In Australia, fish rain

In a small town tone End falling from the sky live fish. Fish rain twice passed over a small Australian town of Top End. Small white fish alive fell to the ground. Tried to explain the situation to senior Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Ashley Patterson. "Geological conditions were ideal to generate a small tornado in the area, where, on the one hand, is close seashore, and on the other - Lake Argyle - said Patterson. - However, no natural disasters Us were recorded. " As one of the witnesses Christine Balmer, hundreds upon hundreds of white fish were falling onto the road, the roofs of Read more [...]
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In Morocco, floods and mudslides

More than a dozen people are still dead in different parts of Morocco as a result of flooding and mudslides caused by heavy rains that struck the kingdom in the past few days, said Wednesday the Moroccan agency MAP. The authorities added that hundreds of people were affected, flooded or destroyed hundreds of homes. Bad weather bothers Morocco over the past three months. The country's authorities have declared that the rains and floods caused by them have caused serious damage to agriculture, in particular, the main export crop Morocco - orange trees. Manufacturers say that this crop were missing Read more [...]
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Bad weather in Europe, destroyed houses and gigantic hailstones

Strong storm walked across central Europe, said "Russia 24". In Poland, in his way were several settlements. Bottom line is visible in these shots - destroyed homes, fallen trees. One person was killed and there are wounded. In Austria, downpours and gale-force winds were accompanied by hailstones the size of golf balls. Material damage - hundreds of thousands of euros. Flooded large areas, hundreds of homes under water in the streets of mud flows. Killed 13-year-old schoolboy - it blew over the swollen river. In the Russian capital and its suburbs are also raging storm with hurricane wind. Read more [...]
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The researchers found hundreds of volcanoes around Norway

August 4, 2013. It is named Loki's Castle Norwegians found volcanic mountains, the presence of which they did not anticipate. Researchers from the University of Bergan (University of Bergen (UiB)) found hundreds of volcanoes in the deep sea around Norway. The area can be a new national park or Norway or place of billions of dollars in revenue. Unique results found Norwegians, a volcanic mountain chain length of 1500 km, which stretches from Jan Mayen to Frem Strait, located between Greenland and the Archipelago Shlitsbergenom. Prior to that, on the map in this area were white spots, and Read more [...]
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Poland flooded

Poland was covered by a new wave of floods. Heavy rains in the West caused a real flood. Oder overflowed. People had time to prepare for the flood, but the measures taken were not sufficient. Despite the temporary dam, flooded hundreds of homes, many poles, escaping from the stream, threw his property, cars. Damages in the hundreds of thousands of euros, according to NTV. Source: NTV, Lead Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the earthquake in Iran has increased to seven, hundreds injured

Hundreds of victims remain under the rubble after a powerful earthquake in Iran Killed at least 7 people. The exact number of victims to call it is not yet possible. Tremors with a capacity of 6 and a half points occurred in a mountainous area in the South of Iran. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many communities affected by the disaster, are located in remote areas. Houses mostly built of clay - razed to the ground. Communication with region no. Power was sent to the disaster area rescue teams. Source: The fifth channel The victims of the earthquake in Iran seven people In Read more [...]
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Hundreds of homes were damaged in Afghanistan due to debris flows

Hundreds of homes Afghans were injured and thousands of hectares of fertile land have been washed away as a result of descent from the mountains of debris flows in the Western Afghan province of Herat. In the night of Saturday debris flows down from the mountains once in seven districts of the province — Both, Shindand, the Injil, Hazara, Qurban, Kohistan and Cock. Most suffered the Shindand district, where the flood had carried away in an unknown direction home about ten local residents. Currently the site of a disaster has left the rescue teams. Source: MK Read more [...]
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In the US hundreds of thousands of dead fish on the shore in Florida

February 8, 2011. Thousands of dead fish have been found in Florida. This writes the British newspaper Daily Mail. Biologists cannot determine what has caused massive fish kills. In some versions, the latest incident of the fish died from lack of oxygen in the water. How to tell the fishermen who found a dead fish on Friday near the shore, at first they thought about good fishing. But after surf hundreds of thousands of fish were at the shore. It should be noted that most of the dead fish in the United States are widely used for petroleum industry, fish meal and fertilizer. Source: All Read more [...]
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The sky above Toronto has covered hundreds of lightning

Toronto residents have witnessed a natural disaster. The night sky over the canadian metropolis has covered hundreds of lightning. According to witnesses, such strong storms they had not seen for ten years. Some of the bits were in a house. Burned at least two buildings. No light left thousands of people. To date the power was restored, reports there were no injuries. Source: Lead Canada. A strong storm Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In the United States have cleared the elements

