IRTYASHSKOE I Fortified Settlement

IRTYASHSKOE I Fortified Settlement memory. early railroad. in. Itkul culture. Chelyaba. region., Ozersk (Chelyab.-65), Lake. Irtyash. Examined V.G.Druzhininym and P.A.Dmitrievym. I. I was engaged in a high plateau on the southern headland. shore of the lake. Irtyash. Fortified area is in the form of irregular trapezoid Sq. 1150 sq.m. On all sides surrounded by a shallow moat area. Shaft on the surface is not noticeable. On three sides of floor slope eskarpirovan. Its boundary is overlaid with cobblestones. Cult. layer contains the remains Itkul culture and obviously short settlement of the late Read more [...]
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In the Urals was observed rare for the local latitude astronomical phenomenon — \»lying\» Moon

A few days residents of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg observed rare for Ural astronomical phenomenon - Moon \"horns up\". According to \"New Region\", in the weekend and on Monday many of the Urals drew attention to the fact that the Moon is in the sky an unusual position: the lunar Crescent horns rotated almost straight up, like a boat or a smile.Experts Kourovka Observatory in Yekaterinburg explained to the correspondent of \"New Region\", the position of the moon in the sky depends on its phase and location relative to the Sun. In the opinion of the staff of the Observatory, in the phenomenon Read more [...]
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Horns of Plenitude

Intelligence for Adventuresome Travelers, February 1997Horns of PlenteousnessBruiser stats on the enceinte Power SpreadBy Paul KvintaNix is so quintessentially Texas as Tycoon Spread. It's big. It's swashbuckling. It's wide-cut of red gist. And, for those travel to s Texas, it's omnipresent, rambling crossways 90 miles of the seashore. To assistant piece aside the clock mandatory to hybridizing it, hither are a few facts most the mankind's largest operational Read more [...]
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Gods, animals — genetic experiment aliens

Images of gods with animal heads and human bodies are found in different nations. It is possible that these creatures - the fruit of alien genetic experiments.Joint Australian-American expedition that studied cave paintings of primitive people, in Australia and South Africa recently found more than five thousand images of the Stone Age, among which there are half-human, half-animals sketches: a horse with the body and a human head or the head of a bull and a human torso. Drawings of these unknown creatures made at least 32 thousand years ago.Anthropologist from Cambridge historian Christopher Read more [...]
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In appearance elk difficult to confuse with other members of the deer, as is characteristic of his appearance. His body is short, with well-developed chest, his head is large, and unusually elongated hook-nosed, the neck is short, but powerful. The front part of the body is much more massive than the rear. The animals of both sexes under the throat is soft leathery outgrowth - earring, reaching a three-four animals the largest size. At a certain stage of its development, it disappears, and it is a small outgrowth. U.S. researchers find earrings that have moose in North America reaches the Read more [...]
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Wealth and poverty

At noon, under the canopy of tropical rain forests gloomy and stuffy, damp and quiet. Green shade hides the brightness of colors, and continuous chaos of overlapping branches and aerial roots to the extreme narrow view. It seems that the climate and the abundance of vegetable can provide a comfortable life and feed the countless hordes of creatures, but they are not visible. You can spend a whole day in the pristine jungle and did not see any animal larger than a mouse. Them and do a little bit here. Especially little larger. By weight, the animals are only 0.02 percent of the total biomass Read more [...]
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The innervation of the permanent teeth

Innervation of permanent teeth with fully formed roots devoted to research of many authors. As for the state of innervation apparatus of permanent teeth in different stages of their development, from the time of the eruption, the issue is not reflected in the literature. The first work in this direction are Jafarova AD (1969). Her research has shown that during the period of teething and the formation of roots on 1/3-1/2 of pulp found only individual nerve fibers (Fig. 2). They are well identified in the horns. However pododontoblastnoe plexus at this time is not expressed. As the number Read more [...]
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Roe. Field signs. Description

In the winter forest, which is home to deer, the hunter was struck by the rather extensive pokopki snow with small pits traces. Here you can find bare areas with sod hooves scratched or forest litter in the form of melted oval spot diameter of 60 - 80 cm This is a vacation spot deer, or, as they call them hunters maturation. An experienced observer by the tracks on the snow surface can read and animal behavior. Quietly they rose from their "bed" and began hurrying to feed, step by moving from one bush to another, or, frightened, rushed headlong towards the nearest thicket. In Read more [...]
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Rhinoceros Trumpet Freight Seized in Hong Kong

Impost agents in Hong Kong on Monday seized $2.2 meg in black tusk, including rhinoceros horns, the nearly worthful consignment of boiled goods e’er intercepted on the island. The horns came from fin dissimilar endangered species in a container pronounced as bit fictile and shipped from S Africa. Rhinoceros populations crossways Africa are presently threatened, and the ictus comes less than a workweek afterward the Westerly Inkiness rhinoceros was stated nonextant. 

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6. Ne’er Blockage Exploring

Ne'er Layover Exploring     Photograph: Screenshot from The Northwards ExpressionFull for: Jaw-dropping videos and photos from the ends of the groundScripted by: Lensman and mounter Jemmy Mentum, excursion leader Conrad Anker, skier Ingrid Backstrom, and, good, you get the theme Eddie Bauer’s Innate Out Thither blog and Patagonia’s The Cleanest Contrast fill the like recess—a caller blog with first-person reports from sponsored athletes. Ne'er Block Exploring takes top honors because it combines two things: superiority multimedia from a immense unchanging of crown Read more [...]
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Rodeo Goof Shoal

Lyle Sankey Rodeo Schoolhouse     Spacy? Distrait? Blase? It's 7:30 on a Saturday dark indoors Madison Straight Garden, and I'm determination it unmanageable to caliber the modality of the mankind's trump rodeo clowns.We're one-half an minute outside from the rough-stock folly that is the arcsecond turn of Master Horseshit Riders' Reinforced Crossing Rowdy Serial. It's the third-biggest demonstrate on the 32-stop enlistment, and a most sold-out bunch is already shambling approximately with beers and nachos in paw.Presently, parachute gates volition pop outdoors, samson riders testament Read more [...]
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