Secrets of a successful fishing: Carp baked with horseradish

For manufacturing Carp baked with horseradish:  Karas - 500g, vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons, Egg - 2 pcs., Horseradish - 50g, vinegar, salt, sugar - to taste, parsley and dill - to taste.Recipe Carp baked with horseradish: Cooked fish with salt and put in the pan, greased bake for 30-40 minutes, basting with oil from the pan. On a small grater grate the horseradish, season with vinegar, salt, sugar. Boil hard boiled eggs and finely chop. Prepare fish to put in a dish, to impose around grated horseradish, sprinkle with chopped eggs and garnish with greens. Serve with boiled or fried potatoes. Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Carp with horseradish Hamburg-

Crucian carp with horseradish Hamburg-: 600-700 g of fish, 1 parsley root, celery, bay leaf, pepper fragrant 5 peas, crisp white wine and salt to taste, 1 onion. For the sauce: 150 g grated horseradish, 1 tbsp. of butter, 250 g of fish broth, 200-250 g of cream.Crucian carp with horseradish Hamburg-: cook spicy broth of aromatic roots and spices. Before laying the fish add the wine. In a boiling broth add the chopped pieces of fish and a la carte pripuskayut 5-10 min. In a frying pan to dissolve the butter and fry the flour, but not much, so it is not acquired a solid color. Dilute the Read more [...]
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The final form of which I decided to write - this is the closest relative of lozhechnitsy, formerly known as the Latin lozhechnitsa hell, by the way is not so long ago it was, at least in 1909, still on lozhechnitsey horseradish. Now it is a separate branch - horseradish (Agmoracia rusticana). Horseradish is widely bred and often runs wild, it can be found on the sites of former settlements, in meadows, along rivers. Root leaves entire, oblong, up to 1 meter in length, stem - pectinate, branching stem, white flowers, fruit - struchechki almost spherical. Horseradish root need not describe, Read more [...]
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Woodlouse (Stellaria average)

Description. An annual or biennial herbaceous plant of the family Caryophyllaceae. Plant height from 5 to 30 cm Stems prostrate, knotty, brittle. The leaves are small, opposite, ovate, about 2 cm long, at the base of cilia. The flowers are tiny and white in the false dichotomies inflorescences. Fruit - box. It grows as a weed plant near home, in the gardens, river banks, in damp meadows and along roads. In folk medicine used fresh plant juice and woodlice. Gather materials from May to August. The chemical composition has not been studied. Know the content of vitamins C, K, carotene, Read more [...]
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