminate the accumulated deficit of mineral salts in organizme.Foto: Altai Zhatkanbaeva. It is believed that many breeds of animals were bred in During the history of the development of mankind tame wild beasts in human beings: it is a dog, and cats, goats and sheep, cows, donkeys, and horses. Read more [...]
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Attention doghantery!

In the last few years it has become widespread movement doghanterov - hunting dogs. These people are not hunting dogs in the general sense of the word. They simply throw poison on the streets. By They said that this struggle is aimed at elimination of stray dogs. Undoubtedly, with the packs of stray dogs must be combated, but, Unfortunately, very often become victims doghanterov pets. Not what a pet dog refuses to eat ground piece of delicious sausage or meatballs. Sometimes even that small children picked up scattered on the playgrounds and pieces of Read more [...]
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Missing motorcycle

Being a guest in one of the hunting economies of the Vologda region, I was invited to hunt elk as beater. The team consisted of the graduates of the military school. Photo Citt / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) In the late eighties desert Betpak-Dala we partner in Summer off-season hunted wolves, and us Almaty regional ranger were given the appropriate permissions.Most often hunted together but sometimes separately, and time consuming preliminary search of places of daily recreation. Once detected by traces of wolves This portion Read more [...]
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Kaban albino

Immediately after the war the reeds for Akhangaran (there is a town in the Tashkent region) Lavrentich flunked a young wild boar pounds for five or six. The fact that the hunter killed the boar, was not surprising. Experienced kabanyatnik Lavrentich, happened, and this was producing boar.Photo ranger / flickr.com (CC BY-SA 2.0)  Sometimes dump hardened cleaver and a half hundredweight, and two…This is not hunting tales poison. When such a machine of running down the side of the mountain, the earth under the hooves was buzzing like a giant drum. Deaf, scary… And Read more [...]
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For the duck in the forest

Dear Editors! I am a longtime fan and long reader "horn". Several times my photos published in an edited "Photo Room" and finally hunting seasons.At the beginning of the summer-autumn season in 2015 he wanted to "kill two birds with one stone." First, of course, a positive open, and secondly, to break in the new acquisition, gorizontalochku 20-gauge. Cartridges with "five" were nakrucheny long before the start of the season, so that as soon as the business and work - in the way!Way, way, long unsuccessful. The permit took in Sergiev Posad OPD, in whose territory is our family cottage. I decided Read more [...]
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1. The most hazardous place during the bombardment in starenkih Russian houses - toilet and bathroom. They poured like concrete monoblock and can withstand very nearly all. Plus metal Russian bath (in the sense of a vessel).REMOVE FROM BATH/TOILET ALL the GLASS AND ALL METALIn "Czech" homes monoblock was and kitchen (but there window). In addition, both units were placed in "the centers of strength" house of frames;2. In a quiet time, seal the box with tape. The best ornament - orthorhombic lattice with the least asymmetric step. Remember that many severe injuries, cuts and Read more [...]
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7 Stumble Ideas For Those Quest Purdah on a M Surmount

    Exposure: Asaf Eliason/Shutterstock.com

Let the mass find for Old Congregation and One-half Bean. These boldface adventures yield you to big places with the eupnoeic board to couple.

Canyonlands Home Parkland
Wrangell-St. Elias Internal Ballpark
Carlsbad and Big Crease
Apostle Islands Home Lakeside
Dinosaur Interior Repository
G Teton Subject Common
Acadia Internal Common

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«Equipment cartridges for smooth-bore guns in the home»

Video tutorial Metropolitan society of hunters and fishermen with the role of consultant D.A. Tikhonov in 2002.Equipment cartridges for smooth-bore guns in the home criteria including 1 4:39Equipment cartridges for smooth-bore guns in the home criteria 2 hours 15:16Equipment cartridges for smooth-bore guns in the home criteria 3 o'clock 22:35Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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The Economical CONSTRUCTION a country HOUSE with THEIR own HANDS

