Clearance bed Dnieper

In the Smolensk region 4th year is demining operations Dnieper river bed of explosive ordnance and ammunition left over from the time of stately Russian war. In a unique and unsafe operations research, search and destroy projectiles times stately Russian war, to find on the days of the Dnieper River in bad visibility criteria involved 24 employees 294 th Center for conducting rescue operations special risk "Leader" Emergency Situations Ministry. Works are under motivated applets aimed at upgrading of the promenade and the revival of navigation in the Smolensk region. In 2010, the rescuers did more Read more [...]
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Increase to solder

Over Tagil in the war were not torn shells, not bullets were flying. But here were the problems, for example, the power of the workers. In those days, and was struck by the miners news: Sandrigailo appointed head of Orsa. Yes, before, the same Nicholas Gottlieb, who was a good organizer rudodobychi. Tools and supplies, hard, with a Ukrainian accent urged Managing RUDOUPRAVLENIE AP Zhmaylo will decide the fate of the plan, and, therefore, help to the front. Do not agree with him was impossible. Subsistence farming "Evstyuniha" problem could not solve. While working there, and very diligent agronomist Read more [...]
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Born as the Ural Mountains

Ural the world is a unique phenomenon. And for his role as planetary seam once scrapie two great continent. And here the abundance of natural landscapes, scattered­GOVERNMENTAL generously throughout its space. And on climate diversity. In fact, where you will find another such region, which cools the head to ancient ice of the Arctic Ocean­on, and the foot was calcined calcined sands pus­tyn? Region, where the same day in June shines indepen­Catching up on the sun blossoming subarctic tundra and grew­Cauchy stretches forbs alpine meadows. Where you can relish in the hunt or Read more [...]
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Blog entry. Three hundred and one

Filling the website content, articles, and aimed at a specific subject material is naturally not as rapidly as we would like. Yet that's jumped the bar in three hundred articles. Now on the website 301 one article. Although this number can be greater. After some notes I did not find. When was selected to the sacred figure of 300, vowed to himself that then turn'll do the same things in order on the website. I will stick cards, photos, links, and other equipment items. That they were completely normal for themselves and worthy of attention based on the belief utility and watchable. Well, all Equipment, Read more [...]
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Iceland has opened a new crater

Hundreds of tourists were evacuated from the slopes of the volcano in southern Iceland - there opened on the eve of a new crater. The eruption lasted for two weeks. Past 200 years, the volcano considered dormant, and its revival was a surprise to scientists. It can cause the eruption of a nearby, more powerful volcano - Katla. In the meantime, volcanologists claim that up to settlements you reach the lava, however, about five hundred people decided to leave their homes. A crowd of tourists, on the other hand, rushed to the crater of the volcano. Wildest watching eruption at a distance of five Read more [...]
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The press service of the South-Ural Railway operate cute and sympathetic girl. However, all mercy and compassion lubricates incompetence. I had to shoot at the railway bridge across the Yuryuzan. I wrote a letter as usual, the press office responded. Many times I got a call, etc. etc. I was touched. And when everything was settled, he went to the bridge. They sent me the permission to shoot. But at the border post it turned out that we also need a permit. That is because, the chief of the guard knows, Chelyabinsk do not know! On the resolution was a bunch of signatures, one hundred Five hundred approvals, but no one, apparently, the girls explained. And apparently one service issues permits, and the other passes. And she sits in another building, in another city.

Women I'm not mad, though they tried, and not noodle around anyway. I told them and wrote. Comes the answer, almost like in the joke: That you are our little boy rescued from the river? A cap where ?! With me now require photos for bezopasnik, say, what are you, my dear man nasnimal? And I've been in the shoes of the cats, which usually friction quote now clear to me that we have not considered in our letters another structure! Experimental method revealed shorter) Vspomniayu about this 2-girlfriends who had rudimentary idea of ​​tourism, but tourism began to circle. It came to how the pioneers Read more [...]
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Taiwan was struck by a powerful Typhoon. Video

More than a hundred people suffered from bad weather and at another point on the Earth — Taiwan. The island was struck by a powerful Typhoon Hanapi. He already took the lives of three Taiwanese. More than 6 thousand people were forced to leave their homes. The wind speed at the epicentre of the disaster had reached one hundred and sixty two miles per hour. Destroyed homes, damaged power lines. The Typhoon brought heavy rains that caused severe flooding. By the evening, Hanapi will go towards China's Guangdong province. Source: Details-TV Read more [...]
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In USA Wisconsin broke through the dam (VIDEO)

Due to heavy torrential rains in the city Porter (USA) partially collapsed sand dam 1890-ies buildings, CNN reports. Average promose in the night from Sunday to Monday, the flooded area was about one hundred houses.Evacuation of people from areas of potential flooding in the area of the Park Blakjak began even before the collapse of the dam, but about 4 o'clock in the afternoon was interrupted by the local authorities because of the accident. At this time remains unknown number who had not managed to evacuate people. The number of locked inside of them residents can be up to three hundred Read more [...]
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Portugal suffered from the disaster

Showers and squally winds that hit in the last two days in Portugal, caused material damage in almost all parts of the country. Institute of meteorology said on Sunday about the continuation of natural disasters everywhere, except in two areas, located away from the coast. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the height of the waves in the Atlantic ocean will exceed five meters. Six ports, including Póvoa de Varzin, Vila do Conde and Sau Martinho do Porto, closed completely, and three do not accept small ships of length less than 35 meters. According to the fire services, only in Read more [...]
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The eruption of Merapi claimed over a hundred lives