A major fire in American Texas. Burned over one hundred houses. Across the state declared a state of emergency. To stop the flames, the flaming is already the fourth day, still cannot. According to local authorities, burned more than a thousand kilometers. The rapid spread of fire helps dry, warm and windy weather in Texas. Meanwhile in the Northern United States in the States of Wisconsin, Iowa powerful tornado destroyed hundreds of homes. Most affected city Mapleton and Meryl. There damaged about 60 buildings, cut power lines, hundreds of people were left without electricity, reports NTV. Source: Read more [...]
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Severe flooding in Georgia

on August 21. As a result of floods caused a two-day heavy rains and river banks, the edge of Kakheti in Eastern Georgia severely damaged. As reported by the representatives of the local authorities, the most severe damage Gurjaani and Sharedlibrary areas of this region, which damaged several road bridges, put out of action hundreds of meters of roads, flooded the ground floors of hundreds of rural homes. As a result of natural disasters killed more than 1 thousand head of cattle and poultry. Destroyed a considerable part of the agricultural harvest. Due to the flooding damaged several power lines Read more [...]
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23 thousand inhabitants Romania cut off by snow from around the world

on 10 February. Almost 23 thousand inhabitants Romanian province Buzau cut off from the outside world due to the huge amount of snow, which lasted all proslo week. In some villages, houses and trees completely disappeared in the snow, and residents are forced to dig tunnels and trenches, to be able to walk through the streets. According to the prefect of Buzau in the snow captivity was 38 settlements. In emergency areas already targeted unit rescuers, police and army, which will give local residents with food and necessities, and will deliver in hospitals for those who need hospitalization. Read more [...]
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With ISS photographed underwater wave stretching for hundreds of kilometers

Published a photo taken with the International Space Station, and embodying a rare phenomenon of internal waves - a huge movement of water covering hundreds of kilometers below the surface of the Earth's oceans. Photo, which you can see above, filmed on the Caribbean island of Trinidad in January. Internal waves are extremely rare and never before had not been photographed. Their causes and the impact they have - is not known. Category: Ocean Read more [...]
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Flooding in Britain flooded hundreds of homes

Residents of British county Wales will have to leave their homes because of flooding. Already killed four people. Rescuers take out the people in the areas to which has not yet reached the water. The first evacuating those who live near the river Alvy. She came out of its banks and flooded hundreds of homes. But hope for compensation for the victims do not have to. Insurance companies are the financial costs will not pull. British authorities also refused to pay, promised to help only those who did left without a roof over their head. According to forecasters, the element of danger Read more [...]
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Six kilometers of hell

Despised and hated by the rest of the country rascal, close to the highly unpopular presidential family, toured the country and urged the governors together for a few months before the election, the new pro-Kremlin party. Managed to persuade the three or four most bogged down in corruption scandals, and one directly involved in the murder of opposition journalist. After a few months, this "party"Brilliantly won parliamentary elections. What should have happened during these months and why it was famous perspicacious rascal, to invest money in a seemingly hopeless enterprise? Nothing Read more [...]
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In Latin America, the cold caused the death of hundreds of people

An unusually cold winter in South America, has claimed the lives of hundreds of man. The lowest temperature (minus 23 degrees Celsius) was recorded this week in Peru.For a week, according to official data, the country from the flu and died of frostbite 112 man. In Argentina, died from frostbite 16 man, more 11 man died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from worn furnaces. Most of them are homeless and people in poor neighborhoods.In Paraguay and Brazil, the cold killed several thousand head of cattle. In some regions of Peru and Bolivia canceled classes in schools.Heating systems in the Read more [...]
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Outset Ascents Can Be Soft

An loose outset rising     Exposure: Cock ArkleAT ITS Gist, climb is a sportsman of one-upmanship, particularly at the elect degree. You assume the disk books by climb higher, quicker, light, or differently wagerer. So why, so, did Canadian Sonnie Trotter and climb mate Ben Lunation expend most a workweek this retiring July pioneering the easiest path up the 1,300-foot granite nerve of British Columbia's Squamish Foreman?"I knew cipher else was passing to do it—it equitable takes so lots study," Trotter explains. It was "one of those deals when you say, 'Someday, Read more [...]
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In Morocco, flooding and mudslides

More than ten the number of dead in different areas Morocco in floods and mudslides caused by heavy rains that struck the kingdom in the past few days, according to the Moroccan agency MAP.The authorities added that hundreds of people were affected, flooded or destroyed hundreds of homes.Bad weather worries Morocco in the last three months. The authorities have declared that the rains and the resulting floods have caused serious damage to agriculture, in particular, the main export crop Morocco - Orange trees. Manufacturers say that this crop has reached the count of 80 thousand tons of oranges.Source: Read more [...]
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Flooding has left hundreds of people homeless Moldova

The floods in Moldova were evacuated from their homes over 200 families. Water on the Prut River broke through a protective dike. As a result, flooded several villages, hundreds of homes destroyed.Withdrawn from circulation element pastures and fields. Suffered the most and Ungheni Hancesti areas. Local people, together with soldiers and border guards, trying to restore and strengthen the protective dam.The Government of Moldova gathered Wednesday for an emergency meeting. Prime Minister Vladimir Filat promised to provide the necessary help all those affected by the floods."Some of the Read more [...]
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Poland flooded

Poland covered the new wave of floods. Heavy rains in the west caused a real flood. Oder left coast.People have time to prepare for the flood, but the action taken was not enough. Despite the temporary dam, flooded hundreds of homes, many Poles, fleeing from the stream, threw their belongings, and cars. Losses in the hundreds of thousands of euros, according to NTV. Read more [...]
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