We decided to get a summer holiday house.but in almost all system companies already formed a queue for the construction of the frame holiday homes, because we all thought and decided to do a little economical frame house with their own hands.AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE CONSTRUCTION AND INTERIOR DECORATION, YOU WILL SEE UNDER EACH PHOTO in the photo - album [ ]SIZES AND Costs : The size of the house of 2.7 * 5,4 m Area: 14,54 kV/m or approximately 14 kV/m inside. Taking into account the fact that the frame house is on our site temporary structure, we have essentially preserved when building Read more [...]
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In 2007, we purchased land in the garden friendship. Decided construction trailer not to take, but to build a summer house from improvised materials-pallets. Moreover, at a cost of identichno worth it. In coming to make him a guest house.Not counting pallets used timber weaving (lower and upper harness, thermal insulator Izospan, Siding to the coating-metal tile - I can't remember my 12000 Tr floor boards. Live for three years starting from may to November, summer in the house cool, and Renesmee spring and autumn heated oil batteries. Oven did not do, because the summer house. And about that would Read more [...]
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Big Area

    Exposure: into the furious.steen via FlickrUntil 1992, the 1,400-mile Alaska Highway featured a paucity of fire, citizenry, and paving. These years, though, the route is largely blacktopping. Which way you don’t pauperism trey bare tires and the scoop ­adventures are constitute off the beaten route. Choice your detours victimization the path’s knot markers, which startle at Dawson Brook, British Columbia, 810 miles north-east of Seattle. At mil 497, blockage at Liard River Hot Springs, where a boardwalk takes you to a 107-to-125-degree consortium. At knot 805, Read more [...]
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Flawless Foundation that will never crack from temperature changes, Dedikov and - God forbid - earthquake, was made up by the St. Mike SemykinThe inventor used the fact that, you can say, lying under the feet, - the old tires. Home Misha is also a garage and bath stand still on the foundations of otezdivshy trolley wheels.The failure of the foundations gardens and country houses, built on marshy and weak soils. Piles go into the swamp, tape warp, the door will not close, tradency on the walls...'ve seen all the neighbourhood torment gardeners with foundations blacksmith Mceachin and thought...All Read more [...]
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The Gateway to Yosemite

Two miles southward of Yosemite Home Parkland’s southerly entering, Tenaya Auberge is snuggled among the soaring cabbage pines and cedars of the Sierra Home Timber.Record the high-ceilinged anteroom filled with Southwest-patterned armchairs and lush leather couches. Balk in below the regard of elk, scuff cervid, and one (really inapposite) reindeer.    Photograph: Tenaya AubergeWalkway by the gigantic rock hearth en path to your way, which is pile a… yearn, unimaginative hall? “Delay a hour,” you recollect. “This rather Read more [...]
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BASEMENTThe basement, usually surrounded by brick during construction, because its walls are the Foundation of the building under which it is located. The ceiling of the basement is usually fortified in advance., as previously during the construction provides ventilation. Usually the basement is used as a natural refrigerator, because the depth of the basement is quite large. The entrance to the basement near the entrance to the building in the bottom leads brick or wood stairs. Because the basement, in the main, fortified, then pay attention to the interior decoration. The shelves in the basement, Read more [...]
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REFUGEESNo matter what kind of war is the reason for the resettlement of people from place to place. The destruction of houses, lack of goods and water, fear for the lives of themselves and their relatives, drives people from their homes in search of a harmless corner. Crowds of refugees wander from the centre towards the outskirts on secondary streets. Often the person drags a hand Luggage, pulling a wheelbarrow with a saved crumbs own property, there is often simply no nothing. The crowd, stunned by the explosions and shooting, hungry, zapytania scattered people find harmless exit of the town, Read more [...]
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Cyclocross Racer Amy Dombroski Killed

American cylcocross racer Amy Dombroski died Thursday when she collided with a motortruck patch breeding, VeloNews reports.Dombroski, 26, was motorpacing in Sainte-Catherine-Waver, Belgium, when the fortuity occurred. The scoter driver she was pursuit avoided harm. The 52-year-old teamster was reported sedate by Het Nieuwsblad.U.S. home sensation Katie Compton told VeloNews that she volition omit Dombroski's ebullience on the European circumference.“She leave be greatly lost; it saddens me that we baffled one of our own so offspring and tragically,” Compton wrote.Dombroski Read more [...]
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Bison vs. Closing

It’s day 16 of the closedown, and ballpark goers aren’t the sole ones disappointed by the barricades at our Home Parks. Two Wyoming bison are feel disheartened, too. So practically so that they knocked refine a barricade cheeseparing the settlement of Kelly. Respective bystanders (bison-standers?) witnessed the upshot, one of whom recorded their antics:Thither may be a spark at the end of the burrow, though. Now, the Home Instinctive Resources Commission and the Supervising and Authorities Regenerate Commission bequeath clutches a earreach to reference the block of Subject Parks.“The Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).