The death toll on the island of Java exceeded 150 people, the fate of two hundred remains unknown. Today, local authorities reported official data about the victims of the recent eruption. One of the largest volcanoes in Indonesia woke up at the end of October. Although its activity is decreased, the crater continues to spew hot strip clubs. Scientists do not exclude and again, even more powerful series of emissions. Started and thousands of local residents have already evacuated to safe areas, and the remaining are threatened by possible mud slides. In Java, began the rainy season, when the Read more [...]
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The floods in Ghana killed five people

on July 25. The floods in the West African Ghana killed five people, about a hundred of thousands of local residents were evacuated. This was reported today by the official representative of the service for emergency situations. In the flood affected Eastern region of the country where the cocoa plantations and factories for processing. About 10 percent of the total volume of cocoa produced in the country, it is the area of the country. Flooded a large number of houses, destroyed farms and large sections of highways. Several hundred people from the most heavily impacted area Ativ were evacuated Read more [...]
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Parrots occupy London

These beautiful birds become for London real disaster on may 16.The speed with which these aliens from India and Africa to breed in and around the London area, is interested not only professionals, but also other British taxpayers. And if in the capital of their bright and whimsical painted flocks are perceived as exciting exotics, in the suburbs, they are already beginning to scare. Parakeets (parakeets), a small subtropical birds green colors with red beaks, came to Britain at the end of last century. However, if in 1995, the year that the population is near London was estimated at fifteen Read more [...]
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Dozens of countries around the world are afflicted by rain

20 October. State of emergency declared in Latin America. Struck the region tropical downpours under water leaving Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia. The floods have killed more than a hundred people. About 15 thousand inhabitants of these States are homeless. Mudslides destroy bridges and roads, communication with many settlements lost. Great damage to agriculture. The flood continues in Thailand. There are victims of the strongest over the past half-century, floods were more than three hundred people, injured nearly three million! Water crept close to the capital. Now Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the typhoon in the Philippines has risen to 230 people

The number of victims of Typhoon "Bofa" — the biggest in the Philippines this year — has grown to 230 people. It is reported by Reuters citing local authorities

In addition, several hundred people are considered missing.

Typhoon "Bofa" hit the southern Philippines on Tuesday morning. Previously reported 80 dead and a hundred injured.

Category: Hurricanes
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Japan froze in anticipation of the impact of the two typhoons

2 August. To the South of Japan are approaching typhoons «Damrey» and «Saola». Airlines of the country on Wednesday, August 1, abolished two hundred forty-seven flights in the southern prefectures. From the southern prefectures — Kagoshima and Okinawa — already there are reports that rages strong wind with heavy rains. Forecasters predict that the Typhoon «Saola» in the next few hours can reach Okinawa, and «Damrey» pass North-West and can strike the part of the prefectures in Kyushu. It should be noted that the Typhoon Read more [...]
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Jaws megapirani stronger than Tyrannosaurus

Although the ancient fish was more than a hundred times smaller than the king of the dinosaurs, bit it only three times weaker.Megapiranha paranensis (photo Steve Huskey).Ancient relative of modern piranhas biting harder than alligators, sharks and even the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex.This is the conclusion reached by researchers diamond piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus) - the largest representative of the carnivorous clan. Sample of mass 1.1 kg is almost 37 cm in length, was clutching the test equipment with a force of more than about 30 times its own weight - an unrivaled figure among vertebrates.Extrapolating Read more [...]
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Portugal hit by the disaster

Showers and squally winds that hit in the last two days in Portugal, causing material damage in all the districts of the country. Institute of Meteorology announced Sunday the possibility of continuing binge element everywhere, with the exception of two areas located away from the coast. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, wave height in the Atlantic Ocean will exceed five meters. Six ports, including Póvoa de Varzim, Vila do Conde and Sau Martinho do Porto, closed completely, and do not take three small vessels of less than 35 meters. According to the fire services in the capital Read more [...]
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To Taiwan hit a powerful typhoon. Video

More than a hundred people were affected by bad weather and at another point of the Earth — in Taiwan. Struck the island a powerful typhoon Fanapi. He already took the lives of three Taiwanese. More than 6,000 people were forced to leave their homes. Wind speed at the center of the element reaches one hundred sixty-two kilometers per hour. Destroyed homes, damaged power lines. Typhoon brought heavy rains that have caused serious flooding. By evening Fanapi headed towards the Chinese province of Guangdong.

Source: Details TV

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Andes continue to climb

May 22, 1960 tranquility in the mountains on the west coast of South America was disrupted by the earthquake. It happened in the ocean near the town Valdivia, Chile. Being the most powerful of all earthquakes of this century, it is the sixth time - over four hundred story of his existence - completely destroyed city Concepcion. In the ruins were turned Valdivia, Puerto Montt and other cities. Huge waves rapidly dispersed over the Pacific Ocean. Ancient volcanoes, waking from sleep, began spewing lava and ash. Tremors, volcanoes and landslides have affected an area of over 200 square kilometers, Read more [...]
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Why go somewhere? Motivation

They often ask us, well, then there is such a thing we have not seen the house? Girls, they are the same everywhere, in Moscow you can find any restaurant kitchen and clinic with any water from any dead sea. Some, especially advanced, they say that the best in the Caucasus mountains, and the Sea of Japan for the best diving. All we have, in short, the better. Yes! But to see it exactly you want to compare with the rest of the world. Once we did it was - in our huge prison that covered one-sixth of the land, surrounded by dense perimeter of barbed wire, you could find anything except that the Read more [...]
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