Spring fishing levels

Photo by the author Despite the fact that the melt water has not gone under the ice, scuba equilibrium is disturbed. Water stratify into horizons not only with different water temperatures, but also the oxygen concentration. One indicator of this phenomenon are small crustaceans that are almost instantly appear in a fresh hole.When the ice will melt water, it is more a variety of patterns. Toward the middle of the pond will still remain subglacial gluhozime and near shore cracks – Spring. One way or another, but the fish was on the move. Some underwater herd leaves the wintering Read more [...]
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Which balmy shield breathes plenty for high-octane activities, such as track linear?

Horizon Wide Zip Woolen Top     Pic: courtesy, Ib.Ibidem Horizon Good Zip Woollen TopHorizon Total Zip Fleece TopA:Unicorns be, don?t they? Leastwise, if you bear the rightfulness framing of judgement. And perhaps that?s the key to the ?hone" trail-running cap. ?Everlasting?" I don?t acknowledge. ?Middling near?" Yea, we can do that.Fixture readers leave commend that end wintertime I oft extolled the virtues of REI?s Mistral Crown ($140; rei.com), made with a spark adaptation of Polartec?s PowerShield real, which is my favourite clobber for balmy shells. I assume mine Read more [...]
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I know I know 21st century, hundreds of satellites over the head and all that. And the war begins, and posshibat all these satellites and as partisan if priemnichik zhpsovsky not work. Quite simply, it means we must remember antiquated methods. If, due to a dense cloud navigate using astronomical methods fails, you can try to determine the side of the horizon to local characteristics.Here it should be noted, first, that those ways of orientation that are in the literature, for clarity, are in perfect or more exaggerated form. In nature, these signs often more blurred, indistinct, often contradictory, Read more [...]
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survival tips

The usual method is to find the time to sunset with your fingers. It is useful to know how much time is left until the moment when the sun will hide behind the horizon and begins to darken. Not important, whether you are Hiking or just chilling somewhere in nature, it is better to prepare in advance for the night. There is a very conventional method to find the time before sunset with the fingers of your hand.As a different source, all you need to do is to pull the hand so that the sun seems to lay on your index finger. Now consider the number of fingers to the horizon. If you have more or less Read more [...]
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Metalworker Optics


Metalworker Horizon Shades     Pic: Courtesy of Metalworker

Duet Metalworker Visual’s polarized, glare-busting Horizon shades with your vizor for the scoop SUP bait.

Steel: Metalworker Optics$139
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Urban Escapism

Grudge gorgeous views of the NYC horizon from Jamaica Bay     Photograph: Courtesy of NY SUP WorkshopThe substantial lulu of New York’s Jamaica Bay is that it’s a 90-minute underground rally from Multiplication Lame. That you can totter betwixt locoweed islands and estuaries inside survey of the NYC horizon is good a large fillip. Shout Ed Lindh, the possessor of New York’s but SUP-specific grass, and playscript a three-mile grummet out of Marina 59. Subsequently, block at Rockaway Beach’s Elegante Eatery for a fade of New-York flair pepperoni pizza. ($100/someone, nysupshop.com). Read more [...]
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Dramatic beautiful nacreous clouds over Norway

on January 18. For three nights mid-January over the southern regions of Norway appeared beautiful mother-of-pearl clouds. This is stratospheric clouds, which are formed at a height of 25 km with temperature ?85°, consist of spherical supercooled drops and resembling Cirrus. Reflecting and refracting the sunlight, they acquire the rainbow hues of the spectrum and seem to be glowing in the dark sky. see also: Unusual clouds after a storm in Norway Nacreous clouds rarely and only in Northern areas, when the sun is a few degrees over the horizon. As the sinking sun over the horizon is changing Read more [...]
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In the capital of Russia began polar polar night

Murmansk - the only regional center of Russia, located in the Arctic Circle, which annually from December 2 to January 10, lowered the polar night. The sun appears above the horizon for 40 days and long nights.© Ekaterina Baranova | Shutterstock.comAt best, permitting cloudiness in the afternoon it will illuminate the horizon slightly dusky segment sky, tinting the clouds.© Andy38 | Shutterstock.comAt this time, the light day is not more than five and a half hours. But these bright watches are more like twilight. The peak of the polar night falls on December 21.© Andy38 Read more [...]
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In Greenland, the sun rose two days early

In the town Ilulissat on the West coast of Greenland the first sunrise after a days-long polar night came two days earlier. Residents and scientists very surprised. In the town Ilulissat polar night ends on January 13. On this day, here you can see the first sunrise. But this year the sun above the horizon appeared two days earlier. So as the sun came over the horizon two days earlier, had tilted the earth's axis. But this phenomenon would cope with serious consequences. Rumor has it that the falling birds and thrusting on shore residents, is just proof of change of the angle of inclination of Read more [...]
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On the optical effects in the atmosphere — Solar Halo

Recently received a lot of messages about Halo, false or second sun light or solar poles, which are sometimes regarded as the "Northern Lights." Many saw themselves these beautiful natural phenomena. What science says about this phenomenon?Halo - is refraction and reflection of light ice crystals in clouds in the upper tier, are light or bright circles around the sun or moon (lunar sample photos halo), separated from the heavenly dark spaces. Halo often seen in front of the cyclone (in cs their warm front) and therefore can be a sign of their approach.As a rule, the halo appear as Read more [...]
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Does the moon dust flying?

Some phenomena, vision and terrestrial observers, and down stations, and astronauts "Apollo", due to the presence in the tenuous lunar atmosphere dust particles. But no one can explain how they got there. May shed light on the probe LADEE, which will launch in August 2013.You have heard about the new restaurant on the moon? Lovely food, but no atmosphere.This joke for decades, and, admittedly, it is outdated. In the future, NASA sends probe to orbit the Moon, which will gather information about the atmosphere of our satellite, including the situation near the surface and environmental Read more [...]
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The best chance to see the sky elusive planet Mercury is now

Despite the fact that he is one of the brightest objects in the night sky, Mercury - a planet that experienced amateur astronomers observed quite often. In the next couple of weeks, however, observers from the northern hemisphere will have the best opportunity in 2013 to consider a small luminous spot Mercury in the evening sky.Feature observations of Mercury is that you should first find a place to watch the western horizon with unscreened, wait half an hour after sunset to dark, and then bring the binoculars at the sky, which lies just to the left of where the sun disappeared. After you have Read more [...]
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Solar halo in Perm

January 25 Perm residents witnessed Solar halo in the sky that lasted until sunset.Here's what he writes images Lena Rodnikprikamya: "I'm watching the Jan. 25 halo, was surprised by the beauty that is before me at this day and the fact that the halo was kept in heaven until sunset! The sun slowly hid behind the horizon, and, in practice, it was not visible because of the clouds, and the halo stand fast in my joy and surprise! I share with you my fotovpechatleniyami! It was the most enchanting halo for the time of my observations. When I looked at it at sunset, that by itself I have Read more [...]
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A Abbreviated Story of Photograph Fakery

2004, External relocates New York horizon     1860sAbraham Lincoln's drumhead on Privy Calhoun's consistency1970An embarrassing argue situation is remote from Lav Filo's Pulitzer-winning exposure of the Kent Land carnage ahead the ikon appears in Liveliness, Clock, and over-the-counter publications1982Subject Geographical moves the Pyramids of Giza1994Art Wolfe's Migrations stirs contestation with wildlife picture illustrations1994Sentence mag darkens O.J. Simpson's peel2004Extraneous relocates New York's horizon2007Men's Seaworthiness lashings Andy Roddick's guns2009Klavs Bo Christensen's Read more [...]
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Definition of cardinal

I'm sure many own simple devices of the north, south, east and west. Knowing the position of at least one side of the horizon, it is easy to identify and all the others: If one faces north and hands out to the sides, the left point to the west, the right - to the east and south is behind. Determine the side of the horizon can be the compass, the sun, the stars, the natural signs. Compass. It is best to carry a compass with a mobile vizirkoy, dial with luminous at night and arrow. In order to determine the side of the horizon, omit brake magnetic needle compass and set horizontally. He Read more [...]
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Global disaster and the time horizon

The purpose of this paper is to attempt to get a little further than we normally allow horizon - where the outside one can see a clear forecast hazy outlines various options. I believe that real explicit forecast horizon, which we can do with great certainty, is 5 years old, while the space beyond the horizon, where we can observe different features, is 20 years after that point. And for this moment to be totally unpredictable. I will try to justify it. Rating 5 years originated from an extrapolation of historical periods which in the past, the world situation has changed so that the particular Read more [...]
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Orientation on local features

ORIENTATION FOR THE STARS Cloudless night side of the horizon is most easily identified by the North Star, always pointing in the direction to the north with an accuracy of 1 °. To find in the sky this star located in the constellation Ursa Minor, it is necessary to find the Big Dipper, which is represented in the form of a huge, well-marked bucket of seven bright, far removed from each other stars. If the two stars at the end bucket draw an imaginary straight line, and the distance between them to defer on this line 5 times, at the end of the last segment will be visible star is soft - this Read more [...]
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Terrain orientation

Target areas - means being able to find your location and direction motion with respect to the horizon. Orientation consists of three main steps: a) the identification of areas by landmarks, and b) the definition of the horizon, and c) determining the point of location and direction of travel before reaching the landmark. Terrain orientation begins by defining the horizon. Side of the horizon are determined by the compass, celestial bodies, local subjects and different features. Identification of local objects only gives approximate results, so use this method recommended in exceptional cases Read more [...]
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Defining the horizon compass

In practice, the most common tourist compass Hadrian. It consists of a round box, inside of which on the edge of a steel needle placed magnetic arrow. On the inner surface of the box marked degree scale divisions. Kettle closed fortified rotating lid, with a device for viewing-slot and fly. In determining the horizon, measuring and setting aside a compass to orient the corners. For this door should release the brake, to combine the northern end of the arrow with zero limb. In this position, the side of the horizon will be located in the direction corresponding to the initials marked on the Read more [...]
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What was in the reeds. Chapter 14

I walked, with his heavy rifle on shoulder, one hand on the neck of the stock, and the other by the barrel. So himself in the neck arms to push, and go seemingly easier. Self-deception, of course. On the right the sea, left the reeds, my eyes used did not see them. The place was once in a special desert, only rustling reeds in the wind but the splash of water in the way. Very rarely takes wing duck in the reeds, but to shoot them and get - thank you very much. And you will not find a damn thing, though week search. Couple zmeyuk unless you can find. Or do they find you. The sun began Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).